Here There be Monsters


by Alan Ned Sabrosky

We in America are neck-deep in a domestic political war to the finish. During the notable “kitchen debate” in Moscow in 1959, Nikita Khrushchev asserted that Richard Nixon’s grandchildren would live under communism, while Nixon argued that Khrushchev’s grandchildren would live in freedom. Both were correct, if not as either intended.

Americans generally applauded the implosion of the USSR and the collapse of communist regimes across Europe. Russia and some others today may not be ideal democracies, but they are a far sight better than 60-odd years ago – and in Russia’s case, more vibrant and more challenging as well.

Ironically, while external pressure and internal failings were bringing Lenin’s dream to ruins there, America and most of the West were rotting from within – victims of their own success in the Cold War and their misguided faith in the robustness of their own systems of government. The past year has brought that into stark relief.

The Democrats and their allies understand this clearly. They hold the upper hand in the Federal government, the media, academe, and the streets. They did their best to make the country ungovernable during the Trump years. They needlessly locked down cities and states during the pandemic scare, all but ruining a robust economy. They sat back and watched their Antifa and BLM thugs riot, loot, burn, commit mayhem, and even murder in hundreds of cities for months in 2020 in the walk-up to the election.

Then Democrats openly engaged in widespread election fraud to capture that election, aided and abetted by a compliant media and a refusal of the courts to hold them accountable. Now Democrats hold the White House and the Congress and have begun their purge of Republican “threats” plus the implementation of a legislative agenda to codify their practices and position. They will make a shambles of governing here as their ilk has done everywhere else, but they have no intention of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory on their march to power.

Most Republicans and almost all independents do not really understand this situation. They fail to understand that the Democrats today are not the Democrats of the days of Harry Truman and John Kennedy. If they did understand, they might have armed themselves and risen when Trump foolishly allowed Antifa-BLM rioters to rip the country apart for months on end, virtually unimpeded and often applauded by mostly Democrat mayors and governors, and most of the media.

But they did not. They are deluded by a toxic combination of disbelief and denial – disbelief that it can really be so bad, and denial that the Democrats and their even more radical allies really mean what they say. They foolishly appear to believe that this is simply an unusually brutal phase in our political life – worse than the 1960s but better than the eve of the Civil War – and that they can make some real gains in the 2022 mid-term elections, and regain power in 2024.

They are wrong. “Politics as usual” in America is dead. If the Democrats get their way, there may be some competitive elections in 2022 but not enough to matter, and before 2024 it will be a done deal – the U.S. for all intents and purposes will be a one-party state with, perhaps, some tame Republicans allowed to hold a few seats in Congress for the sake of appearances. It has happened before elsewhere. It can – and most likely will – happen in America now. Here there be monsters, indeed – and we bred them ourselves.


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  1. Get rid of the Council on Foreign Relations nation wide corporate ‘news’ programming and the nation will heal. The British Empire Press Union formed in 1909 moved to the U.S. in 1911, NOT 1921, to “buy up all influential news media to create the public debate and thus control the minds of the American people”. American sheepleness and ignorance carried the day. This should not have been possible, but with elected officials gaining fame and a pretty face courtesy the CFR, mistakes happened. Hawaii is controlled by this criminal syndicate. Kill your television set and heal the nation. WE did not fail. Our mewling prancing poodle elected officials failed us in their betrayals to the British Empire, and their own immorality. They do not prance and mewl for treats from us. To hell with the corporation.

  2. As his Neighborhood evolved Alan failed to socialize with it’s new cultures. This has left him crippled, apparently.
    A shame.
    Perhaps it is why we all eventually must pass away.

  3. Saying George Floyd was a false flag proves that you have been lobotomized. There is help available for individuals such as yourself.

  4. Mihail

    Look in the mirror. See a Neanderthal? Have you ever been to the US? LMK when they reopen Estes Brothers Grocery.

  5. Have to remind Alan what his ReTrumplican pal, Lindsey Graham, said after the 2020 election, “We have to do something about mail-in voting or Republicans will never win another election in the USA.” Mail-in voting completely overwhelmed the traditional Republican voter suppression tactics in major cities like Milwaukee, Detroit, and Atlanta. Perfectly legal, used by soldiers since the Civil War, mail-in voting is also used in much of Europe where you never, ever see voters standing in long lines for hours waiting to vote like in the USA. Welcome to democracy, Alan, it will take some getting used to for you Trumpster true-believers.

  6. Yes, loving police, worshipping the rich and exalting Zionism…and living in Never Never Land…

    But we still love Alan….and it also helps us identify paid trolls and Zionist hacks…

  7. If we are to be gunned down from behind in the streets for no tail lights or “suspicion” of not being a white christian, then we care not about governing or political preferences for how to spend our money. Keep it up and see what happens.
    Notable republicans: Nixon – war, war on drugs, DEA, Watergate.. Reagan – trickle down fiasco , Iran Contra,…. Bush – War , Bush 2 – double War, financial collapse, Trump, pandemic, arms race, financial collapse, insurrection. All were heavily in favor of Militarized Police state targeting minorities and poor. Not one leader among them.

    • Reagan Bush close mental facilities then Bush 1 with a massive pharmaceutical tidal wave…….please pass the Prozac…..

    • NAFTA was passed 61-38 with mostly dems voting against….the Patriot act was 98-1 with russ feingold the only no vote.. ….Leahy and Daschle were against it, then both received the anthrax letters which scared them into voting yes… least the democrats pretend to care about their constituents.

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