Gosh, It couldn’t happen to a more deserving country

…from PressTV, Tehran

[ Editor’s Note: This could be the beginning of something. The Israelis, to counter this movement, will have to put ‘assets’ in play here, which means they have to expose themselves as such, which is alway just wonderful when they do that.

Cross your fingers that this will spread to other countries and their dock workers. The politicians in those countries will then also have to choose between Israel and their own unions. This could get very interesting.

I would suggest that this dockworkers union should get a lot of thank you calls. Despite the possibility of getting rid of having to listen to Bibi as PM, the new one is fully committed to taking over the West Bank and there never being a Palestinian state.

If the Zionist have the right to make the Palestinians stateless, then the work has the right of looking at putting Israel in a similar situation. The Israelis plan to impose their will with military and financial power, which hence gives the rest of the would permission to use the same tools.

What is good for the goose is good for the gander, as the old saying goesJim W. Dean ]

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First published … June, 05, 2021

Dockworkers in the US Port of Oakland have refused to unload an Israeli cargo ship as part of an international boycott campaign against Israeli atrocities against Palestinians.

Pro-Palestine Americans protesting the Israeli aggression against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip banned the Israeli ship docked on Friday morning in the port of Oakland in California from unloading its cargo, forcing it to leave the US harbor.

In a show of solidarity with the Palestinian people in the aftermath of the Israeli aggression on Gaza, the protesters held banners and waved Palestinian flags in support of the movement to impose an economic boycott on the Israeli regime.

“Back up! Back up! We want Freedom, Freedom! All these Zionist attacks, we don’t need ’em, need ’em,” demonstrators chanted, calling on the Israeli ZIM-operated cargo ship Volans to leave port.

“We’re picketing an Israeli-operated vessel – ZIM Volans – it spent over 2 weeks out at sea, unable to dock, for fear of this exact protest. Now its here, while it’s here, we’re doing a community picket.” Wassim, @AROCBayArea #BlockTheBoat #ShutdownApartheid pic.twitter.com/lSMLbkzXos

— GGJ (@ggjalliance) June 4, 2021

“Our goal today is to show the city of Oakland that we do not want them to do business with and allow Israeli apartheid money to come into our city,”  Wassim Hage, a spokesman for the demonstrators, told reporters.

“It’s part of an international picket movement at port cities around the world that will be going on over the next couple of weeks,” he pointed out.

According to Hage, members of the International Longshore and Warehouse’s Union Local 10 were amid the picketers at the Port as “a huge show of solidarity between organized working people and the struggle for Palestine liberation.”

Following our victory against the Israeli ZIM ship this morning, the Bay Area is gathering again at Middle Harbor Shoreline Park in the Port of Oakland to keep the ship from unloading. As long as the ship is here, we will be as well! #BlockTheBoat #BDS #EndIsraeliApartheid https://t.co/wES9cnytBD pic.twitter.com/I8AOWMqA76

— AROC #BlocktheBoat (@AROCBayArea) June 4, 2021

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators had prevented Volans from docking at Oakland’s harbor for more than two weeks after its scheduled arrival date.

Volans, which was apparently bound for Los Angeles according to an online schedule cited by electronicintifada, had attempted to avoid the anti-Israeli demonstrators.

“By refusing to unload Israeli cargo, Oakland workers are throwing a wrench in the Israeli economy and putting pressure on Israeli apartheid,” tweeted Jewish Voice for Peace.

“Each day the ZIM ship can’t unload, the largest Israeli shipping company loses millions of [dollars],” the group added.

In related news, dock workers in the South African port city of Durban refused to offload cargo from an Israeli container ship on Friday in solidarity with Palestinians and in protest against Tel Aviv’s hostilities on Gaza.

Pro-Palestinian activists across the globe have launched a coordinated campaign against Israeli atrocities against the besieged Palestinians suffering under Tel Aviv’s aggressive military actions killing defenseless innocent civilians.

The Israeli regime started a 12-day war against the Gaza Strip on May 10.

As a result of the brutal Israeli aggression, at least 248 Palestinians were killed in Gaza, including 66 children, with more than 1,900 people wounded.


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  1. Many states and the Feds have legislation “Israel Anti-Boycott Acts” . Fines of a million dollars a day for not investing in, or selling products to Israel. Many Colleges refused to invest, in any way, shape or form, in Israel, after they ran a bulldozer over a US protester trying to provide food and medical supplies to Palestinians. The US Government did nothing, but force the retraction, of anything that is not favorable to Israel. I am a American and want nothing to do with Israel, like most Americans. However, Trump proved, he can persuade people without a roof over their head , to give more money to Israel. There really is dumb and dumber.

  2. Wow, finally a really visible show of backbone in the US. Hopefully this will snowball and shine a bright light on the anti-BDS laws most don’t even know their states have. The vast majority of Arkansans never had a clue we had such a law…until it was declared unconstitutional. All it took to get rid of it was a small determined local newspaper not knuckling under. Most, even small papers, have long ago been sucked up by entities like USA Today (Gannett), as our local paper has been. We used to have an actual reporter, real news and local politics were spotlighted. Now we have a blather filled rag-sheet that only talks about corporate backed school sports, more business ads that you can count and rah, rahs for the rat-run government we now have. It’s no longer even printed here, it’s printed 120 miles away in Missouri! They never even reported on the loss of the anti-BDS law, we learned about it from the internet. Now, if you want to know what the latest schemes from TPTB are, they’re right there with that.

  3. Great news, thank you dockworkers!

    You are helping others to feel safe enough to learn the sordid truth about the Terrorist Theocracy of Israel & its loathsome self-pitying war criminals.

    Sooner or later a tipping point will be reached when enough people understand very clearly that Israel did 9-11. It can’t come soon enough.

    It’s not Iran who threatens the world with the “Sampson option.”

  4. One exception: that Ashkenazi dominated shit stain at the eastern end of the Mediterranean.

  5. Love your work, Jim. Been following VT for 10-15 yars and you’re always right on the money.

  6. Excellent application of protest. Sidestepping political action from government works.
    Deal with it directly. I wonder if this idea came after everyone got a lesson on big numbers from the ship stuck in the canal. Very savvy.

  7. Nice job Longshoremen. Unions, sometimes, still have balls. #801804 Ironworkers Local Union #3. 53 years a proud member.

  8. Time to send in hired goons armed with baseball bats, and wearing hardhats festooned with “MOSSAD love it or leave it”

  9. The first to do that they was port workers of Livorno in Italy they refused to load a ship transporting guns on the way to Ashdod port during last zionist Gaza strike

  10. If this had been in Florida, DeSantis would have a stevedore anti-BDS bill on his desk by Monday.
    This is a good start!

  11. I also am impressed Jim. “Baby steps” to quote the great Dr. Leo Marvin. My Lord the awareness of the average American pertaining to this topic is growing. In the PNW this topic is confronted daily by local businesses with signs in there shops supporting Palestinian statehood. Where I moved from recently in Texas, not so much!

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