Inside Trump’s push to oust his own FBI chief

…from Politico

[ Editor’s Note: The expected “Trump stories” are stating to come out more now that there is blood in the water with the New York prosecutors circling Trump’s organized crime ring.

The last few weeks have shown Trump’s cult of personality attempts to replaced high officials and top security and law enforcement people with those would would pledge their real allegience to wannabe organized crime boss King Trump.

Read below how even AG Barr was smart enough to put the brakes on when he saw Trump wanting to pad the FBI to be able to stop investigations. But in the end Barr threw himself on the Trump funeral pyre by trying to derail the obstruction of justice train barreling toward the Red Terror with the Mueller report.

Little did we know then that an insurrection was going to be his final act to cook his own goose, a risk taken because he was fully aware of the crimes he had committed that could crash his empire.

It couldn’t happen to a more deserving person, with his latest blogging effort a bomb. And his attempt to hit the campaign trail seems to have triggered the NY prosecutors into speeding up their efforts to bring indictments on Trump and the family to make them more toxic than they already are, if such a thing were possible… Jim W. Dean ]

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 With Trump it was always a ‘him or us’ duel as to who would be left standing

First published … May 20, 2021

Then-President Donald Trump sought to oust FBI Director Christopher Wray last spring and replace him with counterintelligence head William Evanina, according to three former Trump officials familiar with the episode.

Under the plan, the former officials said, Kash Patel — a former aide to Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) and a fierce critic of the Russia probe — would have become the bureau’s deputy director.

Previously unreported details of the proposal reveal just how seriously the former president took his grievances against the intelligence and law enforcement establishment.

It shows Trump at his mercurial peak, ordering up the removal of his own appointee in a fit of rage, only to back down when then-Attorney General William Barr threatened to resign if he followed through with the maneuver.

…“They were hoping it would be a fait accompli,” one said — and Barr would just make the personnel change happen.

One reason to place Evanina and Patel at the FBI, according to a former Trump administration official, was to have what the White House considered “trusted people” at those agencies.

…“When you thought it had finally quieted down, the next thing you know, he would want to do it again,” one former Trump official said.

You can read the full article at Politico here.


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  1. Good call Tommy A! Whatever will all those 50 million Evangelical Christian Zionists do when they realize that there is NOTHING in this universe (or beyond it) that requires worship? If their Abrahamic God of Israel actually did exist he’d be pissing his holy drawers through his shriveled up circumcised wiener at their stupidity in blindly following Trump over the cliff! House of cards indeed. Read the real ‘house of cards’ research;’The Bible Unearthed’ and ‘David and Solomon’ (Finkelstein and Silbermann). When radiocarbon C-14 technology caught up…goodbye house of cards. Now it’s Trump’s turn. Things do tend to catch up.

  2. I think we have prosecutors standing in line to do the job, and for Mr. Barr, also. Political Grifterism has now risen to being a national security threat. I hereby trademark the term with first public useage today 🙂

    • As a non-involved observer, it seemed pretty clear to me after January 6th, and the already then obvious certainty that Trump would not remain in the White House, that his political career was over!
      At this point , the cariest political scenario I can imagine, would be for Trump to somehow get re-elected. I also think there are enough other people now who may hold that same opinion.

  3. Those “fifty million GOP voters” are the US Christian Zionists who also believe that the Earth was created exactly 6025 years ago and that the Sun is its planet. As Steve Pearce, chairman of the Republican Party of New Mexico, said back in December, Trump is our president FOREVER and no one can take that away from us. I’m thinking that there are a majority of people in the USA who are actually in touch with objective reality and that Trump will NOT be reelected in 2024.

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