Pathological Entitlement and the Supremacist Mindset

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump responds to former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee's closing remarks during the first Republican presidential debate at the Quicken Loans Arena Thursday, Aug. 6, 2015, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Counterpunch: In recent days, the CPAC conference has brought us a number of most unusual spectacles. It has brought us (1) the militantly tawdry respawning of Donald Trump, (2) the platform constructed using the serif odal rune shape of the SS, (3) the golden calf cult idol (and laughs for all eternity), and (4) the inclusion of a member of Happy Science, a Japanese ‘new religious movement’ whose leader claims to be the incarnation of a 330 million-year-old deity.

The spirit of this deity, it is said, has transmogrified through every other deity known to humankind, and wound up, thanks to some superhuman (and therefore totally not self-serving) coincidence, manifest in the flesh as the founder of CPAC Japan. As another coincidence of mind-melting proportions, this deity is also deeply fiscally conservative and politically reactionary of a bent that views compassion as a weakness. If I didn’t know better, I would think Happy Science (as this ‘new religious movement’ is known) were pulling the entire thing out of their asses, like an even nastier L. Ron Hubbard.

This latter fact, in particular, must inevitably raise a few questions—principally, whether or not the GOP remains a gaggle of thieves willing to sell each other’s grandmothers out at a moment’s notice to save their own skin politically, an end-of-times spectacle of an increasingly unstable oligarchy too drunk on its own material excess to save itself from its own decadence and corruption? Another question that springs to mind is whether it’s now in fact degenerated even further into something even more horrible again—a raging collective psychosis of pathological entitlement, collective narcissism, hypernationalist tribalism and jingoism, and death-cult supremacism.  read more..

Pathological Entitlement and the Supremacist Mindset



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  1. Happy Science or Scientology, are very comparable to most any religion, and our ambiguous rules about what does or does not constitute a religion, were established by attempting to wrangle the law to provide for the angry jealous god, who tortured and killed his own son, regularly killed people for various reasons, (some quite slight) and requires 10% of all your earnings, and in frequent cases, requires the follower to kill others also. This gold mine of gullibility created by incentivizing these types of businesses and foreign actors, brings in auto votes and monstrous piles of cash every year. Of course it’s a con mans heaven, Even Trump can be president in such a bizarre place.

  2. The South will rise again…and again…and again. I continue be amazed that ReTrumplicans have been so taken in by the racist ideology that claims Europeans were destined by God to displace indigenous people all around the world, rape them, pillage them, and in the case of the former American Confederacy, own them. Manifest Destiny equals Zionism equals racism. If you don’t believe me, just ask any Native American or any Palestinian. That’s why the religious fervor of the crazies who stormed the Capitol.

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