Phony History: Why There Will Be No Peace in Judea, Palestine, Israel or Whatever


    By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor, originally posted September 22, 2011

    The Recent Stuff is Lies! The Earlier Stuff? Fairy tales

    No surprise to anyone, but there is no reliable history of the Jewish people.  It isn’t just them, when it comes down to history, everyone lies.  I have been on “government-sponsored” tours of sites all over the world. 

    I have had French tell me a Roman ruin from 100AD was built by a French king 300 years ago.  In Hungary, Roman ruins are dated a thousand years or more after they were built, to support a heritage that never happened. 

     Entire religions, entire historical epochs are erased, cleansed from history.  History is a liar.

    Roman Ruins are Commonly ‘Borrowed’

    The lies of history are peddled by universities funded by more liars, liars, and thieves buying more lies from more liars and thieves.  In the last 20 years, television documentaries have debunked 75% of what we have accepted as history and done so with scholarship “above the norm.”

    What is the “norm?”  A historical fact is any lie that has more than two people agree to it.  What historians call “fact,” any cop would call a “shaky alibi.”

    There is no bigger historical liar than the history of Judea, the Roman province that now includes a state Jews choose to call Israel.

    With a UN vote coming up that President Obama has already promised to veto, a vote giving what may actually be the majority from that region national rights they have been denied, we are talking about the Palestinians, there are suggestions for “talks.”

    There can be no talks because there is no basis for talks.  Talks are based on ideas and understandings and the history of the region, be it from 1948 onward on since Exodus and the Egyptian escape, is all total bull, invented mythology made up to support wild claims or simply entertain.

    Follow the Israeli Attack Arrows

    Jews are told Palestinians are terrorists because of a version of the 1948 war that Israel teaches their people and is taught in America because of Israeli influence.  It is false.

    The Suez Canal war of 1956 isn’t taught either.

    Many incidents such as the Lavon Affair and the USS Liberty are simply erased because they don’t fit.

    That Israel staged the 1967 war as a sneak attack on Egypt, done with considerable help from the US, Britain, and France, is another historical secret as is the 1973 war when Israel was kept afloat by the entire military strength of the United States.

    Why do you think the Arabs cut off America’s oil?

    It was because America sent its military to defend Israel when the Arabs tried to get the land back that was stolen during the sneak attack of 1967?

    If much of this is strange to you, you have an Orwellian education, meaning “no education  at all.”

    We could start with 1948.  Palestinians owned Palestine along with some Jews and Christians.  Europeans of the Jewish faith, armed to the teeth by the US, France and Britain, invaded and pushed the Palestinians off their land.  Fighting back is called “terrorism.”

    The Zionist European Invasion Was Successful – American Intel Reported They Would Easily Defeat the Arabs

    This is a simple historical truth.  The problem is until Israelis and Americans are willing to accept the real truth, they can never talk to anyone.  Who wants to talk to a deluded bigot?

    It gets worse, not just for Jews.  Muslims and Christians are ‘full of it’ as well.

    Lost Tribes – MarkChagall

    First of all, there is no historical proof that any “Israeli” kingdom ever existed anywhere.  There is no proof, despite decades of “faith-based” archeology, phony science, phony history, and phony propaganda that Moses or Noah, or Abraham ever existed.

    In fact, the “holy texts” were long proven forgeries, invented to justify land theft, wild stories of angels and gods giving things away, wildly contradictory, childish in scope, and unsupported by science, by evidence, and even reason.  “They made it all up.”

    What is represented as the “tribes of Israel” was a minor group of largely polytheistic tribes at war with each other and anyone, one of the dozens of such groups, who disappeared from the sands of time.

    Wild stories that talk of magical beings giving them land and power, not entirely different from the writings of Homer, don’t change that.  Homer wrote much better.

    Things we know.  When the crusaders came to Jerusalem in 1096, there were no Jews there.  There were lots of Christians, however.  You see, until 650AD, Judea had been entirely Christian, meaning everyone who lived there was Christian.

    This was part of the Byzantine/Roman empire which had, controlled the region for many centuries.  Back in the early 300’s, Constantine legalized Christianity and, in the process, made it illegal for Jews to hold Christian slaves.

    "Lost Tribes" "Salvador Dali"
    Lost Tribes – Salvador Dali

    Why was this an issue?  Try finding out.  History erased all of that, the same history that parted the Red Sea.

    Between 135AD and 350AD, Jews and Christians in the Middle East hated each other.

    The Christians, most at least, had actually been Jews who converted.  It is part of that “Christ’ thing we call “Christianity” today.  You remember, the “messiah” thing?

    History tells us that Jews fought the Romans during the first century, ending 73AD or so.  Then they all got on boats and went elsewhere in the Roman empire with a few staying behind.

    However, there are no records of any of this.  No records of them leaving.  No records of them arriving.

    No records of them living anywhere else.  No records of their traditions in the Roman empire, though, for instance, there were always Jewish settlements in each Roman city.

    The old Jewish section of Rome is right off Via Arenula today.

    What is a wild claim, however, is that Jews were expelled, moved to the Roman empire and ended up all living in Latvia, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Czechoslovakia and, mostly Russia.

    You see, you couldn’t move there then.  The Visigoths and even nastier people ran those places.

    Visigoths – They Did Not do Neighbors Well

    They weren’t part of the Roman empire, never were.

    There is no record of Jews leaving Judea, no record of them arriving in the Roman Empire at the time claimed, no record of them living there, and no record of them all heading out to Russia and Poland, where 90% of Europe’s Jews had lived for centuries.

    There is no historical record of any of this.

    There is, however, a historical record of a people from Russia called the Khazars who converted to Judaism and created a great empire nearly as large as the United States.

    The “Jewish areas” of Russia and Europe were the eastern portion of Khazaria.

    One could assume that all Jews in Russia or Poland, just as Helen Thomas said, where from there and had never been from Judea.  We can prove Jews lived there as Khazars.  We cannot prove Jews moved there from Judea.

    Does this mean that Jews from that region who, after World War II, chose to move to Palestine were bad people?  No, of course not.  What it does mean is that they never came from there.  Is that important?

    Only if the wild and insane claim that convenient mythology allows one person to steal from another. However, this is the nature of phony history, phony religion, and mythology.  Jews from Russia and Poland look pretty much like everyone else from there.

    Byzantine Mural – When Jews were Christians – Before They Were Muslims

    Other points.  The most likely thing is that Palestinians were once Byzantine Christians and before that Jews.  Why?  There is no proof they came from anywhere else.

    There is proof they have been where they are pretty much forever.  There is also proof that people who lived there were, at one time, Jews, then Christians and eventually Muslims.  Why change religions?

    Governments created incentives for people to change religions, some involved taxes, others involved serious persecution.

    This religious persecution in Judea went on for centuries, Jews persecuting Christians and, later, Christians persecuting Jews.

    This was long before Islam existed. This is real history.

    Before Muslims became “terrorists,” Jews claimed Christians were “terrorists.”

    Then Christians said Jews were all “thieves” and “mongrels” and had killed Christ.  Can we prove Christ existed?  Actually no, we can’t.

    However, the Gospels, such as they are, most burned, some horribly mistranslated, are something of a record, much more of a record than the wild discussions of Moses and “mana” and being lost in Sinai for 40 years.

    Would any of it stand up in court?  Not for a friggin’ minute!

    So, where does this leave us?

    Palestinians are probably, by genetic definition, if such exists, the only real Jews.

    Most Jews are probably from ethnic groups pushed into Europe, no different than every other migration.  The idea of claimed “immunity” to two thousand years of historical resettlement, religious realignments and the total lack of either archaeological or rational written records as a basis of decades of warfare is insane.

     We could just as easily be talking about the Phoenicians or Philistines or Hittites or Babylonians, the Greeks, the Ottomans or even Egyptians as having historical claim to Palestine.

    Lord Balfour (left of pitcher) – Reception at the Tel-Aviv Municipality in 1925

    Something we can come closer to proving is that a corrupt British politician named Balfour, back in 1917, loaded with gambling debts, wrote a short document to a wealthy and even more corrupt banker offering some kind of deal on land that he didn’t control.

    This was during World War I.  Turkey controlled Palestine entirely, had for centuries.  There were Jews in the Turkish empire.  Turkey invited them there in the 15th century to help run things.  These Jews were, however, Europeans mostly, persecuted in Europe, where they had come from, not Judea certainly, and welcomed to the Middle East by Muslims.

    This is real history.

    Britain had no right to cut a “deal” more likely tied to the kind of political payoffs and blackmail used to push President Obama into his humiliating speech to the UN.  The “Balfour thing” which is brought up continually had then and has now NO LEGAL STANDING WHATSOEVER.

    Balfour could have been running the mortgage department at today’s Bank of America.

    It is time that those that call themselves Israeli’s admit they are resettled Europeans like most of us here in America, taking advantage of a poorly armed and primitive population just as Britain, Spain, and later the United States did in North America like Europe did around the world during the colonial era like one population did to another since time immemorial.
    A few classes in Hebrew, discarding Yiddish traditions, doesn’t change history, it only erases heritage.

    Supposedly “mechanisms” and “organizations” are in place, since 1945, to prevent such things.  A civil war in Libya was carefully orchestrated based on such mechanisms and organizations, an intervention under identical circumstances that exist in Israel or Syria.

    Zionism in Action – Being a Light Unto the World?

    But the United States is defending Israel and Russia is defending Syria.

    Thus, the great world powers, such as they are, have maneuvered the world through a century of atrocity.

    This time the United States is attempting to justify prehistoric barbarism of the Israeli occupation of Palestine using language carefully crafted by “advisors” with the ethical and moral authority of the worst criminal elements of our time.

    The use of force to dispossess a people is ethnic cleansing.  Separating people by walls in apartheid.  An armed enclosure filled with men, women, and children in a concentration camp.

    This is Palestine today, what is called the “State of Israel.”  This is why an American veto is important because the rest of the world sees the truth.

    We are asked to endure a century of warfare and economic chaos because of the desire by some to validate bizarre mythologies that are little more than a veneer for something darker.

    Israel isn’t about Jews.  Israel is just another issue, strong strangling the weak, the clever controlling the many through deception.

    Because of Israeli control of media, a few square miles of sand, some stolen and built with senior citizen vacation condos, some farmed by Asian slaves, much still barren and inhospitable, land no American would park an abandoned tractor on, is costing America and Europe a century of economic survival, costing generations of lives, all based on, not just mythology but a continuing stream of carefully crafted lies.

    Settlement?  Talks?   Based on?

    Ashkenazi Jews are Turkic Khazars


    Khazaria – 600 to 850 AD


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    1. The “Ruling Elites” know truth is the death of them. But they also know truths have to be preserved because within them is the power for psychological domination.
      Stories, myths contain truths encoded for those few who are “in the know”; “the rest” are subliminally influenced.

       “Abraham’s religion, according to the Bible, was the first monotheistic faith. He was the first to venture the notion that there was but one God, the Creator of the Universe.
      In that field of course his influence became felt throughout the civilized world, first through Judaism and then through Christianity and Islam so that today the greater part of mankind acknowledges the God of Abraham.
      The Arabs chose Abraham as their head through Ishmael; Mohammed professes in the Koran his mission to renew the pure religion of Abraham”.
      Extract from The Scribe journal  which is “the Journal of Babylonian Je w ry, vol. 1 no.1 September-October 1971. It has been published by the Exilarch’s Foundation since 1971”.
      (thescribe website).

    2. I never really thought too much about religion, except that I was taught that to kill was a sin, as per Jesus. But when I realized that most of the killing and human crimes were excused if done in the name of the lord, I was confused, to say the least. Long story short, when I was very young and stupid, I was incarcerated in a minimum security facility for a crime. While there I read and read. I learned to meditate and quite by accident felt myself make a ‘connection’ during meditating. Having no name for this, I simply thought of it as ‘universe’. Years later, my born-again brother, trying to get me to take Jesus as my saviour, asked me about my meditating. He asked me about the ‘connection’ I remarked to him about. He asked me what it was like and I told him it was like a ‘bright wash’ coming over me. He informed me that was the spirit of the lord. Who knew? I didn’t and AFAIK religion had nothing to do with it, although he was adamant. Imagine, I communed with the lord and never knew it. What I did get from it was that everything in the universe was connected and that gave me great peace of mind. What I got from religion was that you had to take sides and anything was justifiable…if done in the name of the lord…something I never got from meditation.

      • “killing and human crimes were excused if done in the name of the lord”
        You must be talking about some evil Lord.
        Jesus Christ would never inspire his followers to kill or commit crimes.

      • Elvin…Tell that to those that fought the crusaders. Tell that to the victims of the inquisition. Tell that to all those that fled Europe. Tell that to the Palestinians…whose attackers are supported by Christians. Tell that to those that would bring the end times upon us…Hagee, Falwell, Swaggart and the like. Tell that to those that hold prayer and pray for their army to be victorious. No, Jesus wouldn’t and I think you are playing games with words, as I never said or meant that. I was speaking about men who do evil deeds…in the lords name. They believe they are as Christian as you profess to be.

    3. This is a masterpiece providing me with all the details that I needed.
      ….Why There Will Be No Peace in Judea, Palestine, Israel or Whatever…. 100% accurate.
      The words Peace, Harmony and Coexistence do not exist in Hebrew and I don’t see how Khazarian Jews can coexist with Palestinians in Palestine. That’s mission impossible!
      1. Another fact about the Bible and this is a real fact – “Reincarnation” teachings were dropped from the bible in 553AD. It took me years to dig into this and imagine how many billions of Christians have been raised since 553AD using various versions of the bible that had little or no resemblance to the previous ones!
      2. All the would be God written documents started when there was no printing and were written on rocks and animal skins. The Printing started in Europe only in 1,440AD, i.e thousands of years after those documents were in use!
      How accurate could those writings be? How could you conserve those documents? How could you version them since they have been changing for thousands of years?
      3. The Old Testament and the Bible were written in Hebrew … How accurate were the translations to Greek, Latin, French, German etc… Who are the Hebrews who did the translations and how trustworthy were they?
      The first version of the Talmud was written between the 3rd and the 6th century and has been changing changing ever since with thousands of contradictory verses!
      How can a reasonable person believe in such writings?

    4. Just a query: How does it come about that a tribe of Turkics seem to have what sounds like a dialect of German (Yiddish) as their language? Is/was there a language called Khazarian? If so, does anyone still speak it?

      • very good question. perhaps today’s jews may want to learn whatever was really spoken by their ancestors. from what we understand about khazars…they were masters of language.

    5. Elvin Laton May 30, 2021 at 1:57 pm

      Who are you going to believe;
      The One who created you, or Utube?
      They don’t call it vi-“deos” for nothing.

      “The one who created me”? That would be my mother and father. It takes two you know.
      “Or Utube”? Well, at least Utube passes the “proof of existence” test.
      Your turn.

      • I guess you win. I can’t give you faith; Only God the Father in heaven can do that.
        He will, if you ask him. But only if you believe He exists.
        Is that a conundrum, or a catch 22?

    6. And once again Gordon you have turned my fetid water into wine. The bible is, at best a good Monti Python skit
      A very smart man, smarter than I once said “Keep everything as simple as possible but not simpler.”
      You live on MOTHER earth that’s ruled by MOTHER nature. Stop disrespecting your mother. Thank her for every morsel of food that passes your lips and every breath that fills your lungs because without her you will DIE. And period it is.

      • zarathustra lykos,
        you annihilated your maxim about keeping it simple, when you barreled right on through the simplest of the simple and straight into complete lunacy.
        No offense intended.

      • Kudos to you. Couldn’t have said it better…however, MP did have a bit of masochism, but far less sadism.

      • Who are you going to believe;
        The One who created you, or Utube?
        They don’t call it vi-“deos” for nothing.

    7. Gordon, to make such assertions about the historical reality of Jesus is where I draw the line. I realize that you and everyone else that is seeking justice in a cruel world have been questioning where God is in all this but you will never know God by questioning His existence but simply by accepting Him into your life thru Jesus Christ. It is only then that you will experience His Presence and Love. We can’t change ourselves or others but we can allow God to change us so that others may see tangible evidence of His Existence. Hebrews 11:1 Now FAITH is the ASSURANCE of things HOPED for, the EVIDENCE of things NOT SEEN

      • This wasn’t an “op ed.” I was part, albeit a small part, of the research teams whose work you read about here.

      • Doc151 you’re my brother! So I understand you very well. Your mind is shining of spiritual knowledge because in few sentences you explain the secret of Life and real Faith, very different from Zionism, a political creation to destroy Christians, and the only religion of freedom and peace (sometimes used with bad purposes by evilish priests) with Sunni extremist help. The problem isn’t Religion but the malicious use that some people can do. Zionism isn’t a religion instead a political plot built by devil’s slaves

    8. You are a good writer and a spinner of tales yourself, Mr. Duff.
      But Shakespeare, or Plato, you or anyone else can never write God out of existence.
      You may not believe in Him, but you will never move the faith of those who know Him through His only born Son, Jesus Christ.
      And on your insights into Roman history being appropriated by later players, I will add this conceptual aspect; from Rome’s empire days, and even earlier in their history, we are basically talking modern history. Jesus Christ was born in modern times, and his reality is not open to speculation.

      • Please Elvin Laton “Jesus Christ was born in modern times, and his reality is not open to speculation. “what nonsense ? You never speculated ? That’s why you you say such ridiculous stuff.

      • The spirit and nature of the Roman empire has never died, and is full bloom still, especially in law and language.
        Also, the word of mouth narrative about the state of the world (the chain of events) is an unbroken chain all the way back to Rome and even before; not so with many other “lost” civilizations.
        We are just the latest iteration of Rome.

    9. Even if the Ashkenazim were actually descended from the “Israelites” of old, which they aren’t, their claim to Palestine is about the same as that of other Europeans rampaging around the planet displacing the indigenous, stealing their land and resources, and engaging in all manner of ethnic cleansing in a different century. The rest of the world is sick and tired of it. China and Russia in particular won’t put up with it anymore.

      • LS…
        The people of nations are never at war…
        The Cabal has no nationality. They live everywhere. They are the offspring of Satan !

    10. Mr. Gordon Duff writes:
      “Why do you think the Arabs cut off America’s oil?
      It was because America sent its military to defend Israel when the Arabs tried to get the land back that was stolen during the sneak attack of 1967?”
      I beg to take the opportunity to differ:
      Mr. F. William Engdahl appears to have conclusively proven that the Oil Boycott plot was hatched out in the very early spring of 1967 at the Saltsjöbaden luxury hotel outside Stockholm, Sweden, planned by Saudi Arabia and other Arab leaders together with high-ranking European financiers, bankers and sundry complotting usual suspekts several months before the seven-day war of 1967.

      • I do so love William, but find him overreaching even more than my good friend Shrimpton. He is totally out of his depth.

    11. Ah the Gordon Duff that embarked me on an eight year odyssey of trying to add some spaghetti and marinara sauce to a dish full of meatballs. No doubt hundreds will read this and “think” to themselves but, but Jesus. The stories are all lies; history should never even enter a political discussion since it’s now a proven fact that we as human beings don’t know any history. We know what we have been told which is all lies. Like they say nature abhors a vacuum and in this case the devil was just waiting to fill it in. Christians, Muslims and Jews are the pawns of the devil, and I urge anyone who doubts that, even for a second, and take a good look around you at what they have brought. Evil wears the mask of piousness, always has, to kill is a sin, unless god tells you too…

    12. I tell you, this make me feel screwed on those hefty student loans and them years spent on the campus, even though every now & then i had my hmmms, and WTF moments about the stuff that never made sense. As always. a solid salute to uncle Gordy & the VT staff for telling it like it is.

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