Springsteen’s ‘Trumped Up’ DUI, Corrupt Oath Keeper Cops Retaliation

Springsteen did as much as anyone to bring down the vicious Trump regime...now crooked cops track him like a 3 dollar whore with a bag of quarters


Trump’s capo’s, Roger Stone and Steve Bannon, put Bruce Springsteen on an “enemies list” after the election, handing it off to their Oath Keeper security details…who passed it around to corrupt cops assigned to follow “The Boss”…and wait for their opening…

VT: Today, Jeep announced that “The Boss” will be back as their corporate spokes person though he was arrested for drunk and reckless driving.

Springsteen isn’t just an entertainer, not hardly.  He is the single most followed and respected celebrity that stood against Donald Trump.  “The Boss” is all the things Trump and his grifter mob can never be.

If he were black, they would have shot him.

Springsteen, major voice for human rights and for working Americans against Wall Street mobsters has been a thorn in the side of Nazi cops for a long time.  This was their chance, destroy him in the classic Zionist fashion.

A federal magistrate, reviewing the case found out these interesting facts:

  • Springsteen wasn’t drunk, not even close
  • No evidence he was driving recklessly either

What did the judge really find?  The cops lied, that’s what they found.

Why is nothing being done?  This is a good question.  You arrest someone for being drunk, someone who is totally sober, you arrest someone for reckless driving…and they didn’t do that either….

and the targeting is so obvious….

So..who are the cops?

Why is nothing being done?

Even though he wasn’t murdered by police…we can’t let this go either.


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  1. You are absolutely right G, That is why Prince did not stand a chance. A music legend is never one to escape sacrifice. “Don’t let the elevator break us down.” But you no that is not true, Jim Morrison, Janice, John, Kurt and many more. I have to wounder about Micheal but not much to question about Jimmy.

  2. At the end of a tired warriors day, a true man with a guitar and a poetic heart can give more inspiration and gravitational center, than the vapid speeches of a thousand disingenuous generals.
    Mr Springsteen is such a man. His show on Broadway, stands among Americas finest of all time. Dox the arresting officer.

  3. Well, maybe because, The Boss, the precise artistic deliverymen of Born In The USA, in spirit and product, stands in direct opposition and juxtaposition to fake recipient of { The Presidential Medal of Freedom } John Voight – potential co-conspirator in the “crazy accident” of Kobe Bryant. White supremacy always has nicknames for those who support others.
    Color me suspicious also of the “crazy accident” of Tiger Woods in the same area. The US is a large place, the number of top five targets of white supremacy is small, the chopper Kobe was flying in the safest available, the space in which 2 of the top five have “crazy accidents” very small in context, and too many coincidences always means…..something else.

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