…by Jonas E. Alexis, VT Editor

I went to the search engine in the New York Times and typed “death to Arabs” to see if something would pop up. Nothing. Not a single article about what is actually happening at the Damascus Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem, where at least 300 extreme-right Jewish activists started chanting “death to Arabs.”[1]

I did the same thing when I went to the search engine of the Washington Post, CNN, etc. Not a single article remotely saying that something bad is happening in Israel. The entire Zionist superstructure is only concerned about incendiary issues like George Floyd and Ma’Khia Bryant. The Washington Post has an entire article entitled, “Ma’Khia Bryant’s family remembers her as loving, affectionate: ‘She didn’t even have a chance to live her life’.”[2] Here’s what the Washington Post says:

“Ma’Khia Bryant beams at her mother in a TikTok clip, then throws her arms around her neck. As Beyoncé’s ‘Dance for You’ plays in the background, the teen lip-syncs the lyrics: ‘I’ma take this time to show you how much you mean to me, ‘cause you are all I need.’

“It’s an intimate moment between mother and daughter, who were working hard to reunite after Bryant was placed in foster care, family members said. ‘They had a close bond,’ said Don Bryant, a cousin of Ma’Khia’s mother. ‘Ma’Khia was just an all-around good person.’”[3]

They had a close bond? So why was she in foster care in the first place? If Bryant was at home and was being raised and nurtured by her biological parents, there is a good chance that she would not have taken a knife and started lunging at the other women.

Don Bryant moved on to say in response to Ma’Khia being gunned down: “There are other disengagement techniques that police could have used here. I’m a supporter of police, as former city councilor. I understood their moves, their tactics, what they do. I just don’t understand what happened here.”[4]

I personally would like to know what Don would suggest in this instance. I personally would ask Don to put himself in the other women’s shoes.  Would he not recommend the officer to take immediate, split-second decisions?

In any event, this whole incident is another infallible sign which shows that the Zionist oligarchic system is interested about making what appears to be a local matter a big issue so that chaos can reign in the United States. They are essentially controlling the minds of the black population in the United States. The interesting thing again is that at least 300 Israeli Jews are chanting “death to Arabs,” and not a single major news outlet would objectively write an article on this.

Let’s reverse the table for a moment. Suppose five Muslims or Arabs in the Middle start chanting “Death to Jews,” the entire Zionist media would beat much of the West over the head with headlines such as: “The Rise of Anti-Semitism” in the Middle East. This is the type of journalism we are seeing in the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, Fox News, ABC News, etc. Fortunately, we at VT will not shy away from addressing serious issues like this. You can be sure of that.

[1] “Dozens hurt, arrested in Old City clash as extremist Jews chant ‘Death to Arabs,’” Times of Israel, April 23, 2021.

[2] Randy Ludlow, “Ma’Khia Bryant’s family remembers her as loving, affectionate: ‘She didn’t even have a chance to live her life,’” Washington Post, April 23, 2021.

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  1. the zionists are controlling the blacks minds…. yup, cuz its not decades of police murders and using the police as a battering ram against black neighborhoods… nope, 80 thousand terror swat raids a year just because someone wants to get high…thats normal! thats their job! the biggest gulag hell on earth in the history of man… bigger than the ziionist one in russia… NOPE!!! SEE NO EVIL HEAR NO EVIL SPEAK NO EVIL OF THE RETHUGLIKLANS.

    All f latin america destroyed thanks to the black market in drugs Rotscum and his lackeys created…. No, its their fault!

    Sick stuff.

  2. In my experience, the best and brightest Israelis try to leave the country at first opportunity. Top destinations are Silicon Valley in California and Route 128 in Boston where they work in computer technology and bioengineering. There also are Israeli professors at universities across America. Unfortunately even though they enjoy living in our pluralistic society, they tend to reflexively defend Israel no matter how far right it shifts and how extremist its behavior becomes.

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