Blockbuster: Blatant Coward Donald Trump on the Nuclear Destruction of the WTC, then maybe a real ‘Stable Genius’ (video)


    VT: This video debunks all official theories of 9/11 and does it better than anyone else.  Watch it all, Trump lays it out and, as had been so often the case, only Trump will tell the truth and for one reason, he just doesn’t give a shit.  From VT:

    Architects and engineers say planes don’t knock down skyscrapers.  Nuclear physicists say only atomic bombs can turn out this kind of heat and damage. The real investigators who were silenced by a grand jury and a wealth of threats said it was a conspiracy and named lots of names, some expected, some not.

    The assertions made by those who annotated this video are, of course, childish.  We accept that.  VT long ago “solved” 9/11, beginning with the FBI leak, and then with Khalezov followed by Pommer and Prager’s work.

    Where was this guy later?  What about his promises to look into 9/11?  Then the sorry crap with QAnon and what is obvious, the 15 years after 9/11 did something horrible to Donald Trump.  We aren’t saying he was an angel, even back then, but he wasn’t a driveling idiot like he is today.

    He did the same thing for Beirut, citing it to be a nuclear attack as well and the press quickly moved on though Trump not only made the statement but attributed it to the highest Pentagon sources, which we were able to confirm as well.

    Trump was asked why he called it an attack and not an accident, especially since Lebanese officials say they have not determined the cause of the explosion. He told reporters at the White House: “It would seem like it based on the explosion. I met with some of our great generals and they just seem to feel that it was. This was not a — some kind of a manufacturing explosion type of a event. … They seem to think it was a attack. It was a bomb of some kind, yes.”

    This is the Donald Trump we missed, one we saw very seldom during his 4 years of temper tantrums, one who could have made a difference.  Do note that Trump shut up a day later when Netanyahu called him and closed him down.  Trump is a coward.

    He was a coward over 9/11 as well, same call, same guy, “we did it and you keep your fucking mouth shut.”

    When we look at Beirut, we can look at that other “stable genius,” VT’s own.  We know Trump and the Pentagon saw this video as well and used it at briefings:

    As the Beirut coverup went into motion, CNN edited a real missile video of Beirut, one of several, cutting out the missiles and replacing those frames with duplicates, and then used these childishly doctored video’s to sell their story.

    Slam dunk proof, however, comes from a simple label:

    Yes, you can make fertilizer explode, once you have thoroughly and painstakingly mixed it into an ANFO blend and set large TNT triggers to it.  It won’t blow a 60 foot deep 500 plus foot wide hole in solid rock (under water), only nukes do that.

    Today, we see Lebanon in total collapse, brought on by a cascade of carefully orchestrated events that began with the destruction of their food port by an Israeli nuke, one that Israel openly bragged about in advance, and later used their infinite muscle to shut down the press and even Trump and the Pentagon.

    Trump hated the Pentagon because they are even bigger cowards than he is.


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    1. Don’t give Trump too much credit….

      Trump. 9/11, truth part 1

      Pt 2

      A real investigation

      9/11 Solved

      The BS OF NIST and Blding 7

      Debunking NIST

      What NIST forgot

      15 years later : Never Forget tbe crimes of 9/11 were NEVER Investigated.

      American Anthrax
      (Music is irritating, but information is worth it)

    2. Tommy Apeiron sorry you failed to understand the important link I posted.
      You see it pointed out how Ehud Barak was conveniently available on the morning of 9/11 at the BBC in London to push the false flag of 9/11 & pomote a “WAR” on terror against Iraq ,Libya , Syria & Iran.
      Perhaps you are unaware of who Ehud Barak is ?.

    3. If visible, this entire conspiracy against the U.S. is quite simple and brutal. Conspiracies in American football games are based on this type of treachery. 4 attempts at conquest per possession, with additional possessions allowed for success in gaining sufficient yardage, and remuneration in points granted for conquering territory to reach the ‘End Zone’. The new proposed Seattle Kraken NHL team franchise seems to be making light of the belief that the 2020 and beyond vote was successfully stolen, and the COVID-19 fraud stemming from the late 2019 Wuhan attack on the 110 nations forming the new international bank likewise produced a GRAND sum of loot for the top 1% of money grubbers. Sheeple do not recognize that the character playing Joe Biden recently is an actor wearing a rubber mask. Of course the MANY recent videos featuring Creepy Joe and Killary feature somebody in a high tech Hollywood rubber mask.

    4. I do not know the exact mechanism of the WTC 7 take down, only that it was indeed preset and KNOWN by BlackStone Investments and Larry Silverfish when they bought the complex off the New York Port Authority in 1999. The BlackStone/Silverfish alliance ALSO KNEW that the towers HAD ALREADY BEEN CONDEMNED and were scheduled to be DEMOLISHED before 2007 WHEN THEY PURCHASED THE WTC. 8 years to recover a multibillion dollar investment from a facility where 55 football fields worth of 30 foot long exterior aluminum siding was peeling off from a height up to 1,100 feet? Just who holds Manhattan Island and U.S. Supreme Court jurisdictions? For the answer, Read ex-Vatican cardinal pen named ‘Avro Manhattan’ in his 1982 book, ‘The Vatican Moscow Washington Alliance’. Some paragraphs may require reading several times to understand.

    5. EVERYBODY in the construction business and the Manhattan Port Authority KNEW about the Kellogg system to be installed in the WTCs. After the Russian designed nukes went off to zap out the basements following the designs Russia used to zap out canals all over Siberia, enough Manhattan residence were concerned enough by the giant belch from the detonations in summer 1968 that a full tilt investigation and community protest activism was carried out to HALT this installation of nuke demolition systems and to halt further nuke excavations. These local court hearings delayed construction of WTC 7 for several years, when it was judged that the ‘grandfather clause’ of allowing preset nukes permitted their installation in the upcoming WTC 7.

    6. As a member of the engineering community that worked out the construction bugs for the WTC tower designs and constructed and preloaded the Kellogg nuke demolition system since the project started before 1965, I believe my judgement that VT has BY FAR done the best job of finding out who did what at the WTC on 9-11-2001 over all other news sources. I was in a state of total dismay since 1969 over the implications of the planned future initiation of the Kellogg system, and the fact of the situation that the dozens upon dozens of friends and strangers, including congressional offices(plural) that I warned between 1966 and 1994 when I left to Seattle thought I was insane, or just not part of an alliance aiming to set the thing off.

      • After 9-11-2001, I dare not contact any of these friends, knowing that both the top U.S. military Corps of Engineers and politicians already knew what I knew. I told them back then, face to face. Get me to the Military Tribunals so I can get out of here, buy a few guns and ammo, and start a dental floss farm out in the cold and damp where I belong. The complexity of this grandiose Mexican stand-off with the Samson Option and all gives me cause to reserve judgement against MANY key players, many of whom are indeed psychopaths. Most key players do not know that they are key players. Others stay home to prance and mewl just like a real congressional maggot.

    7. Moderator : where is my comment you told me it was repeated & yet it is nowhere to be seen ?

      Many believed right away that 9/11 was a false flag opp. masterpiece.
      It was so so obvious & of course “as usual they knew it was Ben Ladin right away on “most” TV .
      Ehud Barak was COINCIDENTLY at the BBC ON 9/11 & EXPLAINED it all.
      see here before it’s gone removed by Facebook ,Google etc.etc.
      Ehud Barak spells it out for “us all” war on terror Iraq,Syria ,Lybia & Iran.

      • How’s the weather in Tel Aviv, Zigi? They say it’s nice this time of the year. “Ehud Barak spells it out for “us all” war on terror Iraq,Syria ,Lybia & Iran.” Maybe you could brush up on your English a bit. Mossad would maybe pay you a few more shekels if you wrote something folks could understand.

      • Barak and Netanyahu and whoever they take orders from are recognized by ALL as the swine who did the 9-11-2001 initiation of the Kellogg demolition system. The stolen nuclear pits which were stolen (‘disappeared’) could indeed have been recast(and reprocessed) and machined to fit the WTC tower neutron flux generators. The entire structure’s steel framework had been painted with a primer paint which was doped with low radioactive isotopes. Since the upper level’s were made with 1/2″ to 1/4″ thick stock, sending this material supercritical created enough heat to vaporize the steel.

      • The bottom 10-15 stories had been filled with the common resin based cement material per a last minute Work Order change before the Grand Opening in 1972. The excuse was to stiffen the structure to avoid excessive torsional stress from any sustained high velocity winds. Nelson Rockefeller had first ordered up 2,500 exploding bolts BEFORE the 1968 test fire of the demolition systems, and ordered another 2,000 for delivery on site in Manhattan from 1970-1972. Iron workers verified that they had indeed swapped out odd oversized bolts from the upper level exterior perimeter panels between 1972 and 2001. NONE of this is theory.

    8. Israel will nuke more US cities in a heartbeat, and get away with it again too.
      Knowing this as fact of matter and a matter of fact, what is the US president supposed to do?
      Confront Israel and get some more US cities nuked?
      Doesnt seem like good idea eh….maybe better to play dumb and pretend to believe the obvious lies just to avoid more nuke attacks.

    9. And the #TrumpU Salesman was selling Iraq as nuke threat right before 9/11.

      “Consider Iraq. After each pounding from U.S . warplanes, Iraq has dusted itself off and gone right back to work developing a nuclear arsenal. Six years of tough talk and U.S. fireworks in Baghdad have done little to slow Iraq’s crash program to become a nuclear power. They’ve got missiles capable of flying nine hundred kilometers—more than enough to reach Tel Aviv.”

      – From “The America We Deserve”, 2000.

    10. You are absolutely right. Israel nuked us on 9/11 and got away with it. Every attempt to explain it some other way is like trying to describe the movement of the planets without mentioning that they all go around the Sun. Galileo went to his death bed muttering,”But the Earth does move!”

      America has accepted the “official” version of 9/11 as an article of faith to this very day. Someday a historian might conclude, “But, Israel nuked us and got away with it.” He will be hounded to his grave just like Galileo.

    11. “Letters containing anthrax spores were mailed to several news media offices and to Democratic Senators Tom Daschle and Patrick Leahy, killing five people and infecting 17 others. ”

      The bar is set, ” a new 9/11 investigation” or there is no law. The game of pretend continues.

      • Problem is, every president since 9/11 has been in on the coverup and it looks like more of the same with Biden. There will never be a “new investigation” because the old one has become an article of faith, justifying all the wars of this century, all for Israel.

      • The theory goes, that in order to take the job, you have to be brave, and in order to stay alive, you have to be smart. Public pressure is required to get anything of this magnitude a second look. Lots of it. Even then , you would need key people in key positions that are highly protected. Its an open secret. Thus far, government by the people is lazy and misinformed. Hanging by a thread.

      • Planning went into place while we watched the philandering president show…..a coup by wifey. They promised HER the presidency and failed 2 times to deliver (obomber and Trump). Watch Bush’s face when told the attack started….he knew and he let them do it. You can see the same face on Bush that JUDAS had.

    12. The measure of a person often can be determined by observing their actions when they have both knowledge and position. In every instance where Trump had a chance to do something brave or honorable he declined. He performed precisely according to his profile. Self interest.
      He was so out of his league in DC, that he immediately was not only controllable, but inexorably cornered into his own shadow. Reagan, Bush, Bush 2, Trump. Financial collapses all, undefended attacks on US soil, drugs and guns, unauthorized wars, and insurrections. And the volley of missiles in Syria, provided a live fire demonstration for the arms race worldwide. Cha Ching. Trump and Boris, ..selected by the same hand, for the same purpose. Evictions and consolidations. The archetype of the useful clown known by any educated Monarch.

    13. I don’t know why he didn’t want to end up buried under Giants Stadium, of Jimmy Hoffa never had any complaints…. 🙂

    14. It took an hour for the jet fueled fire from the planes to weaken the steel enough to collapse the building. A normal fire would only burn the furniture inside the building, they didn’t account for a fully loaded passenger Jet. The following is from a trade organization … “The strength of steel remains essentially unchanged until about 600°F. The steel retains about 50% of its strength at 1100°F. The steel loses all of its capacity when it melts at about 2700°F.”
      Jet fuel can burn as hot as 1800°F. enough for the steel to lose 70% or more of its strength. I say this because of the ‘aha, it can’t melt steel argument’. It doesn’t have to melt the steel, only weaken it to a critical level.

      • Maybe so chriswold, but how about all the steel between the “impact” point and the ground? what caused it to disintegrate?

      • It’s a simple fact, Chris, Israel nuked the USA on 9/11 and got away with it. Every American president since has had to dance around that ugly truth to stay in office, be it Biden beholden to AIPAC or Trump beholden to Sheldon Adelson and the Kosher Nostra.

      • David, I believe that you can handle fuel correctly but these were special conditions. In this case, fuel tanks were ruptured after hitting a building going hundreds of miles per hour with all of its engines running. And anyone who had visited the WTC knows how windy it gets in the upper floors where you can feel the building sway and that would make things worse. Look at what happened to the USS Forrestal carrier, the first rocket didn’t explode, it ruptured a fuel tank and nearby engines fanned the flames making that flame, eventually heating things up enough to explode bombs.
        It looked like a conventional fire until the pancake collapse started. I didn’t see an explosion. Once the weight of the upper floors crashed on the one below it the reaction continued.

      • Getting jet fuel to burn at 1800 requires a very concerted effort and special conditions. We used to put our cigarettes out in a 5 gal bucket of Jet A at the storage yard if the temps were below 50 F outside. I was a fuel specialist in the AF and have worked with steel and concrete nearly my entire life. A tin can full of fuel did not do what we all saw. That is ridiculous. Hence the thousands of professionals globally who say, the governments hypothesis is complete bunk.
        {Some people believe anything. That is the foundational structure of the governments hypothesis.}

      • Aside from the structural problems with the hypothesis, which are numerous, fuel inside a building from wreckage is not going to reach those temps.
        If you make a fire in a tunnel and it vents out one end, where is the heat ?
        Even then, use Jet A and put an I beam over it with a weight on it and show me. Demonstrate this, … and you will be the one with the epiphany.

      • No offense chriswold, but my hunch is you have no real building experience or any experience with flammables.

      • Please consult the Fire Department of New York infrared readings taken of the WTC towers as the fires raged. Out of a 208 foot by 208 foot floor plan, only an area the size of a small 2-3 bedroom house was heated to over 800 degrees. An area the size of a drive-in burger joint was raised to over 1200 degrees, and an area even smaller was raised above that. Study the Kellogg Corporation’s nuclear demolition systems to get the facts you need. No, I do not have a web site or web address for this. I got my information live, regarding the nukes. but not EXACTLY who set the thing off. The swine who did it have been strutting around like imbeciles on crack for 20 years. They are hard to miss. Conservation be damned when it comes to their insane dreams of gold, buggery and conquest.

    15. His puppetry and full complicity with those responsible came with his relationship with Giuliani and those under his watch that spirited away the culprits, dozens of them, covered for Ft. Lee and the GW bridge…and worked with White House traitors.

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