The True Story of a Human Alien Starseed Living on Planet Earth


By Michael Dargaville for VT

This article of journalism is a brief outline and history of my life as a galactic human alien/ET starseed living on Earth.

My life on this planet began at the beginning of the 1960s in a country that is bestowed with astounding beauty, wealth and social democracy.

On top of that the family that was chosen was highly unusual, with my father being a “golden boy” maverick of the highest order.

A top rate journalist and highly successful businessman, my father was a brilliant autodiadact at the highest level. He had it all. Money. Power. Contacts. Big contacts. Plus he was left wing.

So I was catapulted into this unique family and from a young age experienced highly unusual occurrences that to me, didn’t appear to me to be normal to what other people were experiencing. And I never told anyone. I had a canny sense of intuition that was clearly cosmic, plus this sense of awe. No one else to me appeared to experience this.

At an early age the realization of my sexuality was definitely a cosmic experience. An utterly powerful energy flow, off-world it seemed, permeated my body for days at this awakening of my sexuality. It was gobsmackingly an off-world experience as I was certain other children I knew were not experiencing this. It was such a powerful energy yet sweet.

Growing up in Sydney in the late 1960s was an utterly intriguing experience, both highly positive and negative. That negative energy I later realised was Luciferic energy and the fact I recognised this early showed I was a  gifted psychic at a young age.

One of the chief highlights when I was eight was a time my mother, father and myself were returning from a business trip from the country and as we arrived back in our suburban street, a large spaceship was following us. I wasn’t shocked at all but deeply excited. I watched the spaceship for awhile and then told my parents but they didn’t take it seriously.

From then on I knew I was related to other space civilizations. It was a soul knowing. When I played I’d build spaceships imagining travelling to other stars and planets.

Very powerfully from an unusually young age, I became obsessed with the hugely powerful western 1960s/1970s counter culture hippie revolution. It deeply affected me much more than my peers as I also became an excellent surfer and skateboarder. I was like a freak, this very young guitar playing hippie surfer skateboarder living at the time in what was evolving into one of the most progressive cities in the world.

That to me in itself was a result of my human alien starseed activation speeding up. Human alien starseeds can activate early or later in life ot just a slowly evolving progressive process. It can also be dramatic and fast. My activation was continual from a very early age and at some points in my life a massive shift would happen.

I come from a highly advanced human alien/ET planet on the other side of the galaxy with lifespans of 9000 to 10 000 years. When we die we almost always reincarnate back on my home planet for another 10 000 year lifespan. My planet is an advanced human planet of the Galactic Federation, who are the benevolent loving human ETs/aliens now surrounding Earth in spaceships wanting world peace and a world government based in sacrosanct nation sovereignty. They saved this planet yet again from recent alien reptilian reptoid alien destruction. More on the reptoids later.

The Galactic Federation was formed more than four million years ago. The first humans were created from primates on the Vega star system 7 million years ago. By 6 million BC they developed to a high sentient level and started space travelling across the galaxy and establishing colonies. By 4 million BC they started having terrible wars with reptilian reptoid aliens, mentioned before. So the Galactic Federation was formed to protect all human planets. The Galactic Federation also includes non-human aliens including good reptoids, dragons, insect aliens and others. Sixty percent of the Galactic Federation are human galactic aliens. The leader of the Galactic Federation is Archangel Michael.

Earth was colonised in 2 million BC. Hybornea lasted for one million years until it was destroyed by bad reptoids.  The Galactic Federation came back and founded Lemuria which lasted for 900,000 years until it too was destroyed by bad reptoids. Earth humans since that time were genetically mutated to living very tiny lifespans of just 40 to 70 years after having 5000 year lifespans in Lemuria. As the mutant human population grew on earth, the good archangels created new “YOUNG SOULS” for the growing mutant population as it was unfair to put “OLD SOULS” of advanced human aliens in those bodies These “young souls” then collectively reincarnated through history with an increasing amount of new souls created as the population grew. That has lasted up until present time with all non-starseeds being “young souls” and thus cannot be catagorised as alien because they have never spent time on advanced human alien planets. Yet they use an alien human template for their bodies.

However a massive change has happened with all of Generation Z (those born 2002 and after being starseeds) to change the planet. Thus I am an early starseed human alien preparing their way and also educating non-starseeds.

Galactic Federation human planets can have lifespans of just 200 to 400 years to lifespans of 30,000 years. When a human alien dies on their home planet they then usually REINCARNATE back onto their home planets. Some, however, are sent to help Earth and other lower level galactic human planets.

So when I die on my home oriental galactic human planet after having a 10,000 year lifespan I reincarnate back on my home planet.. This is all coordinated perfectly because it is such an advanced civilization. Sometimes I am sent on a mission by the Galactic Federation to help other lower human planets. As you would know, Earth is a living tragedy of suffering and confusion, lies and deceit, greed and turbo capitalism.. Yet I have also worked on other lower planets but much higher than this one.

I have worked for the Galactic Federation for 3 million years and am an ancient soul. So it was this experience I brought to Earth. As I said before, the counter culture thrust me totally into the principles of the New Age and by the age of 14 I was doing Buddhist meditation.

By the time of the arrival of PUNK in 1976/77, I was also thrust headlong into socialism. Punk was a great movement within the counter culture adding to the work of the hippies. At university I quickly became an expert in philosophy. I did an utterly trailblazing MA philosophy thesis aged 27 at the then extremely radical and world famous but now defunct Department of General Philosophy at Sydney University on mind-body medicine where intensive meditation (developed by Indian guru Shivapura Baba, Ainslie Meares and Ian Gawler), a vegan diet and visualisation techniques were being used to heal terminal Cancers, including brain cancer. No one had done this at the time at any university on the planet, certainly not at post-graduate level.

Then another major msdyers thesis I wrote looked at the quantum physics of spirituality and consciousness examining a whole range of maverick physicists from Fritjof Capra, David Bohm, Paul Davies to the extraordinary British New Age physicist David Ash. This thesis looked widely at a new theory called super enetgy invented by David Ash (which is simple mind faster than light with our own space/time literally produced by mind slowed than light…wow). The Galactic Federation call super energy plasma energy. This theory fully explains alien/ET space travel. Again this was an academic first. Despite doing some of the most advanced physics done on earth, I am banned from teaching in western universities and thus teach in universities in the East which I have done for 25 years. Western universities are now truly run by fascists and disinformationists.

When I look back at my twenties, which occurred during the 1980s, the entire process was OVERSHADOWED by the Galactic Federation.

A Galactic Federation alien/ET on this planet in a human body and with super powers, and who is also my soulmate, was involved in this overshadowing process as we share the same soul. She is a top Galactic Federation leader and is 30,000 years old. I love this alien very deeply and she has vast super powers that are utterly mind blowing. Virtually miracles. Most governments know of her. She told me I am a human alien starseed from the planet I mentioned earlier.

She told me that when I lived on the streets of Paris in 1984 two Pleiadian human aliens were constantly watching over me. Pleiadians live for 700 years. At Pleiadian level and under our spaceships are less developed and use bio-crystal energetic computers to teleport the ship using super energy  (mind faster than light or E=mc4). There are more than 500 Galactic Federation human planets living ages of between 200 to 500 years many whom speak English and breathe oxygen. They all use this technology. We will give this technology to earth when you start co-operating. And then you can live and travel freely to our lower level human planets. Only greed and money is stopping leaders doing this.

The profound sense of socialism I developed from both the extremely great hippie and punk movements plus academic studies catapulted me into the cutting edge of socialist-communist thought and activism. The fact that Galactic Federation human planets are based on some form of spiritual socialism or communism is a major factor in my activism. Advanced human planets have no need for ownership of any form. They are completely based upon “spiritual communism” Completely anti-materialist.

From the 1980s and into the 1990s I became extremely famous as both a poet and punk poet, musician, fiction writer and journalist. I published countless books and pamphlets advocating the New Age, socialism, the alien agenda, punkdom, hippiedom, anti-war, anti-militarism and was highly critical of the endless western wars, imperialism and economic genocides of “developing countries”.

By my 30s I’d become a meditation master master and was then friends with world New Age leaders who had channeling and meditation nights.  The woman who hosted this was a lawyer, transpersonal psychologist and spiritual guru. She genuinely channeled Archangel Gabriel, Sai Baba, ascended masters and the Galactic Federation. I loved her very much as she had super powers in psychic and healing abilities.

At that time Sheldon Nidle’s groundbreaking book, You are Becoming a Galactic Human, outlining the Galactic Federation, became our bible. I was also having one huge paranormal even happen after another. Giant pelican birds would hover over my car as I drove swiveling their head around and staring me in the eyes as I drove and they flew in perfect co-ordination over the bonnet of the car. My woman channeler friend at this time had a head on car accident and literally went “through the car” with no injury. Matter transubstantiated into spirit (super energy).

In Sydney in the 1980s I became very psychic at a new level. I could pick channeled music. The Jazz Punk music scene in Sydney at the time produced some of the best music in the world and a scene I as deeply involved with, was being channeled by Archangels Gabriel, Michael and others. It was an extraordinary music scene.

At the same time I became psychically sensitive to being attacked by Archangel Lucifer, who is the leader of the bad Reptoid aliens. I became an expert in psychically knowing his negative energy. It got to a point in the 1990s where Lucifer used to close SYDNEY AIRPORT down through FOG in the middle of summer constantly playing a cat and mouse game with me. He would do this only when I approached the outskirts of Sydney from Canberra, a trip I did regularly. New Age leaders confirmed this was happening. There was some speculation at the time Archangel Lucifer had manifested in a human body in Sydney. Archangel power, and angel power, is in super energy (mind faster than light) and can of course impinge on our space/time.

My 30,000 year old soulmate alien friend in a human body one told me Lucifer attacked her for 190,000 years. So I have very high level psychic skills that can manifest in different ways.

From 1996 to 2005 I wrote an 80,000 word PhD thesis on quantum physics, the New Age, mind-body medicine, healing, eastern philosophy, the alien agenda and much more. By this time I had come to work in China.

I came to China in the mid to late 1990s sent by the Galactic help the Chinese Government on the alien Galactic Federation agenda. I love China completely. It is my hero country. I have such astounding soul resonance to every lawyer of the land and the people. Plus it is communist. And deeply spiritual to boot.

In 2009 in May two large galactic Federation spaceships hovered over Jinan City, capital of Shandong, for four days seen by million people and reported in all media with videos. It ws great. I rang my alien Gal Fed soulmate friend and we both had a good laugh,

Shortly after, Beijing sent me into universities to explain the alien and New Age agenda. It was a great time. Beijing has sent me into more than 20 universities and colleges where I taught all of this for nearly 20 years up until 2015. Throughout this time spaceships would follow me and I had constant galactic Federation contact.

My attacks from Lucifer have considerably lessoned due to attaining better protection skills. I was fully informed of my starseed human alien heritage much later because they wanted to protect me. But they always implied it was the case and kept me deliberately guessing. But I always knew intuitively.

I’ve spent the past couple of years living on a small yacht in a country in Oceania, not Australia yet hopefully will return to China to continue my work. Covid put a major university teaching job in China on hold. The Galactic Federation always want me based in China because I come from an oriental planet and have great empathy for them. Spiritually and energetically it is home also.

One of my current goals is to bring China and the USA back into friendship. This stupid Cold War must stop as the two countries were like bosom buddies from 1978 to 2013. The planet urgently needs this old friendship again between China and the USA so the planet can live in harmony. But powerful forces want to divide the world to stop a unified world government. And Earth cannot join the Gal Fed until there is a world government.

I have put my life on the line for both countries – China and the USA. My alien life on the line. My work n China in the early days was hardcore and despite having top support from Beijing, travelling in distant provinces could be demanding. At the same time I’ve put my life on the line for the USA exposing the truth of 911 (I was the first journalist telling the truth) and getting hundreds of millions of readers of my New Age journalism over the last 20 years. And that is another reason I have a vested interest in getting the two countries together in friendship. And of course also for the goals of the Galactic Federation.


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  1. Watch the Sun, as it melts and floods the sky in yellow saffron light. The Eternal Youth of Summer has come, descending on a big cracking current, that passes through my coil, until I glow and burn like the Torch of Baphomet, forever now, blazing across my brow. BOO!

  2. I spent one year being atacked with witchcraft. I was stalked by a follower of Baphomet who had an inverted pentagram and crescent moon tatoo on his forehead. This man could levitate whle chanting “There is nothing above me”. I saw this man possessed by the devil. It was a horrible and sickening experience. SO when this author says,” I became an expert in psychically knowing his negative energy”.. about the devil, I laugh. He’s full of it. Both Stew Webb and myself will tell you that his energy is sickening: sodomite lust wrapped up in wild, wild violence.

    We are made of the same stuff stars are though. Thats true. But the rest is lies. The devil tempts you to sin; that’s all he can do and if you’re not a sicko whackjob or dumb and evil, its easy to defeat him. I speak from experience and I know it sounds like movie stuff but keep in mind that these devil worshippers controlled the movie making industry since inception. Movies made about devil worshippers are often made by devil worshippers… like The Devil Rides Out and the Exorcist (look it up, its true). SO when this guy says he’s gotten better at defending himself from”lucifer” and his foggy intentions… again, it’s baloney.

    I know why VT has chosen to deny this truth. First because of all the countries the “jews” have been thrown out of. Second, money and power. VT is well connected to money and power and … surprise surprise.. they want to stay on top. Third, the satanists and crazy people have attempted

    • One day all mankind will know that what I’m saying is true and that VT refused to follow God’s instructions to our collective detriment. Be seeing ya!

    • G&E you discredit yourself. It’s easy to defeat the Devil by resisting sin? I guess you are not human, or you are frightened by Michael Dargaville. Maybe you are not aware of truth nuggets or VT’s 30% rule. I do not agree with what I assume is your religion or your god, but that’s ok, if we aren’t open to learning we are dead. You say say the devil that attacked and stalked you was basically wearing a devils costume, ok, sure that is easy to defeat. I think you need to get out more and gain an understanding of deception, than maybe move on to propaganda. Sorry I know there are a lot of saints out there, I’m not one of them.

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