First Space Plasma Hurricane in Earth’s Upper Atmosphere

An illustration based on the satellite observation data from the first confirmed instance of a space hurricane. (Qing-He Zhang, Shandong University)

First Ever Space Hurricane Spotted in Earth’s Upper Atmosphere

by Alex Fox/

Researchers have used satellite observations to identify what they’re calling a “space hurricane” in Earth’s upper atmosphere, Nature reports. The results, published last month in the journal Nature Communications, represent the first time a space hurricane has ever been detected over our planet.

The team spotted the churning mass of charged particles—ionized gas called plasma—hovering several hundred miles above the North Pole during a retrospective analysis of data collected in August 2014, reports Doyle Rice for USA Today.

“Until now, it was uncertain that space plasma hurricanes even existed, so to prove this with such a striking observation is incredible,” Mike Lockwood, an astrophysicist at the University of Reading and co-author of the paper, in a statement.

The space hurricane described in the paper measured roughly 600 miles across and rained down charged electrons instead of water for nearly eight hours as it spun counter-clockwise at speeds up to 4,700 miles-per-hour, per the paper.

The 2014 space hurricane occurred during a period of relatively low geomagnetic activity, which created a puzzle, since it meant the space hurricane wasn’t the result of Earth’s ionosphere being lashed by the solar winds of a stormy sun.

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  1. We need to add plasma hurricanes into Our Climate models.
    I got the Johnson COVID vaccine but I’m still wearing my bandana and carrying 70% isopropyl spray in my watch pocket.
    At 71, I never lifted a 163 pound anything without a cherry picker or forklift.
    I still can’t…

    • HAARP and DEWs have been used continuously – especially in California – Texas Freeze. China is pushing for its control of weather modification by 2025 – same as the military’s plan “Weather as a force multiplier – owning the weather by 2025”.
      Now we have the Covid scam terrifying the people and the rich are getting richer – there goes the middle class.
      This exercise in the North Pole is a prelude to potentially more disasters – not that I’m a sceptic or anything, but they have these little toys scattered around the world and are more in the line of WMD than for the good of mankind.

    • Dbooger, COVID-19 is not a scam. Why not ask those who have died, if they believe COVID-19 is not real. No wait, that would be rather difficult to do, but with people like you around, there will be more deaths from coronavirus. Cannot take you seriously when you make such inane statements.

    • Carol, I truly wish the virus was a scam. Sadly, it is not. The insane criminals that inflicted this plandemic are getting rich and preparing us for their new world order of absolute control. From cradle to grave, we will be taxed, fee’d and monitored.

    • There may be a new(?) “corona” virus; or not.
      Obviously people are dying; but that is nothing new.
      I am 100% convinced that the “covid” death numbers are being grossly manipulated to facilitate the social and economic agenda being implemented in their wake.
      Nothing VT or any other “news” outlets say will convince me otherwise.

    • Elvin, I have to use an Albuterol inhaler, every couple of months there is repeated insult from Covid19. For us old folks this is an endgame. And it’s by design. I can barely pick up a 163 pound battery now. Last year I could lift them all day long.

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