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[ Editor’s Note: The guilt pie is going to get spread around on this tragedy, actually a manufactured one with multiple contributors. We have mom giving him the car (a very nice one) two weeks ago, with expired inspection tags that no one took responsibility for dealing with.

The 20 year old, no mention of his employment, was with his ‘girlfriend’, and we now learn he already had a warrant out for missing a recent court appearance, facing two misdemeanor charges for carrying a pistol without a permit and running from police last year. Irresponsibility is just oozing out of this story in multiple places.

It seems his being on the lam was the kind of behavior that his mother felt deserved a reward by giving him a car. If I had this kid’s rap sheet at 20, my mother would have all of my stuff piled on the front yard with a “get the hell out and don’t come back sign on it”. She was a great communicator.

I am sensing possibly a dysfunctional family here, and a girlfriend that thinks having an immature 20 year old as the father of your baby with an outstanding warrant is a good catch.

The proud father

I suspect an issue of low self esteem on her part, and two kids mooching off two sets of parents with baby bait, a sad scenario we see played out over and over, with 73% of children born out of marriage, sometimes 4 and 5 kids, the mothers being ‘farmed’, the term some black conservatives use to describe the malady.

The shooting female police officer, a 26 year veteran, who can’t tell the difference between drawing a taser and her service revolver, was the final bad luck for Mr. Wright, who attempted to flee with his baby’s mother in the front seat, endangering her to what would have been a dangerous chase.

The sad mother

More Daunte Wrights are being manufactured as I type, with family enablers, irresponsible and clueless as to accepting responsibility for their behavior, lost in some kind of mythical video game of escaping responsibilities via being an irresponsible action hero, even endangering those around him.

I am not being cruel to Mr. Wright. He was being cruel to himself, his girlfriend, and his family, including his baby son. He was an accessory to his death, pure and simple…a totally avoidable incident if he had had a head on his shoulders that had something in it.

Fortunately the looting by the angry community was modest this time, only two stores, more anonymous innocents sacrificed to a young black man with no pride. The lawsuit money will ensure that mom and baby are well supported financially. I hope the son can escape the legacy that has claimed the futures of so many.

Black Lives Matters needs to focus on how to stop the production of Daunte Wrights, the mothers, the girlfriends, the real fatherless babies, all the enablers that contribute to the spiraling down with so many tragic ends… Jim W. Dean ]

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Lady Justice is not blind, nor a lady

First published … April 13, 2021

Court records indicate that a judge issued a warrant for Mr. Wright earlier this month after he missed a court appearance. He was facing two misdemeanor charges after the Minneapolis police said he had carried a pistol without a permit and had run from officers last June.

In graphic body camera footage shown to reporters on Monday, one officer can be seen pointing a handgun at him and shouting “Taser.” After the car pulls away, the officer yells an obscenity and says, “I just shot him” to two other officers, according to the video.

“He said they pulled him over because he had air fresheners hanging from his rearview mirror,” she said.

She added that her son had been driving with his girlfriend when he was shot. The police said a woman in the car had injuries from the crash that were not life-threatening.

Ms. Wright said her son had dropped or put down the phone, after which she heard “scuffling” and an officer telling Mr. Wright not to run. Then, she said, someone hung up. When she called back, her son’s girlfriend answered and told her that he had been shot.

Court records indicate that a judge issued a warrant for Mr. Wright earlier this month after he missed a court appearance. He was facing two misdemeanor charges after the Minneapolis police said he had carried a pistol without a permit and had run from officers last June.


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  1. The real problem black people have in this country is that we erroneously believe that we’re “Americans” despite 400+ years of this system of white supremacy showing us on a daily basis that we’re not. Malcolm X correctly stated that we’re not “Americans” but rather victims of Americanism. Malcolm X said if we truly were “Americans” we wouldn’t be catching hell. Keep in mind that the Dred Scott decision has never been judicially reversed. Stop looking for sympathy from a white supremacist society that has never shown us any. Yet for a strange reason black people have fought for white supremacy in all its wars for no logical reason. Not all white people are white supremacists, and not all white supremacists are white people. The authors on VT clearly display this!
    Anyway, I agree with Alfred McCoy when he says the American Empire (& nation) are done. Reaganism came true – you’re looking at it. Has the CIA & “THE” Gov’t really murdered 20+ million people since The Great Patriotic War?

  2. At the very least the title should read ‘The Manslaughter’ of Daunte Wright had many Enablers including himself”. I would assess it as murder though. No Dr or healthcare worker begins their day intending to be responsible for anyone’s death but far too often that is the case. Until Cofefe-19, medical errors were the 3rd leading cause of death. Hopefully the officer puts her 10 years in prison to good use, and brings some lube. She looks a little dry.

  3. Tasers should have completely different handle/trigger mechanisms to the point of using a different finger to trigger.
    This “thought it was my taser” flaw has a well documented history.
    The solution is easy but not Macho.

  4. The macro and the micro would apply. The family of an individual and the family of a country.
    As one protestor pointed out last night, you kidnapped my ancestors, enslaved us, and continue to refuse to deal with that decision and the result. So now, the children of a family that are forced into poor communities, fed drugs by the same systemic forces that own the jails, are hunted on the streets, feared and killed without access to the same justice as those who kill them and say oops. The US family has raised many such people , and now they refuse to deal with it, without continuing the violence and exploitation. We are parents who wish to deny we did anything. And our payday ,… is not half bad. most poor black people have warrants and outstanding tickets, because they are hunted relentlessly. They run , because it just may be the smartest thing to do to survive. I see it all the time. Everyone does.

    • David I believe you would like the new 4 part series on HBO called “Exterminate all the Brutes” by Raoul Peck….
      Its about the history of white supremacy and it is a MASTERPIECE! Raoul Peck also produced “I Am Not Your Negro”
      a documentary about James Baldwin.

    • The same family, US,… doesn’t have much better attitude toward veterans, sleeping on the streets by the thousands and committing suicide every day. Our family, US , really doesn’t much of a crap about our children, and really because its all about the benjamins.
      We’ll kill a million people for a couple billion and some new supply chains. And we’ll kill countless people at routine traffic stops, because we have to keep the cash registers going at the courthouse, so we can buy more tanks for the traffic cops. We are horrible parents of the most disgusting kind. Any family court in the world would immediately seize our children.

    • Imagine a Family of People, whose primary employment is destroying buildings and people , often for drugs !!!! in all parts of the world, from the land, air and sea, and space… now horrified that a few of their family members just may emulate their relatives at home. Even if the cause is just and in response to a direct assault.
      Shocking !
      I saw a line of white men in jackboots (gear straight out of starship troopers), last night, grab nonviolent protestors, and one put his boot on her head twice from a standing position while she was face down being cuffed. If I was a family court judge for that family, they would definitely be charged, and lose custody.

  5. N̶a̶t̶i̶v̶e̶ Americans are killed by police at the highest rate… And serve in military at highest rate.

    #NativeLivesMatter needs to stop the production of Native Americans… period.

    • No it isn’t. The caption came up as Daunte and wife. A surprise to me. She looks much older. Very little family data, not even a work history of how the father supported a kid, etc. Eventually we will know. Still amazing that the plastic handle of the taser would not have been instantly recognized by feel.

  6. Mom is culpable for… Expired tags. 🤦‍♂️

    Great take, Jim. Real classy.

    Meanwhile Kyle Rittenhouse’ mom gives him an assault rifle, drives him to a powder keg where he walks down the middle of 5th Ave like Trump, as people point and yell “HE’S THE SHOOTER!!” and not only is he alive, the cops just drive on by.

    When they got around to looking for him later like the Insurrectionists, they probably brought him a Big Mac like Dillion Roof.

  7. The White Community needs to stop the production of Confederate rallyers reaching for their guns as they threaten cops, and ATV Superman here who resists arrest, beats up two cops simultaneously, then just drives off WITHOUT A SHOT EVEN THOUGHT ABOUT BEING FIRED.

    Oh wait, the White Community doesn’t need to do anything then. ATV Guy probably got away Scott Free.

    Juxtaposed with all the Black men… and boys, murdered on video, with impunity (Officer Pantaleo even laughing into the camera right after murdering Eric Garner. He KNEW he had impunity!)

  8. Getting lost in the echo-chamber narrative is that Duante Wright had an outstanding warrant on a misdemeanor charge of carrying a pistol without a permit. My question is how is that not a felony? Secondly, it lends credence to any police reasoning that given the information on the outstanding warrant, it would have been reasonable to believe he may have had a weapon in the vehicle.

    • I’m not defending the police state. All I’m saying is the fact that he had an outstanding warrant( which police check everyone for on routine traffic stops) for possession of a handgun without a warrant adds credence to any defense they argue in a court of law. And again, why is possession of a hand gun without a permit merely a misdemeanor? The same people arguing for police reform are also pushing for enhanced background checks for gun ownership, which seems to be conveniently ignored in this specific case.

    • It is reasonable to suspect everyone has a gun in their car in the US. Should we start shooting all of them ? Yea, he deserved it, his inspection was expired. This is the way we get here, the police state that kills and walks. Anyone anywhere anytime, for any reason.
      The dude was unarmed. Period. It is illegal to use a firearm on a fleeing suspect. Period.
      I shudder to think what your comment would be if this was your brother or sister. How drastically different it would be.

    • The veteran police woman is looking at ten years now, life ruined. That is not something most cops go to work for, hoping today will be the day. But that said, anyone that resists arrest is putting themselves in danger. The same with the car chases. I have watched tons of them, crazy people with absolutely no concern for anyone but themselves.

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