Family of Thieves and Grifters Terrified of Prison: Trump’s accountant could turn on him

  • Bloomberg Opinion senior columnist Tim O’Brien told MSNBC that he believes people within the Trump Organization could turn on the former president 
  • He says that the investigation from the Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance could target people who will flip ‘if they’re exposed to criminal liabilities’
  • It includes Trump’s main accountant Allen Weisselberg
  • Vance’s office revealed it had received ‘millions of pages’ of Trump’s tax returns
  • It is investigating whether Trump committed tax fraud
  • O’Brien has previously seen the tax records as part of a lawsuit
  • He said the investigation could put Don Jr., Eric and Ivanka ‘on the radar’ 

A Bloomberg journalist who has seen Donald Trump‘s tax returns has claimed that people within the former president’s organization may flip and turn against him during an inquiry by the Manhattan District Attorney.

On Thursday, D.A. Cy Vance’s office revealed it had received ‘millions of pages’ of Trump’s tax returns and financial records after a Supreme Court ruling refused an attempt to keep them under wraps.

Vance’s prosecutors are investigating whether Trump committed tax fraud through inflating the value of his properties to get loans and deflating them for tax purposes, and are also believed to still be investigating hush-money payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal over their claims of having sex with the former president.

Bloomberg Opinion senior columnist Tim O’Brien told MSNBC that he believed Vance’s acquisition of the tax returns meant that the ‘damn Trump has spent decades building has gone down’.

He added that Vance’s inquiry may also target ‘people inside of the Trump organization who might flip on Trump if they’re exposed to criminal liabilities’, including his main accountant Allen Weisselberg.  read more…


The millions of pages of Trump documents are not just his tax returns, but the paperwork which underlies them: internal company documents, emails, spreadsheets and memos, and banking records from lenders, which were used by accountants to generate the returns.

That means prosecutors, who are now assisted by forensic accountants from private firm FTI, can try to reconstruct the thought process which led to the tax declarations – and look for any evidence of wrongdoing which went into them


Cy Vance’s team is known to be looking at whether Trump changed the declared value of his Manhattan property empire for his own advantage. 

They pounced on claims by Michael Cohen, his Mr Fixit-turned-deadly-enemy, that the Trump Organization increased its claimed value for buildings when asking banks for loans, then decreased the values for tax authorities. Both would be offenses.


Consulting fees given to Ivanka Trump have raised eyebrows because she was also an employee of the Trump Organization. If the consultancy fees were given to evade or avoid tax, that could be of interest to Vance. His team will also be looking for any other payments to other people which they may conclude were an attempt to avoid tax.


The probe was launched initially in the wake of payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, allegedly to silence them from making allegations of sex with Trump. Evidence that further implicates him in making payments may be a campaign finance issue, and if there are other – so far unknown – payments to other people for other reasons, those too could be of interest.


Trump is being sued by his niece Mary who alleges he and two of his siblings – his sister Maryanne Trump Barry and late brother Robert – swindled her and her brother out of their rightful inheritance thought an orchestrated system which was also designed to avoid tax. She bases her claim on a previous treasure trove of older tax documents. Alleged crimes from the mid-1990s and earlier are likely to be covered by the statute of limitations, but prosecutors may look for similar patterns to those she alleges to see if there is an attempt to structure inheritances for younger generations of Trumps at the expense of the public purse.


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  1. Doesn’t want to end up like… What was the Enron accountanting firm?

    Then again, the purpose of corporations is to limit liability (“personal responsibility conservatives” should hate them, lol).

    No individual Enron accountants were harmed in the making of this movie, nor had problems getting jobs elsewhere.

    I’m with David AND Tommy. Trump shoulda been locked up long ago, but will he ever be? Hell no. Especially after being Prez.

    Maybe 6 mos probation for a scapegoat. I’d see them picking Slick Jr (Donny). Eric being shielded by his dumbness.

  2. What would Italy do ? 350 people on trial at once, and we have trouble with 7 idiots.
    “The case targets the ‘Ndrangheta clan, which is based in Calabria, the toe of Italy’s boot, and is considered by prosecutors to be the most powerful mafia group in the country, easily eclipsing the more famous Cosa Nostra gang in Sicily.
    The trial is being held in a converted call-center in the Calabrian city of Lamezia Terme, with defendants placed in metal cages and rows of desks set up for the hundreds of lawyers, prosecutors, journalists and spectators expected to attend.”
    The US justice system lags behind many countries. It is allergic to big cases involving tough decisions. Trump should have been in jail by now. No ifs ands or buts.

  3. Trump and his family will never spend a minute in prison. I’m sure there is a plane fueled and ready to fly them all to Israel on a moment’s notice. Maybe his pal Bibi Netanyahu will set him up in Trump Heights which is up on the Syrian Golan. That way he’ll be just up the road from Tel Megiddo where Armageddon will all take place. He can sell front-row seats to the Christian-Zionist Trumpsters who will no doubt flock to Israel to see it all come down. It will be the end of the USA as we know it and the beginning of their world theocracy.

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