The Strange Case of Reality Winner, Jailed for leaking doc showing Trump is a Russian asset

Biden’s first round of sanctions has left Russia’s state media pundits bemoaning the loss of Trump, who did nothing about Navalny poisoning.


VT: Reality Winner is the ultimate patriot, having turned over a document being held from congress by the NSA that proved Donald Trump was put in office by a Russian voting machine hack in 2016.

We all knew this to be true but only Reality Winner did something about it.  Trump was put in power to destroy the United States, now 24 trillion in debt, 500k dead and a government in shambles…with a Nazi army of hillbilly terrorists waiting for Trump’s next command.

Her mistake was getting caught by giving it to a heavily financed website that VT believes has strong ties to the Mossad, and through them, to William Barr, Donald Trump and the KGB (FSB).

She was handed over, Russia was safe, Trump was safe, Netanyahu was safe and she is doing 5 years. The problem is, America is the real victim and it’s time to let her go, first this from The Week and then a piece on Russian media and…Donald Trump:

End the war on whistleblowers

President Trump was the most aggressive prosecutor of whistleblowers of any president in American history. The previous record was set by President Obama, but the Trump administration launched as many prosecutions in four years as Obama did in eight.

President Biden, as part of his campaign to undo many of his predecessor’s worst policies, should pardon most of these folks, or at least commute their sentences. Disclosing classified information that the public deserves to know does not deserve a lengthy prison sentence.

Of all the candidates for a pardon, Reality Winner’s case is most obviously convincing, though as yet has not gotten the wide attention it deserves. She did indeed leak classified documents to The Intercept (which horribly botched its security protocols and basically handed her to the FBI, though she probably would have been caught eventually), which is against the law. But the exposure of these documents did not even slightly harm national security.

Daily Beast: Russian state TV program 60 Minutes played the clip of former U.S. President Donald Trump asking CPAC: “Do you miss me yet?” The co-host Olga Skabeeva eagerly replied: “Yes, we do!”

Here’s what seems to have happened. Winner listened to the Intercepted podcast in early 2017, including one episode in which former Intercept co-founder and journalist Glenn Greenwald expressed skepticism about the idea that Russia had hacked the DNC and John Podesta to boost Donald Trump in the 2016 campaign.

Therefore she sent the publication classified material showing the NSA had evidence that not only was Russia behind those hacks, it had actually successfully hacked into an election software vendor. For that she was sentenced to five years and three months in prison.

It was the longest sentence in history for simply leaking to the press — and very obviously related to Trump’s desire to punish people who pointed out his connection to the Russia hack.

Any reasonable American should favor her release  read more..

Other experts on the Rossiya-1 network nodded and concurred. Trump’s departure has sucked the joy out of pro-Kremlin propagandists, with a host of new problems looming on the horizon for Russia. Instead of jolly boasts about “owning” America’s president, Russian state TV shows are now filled with gloomy experts, and discussions about the impending flood of U.S. sanctions are so tense they leave the pundits on the verge of coming to blows.

During the Trump years, state-media mouthpieces, tightly controlled by Russian President Vladimir Putin, put on a happy face and followed his lead in exclaiming that they wanted Trump to be elected solely because he promised to improve the U.S.-Russian relations. Appearing on domestic talk shows and news programs, experts are now slipping up and admitting that they preferred Trump’s presidency mainly because he was so devastatingly bad for the United States and its allies. After President Joe Biden was elected—despite Russia’s efforts to the contrary—all pretense faded into oblivion.

During his nightly program The Evening With Vladimir Soloviev this Tuesday, prominent state TV host Vladimir Soloviev exclaimed: “Why would America think that we’re interested in changing or improving our relations with them?” He added: “What makes them think we’re interested in a reset?” Soloviev predicted a “harsh and asymmetrical response” to Biden’s first round of sanctions that will include further hostilities in Ukraine, long seen in Moscow as one of the main battlegrounds in Russia’s fight against the collective West

read more…


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  1. Davai!

    Either the globalists* and/or Hugo Chavez’s ghost spoofed the attack to Russian military, or it didn’t happen.

    And the non-event was Classified, while #DeepState Comey had to let everyone know Hillary was under investigation for her name being in Weiner’s laptop because… Uhh… AntiTrumpism! Russophobia!

    * Wait, was QAnon around in 2016? What do they call their bogeyman? The Cabal? Someone’s watching to much “The Blacklist”, lol.

  2. This article is a joke, right?
    The giveaway phrase comes at the very top of the article: “Navalny poisoning”.
    (Note the probably deliberate spelling mistake too — put in to make us aware of the hoax(?).)
    Next will come these assertions:
    — Assad gassing his own people
    — Father and daughter es-Crapul poisoned in Salisbury with “novichock” of Russian/Soviet make,
    — John F. Kennedy committed suicide in Dallas by shooting himself in theback in order to make the CIA look bad.
    — His brother later on died from food poisoning.
    — Dr. King Jr. fell dead from sexual exertion after “organizing” white and black garbage men in Nashville.
    Looking forward to these great follow-up reads!

  3. Reality Winner should be released immediately, and the blowback of holding her, is not a thing any wise person would invite.

    • If the PIC (Prison Industrial Complex) needs a dummy to fill her spot, should be #DeepState Comey, for kneecapping Hillary and installing DramaQueenDon.

  4. Twas an internal hack at DNC …Seth Rich killed for it.
    Twas an Israeli hack the Clinton emails. Assange in jail for it.
    Russia could care less about sanctions imposed by a country 44 trillion in debt and that is just the national debt.

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