Trump’s grip on GOP looms as support falters for independent probe of Capitol riot

…from the Washington Post

[ Editor’s Note: This Congressional investigation was a bad idea from the start, some Democrats must have been snorting crack. All it would do is turn into a circus for the Repubs to fire up the Trump loons.

The worst of part this doomed effort is that it was unnecessary, as the Department of Justice investigation is fully capable of doing the job. And we have the DC district court jumpstarting the process by collecting evidence building up to sedition charges on the lead rioters.

Once they are tagged with 20 year charges, more of the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys will roll over about their coordination with ‘political figures,’ including those in Congress and on the Trump team. That will all be put on the record, where the Congressional Republicans cannot block a vote or muddy up the waters.

In the end, the Repubs and Trumpers will be left with pushing to get Trump re-elected in 2024 so he can pardon all of the insurrectionists that draw a big sentence.

Trump will be a wounded political animal by that time, an albatross around his make-believe supporters in Congress riding his coat tails. Even today the news of Paul Manafort’s passing the internal polling to the Russian go between is another nail in the coffin.

The Biden DoJ has not had time to review the cases on reversing the Trump pardons on co-conspirators. The smiling faces of those released have storm clouds ahead of them, and more big legal bills. Let them reap what they have sownJim W. Dean ]

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First published … April 04, 2021 

Congress’s pursuit of an independent investigation into the Jan. 6 insurrection is facing long odds, as bipartisan resolve to hold the perpetrators and instigators accountable erodes, and Republicans face sustained pressure to disavow that it was supporters of former president Donald Trump who attacked the U.S. Capitol.

…“Compromise has been necessary,” Pelosi wrote in a letter to other Democrats, informing them she had begun to share her latest proposal with other Republicans in Congress. “It is my hope that we can reach agreement very soon.”

…These same dynamics now threaten to upend what bipartisan momentum remains for a Jan. 6 commission, which only a handful of Republicans have said is vital to establishing a record of what went wrong.

…“We have a real dilemma on our hands,” said Norm Ornstein, an emeritus scholar with the American Enterprise Institute and a longtime observer of Republican congressional dynamics. “The political imperative at this point is to discredit any investigation, to deny any ties either to Donald Trump or to the members of Congress . . . who either helped to plan the [riot] or helped to incite it.”

…“We’ve skipped a step,” said Rep. Rodney Davis (R-Ill.), “This committee has not heard from anybody involved in the decision-making process.”

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  1. Independent investigation? Never. When has CONgress EVER truly investigated itself? Never. This FF special has collusion written all over it and those involved aren’t about to cut their own throats. This mess is bigger than most realize with culprits on both ‘sides’. As is usual, there is a big song and dance to entertain us, but the induced chaotic rhetoric will make sure to muddy the water so that the sheeple know less after, than before. We can expect the same clarity that we got from the 9/11 (gag, choke) ‘investigation’. We all know that the original investigation into JFKs assassination was total BS, CONgress even admitted it in the 70s…and what came of those revelations? ZIP. Anyone expecting the truth from CONgress needs a mental evaluation. The truth is that there is one constant player in all these FFs, events…but they can’t be mentioned, can they? Damn sure not by any member of CONgress.

  2. “It was antifa! But uhh… Let’s move on.” 😒

    Trumptards & QANuts, lol.

    Gitmo and sedition charges for all those chanting Trumpu Akbar!

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