Meet the Neo-Bolsheviks—Coming Soon to your Neighborhood


…by Preston James, Ph.D

Ever wondered what the folks were like that murdered the Russian Czar and his whole family in cold blood in 1917? You are probably going to find out soon because these same bloodline family successors have hijacked America and are now occupying it.

And they are now taking control of every Police Department including yours, and doing all this through the new Homeland Security (DHS).

Percentage wise they are a very, very small number (<2%), but they have a great deal of City of London Money Power behind them which via AIPAC and the like has propelled them into most top USG, Congressional and Intel positions, as well as most Federal Judgeships.

These Neo-Bolshviks are direct descendents of the Russian Bolsheviks and just like them, they share the same culture, value systems and the very same Racial Delusion based Agenda which is to purge America and the world of “Goyim.”

And yes, all evidence suggests that something is seriously lacking in these Neo-Bolsheviks. They appear to have no human souls because of the inhuman acts they continue to perform which are clearly major crimes against humanity. They have not changed their spots since the Russian Bolshevik Revolution and continue their same secret, hidden Agenda based on the Babylonian Talmud, the Kabbalah and the like.

Doubt this, consider what they have been doing to Palestinians. Stealing their land against UN Regulations, tyrannizing them and serially mass murdering them. Many of us have heard the rumors of angry young IDF soldiers occasionally using Palestinian children for sniper practice and then making a mark on their own shirts for each hit.

And there are other rumors as well of good IDF soldiers refusing to be part of any persecution of Palestinians all all and even quitting the IDF as well as numerous groups inside Israel periodically protesting against Palestinian persecution. So there is still hope for humanity even in the midst of Neo-Bolshevism Central.

But the ruling oligarchy in Israel are World Zionists (WZs) and now control Israeli policy with an iron fist and these are basically the same folks that have set up and now control the Department of Homeland Security. These Bolsheviks are back, but this time you and your family have been targeted like almost every single American.

1195437989469106298liftarn_Police_brutality_svg_hiThese same folks that run Israel today are the Neo-Bolsheviks working out of the City of London. They have been able to infiltrate and hijack America by buying, compromising or owning almost every Member of Congress, USG official and Federal Judge.

They have been able to coerce the last two American Administrations to wage illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared wars in the Mideast through their use of Nuclear Blackmail.(1)

And they are in the final stages of transforming America into a Neo-Bolshevik Police State, with DHS as the New Red Cheka or as some insiders refer to as the New American Gestapo or Stasi.

Because of the Patriot Act, the NDAA and other supporting legislation by a Congress that betrayed America, these Neo-Bolshevik Invaders are now gaining complete jurisdiction and control of your local Police Department, the Alphabets and most American Intel including the CIA.

38783-israel-killing-machine2What is the name of this Neo-Bolshevik mega Police and Intel Agency that has hijacked America and is now taking control of your local Police, politicians and you and your family? It is called the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and was the wet dream of former Stasi head, Marcus Wolfe.

Wolfe was hired as a consultant to set this mega Police State Agency on behalf of the World Zionists, the Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizen Traitors, including the NeoCons, the PNACers, AIPAC principals and the Denver Circle of “Twelve Bloodthirsty Ones.”(2)

DHS was started by these Bolshevik Dual Citizens like Michael Chertoff (translated from Russian as “Son of the Devil”). DHS has a sordid history so far, marred by perverted management and a serious, scandalous sexual scandal which has been largely suppressed. It leaked into the Controlled major Mass media but was quickly suppressed and consisted of a story about a lawsuit from some male DHS managers who were forced by “Twisted Sister” to move their offices into the male lavatory.

There were so many rumors inside DHS of lesbo action going on inside the top offices that DHS started to be called “Homoland Security” by insiders. This is the kind of gutter morality and lack of character that DHS is based on.

But you wouldn’t be surprised if you knew about the actual origins and Agenda of DHS, which is a direct successor to the 1917 City of London World Zionist Bolsheviks it is based on. These are the most savage murderers of women and children in history. These creatures of the night love every kind of sexual perversion and are quick to peddle such, “stoking the flesh” to make big money.

What are the Neo-Bolshviks who run DHS really like?

It is high time for you to be introduced to the Neo-Bolsheviks who are direct descendent of the Bolsheviks, find out what they are really like, and what they plan to do to you and your families including any infants or children. It is important to realize that history shows these Neo-Bolsheviks to take no prisoners.

Yes, they should be considered a “Chip off the old block” of their progenitors the Bolsheviks who ran the Red Terror of the Russian Revolution in 1917 and beyond.

Wanta 1Note, this Bolshevik system was finally stopped and disassembled in Soviet Russia in 1989-1990 by President Reagan’s Secret Agent Lee Wanta on behalf of the United States of America. But unfortunately that was not the end of this World Zionist (WZ) Bolshevism. It has risen once again in America in the from of Neo-Bolshevism and the creation of the new WZ monster, Homeland Security, exported direct from Israel to America.

Not only has the Bush Crime Cabal prevented Ambassador Wanta from access to his money that he has pledged to use to re-industrialize and  revitalize America with a new High Speed Maglev Railroad and an immediate two million good job opportunities for Americans. The BCC jailed him with no charges , tried to murder him, and continues to harass him.

Ambassador Lee Wanta is one of the greatest American Heroes and currently the best Senior Statesman “We the People” have and it is a crime to ignore him and not use his vast expertise in International affairs and economy building skills. Ambassador Wanta should be a senior USG State Department consultant assigned responsibility for taking America back and nationalizing the so-called WZ Federal Reserve System, which he has already said would be one of the first things that must be done.

Anyone who reads Ambassador Wanta’s incredible story will understand why we need a senior statesman in a high USG position like Lee Wanta to deal with this most serious problem. He fixed it once and can do it again. He was unable to finish the job at home because the Bush Crime Cabal shot President Reagan and blocked his efforts to get America back on track economically.

But its not over yet. There is a growing movement to force the BCC out and allow Ambassador Wanta to implement his Reconstructing America Plan which will begin as soon as he obtains access to his 27.5 Trillion dollars which has been illegally blocked by the BCC.

If this movement supporting the Wanta Reconstructing America Plan succeeds, all Americans will be able to use and enjoy a High Speed Maglev Train crossing America at very reasonable rates, along with 2,000,000 immediate good job opportunities, which would also be accompanied by an resurgence of American heavy industrial manufacturing and many spin-off support industries and businesses and then even more good job opportunities.

Ambassador Wanta’s plan is the solution for this failing economy and will likely create a whole new Industrialized America that will provide plenty of good job opportunities for anyone that wants to work and create a good lifestyle for them-self and/or their family.

Wanta! Black Swan White Hat available on in digital form for researchers who want easy access to important documents) or his web site will be amazed at all his capabilities and accomplishments he used to prevent a nuclear WW3 while creating a win/win situation for the new leaders of the Russian Federation which formed as the Soviet System collapsed because of his work.

How did the Bush Crime cabal ever gain so much power to be able to block access of Ambassador Wanta to the money that is rightfully his, money he has pledged to revitalize the American economy with and build a state of the art, High Speed “Coat to Coast” Maglev Railroad?

Folks wonder how come the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) gained so much power and prominence over the years of its existence. Bush 1 was the apparent CIA Op40 Coordinator for the JFK Assassination and was photographed in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963 during the Assassination.

As VT Editor, Radio Host and insider Mike Harris has stated numerous times during the last several years, the BCC was able to embed numerous deep cover agents and assets into high USG positions where they could take orders from the BCC and skirt the Rule of Law for the BCC.

And it is also known that the BCC which more accurately should be called the Scherf Crime Cabal was sent to America through Prescott Bush on behalf of the City of London Banksters to protect the Federal reserve System and form a working alliance and partnership with the Israeli leaders and their stateside assets, which later became the NeoCons, PNACers and “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens, both of which entities worked as action-agents for the City of London WZs.

So naturally it takes a long time and is quite a difficult prospect to route these BCC cronies out of the USG including the CIA and the Military. Fortunately that is exactly what the American new High Military Command is now doing, step by step.

Unbeknownst to almost all of the people who live there, the WZs have covertly produced a pure Luciferian Society in Israel and have exported it to America by infiltrating and hijacking America through the private Federal Reserve System, which is neither a Bank or a Reserve. The stateside WZ cutouts have been able to use the City of London Babylonian Money-power to buy and own almost every single Member of Congress and USG Official through AIPAC and the like lobbying and PAC money Political Donations.

In Israel the World Zionists (WZs) have produced the notably cruel Israeli Apartheid against Palestinians, which is a pure Luciferian society and nation that flies the hex fag of two triangles merged, signifying Luciferian “Fallen Angel” Beast Blood mated to female Human Blood. This same Luciferian system is now being re-created in and being deployed in America to transform America into the world’s largest open air Prison Camp, the New GAZA II with Americans to become the New Palestinians.

Not only did World Zionist Bolshevism maintain a stronghold in the City of London, but it also survived intact in Israel which was set up by Russia Bolshevik leaders as an Intel output with the goal of infiltrating American Intel which it did through the CIA’s own James Jesus Angleton and others. When the Soviet Union fell Israel remained a solid Bolshevik outpost and is such even to this very day.

And Neo-Bolshevik Israel has been used as the main action-agent of City of London Bolshevism to infiltrate and hijack the American Congress, most USG officials and Federal Judges and now American Intel, Alphabets and Police Departments through their new, Neo-Bolshevik Homeland Security (DHS).

This negotiated and notably peaceful end to the Cold War which Agent Wanta negotiated involved a win/win Agreement of Cooperation between America, the Soviet Union which was ending and the new leaders of the  new Russian Federation in which all parties agreed to respect each other national boundaries and refrain form threatening each others borders in any manner through bordering nations.

The current US Administration has now been actively violating this Agreement of Cooperation that was successfully negotiated by Lee Wanta which ended the Cold War before it went nuclear.

DO NOT EXPOSE OUR EVILThese World Zionist Neo-Bolsheviks operating out the City of London and Israel through AIPAC, the ADL, B’nai B’rith, the SPLC have used Nuclear Blackmail and all their purchased influence with the massive “all you may need” Federal Reserve “funny money” aka Debt-notes, to gain special interest Congressional Legislation needed to set up and deploy the new American Homeland Security (DHS).

These Neo-Bolsheviks have been able to seize control over almost every Police Department in America. They were able to do so using the their Phony War on Terror and continuing nuclear blackmail to force the passage of laws by a bribed, bought, human-compromised US Congress. And yes, the last two Administrations were also “Nuclear Blackmailed” into submission to go along.(3)

As recent Russian and French (and others) Intel dumps, translated and released into the public domain have shown, the World Zionists operating out of the City of London through their main Cutouts the Israelis, blew up the NYC Twin Towers on 9/11/01 with pre-planted nukes sold to them by Bush1 when he was President.(4)

These nuclear bombs were made from US decommissioned Nuclear Pitts taken out the back door of Pantex, sold to the Israeli’s by Bush1 and then taken to Israel and reprocessed and updated.

Bush2 was blackmailed by the Israeli operatives and basically told, “you dad provided these, if you don’t go along that will come out and besides we have twenty-five more planted in American Cities we can set off at will and turn America into a third world parking lot if you cross us.”

Meet the Neo-Bolsheviks. You are not going to like them at all. But they have hijacked America! You are not going to like what you find out, but you do need to know what you and your families now face and must stop one way or another.

The best way to understand what all Americans now face in their own communities consists of it to understand what Bolshevism was like in 1917 during the Bolshevik revolution, planned and payed for by the City of London World Zionist Banksters and their American franchisees the Federal Reserve System and the large Wall Street Banks.

When these Bolsheviks Demons seized Russia in 1917, they murdered the Czar, his wife and children in cold blood, and then proceeded to serially mass-murder Sixty-Six million Russian Citizens in the biggest most demonically evil slaughter ever conducted in history (source: Solzenizten, Gulag Archipelago).

The most brutal torture imaginable was deployed against many victims and there was no mercy for women and children either who were also tortured and slaughtered by the millions.

Some of this can be learned about from the history book if one does some detailed deep library study, but most Americans just plain have no idea what Bolshevism is or that it is back here in America in our local communities here and now.

Here are some equivalencies which will help you understand who really runs things and the relationship of World Zionism to Neo-Bolshevism, which is now attempting to destroy America, tyrannize and disarm all American Goyim and then systematically serially mass-murder them.  And all the horsepower is provided by Luciferianism and

NeoBolsheviks = Bolsheviks = City of London World Zionists (WZs) = Luciferians = Satanic Cults = Synagogue of Satan = Kenites = Worldwide System of interlinked Death Cults = Old European Black Nobility = Sabbatteans = Frankists = Very Top Levels of World Freemasonry = OTO = Human and Infant Sacrificers for Satanic Blood Power and spells = worldwide Network of pedophiles and sex traffickers of children = The Cain Bloodline = Fabian Socialists = Tavistock Institute Mindkontrollers = Theosophists = Top Rosicruceans = Worldwide Network of illegal Drug dealers = Worldwide Network of arms dealers = Draconians = Babylonian Talmudism = Kabbalism = Zoharism = City of London Zionist Private Central Banksters = Federal Reserve System = Major Wall Street Bank Controllers = PNAC = NeoCons = Illuminati = Denver Council of twelve “Bloodthirsty Ones” = Controllers of Homeland Security = Ruling Oligarchs of Israel = Israel, the last bastion of pure Soviet Union Bolshevism = Fourth Reich = DVD = Church of the Process of the Final Solution (Kanab Utah).

Note:  World Zionism which evolved from Ancient Babylonian Money-Magick, the Black Luciferian Arts, and the art of making money from nothing through pernicious usury, deception and financial fraud is the horsepower behind World Zionism aka Neo-Bolshevism today. The secret poison and the sword of covert assassinations, mass-murder, blackmail and terror are its age old vehicles of oppression, tyranny and “Death to the Masses” through pre-staged wars and assassination to anyone who challenges their Luciferian Black power from the Dark Side.

These “Bloodline Families” never change, only become more deeply embedded in their Luciferian anti-human practices and values and must be stopped cold if any human society including America as we know it is to survive these “Creatures of the Night” which are lacking any human soul or consciences.

They are the Ultimate Con-men, the pure Sociopaths and are Criminally Insane, and nothing they say is ever true.  They are the Kings of Duplicity and Darkness, and they purposefully lie repeatedly to manipulate the masses while they secretly conspire to plunder and murder.

The best way to understand the Neo-Bolsheviks is to learn about what their progenitors the Bolsheviks were like and what they did in Russia in 1917 to Sixty-Six million Russians.

As you watch these video clips keep in mind that Homeland Security is a reincarnation of the old City of London World Zionists Bolshevism of 1917, and is actually a New American Neo-Bolshevik Red Cheka.

Here is a short video clip which shows how Lenin transformed the Revolution into a mass-murder machine of complete oppression which lasted until 1990.

The next video clip, excerpted from a now famous Russian Federation movie called “The Chekist”, shows how the Bolshevik Chekas operated as a mass-murder machine in many Russian Cities. This is what some insiders believe that Homeland Security’s Secret Agenda is for most American Cities while under World Zionist (WZ) occupation by the Department of Homeland security (DHS).

It is now  is now known that DHS was created and is now operated by Israeli-America “Israeli-first” Dual Citizen Traitors who are Neo-Bolsheviks and descents of those original City of London created and financed World Zionists (WZ) Bolsheviks who ran the Cheka Red Terror in Russia.

The next video clip exposes the massive Bolshevik terror and executions of many millions of Russian Citizens, especially in the Ukraine to socially re-engineer Russian Society. After you finish watching this you will probably realize that the Neo-Bolsheviks who hijacked the USG are now planning to use this same method they used in the Ukraine, an artificially created famine, to re-engineer America and kick off their mass-murder of most American Goyim unless stopped cold by “We the People.”

This and more, is what the Dual Citizen leaders and controllers of Homeland security have planned for you and your families unless we all work together to stop them. Remember, most who work for DHS have no idea who really runs DHS or what their sinister, demonic (evil beyond imagination) Agenda truly is.

If you get a chance do your best to respectfully inform them of this secret hidden Agenda of tyrannizing, detaining and serially mass murdering most American “Goyim”. And please do everything you can within reason to stop this New Red Cheka also now called the New American Gestapo or New American Stasi by Insiders.


Nobody has yet decisively figured out what these soulless, bloodthirsty Neo-Bolshevik “Creatures of the Night” are, their true origins, why they generate Death Cults everywhere they go, or why they work so compulsively to destroy Human Society, human government and Mankind itself.

Why they show no mercy at all but expect maximum mercy and consideration for their own criminally insane, clearly sociopathic tribal behaviors?  Certainly it is time for all Americans, aka “We the People” to wake up and route these Neo-Bolsheviks completely out of America including the USG, every community and every single Police Department.

And it is time to defund DHS and put them out of business for ever. In order to do this it must be fully exposed what the Neo-Bolsheviks are, how they stealthily infiltrated and hijacked America through the money power of the Unconstitutional, illegal, fraudulent, World Zionist (WZ) private Federal Reserve System, the greatest fraud in History.

These most evil entities from the Dark Side must be fully exposed for using Nuclear Blackmail to coerce the Administration into fighting illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

And for coercing the Bush2 Administration into allowing the Neo-Bolsheviks to set up and run Homeland Security which has essentially created an Israeli occupation of America, planning to transform America into GAZA II, making “we the People” the New Palestinians before they mass murder all of us which is their secret Agenda like they did to at least Sixty-Six million men women and children in Russia in 1917.

Bonus Addendum for those who have time and interest.

Now for some very secret history from the past concerning J. Edgar Hoover the FBI Director that held his position until 1972 when he was covertly assassinated by CIA operative who put shell fish toxin in his toothpaste.

The hit was allegedly conducted by E. Howard Hunt and an co-operative after clandestine entry into the Hoover residence where J. Edgar and Clyde Tolson lived. J. Edgar was a rabid anti-communist but he was never able to tell “the rest of the story”.

The true secret of International Communism being run by World Zionism sheep dipped as Mossad and the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS), the largest crime syndicate in the world and empowered by the World Zionists private Fiat central Banking of the City of London and its franchisees. J. Edgar Hoover is known for his famous quotation:

“The individual is handicapped, by coming face-to-face, with a conspiracy so monstrous, he cannot believe it exists. The American mind, simply has not come to a realization of the evil, which has been introduced into our midst . . . It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy, which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.” – FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, 1956

What J. Edgar Hoover was referring to was never fully delineated by him, except to several close friends. Many assumed it was Soviet Communism. Actually it was far more, namely, the whole World Zionist System which was running Nazism, Bolshevism, the Mafia and every other ‘ism. And he knew that all these wars and drugs and corruption tracked back to the City of London and the private Zionist Central Banking System.

But why did he never dare to mention this specifically or go after it. the answer is that he was blackmailed by the World Zionists WZs) through individuals like James Jesus Angleton of the CIA and the leaders of the Cosa Nostra as well as the leaders of the Kosher Nostra, who had a working relationship.

These parties all had copies of real photos with original negatives of J. Edgar in a very compromising act with his live-in “friend” Clyde Tolson. This was known by J. Edgar’s party crowd who saw him cross-dressed and demanded to be addressed as “Mary”.

Infamous attorney Roy Cohn  supplied him with Little boys to pedophile, and many of them were murdered afterwards (probably unbeknownst to J. Edgar) and buried on Roy Cohn’s personal farm. the Saturday right after J. Edgar’s murder, guess who showed up in a white station wagon to clean out J. Edgar’s most secret files he kept at home with dirt on everyone important? Yes, you guessed it, it was the CIA’s very on James Jesus Angleton, the man who ordered his murder.

Right before he was assassinated, President John F. Kennedy was quoted stating:

“There’s a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman and child. Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose this plot.” – President John F. Kennedy before his assassination

it is now known because of information passed by insiders that JFK was referring to the International World Zionist Banking Conspiracy run out of the City of London that produced continual war and many tyrannical ‘isms, all which served as precursors to large international wars which made vast profits for the Banksters.

JFK has signed an executive order authorizing and ordering the US Treasury to print US Dollars independently from the United states of America with no involvement of the Fraudulent, criminal, Unconstitutional Fedral Reserve System.

JFK discovered this massive World Zionist Conspiracy to infiltrate, hijack and destroy America the Republic and was beginning to take serious action to expose it and defeat World Zionism’s stranglehold over America.

He had already identified Israel as the main Cutout for the World Zionists and knew they were working hard to acquire nuclear materials from American defense contractors  and he made moves to block this. For these reasons and others related to his threat to splinter the CIA into pieces and blame against him for the bay of Pigs failure ( a set up by McGeorge Bundy to make the US Military and the CIA angry at him), he was assassinated.

The JFK assassination was done in broad daylight according to Masonic symbology and numerology as a public warning to all not to buck the World Zionists (WZs). His murder took place soon after began bucking WZ/Israeli attempts to acquire American Plutonium and his decision to withdraw from Vietnam. It is known now that the Vietnam War was a WZ war to get a new opium pipeline and make big war profits for the WZ Banksters while creating the deaths and woundings of thousands of young American Goyim, and ruining their lives and health if they did survive.

By now you should understand this is the World Zionists (WZ’s) standard intended treatment for young American Goyim is to use them up and get rid of them, or disable and weaken them and ruin them for life.

JFK was murdered by the US Secret Service, the JCS, the CIA (Op40), and the Cuban revolutionaries with a little help from the Cosa Nostra from Chicago which just happened to be secretly run by the Meyer Lanski’s Kosher Nostra.

It is interesting to note that if the secret Service had followed standard protocol and regulations, he would never have been assassinated in Dealey plaza on November 22, 1963, which was the operational murder of the American Republic also. It was the Bush Crime cabal who managed the JFK Assassinations for their partners the World Zionists (WZs).

It is more than interesting that the US Secret Servicemen and women are employees of the US Department of the Treasury and the Secretary of the Treasury’s salary at the time was paid by the World Bank. Who do you think pulled his strings at that time? Could it be the WZs out of the City of London who also ran Israeli’s Mossad, the Intel agency of the Neo-Bolsheviks running Israel?

It is now known that the Secret Service was created by the World Zionists (WZs) to keep a close eye on the POTUS, providing daily protection from crackpots and Mind-kontrolled zombie-killers, while at the same time serving the instructions of top WZ controllers.

Secret Service Agents placed in the top positions have been set in place to dispose of any President at the secret orders of the WZs, whenever the WZs decide he has gone out of his allowed parameters. They attempted this with President Reagan but failed, and allowed some MK-ultra patsies to get close to President Gerald Ford and others as a message to stay in their allowed parameters which they then did so.

Just one examine of the immense Caesarean Power of the World Zionist and their main Cutouts the NeoBolsheviks.

It is a fact that toxic chemicals are being dumped into the skies by aircraft to poison “We the People” as a part of the “Hiving Process”. Many call these toxic chemical dumps Chemtrail spraying, some call it Geo-engineering. Some pilots who fly these specially equipped planes have leaked information about what they have been told about what they have been spraying.

These are mere cover stories to hide the truth. One was told that it was to reflect the sun’s radiation back to prevent Global Warming. Another was told a different story that it was a new radar system operated by satellites and the particles were used to activate it.

The truth is that is is comprised of nano-particles of Barium, Aluminum and other toxic substances, sometimes human and animal blood cells and Haemophilus Influenza bacteria, sedatives, arsenic and many other toxic substances. It is now known that not only are specially equipped aircraft are used, but that these substances have been added in smaller quantities in normal jet fuel also.

Military contractors, one big one near Tuscon, AZ is providing many of the aircraft used. note: several real samples have been collected off of aircraft that started spraying too early and dropped liquid and gel on cars parked near where they took off from. These samples were analyzed in a certified lab and showed nano-particles of Barium, Aluminum and numerous toxic chemicals and bugs.

This aerosol spraying program is WZ soft-kill and also part of a Beyond-Black NSA Mind-Kontrol Program to Hive the Populace into a centrally controlled Hive mind connected to Psychotronic Emissions of a very large NSA Quantum computer. The following video is from a recent public information meeting put on by an Arizona State Senator but run by a no-nothing cover-upper working for a know-nothing, no jurisdiction Arizona State Agency, ADEQ.

If you have the time and interest, this video is very informative of how this issue is covered up at every level including the state level. It starts out a little slow but gets very informative about half way through. This video also shows how arrogant the WZs and the secret Shadow Government(SSG) really are. This is but one example of a full frontal multidimensional Eugenics and Psychotronic attack on “We the People” by NeoBolsheviks who hijacked America.

[youtube 1NJvRhO0V_A]




(3) Opcit.

(4) Gordon Duff on VT Financial Editor Mike Harris’s Radio Program, The Short End of the Stick,  6-20-2014




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  3. The, “High Tech GULAG” is developing, getting set up, right front of our, blindfolded eyes, we are getting herded, like Sheep, into the corral, “ANIMAL FARM”, where the PIGS, will rule over US, to eternity! What are WE to do? Are WE going to live up to Our, ‘The Declaration of Independence’? “.. that all Men are created equal, endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness..” Who is going to be BRAVE Enough, to step forward and FIGHT, for those UNALIENABLE RIGHTS?? That IS the Question, for all the Patriotic Citizens, of this, ‘ONCE’, ‘The Land of the Free’?

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