Is Biden Enabling Ukraine To Build Nukes?


                                                                           by Rich Scheck


Apparently unnoticed by the MSM and the broader public is how the harsh rhetoric and provocative actions of President Biden are enabling Ukraine’s boldness via Russia including the threat by President Zelensky to build nuclear weapons.

The main motive of the West’s dangerous and desperate escalation of the current crisis seems to be the near completion of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline linking Germany and Russia:
As Mark Gaffney points out, this confrontation has “Biden “leading” the world to the brink of nuclear war over Ukraine!”
It is hard to put into words the seriousness of such brinkmanship on the part of the West that coupled with similar actions against China demonstrates a level of lust to obtain Pax Americana far exceeding any previous Administration.
Biden and his Democratic cohorts seem to be living out the wet dream of the Neocons who surfaced during the term of George W. Bush when they saw the 9/11 attack as an opportunity to achieve their quest for a unipolar moment.
Putin has shown clearly he will not be intimidated by all the huffing and puffing even if his enemies are not bluffing.
All it will take is one overly zealous general or even private to trigger a chain reaction of the kind that launched WWI for push to come to shove for a global conflagration.
With bipartisan support in the Senate to block the US from withdrawing from NATO as President Trump suggested, the true nature of American Imperialism is on full display for all to see how devoted both parties are to implementing their vision for global domination.
Biden appears to be all in for war against Russia with Ukraine as his proxy.  Calling Russia an “unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States” is beyond inflammatory and has provoked a strong response from Moscow to the tune of half a million soldiers.
One would think that after two world wars that began in Europe, the world would have learned the weakness of our current international system and the failure of leaders from that part of the globe to shape a viable planetary peace.
Hopefully sanity will prevail and the lessons of history will somehow impact the thinking of these individuals to stop the rush towards war!  We need more voices other than Tulsi Gabbard’s reminding us to “stop the saber rattling and begin de-escalation!”


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  1. It seems to me that Putin never learns. He is always calling us partners and calling for better relations even after being called a killer before the whole world. I really hope he is not dumb enough to attend any summit with Biden. Before taking Biden’s call he should have called Kim and get his opinion. Folks , this is just the first baby step on a four year journey, so tighten up your belt real good. Wasted vote ? Naaaaaaw.

  2. Biden calls Putin a killer and says he has no soul, and said he has no regrets for what he said. Then he calls Putin and talks supposedly for more than an hour. Few days later sanctions, kicking out diplomats, and more threats, plus threatening to send warships to the Black sea to back Ukraine. The president of Ukraine would not move one tank or soldier with being told to do so by the White House.

  3. Three months in office we have sent more troops to Syria and bombed them and continue to starve them and steal their oil and gas. We continue to insist Guaido is the President of Venezuela. Biden called Kim Jung Ung a thug and them wants to meet with him. The thug rightfully ignored him. We are now closer to war with China and Russia than ever. The only positive for Biden is he beats Trump when it comes to covid.

  4. I was told before our last elections that I had to vote. I replied I was not going to vote because I cannot vote for neither Trump or Biden. My feeling was that Biden would be just as bad as Trump. So the next argument was vote for the lesser evil which was supposed to be Biden. Evil is evil was my reply so I voted for the Green Party. Wasted vote I was told, not from where I sit.

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