As China revs up battery production, Dem lawmakers see another Middle East nightmare

…from Politico

[ Editor’s Note: We have been here before, with the cranking up of a foreign bogeyman that will impoverish us all unless we give out massive subsidies to American business to save us. We have been stupid enough to buy this over and over in the past, but what now?

This is a double con actually, with the Chinese battery bogeyman ‘controlling’ the market, and the mirage of high paying US jobs from a dreamed up story of a new high wage jobs to make a non-competitivw product for the world market, and yet will be ‘good for America.

Yes folks, they really do think we are that stupid, and we probably are if the past is any hint. This slick scam should have bi-partisan support, with the Republicans getting all the quick benefits on the front end with legislated subsidies, whereas the public benefits will be ‘catch you later if and when it all comes together and you can affort to buy what we produce…and it works.”

Mr. Knapp wastes no time in calling for eternal subsidies for battery manufacturing, “We need to support battery manufacturing the same way we support other critical industries, which is every year.” 

I remember back when big scams were disguised so the public would not find out about them until way to0 late in the game to fix the mistake. Nowadays, they think we are so stupid they just lay it all out in the first press release.

Someone thinks we are too stupid to breath, to borrow a phrase from someone here at VT. And maybe they are right. As for me, I am investing in the sailing bicycle, made in China of course but I will produce the wind sails here. Email about how you can get in on the bottom, and stay there 🙂 … Jim W. Dean ]

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Welcome to the future


First published … April 20, 2021

The clean energy economy is being made in China. Washington Democrats are launching a late-stage rush to lure it back home.”This can’t be a one-shot deal,” said Jason Knapp, vice president for government relations for battery cell maker KORE Power.

“We need to support battery manufacturing the same way we support other critical industries, which is every year.

“We don’t produce any of the rare earth minerals, or very, very, very little of any rare earth minerals that it takes to make a battery,” Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) said during an event Monday at the National Press Club.

“If we don’t catch up, America will miss the chance to shape the world’s climate future in a way that reflects our interests and values, and we’ll lose out on countless jobs for the American people,” Secretary of State Tony Blinken said Monday in remarks on clean energy.

“In 1973 and 1979, when the oil supply was intentionally limited to the U.S. in response to what was going on in the Middle East, and the biggest response was a diversification of supply,” said Ernest Moniz, who served as secretary of energy under former President Barack Obama. The same idea should be applied to trade of batteries and their components between the U.S. and China, Moniz said.


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  1. ” Yes folks, they really do think we are that stupid, and we probably are if the past is any hint.”
    1. Assassination of JFK & his brother Robert.
    2.The Gulf of Tonkin FALSE FLAG “incident” .
    3. 9/11 .
    4.Recent nuclear attack on LEBANON

  2. Interior Dept ! positively nothing to do with this.. this ENTIRE initiative has been sent thru congress in 2013 and again in 2018 (Anaconda).. The agency involved is BLM.. the interior agency is BLM COps and Rv Marinas/Parks on BLM land Juristriction

    another way to look @ this ! when the consolidated federation of tribes/Reno heads to federal court; the judges kringe and hav to hire additional clerks — they never loose..

    when the ringleader who lives in Mina Nevada – call his stanford troops togther for battle; its bugg ugly nasty.. i hav live here for over 20years.. and have seen many grown men cry and wiched they were never born !

    good luk w the farmer and his discovery of a snail darter on mt blanca in colorado..

    ahw – that wash repp is bitting his nails when these ion elon projects come on line.. his port traffik @ seattle will drop..

    mwh National Coal broke ground @ thacker first of april – end of march; the crus hav already moved in.. courtsey of the govenors office and nevada gold directives.. i.e. who runs the joint…. whatta hoot !

  3. Piautes ?

    well first @ McDermit the tribe in questiion is Shoshone.. there are no Paiutes here//

    Next Barik Gold has made deals w the shoshone and paiutes – long time ago.. as to that wak job from nevada posing as Ted Turner on his ranch in montana – on my land.. and yes its rented from BLM.. and bitchin about water loss.. again there is a mountain range from jackpot all the way over to Mt Shasta/Glacier; feeding them slopes w ten feet of snow every year.. and it drains rite into his river city..

    he is a fruit Kake.. the attorney leading the charge has Never_EVER-won a case.. he has no no case law.. he is a hak for the battery companies in china..

    the mill going@ LAC is Rok Tek Designed. funded by Canacord.. the first Rok Tek mill is going in wukk B @ thunder bay – same game plan.. its a Zero Discharge Plant w wateer reclamation/treatment. the tailings will B stored as Dry on unlined staks..

    that Thacker valley plot the govt is leasing 2 the rancher, is part of the Oregon Mess w the Bundies.. BLM went in there and pulled cattle tags and hauled out the cattle.. then cancled all of the future permits for cattle grazing in the Maur Refuge.. There are no longer cattle in thaqt entire region all the way up to John Day Oregon.. The farmer is suing to get brought out by the mines..

    do not hold Ur breath for a second on

  4. rare earths !

    they are simply paking U jeans… Project Darwin in Death Valley has a 20 mile underground mine w rail.. the mine was infilled and is dripping with these metals.. they were never streamed or simply left in the tailings.. i know the guy who owns the mine…

    the yearington distrik is being developed by Tesla.. tesla owns over 50 Banks and Investment companies.. why do you think their stok is 8oo*$.. the forward P/E on a T-s is 1.5Million Dollars (HuH – ??? Whatt ?)..

    standard and poors listted tesla for all of the other ventures that has teslas cash on table.. he is bigger than berkshire..

    re-tooling the mines here in nevada” that mine gold and are contaminated w items like cobalt – require re/streams to seperate.. the tailings will B re-mined (they do this now on many several dozen mine sites for gold silver; that old 1970’s mine may hav been streamed for Moly)..

    by 2024 all of this will B on line co – moly – nik – Li – Cu – Giga /etc

    Ion Elon will B producing Batts and Re-cycling.. all of this will B originating in the Yearington distrik or Distric 29..

    and yes Smelter is in the Winds of things to come… ABX tried to buy the one in globe az from freeport – got shot down in the bid.. thats when Scotia Bank walked into town to provide a credit facilityu to a juinor

  5. Ur are not in the loop here..
    LAC or lit Amer Corp @ Thacker Pass Nv begins construction of the New Li Mine (National Coal/Sawtooth-Constructors) next month.. the mine when comple w mill will produce Cathodic Li++.. the transloading facility is underconstruction @ winemuscca nv.. the finished product will either go to Fernley 2 a new Batt Plant (LODE-Comstock[yea these guys – cason city of bad men 1860’s w Aquametals AQMS and a Tawian Company)
    more likely – a new plant by panasonic down @ the giga factory in texas..
    Nevada Copper – ist copper mine in N Amer; many years – next door to Anaconda @ Yearington.
    or both – they are building @ 1,000,000 sq feet industrial park off of I80 @ fernley complete w Rail
    Hudbay – has everyting (in production now but not streamed) up the street N pershing county (70,000 acres – 20,000 never drilled/virgin). cobalt-nickel and the peoridoc table of elon musk – includeing trans

    this has been in the works since 2013..

    the leader of the Pak is Ion Elon @ Tesla.. they are way ahead of these silly news articles – they are actively constructing… not lippy service.. men in the trenches – roads getting widened – transloading going into shurtz nv.. this week moving a mountain pass on USH Hwy 95..

    the really Big Boys

    • Thacker Pass is a problem, and not just because of the Paiute tribes. There is only so much you can take, before ‘stuff” happens. But hopefully the interior dept. understands this. That was supposed to be the fix.

  6. I think we should be able deal for rare earth products from some agreeable source without subsides, But what do I know about it? Not much.
    As long as the end product is affordable for the average American “consumer,” then whatever works…..??

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