Vital: Evangelical Treason Rips America

A covert network is engaged in the most dangerous terrorist provocation


by Anton Chaitkin

The greatest threat from terrorism in the United States comes from people who are associated with a British Church of England-run Pentecostalist movement inside the United States. It is this apparatus which has structured the militias. Now, most people in the militia movement, or associated with it, have no part of the intentions of those who are behind it, particularly that section in the Episcopal Church, or Pat Robertson, who’s part of this same movement, who are barking–authentically barking–Pentecostalists, who, with their connections with the military, deeply embedded in the military, including the … corps of chaplains in the U.S. military, are largely controlled, presently, by outright barking Pentecostalists …. This is the … main source of the internal threat of the potential for terrorism, and other kinds of treason inside the United States, today.

Lyndon LaRouche, “EIR Talks,” July 30, 1997.

Two years after the bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal building, a stream of lies is pouring through British-run media sewers, preparing credulous populists to view terrorism, or even civil war, as inevitable.

The grotesque joke is on the American populists. Their paramilitary militias, and Pentecostal sects, are creations of the very “Godless internationalists” they believe they are resisting.

The British Empire high church apparatus seeks to reduce the American mind to that of a clown, a hypnotized “Christian” who babbles or barks like a dog; a “patriot” numbed by anti-government gossip and Armageddonism, so that he sees his own nation as his enemy.


Will these Americans provide cover, and become patsies, for criminal outrages by professional terrorists? In hopes that, instead, they will get out of the game, and turn their righteous anger against their manipulators, we offer this report on how the game is rigged.

This investigation began with a probe into the armed standoff between police and “Republic of Texas” members demanding the secession of Texas, in April 1997. This writer telephoned into the besieged compound and interviewed Richard Otto, alias “White Eagle,” who said he was asking members of militias around the country to come to the site, armed for a shootout.

I checked Otto’s background, and then shared my findings informally with militia members and others who might have been drawn into the provocation.

Otto, it turns out, had been trained and set into motion by an Air Force officer who toured the world practicing New Age pagan rituals, in consultation with senior British intelligence drug-rock-sex gurus such as Gregory Bateson. This unappetizing profile, subsequently spread around by wary militants themselves, helped to discredit and defeat the provocation.

While Otto and his band surrendered on May 3, reports flooded into this news service of continuing, outrageous provocations. Among these was the bizarre case of an anti-government Texas demagogue with important military connections, one Jim Ammerman, whose incitements have been widely circulating among separatists and militia members.

A Pentecostal clergyman and retired Army colonel, Ammerman now controls chaplains currently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces around the world, as well as within prisons, and even in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He claims supernatural prophetic powers, preaches the imminent end of the world, denounces the U.S. government as illegal, and says the President has deserved execution.

During the April siege, Ammerman “mediated” between the Texas separatists and the FBI. As EIR inquired further into the origins of the Ammerman operation, and how it is protected within the U.S. military, a much broader picture came into view. Described here are:

  • Colonel Ammerman’s agent methods;
  • Britain’s militia adventures among Ammerman’s clients, and the Oklahoma City bombing; +the highest-ranking U.S. general who was captured by Pentecostal mind-benders, and who created Ammerman’s anti-government agitation bureau;
  • how British Empire master-race theorists concocted Pentecostalism; their colonial religious experiments among blacks in the United States and Africa;
  • the America-hating, feudalist, high church aristocrats and globalists who pushed through “charismatic renewal”; and
  • the national security danger from this British-owned military, paramilitary, and religious apparatus, including such operatives as Pat Robertson.

Colonel Ammerman: treason in the ArmyA videotape is circulating among the militia networks, entitled “The Imminent Military Takeover of the United States.” This is a speech by the Rev. Jim Ammerman to the Prophecy Club of Topeka, Kansas. Ammerman warns that the President, aided by masses of foreign troops already on American soil, will soon put the nation under martial law–if God does not end the world before the current President can act.

Ammerman decrees that President Bill Clinton should long ago have been executed, for avoiding the Vietnam draft. Ammerman, who retired in 1977 as a U.S. Army colonel and chaplain, is described by the Prophecy Club as a former Green Beret and “CIA official” with 26 years in the military, and top-secret security clearance.

He is the leader of some 200 chaplains now serving in the U.S. Armed Forces under the banner of his group, the Chaplaincy of Full Gospel Churches. His chaplains presumably speak in tongues and perform supernatural cures, as does he. He tells his audience that his chaplains provide him with inside information about military activities ordered by what he claims is the illegal dictatorship of the U.S. President.

Ammerman’s frantic tapes and faxes have been pushed all over the populist and Pentecostal milieu, and to the members of the Republic of Texas group. Douglas Towne, manager of a ghostly Ammerman-led intelligence group called the Mount Rushmore Foundation, told this reporter that the Ammerman circle had extensive communications with the chief provocateur in the siege, Richard Otto (“White Eagle”).

Towne calls Otto “a real soldier … just like Tim McVeigh [convicted in the Oklahoma City bombing], … who can’t be shaken or broken, confident that he has backing.”

 “Team America,” directed by Trey Parker, Puppets by The Chiodo Brothers

In recent weeks, Ammerman has spread the warning, or threat, that some form of terrorist act will soon occur, giving the “illegal” U.S. government the pretext for the imposition of martial law. Why is our government “illegal”? Ammerman’s fellow Prophecy Club speaker, Ralph Epperson, explains that the United States was founded by Luciferians, Illuminati communist-masons, in order to usher in Satan’s rule.Ammerman himself is a furious Anglophile.
He warns of foreign soldiers on U.S. bases, especially Germans, whom he calls “enemy troops”; but to him, nothing British is foreign. He reviles the U.S.A. historically. John Kennedy’s mafia background got him killed, after he had passed the time during the Bay of Pigs crisis by womanizing; Abraham Lincoln was a dictator, understandably murdered, he claims. Ammerman lies that President Clinton has murdered many people to cover his crimes.
He thus creates a climate in which Clinton’s murder would be “understandable.” Meanwhile, he pretends to strangers that God has told him secrets about their personal problems, and that he has supernatural powers to help those who will suspend their reason.This purported Christian minister, on whose authority the Pentagon employs a large number of its chaplains throughout the world, is no single bad apple.
As we shall see, his chaplaincy is a British intelligence and Anglican Church project, involving a former top-level U.S. Army general with responsibility for counterinsurgency, whose brain was scrambled by Pentecostal operatives. Ammerman lies, whipping up anti-government activists, maneuvering them into terrorism or what looks suspiciously like terrorism. The British have acted through other channels, in tandem with Ammerman, triangulating propaganda fire against the same audience of potential patsies.
Britain’s U.S. militias and Oklahoma CityJust before the April 19, 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, Lord William Rees-Mogg, the London Times’s strategist of the Conservative Revolution, issued a false report designed to provoke armed clashes between “citizen militias” and the U.S. government. Rees-Mogg’s report was in the March 22, 1995 Strategic Investment newsletter, which is published jointly by himself and James Dale Davidson, the head of the U.S.-based National Taxpayers Union.
The Rees-Mogg provocation was very widely circulated, by fax and other means, among populists in the U.S. Western states.It read as follows: “The slaughter of dozens of women and children in Waco by government stormtroopers under the command of Field Marshal Reno may pale in comparison to what has been planned for late March [elsewhere the date is given as March 25]: a nationwide BATF/FBI assault on private militias as the prelude to a possible declaration of martial law throughout the United States.
 All leaves have been canceled for BATF/FBI personnel …. Government agent provocateurs are set to plant fully automatic and heavy weapons, like rocket launchers, on the property of militia leaders. Every militia in the country — and there are dozens, many of which are well-armed and well-led by former or even active duty officers — is on a state of Red Alert. Should Reno be stupid enough to actually attack them militarily, there is going to be a lot of blood.
“The establishment media is programmed to immediately thereafter thunderously bellow for nationwide gun confiscation and even martial law.”
In a later interview with this reporter, Soldier of Fortune writer James Pate claimed credit for originating the story put out by Lord Rees-Mogg; Pate pretended it was fed to him by a source in the Treasury Department Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF).
Colorado-based Soldier of Fortune magazine, a global recruitment channel for mercenaries and assassins, was started up in the 1970s with seed money from British Special Air Services operatives in Africa.
On March 25, 1995, reacting to the Rees-Mogg provocation, about 125 hapless militia activists turned out at Cuero, Texas, to see whether they would be arrested or slaughtered on the predicted date. At the rally, Texas Constitutional Militia attorney Carl Haggard, touted as a national militia spokesman in the Soldier of Fortune April issue then on the newsstands, demanded that the militiamen drop politics, and prepare themselves with straight military training.
Haggard is a former corporate attorney for the Anglo-Dutch multi, Shell Oil.The same day as Lord Rees-Mogg’s memo went out, March 22, 1995, a very spooky British agent named Jon Roland faxed and e-mailed this warning to journalists and militias: “We have … reports of possible plans for atrocities to be committed by agents against innocent persons and blamed on militia activists.
The atrocity targets include … homes and families of … government agents, judges, and elected officials. This would provide a pretext for labeling militiamen `terrorists.’… Crowded public places, to be bombed and the bombings blamed on militia leaders, with evidence to later be planted on them.” Four weeks later, 168 died in the Oklahoma City blast.

Jon Roland, the bizarre “prophet” of the bombing, had earlier been promoted in the British press as a leader of angry Americans. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, the London Sunday Telegraph’s Washington correspondent, from a prominent British intelligence family, had begun his reportage on America’s anti-government paramilitary groups in a Dec. 4, 1994 article datelined Dallas.

“The Texas Constitutional Militia,” or “TCM,” wrote Evans-Pritchard, “is growing at phenomenal speed…. `We have penetrated the government’s electronic intelligence system and we’ve turned it against them,’ says Jon Roland, a former civil rights and environmental activist who helped set up the TCM.

`There are lots of Little Brothers watching Big Brother.’” The quote refers to George Orwell’s novel 1984, in which the dictatorial government, “Big Brother,” creates false opposition movements secretly under its control. Orwell’s novel is modelled on British Empire practice, as in Kenya, where the British set up ineffective opposition to colonialism as “countergangs” to subvert true independence movements.

The private Texas Constitutional Militia was in fact started by Roland. Militia members say that Roland showed up in south Texas in April 1994, around the first anniversary of the Waco massacre. He advertised for patriots to turn out to a “muster,” telling those who showed up that he would put them into business as a private militia. He prescribed the form of organization, such as he had used to start up militias in other states: seven-man, self-contained cells, within county groups, to guard against treachery.

And he produced a list of contacts which would keep them in touch with authentic information about the national scene. The conservatives who joined were a bit puzzled when Roland identified himself as a “secular humanist,” which is anathema to Christian conservatives — but perhaps his other credentials were in order.

In an April 27, 1995 interview with this author, Roland spoke expansively about his background. He said that his “good buddy” Ambrose Evans-Pritchard had put him “in touch with intelligence agents around the world.” He meets periodically with these Evans-Pritchard intelligence community contacts, Roland said, and they give him “inside information.”

Roland said he had been sarcastic when he told the militia members he was a secular humanist, and that he is currently a Zen Buddhist. He explained that he has long been an activist of the “international federalist movement”; he advocates the formation of a “true constitutional world government.”

An ultra-Malthusian environmentalist, Roland has “worked closely with the leadership of the Friends of the Earth,” as well as Greenpeace, inhabitants of Prince Philip’s stable of environmentalist groups. Roland claims that even as few as “tens of thousands of people, using modern technology, will eventually destroy the Earth” if they are allowed to exist “scattered all over the landscape.”

Echoing Prince Philip and the World Wildlife Fund, Roland said that “overpopulation” causes Africans “to kill each other.” Militia founder Roland has been a computer specialist for the U.S. Air Force, as an officer and contractor, since 1967. He says that he received specialized training from the Army’s 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell, Kentucky/Tennessee, the home of the psychological warfare unit that assaulted Panamanian leader Gen. Manuel Noriega.

He has written on “Third Wave” computer strategy themes in the Futurist, organ of the World Future Society. He was long a member of a British intelligence front, the L5 Society, promoting Britain’s utopian counterstrategy to the hated John Kennedy’s Apollo space program.

Six days after the Oklahoma City bombing, NBC TV’s “Dateline” program featured an interview with Roland, portrayed only as an angry militia leader and computer specialist, who warned of a civil war in America. Speaking later to this author, Roland provided a list of his associates in the militia movement that Roland has worked at organizing throughout the United States.

First on the Roland list was Bradley P. Glover, a Kansas paramilitary leader. During July 1997, Glover and six other persons were arrested on charges of plotting to bomb U.S. military bases, beginning with Fort Hood, Texas.

The FBI said that Glover and an associate were arrested on July 4 near Fort Hood, in possession of various weapons, and that others in on the alleged plot were charged with possession of pipe bombs and machine guns. The arrests allegedly resulted from Missouri state police infiltration of paramilitary groups.

Glover was featured in the Wichita Eagle on April 30, 1995, as perhaps the pre-eminent Kansas militia leader. He is said to lead about 1,000 armed men in the southern half of the state. In a 1995 interview, Glover told this reporter that he had initiated the militia movement in Kansas in November 1994. Glover said he was a former Naval Intelligence officer, but that any contacts that he might have with intelligence agencies at present are “none of your business.”

Glover created a movement “against the globalists.” Informed by this reporter about Jon Roland’s British and World Federalist affiliation, Glover replied that he would have to decline to state whether he himself favored or did not favor world government.General Haines and Operation Garden PlotThere is an ironic reality, a dangerous half-truth, in the provocative warnings about martial law and military takeover, issued by the British lords and their U.S. assets.

Interviewed by this reporter on May 22, 1997, Jim Ammerman stated: “There is a network of colonels and above, throughout the military, who would stand by the Constitution and against the President. They know who they are, and they are in close communication with each other. They could control the country if they need to.”

The “multi-jurisdictional task force” is a repeated theme in Ammerman’s exhortations to the militias. The military is allegedly now combined, under the Federal Emergency Management Agency, with other departments of the Federal government and with local governments.

When the President tries to use this overreaching military against the people, Ammerman maintains, the “good” military officers will side with armed citizens against the President. Curiously, Ammerman’s own organization was created at the request of an Army officer, Gen. Ralph E. Haines, Jr., who personally supervised the military policing of the population, against which Ammerman directs his rhetoric.

General Haines had been vice chief of staff of the U.S. Army in 1967-68, when he was in charge of counterinsurgency preparations in the continental United States. He worked with the full resources of the Army under him, including military intelligence capabilities, to plan to cope with black ghetto riots and civil disturbances during the Vietnam War. Haines moved his troops into Detroit and Washington, D.C., as riots hit American cities before and after Martin Luther King’s assassination.

General Haines went public in an April 11, 1968 press conference, describing his “Operation Garden Plot.” He had planned and directed the military arrangements for the takeover of every single American city, and arranged the linkages between the military and Justice Department, local police, and state governments.

The April 14, 1968 New York Times reported that Haines “said that detailed military planning for the summer began in February. The `garden plot’ preparations were national, he said, including `every city you can think of.’ Many officers who were to be assigned to specific cities in a military mobilization visited them in mufti [civilian clothes] to familiarize themselves with the terrain, the social and economic problems of potential riot areas, and the police with whom they would work if called, the general said.”

It was this General Haines who asked Ammerman to create his Full Gospel Chaplaincy. In his book, Supernatural Events in the Life of an Ordinary Man, Ammerman says that at first he resisted the Haines project, but at length acceded to it.

The Defense Department received the petition for acceptance of the Full Gospel Chaplaincy in June 1983. After 13 months of resistance by military traditionalists, expressed by a bitter fight within the board of chaplains, the petition was approved in July 1984.

This was at the height of the covert operations run though the military and the National Security Council by then-Vice President George Bush and his London allies, and such of their flunkies as Lt. Col. Oliver North (ret.), an Episcopalian speaker-in-tongues. Colonel Ammerman, the pretended “anti-New World Order crusader,” gave George Bush a thank-you salute.

Ammerman’s 1991 book, After the Storm, about the religious conversions of U.S. soldiers during the Persian Gulf War, opens with President George Bush’s prayer proclamation as a preface.

The Haines-Ammerman project was a component of Britain’s Pentecostalist political initiative, set in motion within the United States following World War II. This British initiative was to leap ahead in the United States in the 1960s. Haines would be inducted, dazed, and mind-battered into its service in 1971, while he was commander of the Continental U.S. Army Command.

Retiring from the Army in 1973, at age 59, Haines then embarked on a second career, in the netherworld of political and covert operations peopled by active-duty, retired, and reserve officers. In 1978, Haines led a group of American Episcopalian speakers-in-tongues, to Canterbury, England, for a global meeting of the Anglican Church under Queen Elizabeth’s Archbishop Donald Coggan.

Haines and others, colonials and Brits alike, launched a world crusade to spread Pentecostalism under Anglican guidance. An Episcopal colleague of Haines, Gen. Albion Knight, U.S. Army (ret.), in a discussion with this reporter on June 5, 1997, lavishly praised the Haines-Ammerman project.

A nuclear weapons and logistics specialist, Knight is now a Conservative Revolution leader in Howard Phillips’s Taxpayers Party. He explained the strategy put in gear at the 1978 Canterbury meeting: Get away from stuffy high churchism. Get with the people.

This hard-charging Anglicanism is “exploding in the Third World”; Africa is especially targeted. Intimately identified with the British authorities and the Church of England, General Knight manages the Church Information Center, which, he says, “feeds information to around 125 leaders, an intelligence network in the Anglican world.”How the general got zapped.”

In an interview with this reporter on July 28, 1997, General Haines said he asked Colonel Ammerman to initiate the new chaplaincy organization when he and Ammerman were in Europe in the late 1970s. They had both been speaking at a Heidelberg, Germany, military unit of the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship International — a covert, masonic-like core organization of the British religious initiative created in the early 1950s.

Haines described his own fall into the “spirit-filled” world. At that time, military officers, scientists, and others leaders of America’s military-industrial complex were being hunted as prizes. He said his wife was “baptized in the Holy Spirit” around 1967 or 1968, some three or four years before his own induction.

This gave her “something to occupy herself with” while Haines was commander of the Army for the Pacific region (1968-70), with responsibility for the logisitics of the Vietnam War. In 1970, Haines became commander of Continental Army Command, headquartered at Fort Monroe, near Norfolk, Virginia.

His wife began working with the Pat Robertson organization as a volunteer. Through his wife, and one of Robertson’s close associates, an invitation was issued for Haines to speak at a rally of the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship, at a Buffalo, New York hotel, on July 24, 1971.

He said he went there thinking he would give a moderate Christian speech, such as he had given before to the Kiwanis and Rotary clubs. He showed up July 23, the day before he was to speak, in order to “case the joint.” But they had him sit at the head table, next to Harald Bredesen. This Bredesen is one of a small central clique of operatives in the Pentecostal initiative, working under the coordination of British Empire agent David J. du Plessis, whose career will be reviewed below.

Bredesen is a professional mind-bender in what is best termed Britain’s “occult bureau.” He inducted Robertson into the game around 1960; Bredesen and the Full Gospel Businessmen then built up Robertson into a multibillion-dollar political empire.

This is how Haines depicted his capture: “The `businessmen’ [in the audience] testified; tears ran down their cheeks. I was getting very uncomfortable. I signaled to my aide, let’s get going, let’s get out of here. But Harald leaned over to me; he said, Are you charismatic? I thought it over. I answered, I don’t think so.

What did charismatic mean? I thought of George Patton. “Harald was the speaker. I thought, when in Rome, shoot Roman candles. People were putting up their hands [in uncontrolled fervor]. I put my hands up a little bit — the discreet Episcopal level. People asked me, `General, what’s your problem — why only half mast?’ “After Harald gave his talk, there was renewed praising of the Lord. My hands crept up to fully extended. I felt things happening to me. I felt things beyond my comprehension.

It was not elation. I was dazed by it. Everyone crowded around me — they could all see something was happening. People closed in on me — I got out — I went to my room; I wanted to be alone. Harald came and ministered to me for a short time. “The next day I saw that the speech I was to deliver was pabulum. What would satisfy these people?

The people were saying, `The general got zapped last night.’ So though I used the core of what I had prepared, I now spoke differently, tailoring it to what had happened. I then thought, I don’t know what God wants of me but I’m ready to do what He says.” What happened, when General Haines became possessed “by the Holy Spirit” at that rally?

In a recent article in Stephen Strang’s Charisma magazine, Bredesen explains “the way demons operate. Unclean spirits come into a medium, violate her personality and speak through her.” But rest assured, what Bredesen and his sponsors are doing is different. “The Holy Spirit doesn’t want mediums, robots or zombies.”

Do you want to become God’s partner? Bredesen instructs you, “Don’t speak words your mind understands. As long as you do, your mind will remain in control. “Don’t listen to yourself. Can you imagine a little child learning to talk? Does he say, `Ma-ma-ma-ma,’ and then stop with, `I can’t say that. That’s not language’? No, he just hugs his daddy’s neck and prattles away.”

Charisma publisher Stephen Strang is a trustee of a U.S.-based core leadership team of mind-benders, incorporated as the Charismatic Bible Ministries, along with Ammerman, Oral Roberts, and others in this British outreach initiative. Strang also publishes New Man magazine, organ of the recently formed Promise Keepers cult.

In a recent issue, under the title “Worm Training,” a cult guide named Wellington Boone explains the religious problem and how this gang solves it: “People have not yet learned how to become broken …. We are called to be `worms’… A worm never protests …. Can you say, for Christ, `I am a worm and am no man’? … Jesus was crushed like a worm. He was slapped.

They spat in His face until it ran down His cheeks …. God doesn’t raise anything that is not dead. “If we allow God … to work into us the idea of `worm-training,’ it would be revolutionary. We would gain a worm’s-eye view of what God wants …. When we really meet Jesus and allow ourselves to be crushed … the impact will rock this world.” [AB-1]The ‘mystery’ of British-Israel solved.

Nowadays, 50,000 men and boys are periodically herded into a stadium to babble incoherently, to weep and laugh hysterically for the Promise Keepers. Or, at a specially rigged church at the Toronto, Canada airport, troubled worshipers come from far way to be miraculously cured; they fall into trances on the floor and bark like dogs, in “worship.” Civilized humanity is obliged to ask, how has this come about?

The main figure in the creation of today’s Pentecostalism, British agent David J. du Plessis, insisted that this phenomenon has no history whatsoever: It simply happened. Writing in 1956, du Plessis claimed, “It [is] clear that it was no man-made cult of `tongues.’ Only the `power’ of which Jesus spake, could have caused its miraculous growth and establishment” up to that point, from the beginning of the twentieth century.

As the “charismatic renewal,” a new Pentecostal movement, was just then being geared up in the 1950s, du Plessis lied that “there has never been a man or a movement than can claim the credit for having planned or propagated this world embracing Pentecostal Revival.

It is simply the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit … to bring the `Full Gospel Message’ to the whole world in this generation …. This sudden move towards mass evangelism lately … cannot be attributed to anything else than the spontaneous move of the Holy Spirit.”

We shall give here the first serious historical account of the “planning and propagating.” We speak now of the high church principalities and powers who have built this new Tower of Babel, who look down with contempt upon their captive babblers, their low churchers, the herd, the worms.

It is necessary first to bring to light a myth known as British Israelism, which stands behind Pentecostalism. This is an evil piece of historical race gossip, spread into American religion, into the ranks of American populists, poisoning the minds of separatists and Armageddon terrorists.

The British monarchy and its prime ministers and Foreign Office fabricated British Israelism in the nineteenth century, from earlier versions of the story. They claimed that Queen Victoria was descended from the Biblical King David, and was thus a descendant of the Davidic family tree that produced Jesus.

They taught that the tribes of Israel wandered into northern Europe; that by this supposed genealogy, the British are the real Chosen People, and the British Empire is thus God’s empire. The modern Jews, by this British account, are not the historical Hebrews of Old Testament Israel, but rather, the British are.

But, says the British Israel myth, in a leap of logic, the Jews need to be put into Palestine, to fulfill prophecy, get slaughtered in a war with the Muslims, and bring about the End Times. To provide fuel for this mythology, the royal family asked the British Grand Lodge of Freemasonry to establish the Palestine Exploration Fund. In the 1870s, they dispatched soldier-archeologists to the Holy Land, to dig up supposed religious relics that might impress the cheap fancies of the beggarly masses.

British Israelism designed its Jewish angle to be worked in many politically useful ways, along a spectrum from Nazi anti-Semitism to radical Zionism. The cynical character of this entire travesty may be seen, in the way the story was changed to suit imperial politics.

During the 1870s, Germany broke from allegiance to British free trade doctrines. The London “prophets” then reconfigured ancient history. Suddenly, it wasn’t Britain and Germany, collectively the Nordic Aryans, who were the wandering Chosen People, but only Britain. Modern Germans, it had been discovered, are the ancient Assyrians!

In his book Religion and the Racist Right: The Origins of the Christian Identity Movement, author Michael Barkun presents a nagging paradox, which he never solves. He reports that British Israelism originates with the British military, the Anglican Church, the British upper classes, who are fanatical loyalists to the government, the British Empire.

Yet, this mother has given birth to the Christian Identity Movement, whose racist paranoia and paramilitary anger are aimed against the government, the United States government. Barkun cannot puzzle out the mystery, how the same historical movement can both support the government, and oppose the government!

The British Empire invents PentecostalismAccording to Pentecostal lore, the movement began when a woman spoke in tongues in the church of Charles Fox Parham in Topeka, Kansas, in 1901. Reverend Parham spread the method until it blossomed in the famous Azusa Street, Los Angeles, revival of 1906; from there, disciples took it around the world.

During the year preceding the launch-time, Parham had caught fire with British Israelism. He had been indoctrinated into the Empire’s mystery cult by emissaries of one Frank Sandford, who ran a cult center called Shiloh, near Durham, Maine. Parham made a pilgrimage and studied under Sandford at Shiloh, after which the two of them went on tour through Canada.

Sandford had made the New England Toryism of his fancy Anglophile family relations into a career, travelling back and forth to England, working to inculcate Americans into the British Empire gospel. In those days, British Israelism was not shy.

Its literature, such as The Anglo-American Alliance in Prophecy, or The Promise to the Fathers, published by Our Race Publishing Co., featured the masonic mummery of a pyramid topped by an all-seeing eyeball. The Egyptian pyramids allegedly contained coded secrets for understanding prophecy.

The explicit message of the British Israel propaganda was, Americans should give up their mistaken Revolution, and reunite with their Anglo-Saxon racial brethren in the English fatherland. The movement’s masonic Anglomania was proudly displayed. Parham’s biography, written by his daughter, includes a photo of a mystery gavel, brought back from Palestine and donated by Parham to his masonic lodge.

With British Israelism as his theory of man’s cosmic destiny, Parham began teaching Americans how to die mentally, to speak in tongues, as a religious exercise, allegedly re-creating the descent of the Holy Ghost upon Christ’s Apostles during the Jewish feast of Pentecost.

He took this show on the road from Topeka, and in Houston, Texas, a black preacher named William J. Seymour, the son of a slave, became part of his audience. The catch was, that Parham, being a crazed racist, would not permit Seymour inside the lecture hall; he had to listen at the window, or in the hallway.

Much is made of Seymour’s spreading of the technique to a mostly black congregation on Azusa Street in Los Angeles, and of the fascination and novelty it held for visiting religious adventurers who took “Pentecostalism” out to the world. The movement was widely condemned by Christians as scandalous exploitation, and its historical origins faded into the mist.

Frank Sandford spent ten years in jail for manslaughter, after many of his cult members died. Charles Parham’s religious vocation was destroyed when he was charged with sodomizing a young male follower in Texas; Parham went on to a new career as a stump speaker for the Ku Klux Klan.

In 1908, British and allied American missionaries, who had observed the success of the experiment among blacks in America, brought Pentecostalism to South Africa. The British Empire had just then completed its conquest of that country in the Boer War against the Dutch-immigrant Afrikaner settlers.

The great majority of the population were black Africans, including the rebellious Zulus, whom the British had militarily subdued in 1906. The new British masters shaped a uniquely brutal system of racial separation and slave labor, called apartheid.

The cultists and hypnotists went to work on the Zulus of South Africa. At the new Apostolic Faith Mission church, Zulu worshippers, in trances, would fall into heaps, clustered around the altar. British Empire South African strategist Cecil Rhodes congratulated the Pentecostal mind-benders for pacifying the natives as no military could have done.

Black Orpheus, by Marcel Camus

Americans had better reflect deeply about what the British have done to Africa. For it was precisely the British Empire’s apparatus for colonial conquest in Africa, which fashioned irrational Pentecostalism as one among the weapons used against America’s “uppity” spirit of Reason and Progress.
Du Plessis comes to AmericaWe shall now review the career of South African David du Plessis (1905-87), the 1930s head of the imperial cult-master Apostolic Faith Mission denomination, who came to America and supervised the creation of Pentecostalism, and who managed the body-snatchers working on Gen. Ralph Haines.
With his British passport clearing him to reside as an alien in the United States, British subject David du Plessis came north in the late 1940s. By the early 1950s, du Plessis was a consultant to the International Missionary Council, a group formed by the British authorities who had spun off from it the World Council of Churches.
Du Plessis strategized on the British rule in Tanganyika, Nyasaland, and Rhodesia with the Missionary Council’s chairman, Briton John A. Mackay, who had earlier moved to America to head the Princeton Theological Seminary. Mackay, du Plessis’s prime public sponsor, had been for many years a close collaborator of the Anglophile political-religious strategist John Foster Dulles, in Britain and at Princeton.
Simultaneously, du Plessis was employed on two other 1950s projects, in the world of covert intelligence:Du Plessis was a paid agent of the Far East Broadcasting Company, a religious cover for the official intelligence agencies operating in Asia (based in the Philippines) and Europe (based in Greece). This arrangement was especially cozy beginning in 1953, when John Foster Dulles became Secretary of State and his brother Allen became Director of Central Intelligence.
Du Plessis was the master chef cooking up the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship International, with Oral Roberts, Gordon Lindsay, front man Demos Shakarian, and later, Harald Bredesen. The FGBFI has penetrated Central and South America, Asia, and the Middle East as an occult intelligence agency, working in aggressive insurrectionary politics since its 1952-54 founding.
During the 1950s, du Plessis was adopted by the executive apparatus of the World Council of Churches, to ram Pentecostalism down the throats of Christians in America, and to “charismatize” the Catholic Church through agents at the Vatican. This was accomplished through the instrumentality of the Church of England.
The ‘high church’ gathers its forces The British spread religious irrationalism to subdue and destroy that dangerous, typically American concept that man is created in God’s image, dignified and self-governing. We will see this strategy, unadorned, by briefly inspecting the actions and words of du Plessis’s employers.

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The World Council of Churches was founded in England in 1937, under the direction of Anglican Church missionary leader J.H. Oldham, based on a plan developed by Lord Lothian and other members of the Round Table group. /aroundtablewhowagneighbortongue.jpg”>

Mondo Bizarro Art, by Tara Carreon

World Council co-founder John Mackay (later du Plessis’s sponsor) published a book, The Universal Church and the World of Nations, expressing the new World Council’s desire for the reordering of global political affairs under a world government. The lead article was written by Lord Lothian, entitled “The Demonic Influence of National Sovereignty”; another article was written by Mackay’s crony John Foster Dulles, who represented the Presbyterian Church at the World Council founding.

Lothian and Dulles argued that national sovereignty, such as the political and juridical independence of the United States, causes wars. The Round Table group had been organized by South Africa’s British governor, Lord Alfred Milner, to fulfill the strategy of British South Africa leader Cecil Rhodes for a new-style white racialist world empire, in which the annoying independence of the republican United States, in particular, was to be extinguished.

The core of the Round Table group was assembled from among the aides to Lord Milner in South Africa. Lord Lothian was the first editor of the Round Table quarterly, and was the chief executive of the Rhodes Trust, administering the Rhodes Scholarships to bring Americans and other “colonial” students to Oxford University. John Foster Dulles and his brother Allen met the principal Round Table members after World War I, and were informally inducted.

In a letter to Round Table founder Lionel Curtis, Lord Lothian expressed the racial views which the British Round Table shared with the Dulles brothers, in opposition to the viewpoint of American nationalists: “The real problem is going to arise from the treatment which must be accorded to politically backward peoples …. There is a fundamentally different concept … between Great Britain and South Africa on the one side and the United States … on the other …. The inhabitants of Africa and parts of Asia have proved unable to govern themselves … because they were quite unable to withstand the demoralizing influences [i.e., the desire for modernization] to which they were subjected in some civilised countries, so that the intervention of a European power is necessary in order to protect them from those influences ..

The American view … is quite different.

“How they got away with ‘charismatic renewal’In May 1960, an English-born Episcopal priest, Dennis Bennett, told his Van Nuys, California parishioners that he had begun speaking in tongues after baptism in the Holy Spirit. This was the beginning of present-day Pentecostalism. The controversy over Bennett’s announcement spread quickly, with coverage in Time and Newsweek magazines. The publicity, interpretation, and proselytizing for the new movement within the American church community and worldwide, was handled personally by David du Plessis.

Both Protestants and Catholics, who had earlier looked upon Pentecostalism as a freak show, or a Satanic influence, placidly accepted what was termed “charismatic renewal,” as a respectable, non-threatening addition to Christendom. This succeeded because the British authorities and the World Council of Churches put their stamp of approval on David du Plessis, as the designated — by them — world representative of the new, “improved” Pentecostalism. Between 1952 and 1954, John Mackay and World Council of Churches General Secretary Willem Adolf Visser’t Hooft introduced du Plessis to scores of the highest level Protestant and Eastern Orthodox church officials. The World Council executive shopped du Plessis around to the Ivy League U.S. colleges and seminaries, to speak of the religion of the future.

Through Cardinal Augustin Bea and Cardinal Jan Willebrands, the World Council got du Plessis invited to the Vatican II council, and set up an official, global, “Catholic-Pentecostal Dialogue,” which consisted of du Plessis talking to Vatican officials. Vatican officials did so despite the fact that when the World Council of Churches invited du Plessis to take part in its 1954 global meeting, he represented no Pentecostal religious body whatsoever; he was merely a British political agent. (The previously established Pentecostal churches were hostile toward the World Council and the Catholics.) In England, Anglican Churchmen Michael Harper and other partners of du Plessis cemented the ties of Catholics around the world to the new movement. Following Bennett’s Episcopal Church outbreak of 1960, du Plessis, aided by Bennett, published Trinity newsletter. This was circulated in the United States and England as the spur for the new charismatic movement.

Trinity was edited by Jean Stone, a wealthy American Anglican loyalist who mediated between du Plessis and the high-society bankrollers of the Episcopal Church. The organization publishing Trinity was chaired by Harald Bredesen, by then a well-established British intelligence operative. Du Plessis instructed clergymen and parishioners who were pulled into the babble-boom, to follow the Bennett example, and “stay in your church, do not form a new church denomination.” Many charismatics followed the advice of du Plessis, who was publicized as “Mr. Pentecostalism”; so, the regular church denominations were decimated by those who stayed, as well as those who left their fold for wilder, newer sects. General Haines, who had been “zapped” in 1971, resigned from active duty on Jan. 31, 1973.

Two weeks later, Haines, du Plessis, and Bennett were the star speakers at the Dallas founding meeting of the Episcopal Charismatic Fellowship. By that time, Episcopals were the driving force for the spread of Pentecostalism. According to Haines, 20% of Episcopalians were then already speaking in tongues. Haines says that when he led the American delegation to the 1978 Canterbury Cathedral meeting, launching the Anglicans’ worldwide drive for charismatic renewal, he was struck by the spectacle of dancing around the altar led by the representative (white) South African Anglican bishop. Haines went on to commission Ammerman’s Full Gospel Chaplaincy, on whose board Haines sits today, and whose serving chaplains Haines addresses. Public statements promoting armed conflict between citizens and the government, Haines leaves to Colonel Ammerman to make.

The security problem, defined

The danger involved in this British initiative is not a matter of wrong or heretical religious beliefs. At issue is the buildup of a hostile, irrational, foreign-directed network within our military and civilian political life.

The political intelligence group known as the Mount Rushmore Foundation, mentioned above, illustrates the problem. Ammerman is the political adviser and “chaplain” to the group. Manager Douglas Towne says the foundation “studies the Patriot movement,” and “participates in it.” Towne’s longtime political partner, Rushmore Foundation board member Gen. Benton Partin, U.S. Air Force (ret.), is an expert in high-explosive devices, including nuclear weapons.

Partin has received extensive news media coverage for his critical analysis of the Oklahoma City bombing; he has made an apparently reasonable case, that it would have been technically impossible for Timothy McVeigh to have done it acting alone. Less well known is General Partin’s sponsorship of an ongoing, catastrophic shooting war in Africa, which lends a more sinister character to his hatred of the United States government. Partin is a founder and board member of the Front Line Fellowship, a group of commando-missionaries taking active part in the war against Sudan and other African states viewed as enemies of the British Crown. The Fellowship members are former “scouts” of the South African Army. Partin describes his partner, Fellowship leader Peter Hammond, as a “former South African army and government officer.”

That General Partin’s “Christian” organization is at heart merely the British military irregulars, who are generally incinerating Africa to recolonize it, may be judged from the Fellowship’s book, Faith Under Fire in Sudan. Chapter Three is a celebration of Charles “Chinese” Gordon, who led British regulars in a war in China against the uprising of a British-organized pseudo-Protestant cult. After 20 million Chinese died in this game, Gordon was sent to try to subdue Sudan as Britain’s governor, but he died, defeated at the hands of Sudanese nationalist forces. Chinese Gordon was not a drunken homosexual pederast, Partin’s group says, but Britain’s Christian model for us to follow into war. The British have never forgiven Sudan, or the United States, for the American Revolution. To the Ammerman circle, the U.S. government is “communist.”

General Partin says that even Abraham Lincoln was put into the Presidency by the creators of international communism. Partin has received from London, since the 1940s, the intelligence reports published by Kenneth Hugh de Courcy, geopolitician of the British Israel movement. Observe the Pat Robertson empire. Robertson writes that his family’s aristocratic lineage, linking it to the British Churchill family, gave his mother, Gladys Churchill Robertson, confidence that Pat would succeed. His father, Sen. A. Willis Robertson, was London’s and Wall Street’s chairman of the Senate Finance Committee.Originally a playboy, Pat began speaking in tongues, and exchanging prophecies in a circle like ouijah board players, under the guidance of master spook Harald Bredesen. The ghost-written Bredesen autobiography, Yes, Lord, explains that Robertson’s mentor was himself trained by the International Christian Leadership group. Bredesen proved himself to the group by speaking in tongues, in ancient Arabic, to an Egyptian heiress.

This feat by their trainee was observed and attested to by the president of the Leadership group’s British branch, Ernest Williams, who was simultaneously “a member of the directing staff of the British Admiralty,” and “a member of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Commission on Evangelism.” International Christian Leadership was designed specifically to capture wealthy or influential leaders of society, into a network controlled by the group’s patrons. It was initiated during World War II by Col. Sir Vivian Gabriel, a British Air Commission attache in Washington, and leaders of the Episcopal Church. The Netherlands royal family became the group’s prime sponsor and center of world operations in the 1950s. Bredesen wrote that his personal trainer, Abraham Vereide, claimed to have “won [Netherlands] Prince Bernhard for Christ.” A strange Christ it must have been, because the former Nazi SS officer Bernhard was just then busy launching the globalist Bilderberg Group’s conferences and creating the World Wildlife Fund, with Britain’s Prince Philip.

Pat Robertson started off as assistant pastor to Bredesen, the operative of the Anglo-Dutch monarchies’ Leadership group. Then, David du Plessis’s Full Gospel Businessmen raised the money to expand Robertson’s and Bredesen’s Virginia-based Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) toward global power status. In a Feb. 1, 1997 column in Virginia’s Richmond Times-Dispatch, Robertson told critics why he had used “Operation Blessing” aircraft to transport supplies for his own personal diamond-mining venture in Zaire, rather than for Christian charity, as expected by CBN viewer-contributors. Robertson claimed that he really went into Zaire at President George Bush’s request, to pressure the government to give up all Zaire’s mines to foreign owners. Later, when British mining companies paid for the invasion that killed hundreds of thousands of people, Robertson invited the bloody Laurent Kabila to be his guest in America; and, he put Britain’s Africa slaughter-coordinator, Baroness Caroline Cox, on his television network.

In this regard, consider U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va.), a member of the international board of referents of Baroness Cox’s blood-smeared British intelligence front, Christian Solidarity International (CSI). Wolf has made the Toronto Airport church his own spiritual stopping point, where the participants fall in heaps, jerk about on the floor, and bark. Lady Cox is the Anglican high priestess of the Pentecostals. An August 1997 Charisma magazine story, headlined “Just Call Her Saint Caroline,” explains, “Baroness Caroline Cox — a member of London’s House of Lords — is spending lots of her time in war zones these days.

She’s dodging bullets to help the world’s persecuted Christians ….

She attends mainline Anglican churches but says she also enjoys `the sort of robust and very expressive forms of worship’ found in charismatic fellowships …. Many CSI board members and supporters are from the more evangelical and charismatic end of the church spectrum, she notes.” Finally, consider the Promise Keepers, who train their men to be worms, to be broken, to die mentally. Promise Keepers national spokesman Mark DeMoss is a professional at preparing fanatics for Armageddon warfare. As chief of staff to Jerry Falwell, DeMoss was the administrator of the self-proclaimed “Christian Embassy” in Jerusalem. The embassy serves as a bridge between End Times Christians, lunatic freemasons, and right-wing Israeli Zionists.

This is a pivotal component of the Temple Mount initiative to foment a religious war over the holy sites in Jerusalem, to “fulfill Scripture.” This covert network is engaged in the most dangerous terrorist provocation, which may yet bring on End Times unless it is handcuffed. At Fort Bliss, Texas, DeMoss’s Promise Keepers were engaged to train the nation’s highest-ranking non-commissioned officers. Earlier this year, the United States Army Sergeants Major Academy advertised “training with `Promise Keepers’” as a “spiritual fitness program,” on the Army unit’s official Internet web site. It is time for Christians and patriots to clean their house, before Her Majesty’s legions blow it up. The author requests all questions, comments or further intelligence leads be sent to Anton Chaitkin c/o


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  1. I saw first hand how this works. Needless to say I (and the rest of our family ) was mortified. While in KSA in the very early 80s (Peace Sun II) when we first sold F-15s to them, my brother was converted while in the midst of a marital problem. This is how they take control, by taking advantage those in crisis. Although since, he has modified his ‘Christian’ militancy, he is still a fervent supporter of Israel. While he does not see that he is being lead down the garden path, we all see it. That he does not follow the teachings of Christ, he can’t see, armaheddon is the only goal they pursue. Do they really think they can side with the ‘church of Satan’ and still be a follower of Christ? Yes, they do. As long as they take Christ as their saviour, they go to heaven…regardless their actions. Such is the power of this insidious mind control. I almost forgot…he has also become a Freemason. The rest of my family have a private joke as well, that the other thing they worship is green. We have never seen so much desire for material things. Although the rest of the family is spiritual, we are not practicing Christians at all…indeed all are secular and leave religion out of decisions.

  2. We seem to have lost sight of a simple understanding here in the US that should be firmly taught. Monarchy and organized religion will always be opposed to a secular democratic republic. Their efforts to subversively influence and disturb it will never cease.
    We do not abide “lords spiritual” here. Tax the churches.

    • I’m all for yanking the 501c3s from under every charlatan rapists until they can prive that they haven’t been meddling in politics and supporting that illegal outpost over Palestine.
      Until then separation of church and state my ass.

    • David, you are spitting in the wind! You and people like you are the reason why the world (especially your country) is where it is now. You are another one of those “brood of vipers” that are not saved, but cause others not to be saved either. Satan loves imbeciles like you.. May God help you.

  3. Good Friday’s Catholic mass in London was interrupted by Police and people told to go home, while a police woman was walking around the altar talking on a mobile phone. This disgraceful conduct in London against Christianity by a tyrannical police authority must be opposed by all Christians. This act would not have even been committed in a Muslim country let alone in UK. Shame on the London Police for not only disrespecting the people on a holly day, but letting a police woman, while talking on a mobile to step through the altar.

    • There is no religion more disrespectful to others beliefs or practices than christianity.
      Its not even close. Convert or die is their mantra.

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