Brits in Coverup of US Tactical Nuke Use in Iraq

Furious British nuclear expert, 73, who appears on Russian state TV claims 'irritating' police arrested him on suspicion of making a bomb after he criticised the Government over radiation risks


Editor’s note: Busby worked with VT in 2010 investigating effects of the use of classified US nuclear weapons in Iraq.  These weapons, which produce enriched uranium, have caused a major increase in birth defects in Iraq.  Studies have been suppressed and now Busby has been arrested though later released by police Busby claims began fainting from hysterical fear of imaginary chemical weapons.

Busby’s research results show increases in cancer 20 times that of Chernobyl and twice that of those at Hiroshima.

America nuked Iraq, over and over, not just in 2003 but continued to use 4th and 5th generation tactical nuclear weapons and may well be doing so to this day, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria.

The initial research was for depleted uranium but highly enriched weapons grade uranium was found.

The smear against Busby, that he had appeared several times over many years on Russia Today is “classically British” and classically cowardly.

From the UK Daily Mail

  • Dr Chris Busby’s home in the sleepy Devon town of Bideford was raided by police
  • The scientist, 73, was in custody for 19 hours but released with no further action 
  • Police attended the address initially over concerns about a woman’s welfare
  • But officers complained of feeling unwell and were checked by an ambulance
  • He was arrested amid scared it was linked to poisoning of Russian Sergei Skripal  

Former research scientist Dr Chris Busby – an outspoken critic of the British Government’s handlings of the Salisbury poisoning – was held after officers reported feeling unwell during a raid on his property on Wednesday morning.

Police had initially targeted the address in the sleepy seaside town of Bideford, Devon, over concerns for a woman’s welfare.

Pro-Russian nuclear expert Dr Chris Busby was arrested at his home in Devon on Wednesday

However officers complained of feeling unwell and were immediately checked over by an ambulance Hazardous Area Response Team and fire crews.

The 73-year-old was arrested under the Explosives Act and spent 19 hours in custody.

Following his release Dr Busby told the BBC he believed that was down to ‘psychological problems associated with their knowledge of the Skripal poisoning’.

Police attended the address initially over concerns about a woman's welfare 

But officers complained of feeling ill and were checked by an ambulance Hazardous Area Response Team

The scientist said he was handcuffed and interviewed all night by police who suspected he was making a bomb, but the only substances found at his home were ‘innocuous chemicals for research into radiation’.

He returned home that night to find officers had searched his home laboratory and sealed off his property.

He said: ‘They destroyed my experiment. It was most irritating.’

Dr Busby said he felt he was being targeted because of his criticism of the Government’s current assessment of radiation risks.

The scientist thinks their mysterious illness was 'psychological' due to their fears of the Skripal poisoning

Devon and Cornwall Police said the matter was now not being treated as criminal, but as a matter of public safety.

A spokesman said: ‘Following searches within the property, a number of items were found which required expert analysis from specialist officers and an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team. Police have also been supported by fire and ambulance at the scene.

‘Police have worked closely with partner agencies to ensure the safety of the public and the property.

‘Enquires have now been completed at the address and it has been deemed that there is no risk to the wider public.

‘A 73-year-old man was arrested under the explosives act. He has since been released and no further action will be taken in relation to this incident.’


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  1. The problem with speaking truth to empire, in this case the AngloZionist Empire, is that the Empire always denigrates the truth-teller as a crazy conspiracy theorist or worse, a terrorist. Meanwhile, the Mighty Wurlitzer blares on and on about how the USA is a beacon of light and our troops are fighting for “freedom” all around the planet. Even so-called alternative media buys into the official BS.

    • How about sitting on a box of depleted Uranium sabot rounds in your tank. Thats’ got to give your swimmers some glow in the dark properties. Not to mention the damage to the civilian population. War f-cking hurts people, not just combatants. Which is why it is so important for combatants to protest war.

  2. I was trained with Tactical nukes, in 1962-64, while stationed with the 25th, ‘Tropic Lightening’ Div. at Schofield Barracks, Oahu. I was an, Indirect Fire Crew Man, 11C, Mortars, (81mm, 4,2″), 106mm Recoilless Anti Tank weapon, and also the, DAVEY CROCKET, a Nuclear Weapons System, (the NUKI)! It was placed on a Tripod and the propellant was by Recoilless Charges, came in two versions, if I recall it had, a larger and a smaller kiloton, projectile and the range was in the 3 to 5 and over 10 miles range! We were told at that time that the reason for the dry run practices, was, that the Soviets had a huge advantage in Armor, ‘Tanks’, in Europe, and that the US Army tacticians, were planning to use these Nuclear weapons in the, “FULDA GAP” to stop the Soviet Horde. In 1965-66, I was stationed with the 3rd and 8th Mech. Inf. Div. in West Germany and have not heard about the Davey Crockets since! We must have had hundreds of those Nuclear Projectiles in those years, they resembled giant mushrooms! Wonder what became of them?? and the, the go back to

    • According to VT the nuclear pits made there way to Israel and were reengineered into the 4th and 5th generation weapons that we currently suffer from.

    • in a workshop located in an iron mine in mali under the protection of the Polisario Liberation Front, a property owned a a former South African politician named DeKlerk

  3. Ah, the old … “we had a call about domestic a disturbance at this address” … it works everytime. One can’t deny a damsell’s distress.

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