Donald Barr, Jeffrey Epstein and The Secret Space Program


VT asks harder questions about why Don Barr would hire college dropout and serial pedophile Jeff Epstein to teach at an exclusive private school.

This lets us know a bit where AG Barr came from. (and why he is such a dick)

As one who is officially briefed at way way way above the level of those making pronouncements…I can say that some of the direction here is correct.

However…much if not most…of what some issue to the public is knowingly farcical and doled out solely to entrap those of grossly inferior capability.

RDS and I, from time to time, discuss such things.  His is a “long game” and may well be fruitful.

by Ritchie Gemini

I recently saw the interview Kerry Cassidy did with Robert David Steele last September and it got my mind racing to connect some obscure dots floating in the ethers especially about the Secret Space Program.

Near the end of their exchange, KC mentions child sex trafficking and Steele confirms her belief that it is thriving and includes activities off planet.

That brought me back to the weird coincidences surrounding one Donald Barr, headmaster of the Dalton School in NYC where Epstein went to work as a teacher even though he lacked a college degree.

Barr is the father of former AG Bill Barr who proclaimed despite much doubt that the infamous Epstein actually did commit suicide last summer after his arrest for running a sex ring targeting politicians and other luminaries.

What made those links even more fascinating is that Daddy Barr authored some strange fiction relating to adolescent sex slaves hanging out on another planet under the tutelage of a woman who ends up arguably being a dead ringer for Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeff’s partner in…………….?!?

Maxwell remains under arrest after evading law enforcement for many months.  Her credentials are also out of this world in that her father was a top Mossad spy who died under mysterious circumstances while many of her siblings have ties to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA.

There’s lots more as Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt is demonstrating with his three part series on her connections to the Atlantis/Hot Zone story that includes links to the Space Program and control of the planet’s oceans.

Never a dull moment to be sure when you consider Haim Eshed’s recent comments about Trump and the Secret Space Program that included references to US astronauts working with aliens on Mars.

Cassidy and Steele agree on lots of things like the US, China and Russia collaborating behind the scenes despite public appearance to the contrary on various aspects of the SSP.

I hope readers are starting to understand that these coincidences are provocative to say the least even if it is pure conjecture to link them up.

So I’ll keep going by “circling back” to Mr. Steele!  These issues get elevated in importance by virtue of his expressing his intention of running for president and scooping up Trump’s fallen MAGA banner in 2024 along with former Georgia House member Cynthia McKinney.

That dynamic duo have announced a new attempt to conduct a cross-country “Resurrection Tour” in 2021!  Their partnership is puzzling to many:  she, a left-leaning Progressive Democrat with high marks for integrity, and he, a mysterious former CIA agent and zealous Trump supporter the last 5 years with a mediocre record of predictions, especially his repeatedly saying Trump would fire son-in-law Jared Kushner!

It never happened!  Nor did Trump pardon Edward Snowden as Steele predicted during the interview.  Snowden has his own views on ETs and UFOs which may or may not be accurate.

Lots of secrecy and psychological warfare likely in all this.  So many questions and so much to ponder in the context of these strange developments along with the missing trillions that researchers like Catherine Austin Fitts surmised were drained from the treasury in support of the Breakaway Civilization.

I invite Ufologists and others to peruse the Cassidy/Steele exchange and other materials below and to contemplate their value regarding presidential politics, ET Disclosure, the existence of the Secret Space Program and other things that go bump in the night!


Amazing Polly:   Maxwell family and JPL  (deplatformed)

Former Head of Israel’s Space Program Says Aliens Asked Not to Be Revealed as Humanity is not ready


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  1. In December 2020, Trump signed a bill that included an 180-day time frame in which US intelligence agencies must tell Congress everything they know about UFO sightings, via an unclassified report. We will see something there???

  2. This article is no more “strange” than the official narrative of 9/11, although it does include space aliens. That would be a feature that Christian Zionists would recognize as the “old man in the sky” who has deemed the Ashkenazim as God’s chosen people. That’s of course why Trump “won” the election no matter how many votes he actually got and why we must attack Iran to bring on the Apocalypse… Nothing, nothing is too strange for them.

  3. I ‘suspect’ things are a bit more complicated than that. Look for some heavily suppressed VT stories on the Pacific and China.

  4. Donald Barr’s book is called Space Relations and it’s creepy as “F” that it is so damn close to Jeffy and Ghislaine.
    From Wiki….
    In the future, humans have formed an intergalactic empire ruled by aristocrats. During a time of war with the Plith, an empire of ant-like alien bug people, ambassador John Craig, a formerly Liberal Earth man in his 30s, is dispatched to the strategically important planet Kossar, a human colony that was settled by the Carlyle Society as a place of exile for political extremists and now is ruled by an oligarchical high council of seven nobles, each of whom is in charge of a different domain with its own traditions. Their boredom and absolute power have driven them to madness, to the point that Kossar’s entry into the empire has been stymied by the Man-Inhabited Planets Treaty’s clause (written by Craig) against alliances with slave owning societies, due to its practice of kidnapping humans to become illegal playthings of the galaxy’s super-rich.

    • Craig, who now is campaigning to bring Kossar into the empire, had previously been to the planet when the passenger ship on which he was travelling on a return trip from the Betelgeuse Conference was captured by space pirates. While en route to Kassar, one of the pirates awakened Craig and the other prisoners to rape a 15-year-old virginal redheaded female captive in front of them; the rapist’s fellow pirates later hear of this and dock his pay as punishment for spoiling her market value. Craig then spent two years as a slave of the beautiful, sensual, and sadistic Lady Morgan Sidney, the only female member of the oligarchy, with whom he became romantically involved. Together, they lived in her castle, ruling over and engaging in sexual relations with those under their dominion, including an enslaved teenager at a clinic used to breed enslaved people. When Craig stumbles on hints of an alien invasion, he realizes he must escape to save humanity

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