Fauci says pandemic won’t end till 110% of the population is vaccinated


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In a stern warning to the American public, COVID czar Anthony Fauci said this morning that masking, social distancing, small business shutdowns, job losses, media fearmongering, oligarch profiteering, Orwellian censorship and surveillance, and his own fifteen minutes of fame will continue forever, because the crisis will not end until at least 110% of the population is vaccinated.

“Think of it this way,” the avuncular pandemic poobah explained. “The best vaccine, Moderna’s, only has a 90% success rate. So what percent of the population would you have to vaccinate to get to 100% success? You don’t need a calculator to know that we’re going to have to vaccinate 110% of the population.”

Fauci went on to deliver an abstruse, long-winded explanation of why vaccinating 110% of the population is a mathematical impossibility. “The problem,” he finally concluded, “is that the extra ten percent of the population you need to vaccinate…just doesn’t exist. So you can never reach your goal. Obviously we’ll have to keep on living in COVID dystopia forever….bwa ha ha!”

Seeking a second opinion, we reached out to Bill Gates, who confirmed everything Fauci said and then some. “Actually we may need to vaccinate 120% of the population to put this behind us, since half of the nonexistent extra ten percent of imaginary people who don’t exist are anti-vaxxers who will refuse to allow their completely fictitious selves to serve as guinea pigs in a gigantic germ warfare experiment whose endgame involves reducing Earth’s population to around half a billion people, as per the Georgia Guidestones. So the bottom line is, Tony’s right, this will not end any time before Doomsday, and maybe not even then.”

The 10% of Americans who would need to be vaccinated to eradicate COVID-19 but who unfortunately do not exist could not be reached for comment.


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  1. In this global military drill we need all the extra satire we can grab in order to allow our minds to survive. Those that race in vaccination tend to get their economies to speed up faster than the others, which is why we have ISRAEL, US, Five eyes and all the off-shore money havens countries leading the percentage race. The others are looking at bilateral or at WHO while their populations are grabbing for breath. Unfortunately global vaccination supply is a Cold Hot War.

  2. Could name several thitngs with situations, though just couple notes, don’t think there should be any zar, of anything. spell it czar, zar whatever, a dictator over hundreds of millions of people isn’t freedom, much less equality. Why all of a sudden zar here. I didn’t give anyone permission to make a zar over me. Just saying. Also he has a monkey pucker. under nose area. besides sleepy eye con look. Watch him talk, definite monkey pucker.

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  4. SEARCH: “Gates, Fauci, Epstein Island, Jack Abramoff, RNA experiments”. Bon appetit. PRC tests = 97% false positives. CDC admits the death rate was blown up by a factor of 1,600. NOBODY should take these swine’s vaccine or ANY injection, pill, swab, or Halloween candy. To do so is insanity. Or just plain desperation to end it all. These are strange times. If I go into the doctor to have my hands removed, I am said to have mental illness. If I go in to have my genitals removed, I am said to be an inspiration. I aced my 2 logic classes in college. No hate involved. WTF, VT?

  5. Both Fauci and Gates are proven masters of deceit. If you believe what they say, then you’re as gullible as they want. When you peal back the layers of Agenda 21, modified to 2030 and you’ll put together the puzzle that’s glaring humanity in the face. Both Gates and Fauci should be arrested and put in Gitmo and given a shower or two, then walk the plank.

  6. I never liked Fauci, keep in mind, he was appointed by Trump, how good can he be. His main job is to make the deniers look good, to be the patsy for the Laura Ingraham’s of the world. I would have fired him last March the first time he lied about masks.

    We should have poached the Japanese Health Minister.

    • Fauci is highly regarded by his peers, and also the security community…if that means anything. That said, I am sure there are many who would like his job, as that is often the case. It gets you up closer to the brass ring of being able to make a million bucks on a book something to make retirement a bit more comfortable.

    • Just he was able to remain 35 years in same office kissing ass in the West Wing to save himself own including the orange ass…..

    • Respected or not, he did lie to us about masks in March. His first story was that they did more harm than good, later he said he was trying to ensure that healthcare workers had ample supply because he was worried that the unwashed didn’t would make a run on the supply. Later when he recommended masks, deniers like Laura Ingraham had a field day pointing out his inconsistency.

      Also, I don’t get why we are muddling through this without taking a serious look at SE Asia. Japan, S.Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Thailand have a combined population of 300M and a total death count of less than 30k yet we keep looking at the EU. This lack of focus is another example of how our local experts failed us.

    • Dr. Faucifraud’s position of authority goes WAY BACK before the Trump Presidency, as do his violations of U.S. laws and fines for all to see. Gates bribed Fauci over 20 years ago to get the 2010 Rockefeller Foundation Lockstep Plandemic and the Billkill program in as a government policy with a reported $100 million bribe. Bulldoze Georgetown. I’ll bring the beer.

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