A Whistleblower tells how NATO is the biggest ally in arming and financing ISIS and Gülen’s “fake” COUP

Yayla's real crime real crime is exposing the Erdogan regime that is up to its neck in terrorism


VT: This 2016 German story is being translated into English for the first time after being buried for 5 years.  This is what the public who paid attention were being told by VT as well. This is just more proof and it is all still going on, even worse than before, particularly after the marriage of former disgraced leaders Netanyahu and Trump openly sided with al Qaeda and ISIS.

by: Sonja van den Ende

I was the chief of police, who was asked to guard ISIS terrorists:

Ahmet Said Yayla

Facts listed:

– Turkey’s intelligence chief, Hakan Fidan, appointed as a member of the terror group linked to al-Qaeda and ISIS
– Turkish intelligence has provided direct military aid to ISIS for years
– Turkish government transferred military supplies to ISIS through humanitarian aid organizations
– ISIS fighters, including al-Baghadi, received free medical treatment in Turkey and “protection” from Turkish police
– The head of ISIS in Turkey received “24/7 protection” under President Erdogan’s personal command
– Turkish police investigations into ISIS were systematically destroyed
– ISIS oil is being sold with the complicity of authorities in Turkey and in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq.

NATO confirms Turkey’s role as an ally in the war against ISIS

A former senior counter-terrorism official in Turkey has made the facts public, saying that Turkey and NATO sponsored the Islamic State (ISIS) as a geopolitical tool to expand Turkey’s regional influence and allow President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to eliminate his political opponents .


Ahmet Sait Yayla was the head of the Counter-Terrorism and Operations Department of the Turkish National Police between 2010 and 2012, before becoming the head of the Public Order and Crime Prevention Department until 2014. Previously, he served in the Counter-Terrorism and Operations Division. worked as a “mid-level manager” before, during his 20-year police tenure, he became chief of police in Ankara and Sanliurfa.

In interviews with INSURGE intelligengence magazine, Yayla revealed that he personally witnessed the Turkish state sponsoring ISIS, this evidence and disclosure led him to resign. He decided to become a whistleblower, especially after Erdogan’s authoritarian crackdown on the failed military coup last July. This is the first time the former counter-terrorism chief has spoken to reveal what he knows about Turkey’s government support for Islamic terror groups.

The former Turkish National Police Chief Counter-Terrorism Chief speaks at a significant risk to his own family. As part of Erdogan’s crackdown after the failed military coup in July, his 19-year-old son was prevented from leaving the country and was eventually arrested on terrorism charges.
Yayla, has just launched his new book: ISIS Defectors: Inside Stories of the Terrorist Caliphate, co-authored by Professor Anne Speckhard, a NATO and Pentagon consultant specializing in the psychology of radicalization.
“Turkey is a supporter of the Islamic State and other jihadist groups,” Yayla said.
I know that first of all, as a former head of the Turkish National Police and what I went through there, this is why I ended up leaving the police force. And second, as a result of the former ISIS terrorists I interviewed as part of my research into the jihadist phenomenon -. Many of them say ISIS has the support of the official Turkish government”.

Goal of Erdogan Countercoup

Yayla is the first Turkish counter-terrorism official to claim first-hand knowledge of Erdogan’s covert support for Islamist terrorist groups. He has a deep understanding of the government’s relationship with ISIS, has worked closely with senior government officials in Ankara – including Erdogan himself – to discuss activities.

After making this public, Yayla disappeared from the scene for a while, with this new revelation:

July 30, 2016: “Sorry I couldn’t give more info but” Yayla wrote: “I was trying to get my son out of Turkey he was stopped at the border, after being released from prison for no reason. He is a student, a 19 year old boy. Of course, the reason is me, what I write and my stance against Erdogan. As you know, torture and other atrocities that I don’t want to think about have become common in the last two weeks in Turkey. Let me solve this crisis first and speak later if you don’t mind.”

Unfortunately, they arrested my son, wrote in another e-mail. 
“The charge is having a one dollar bill in his backpack, a sign that he is being blamed by the coup supporters.
He is 19, freshman student, has nothing to do with anyone who committed a coup, but it is only to get revenge on me because I will reveal the facts about Erdogan. ” Despite his own direct knowledge of the corruption of the Turkish national security system, Yayla was surprised at the development: 
“I never thought that they would act in this terrible way. You just can’t do anything. Literally, in the prosecutor’s indictment, two pieces of evidence were presented to qualify as a terrorist in an attempt to leave the country through legal means at a border crossing.  He was stopped as a result of being had an officer’s passport (green passport and he can only go to the EU visa-free with this passport obtained from the university where his son studied) and having a one dollar bill in his backpack that he got from me years ago as a souvenir, when I came back from a conference in the United States.
We have come to a point where words of frustration that we individually or as the victims of this coup attempt cannot describe!

August 4, the continuation of his story:  The first thing he wrote was that he was unable to stop crying, because of fear of what would happen to his son.

The situation was tough. Yayla did what it takes to find a good and brave lawyer. But lawyers are already being fired, killed or imprisoned by Erdogan – especially lawyers who take cases from people, who have been arrested by the authorities and are thus linked to the coup.

“So I can’t find a lawyer,” Yayla said. “The lawyers are scared. All they say is ‘We also have family, they will arrest us.”

Teams of counter-terrorism officers were sent to Yayla’s father’s home in Ankara. They had searched the house, asking repeated questions about Ahmet. Since then, Yavuz Yayla (son) has been in indefinite detention on terrorism charges and will be unsuccessful in the appeals process.

For Yayla, the real purpose of these actions is clear.

“They want to silence me”

“I know how they deal with ISIS. How to help ISIS directly. “

In the two months during his son’s detention, Yayla is unable to communicate with his son by telephone, although inmates have the right to call for ten minutes a week.

In early September, it appeared that the Turkish authorities had temporarily released Yavuz with all his personal belongings, only to detain him at the prison door again. This time, he was arrested again on the grounds that his passport had been canceled by the government. The lawyer Ahmet eventually found for his son has withdrawn from the case under pressure from Turkish intelligence.

In reality, Yavuz’s passport revocation is linked to his father. Turkish authorities had canceled the passports of Ahmet Yayla and his family members in July 2016, after Yayla wrote an article in the “World Policy Journal” calling for attention to read the evidence and Erdogan’s support for terrorism.

But that article barely made it into the media, nor what Ahmet Yayla knows firsthand about the Turkish government and its incestuous relationship with ISIS.

Humanitarian terror

Yayla said the controversial accusations in the Turkish press about support for militant groups in Syria by a Turkish charitable organization, the Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH), are completely accurate and reflect a troubled relationship between the Turkish government and the jihadist groups. .

On January 3, 2014, the Turkish daily “Hurriyet” reported that a significant amount of ammunition and weapons were found by Turkish police in trucks carrying so-called humanitarian supplies on behalf of the IHH to provide aid to Islamist rebels in Syria.

It soon became apparent, from the prosecutor and the witness statements of the police officers in legal proceedings, that the trucks would have been accompanied by officials from the Turkish state: the National Intelligence Organization (MIT).

The court testimony and documents alleged that missile parts, ammunition and mortar shells were found in the delivery trucks in areas of Syria under the control of jihadist groups in late 2013 and early 2014.

But Erdogan’s government banned all Turkish media from further reporting on the court proceedings. The allegations, the government claimed, were part of a conspiracy to undermine Erdogan’s presidency – organized by exiled Muslim cleric, Fethullah Gülen, who resides in the United States.

According to Ahmet Yayla, the allegations against Erdogan and IHH are inaccurate and have nothing to do with a Gulenist conspiracy.

“I was directly involved from the beginning of the counter-terrorism investigations into IHH,” Yayla said.

The leader of the IHH was arrested as a result of these investigations at the time and as a result of the evidence we obtained that the group behind was largely supportive of ISIS. The IHH have provided them with weapons and ammunition, including to many other jihadist groups in Syria, not just ISIS.

Yayla further notes that in 2010, the Gaza flotilla, in which an IHH-powered ship was prevented from reaching Gaza for humanitarian aid, was arranged with the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and with Erdogan’s approval that the ship never arrived. :

“Erdogan wanted people to think he was supporting Palestine by allegedly forcing the ship into Gaza. He was expected to be a hero. A number of people were killed in this. Erdogan used the incident to radicalize people in Turkey and around him.”

The official aid agency of the Turkish government – ​​Even before the fleet incident – ​​the IHH became the main partner of the Turkish International Cooperation Agency (TIKA) to distribute humanitarian aid around the world.

“Except that it wasn’t just humanitarian goods that the IHH is distributing. Among the goods were weapons, many weapons,” Yayla said.

Militante Roots

IHH’s chief benefactor in the Turkish government was Hakan Fidan, who had headed TIKA from 2003 to 2007. A former Turkish military officer, he became Undersecretary to the Prime Minister in 2007. Since 2010, he has been the head of Turkish state and intelligence agency MIT.

Hakan Fidan, head of Turkey’s National Intelligence Organisation (MIT)

But according to Ahmet Yayla, Fidan was the prime suspect in a string of terrorist attacks in the 1990s – when Yayla was working as a police officer in Ankara. The killings targeted left-wing Turkish intellectuals affiliated with the Cumhuriyet newspaper, in the form of car bombs and exploding packages. The victims: journalist Ugur Mumtu, women’s rights activist Bahriye Ucok and the intellectual Ahmet Taner Kislali.

Police actions traced the perpetrators of the attacks and would be run by the terrorist cell: Turkish Hezbollah (TH). Two key figures around Erdogan were identified by police as members of the cell: Hakan Fidan and Faruk Koca, one of the founders of the ruling AKP.

Turkish Hezbollah is a Sunni Islamist terrorist organization that emerged in the 1980s, originally run by a Kurdish faction. It is particularly active against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), and openly supports violence as a means of establishing an Islamic state in Turkey. Not to be confused with Hezbollah of Lebanon, which is a Shia party.

The group thus has no ties to the Lebanese group of the same name. But according to Yayla, during Turkish police operations, TH was found to have ties to elements of Turkey’s security apparatus.

A human rights organization released a documented report in 2000 showing an alarming pattern of ties between the Turkish security forces and TH, including testimonies from senior Turkish government officials – such as Minister Fikri Saglar, who claimed that Turkish Hezbollah had been governed from the start. by the “army” and “expanded and strengthened 1985 based on a decision at the National Security Council”

In April 1995, an official Turkish parliamentary report concluded that Turkish “military units were providing aid to a secret Turkish Hezbollah camp” in the Seku region, Gönüllü and Çiçekli villages, in Batman’s Gercüş district. “

TH has since been designated a terrorist organization by the Erdogan government.
In the past decade, TH has not renounced violence, now it has turned to political activity.

The violent legacy lives on. There is a direct link between TH, al-Qaeda and ISIS.

Halis Bayancuk, aka Abu Hanzala, is the emir of ISIS in Turkey. Earlier, Turkey had identified Bayancuk as the head of al-Qaeda’s Turkish branch on national public broadcaster TRT. Bayancuk is also the son of Haci Bayancuk, one of the founding members of TH.


Halis Bayancuk (right), the emir of ISIS in Turkey and son of Haci Bayancuk.


Police operations in 2007 in Bingol and Koceeli and in 2008 in Istanbul, Ankara and Diyarbakir revealed high-level cooperation between TH leaders and al-Qaeda. A large al-Qaeda network in Turkey led by Muhammed Yasar associated with TH.

Emrullah Uslu, a former analyst with Turkey’s National Police Counter-Terrorism Unit, says most of al-Qaeda’s network members in Turkey have “had contact” with TH.

Today, TH is a splinter faction of ISIS, which is recruiting new Salafi jihadists to fight “alongside ISIS” and other extremist groups in Syria,” Turkish journalist Sibel Hurtas reported.

“Hundreds of pages of documentation about Turkish Hezbollah were discovered during the Ankara police raids at the time,” Yayla said, referring to the spate of killings in the 1990s:

“The files turned out to be direct links between the intelligence agency, and two figures who are now very close to Erdogan: Hakan Fidan and Faruk Koca. And they showed that both Fidan and Koca were part of Turkey’s Hezbollah and the terrorist cell behind those attacks. ”

As a result of the police investigation, Fidan fled Turkey to Germany, then moved to the US, where he stayed and lived in exile. When the AKP came to power under Erdogan, Fidan returned to Turkey and took over his role as head of the Turkish aid agency, his “terror cell and terrorist” status inexplicably disappearing.

DAESH bastard child of the “Turkish State
Because of its humanitarian credentials, the IHH, now along with the Turkish government led by TIKA’s Fidan, are the “perfect cover” for Erdogan to push through and escalate his covert Syria strategy.

 The secret strategy was continued under the leadership of the Fidan, (new) head of the Turkish MIT.

If Yayla’s statements are correct, then the current head of Turkey’s powerful MIT is a member of Turkey’s  al-Qaeda-affiliated Hezbollah, responsible for terrorist killings of left-wing dissidents in the 1990s.

As of about 2012, Yayla stated, several hundred trucks of “deliveries” were sent to Syria by the IHH.

He further described a number of active police operations against the IHH as a result of the agency’s relations with al-Qaeda, Yayla further confirmed that there was a major operation involving anti-terror raids in Gazientep, Van, Kilis, Istanbul, Adana and Kayseri IHH, he had discovered close ties to al Qaeda and ISIS agents who supply weapons to jihadist groups across the border.

Although Erdogan and his ministers condemned the police operation that Yayla carried out, he promoted that the operation was the result of an ongoing police investigation into jihadist support within Turkey — a Gulenist conspiracy.

But the IHH was only one channel for these actions in support of the Syrian jihadists.

“The rest of the operations were performed directly by MIT,” Yayla said. MIT openly transported weapons and explosives to Syria by truck as well as potential fighters transported by buses, several times. Some of them were caught by us “the Turkish police. ”

Thousands of foreign fighters have passed through Turkey in recent years to join various groups to fight against Bashar al-Assad’s government in Syria, killing thousands of civilians.

This is the first time that Ahmet Yayla’s interview with “INSURGE” testifies and provides evidence and direct confirmation from an “insider” that Erdogan’s government has turned a blind eye to the jihadist movement through Turkey to Europe, but Turkish police had detected the role of Turkish state intelligence and is now making public that Erdogan’s government is directly involved in sending jihadists to Syria, who came directly from Europe, thus supporting ISIS and other jihadist groups, to this day.

Yayla was not directly involved in these operations, but became aware of the damning findings during his senior police role, he had unrestricted access to the relevant documents.

Bombs for charity
 The IHH has long been suspected of terrorist ties by Western intelligence services. A confidential “State Department” cable from the US Embassy in Istanbul obtained by Wikileaks, dated July 21, 2006, confirms that the IHH is “suspected of international financing of terrorism… In 1997, local officials of IHH’s Istanbul headquarters were arrested after a raid by the security forces andfirearms, explosives and bomb-making instructions were discovered.”

The cable describes a funeral following the death of al-Qaeda-affiliated Chechen military commander Shamil Basayev, co-hosted by the IHH, and personally attended by IHH president, Bulent Yildirim.

Basayev was designated a terrorist individual by the State Department in 2003 as a result of his involvement in several civilian hostage massacres and suicide bombings, as well as his “ties to al-Qaeda.”

In this context, the rest of the secret cable is worth mentioning:

 Mourners chanted Arabic slogans interspersed with the following sentences in Turkish: ‘Killer Russians – Out of Chechnya,’ ‘Killer Israelis – Out of Palestine,’ ‘Killer Americans out – From the Middle East,’ ‘Shamil Basayev – Your way is our way. Join the resistance ‘as a possible reference to the upcoming elections when in Turkey, Yildirim also had a message for the Turkish government, ‘Do not support unbelievers – if you are righteous, we are ready for you . To follow you “Halfway through the ceremony, the participants burned a flag – which we couldn’t see – to the delight of the crowd.

Yayla confirmed that the 1997 IHH police raid had identified direct links between the foundation and al-Qaeda. IHH personnel, he said, were being prepared for combat operations in Chechnya, Bosnia and Afghanistan.

Documents were found during a raid and it turned out that weapons were secretly supplied to groups linked to Osama bin Laden.

ISIS supporters also regularly shipped spare parts and improvised explosive devices across the Turkish border with Syria with impunity!

Photos provided solely to “INSURGE” by Yayla, which he obtained directly from former ISIS members, show how ISIS members handle so-called “hell fireball bombs” made from liquefied petroleum gas tanks, the components manufactured in Konya, a city ​​in Turkey where hundreds of ISIS supporters live.

“A former ISIS member said these supplies come from sources protected by Turkish security forces,” Yayla said.

Yayla’s source a “defector” confirmed that the parts are being trucked across the border into Syria to make the bombs. The trucks pass through Turkish customs without any problems. “They killed hundreds of civilians and children in Syria,” Yayla said.

“They are very effective. The defector explained that they are at least ten times more powerful and deadly than regular mortars. All materials for these bombs were brought to Syria from Turkey and they were purchased from Turkey. “

The police ordered to ISIS protect

It is Ahmet Yayla’s personal experience with Turkey’s official sponsorship of ISIS that is perhaps the most damning of all.

“I have seen and heard a few times with my own eyes and ears from the governor of Sanliurfa [a town on the Turkey-Syria border] talking to leaders of terrorist groups in Syria,” Yayla said.

In a number of “high-security” meetings with police chiefs, Yayla and his colleagues waited while the governor made phone calls with rebel leaders.

“It was really shocking,” Yayla said. “He (the governor) spoke openly about the situation in Syria, and repeated questions over the phone about how he could help provide them with everything they needed, food, medicine, weapons, literally anything they needed.”

It came to a head when the governor – who is a political appointee of the Ministry of the Interior – began demanding that Yayla supervise the protection of hundreds of ISIS fighters being shipped to Turkey to receive medical treatment.

“I am the chief of police who was asked by the governor to guard ISIS terrorists. And I was assigned police officers for this task,” Yayla said. “The official police records of this policy still exist and can be seen in the missions of these programs. This data cannot be destroyed. ”

“I was the officer assigned to guard terrorists!!

Fighting close to the Turkish border was so intense as of 2013 that hundreds of jihadist rebels had been injured:

“ISIS fighters were brought across the border from Sanliurfa in Turkish hospitals where they were treated. As chief of police, I was asked by the governor to send my officers and provide them 24/7 protection for terrorists who were injured. It got to a point where so many ISIS members were being treated that I couldn’t find enough agents to guard those terrorists.

It was we who suffered from a severe labor shortage as a result of these demands. When that point was reached, I had no choice but to tell the governor, I really didn’t care anymore, I told him I didn’t have the manpower and, the city is suffering – and I can’t do my job anymore.

The governor was angry, Yayla said, but due to the sheer volume of ISIS fighters arriving in Turkey for medical treatment, his demands could not be met.
Fadhul Ahmed al-Hayali, ISIS terrorist, was secretly receiving medical treatment from Turkish authorities.

“It was so crazy you could even see ambulances coming and going with the European license plates that had ISIS terrorists on them,” Yayla said.

(picture above) Abu al-Baghdadi’s deputy, Fadhil Ahmed al Hayali, was wounded by an American bombing raid. He lost his leg and he was taken to one of the Turkish hospitals and treated. Then he returned to Syria. No one paid money for the treatment. It was completely “free. “
The policy of providing free medical aid to ISIS fighters lasted for two years until 2015. President Obama’s push to close the borders on Erdogan followed the same year.

Stop fighting terrorists

Yayla’s open misgivings about reducing police operations against the terrorists eventually led to his forced resignation, the governor forcing him to resign from his “counter-terrorism” unit.

“I was so excited about the fight against terrorism that I created a system to catch the terrorists before they even developed a new ‘cell’, Yayla said.

“If someone was involved in terrorism, I would send the police to intervene, for example by speaking with relatives to prevent further radicalization. So my officers started to intervene as soon as we detected their activities (ISIS). ”

But the governor disagreed.

“He didn’t like what I was doing, so he fired me from the ‘counter-terrorism unit’. Because of my seniority in the Turkish National Police, he couldn’t finish me off. So instead he made me responsible for the Ministry of Public Order and Investigation. ”

Yayla, meanwhile, continued to use his authority to crack down on terrorists. He asked officers in his department to stop the policy and arrest suspects, suspected terrorists who were in and around the city and continue the work of counter-terrorism. Unsurprisingly, he said, “Of course when the governor heard about this, he didn’t want to hear about this idea!”

In fact, Yayla complained:

“Most of the time the emergency center went and was urged to counter-terrorism, no one was sent. Instead, Turkish counter-terrorism officers would have direct telephone contact with senior officials who told them to let the terrorists walk. ‘Why would you stop them? Let them go,” they would say. ”

Yayla said that as a result of this policy, ISIS was able to ramp up its presence in Turkey in large numbers, with complete impunity:

“Basically, the police were not allowed to stop ISIS in the city.”

Yayla’s most shocking allegations are that the Turkish government has directly protected the leader of Turkish ISIS, Halis Bayancuk, also known as Abu Hanzala, the son of one of the founders of Turkey’s Hezbollah.

“My police sources confirm that Erdogan provided 24/7 police protection to Bayancuk in 2015, Yayla said. “I still have evidence by communicating with other police sources and chiefs. They routinely complain that the top Turkish authorities are cooperating with ISIS and that their efforts to arrest ISIS members in Turkey are being hampered by the counter-terrorism department. “

Photographs of two ISIS members being arrested separately by Turkish police provided exclusively to INSURGE by Yayla

Yayla describes some examples when his own ISIS officials went to investigate suspicious activity, without any support from their counter-terrorism colleagues:

“ISIS members shave their beards and cut their hair as soon as they arrive in Turkey so that they can blend in with society. Detectives track  their movements from the day of their arrival in Turkey to their activities in the city, collecting and exchanging data with the “counter-terrorism unit”. But they would get no support from this counter-terrorism department. Instead, they would be told ‘don’t stop them, it’s not your job.’ And to make matters worse, the police close the investigation of the terrorists. “

Yayla went on to say that the failed coup had provided the Erdogan regime with a perfect opportunity to liquidate and imprison the officials who criticized these policies under the guise of a Gulenist conspiracy: “Many of these officials cannot pronounce – if they speak they will be arrested or killed. ”

A logistical safe haven – blood for oil

Turkey, a key member of NATO and the alleged ally of the West in the fight against ISIS, has now become an open safe haven for jihadists: “ISIS has a large logistical support base in Gaziantep. For example, all NATO uniforms are made in Gaziantep, maybe more than 60,000, in the last two years. ”

This is not entirely surprising, given that Gazientep used to be the main logistics base, TH and later al-Qaeda in Turkey.

“There are domed buildings in Gazientep, where the jihadists live – both ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra [former al-Qaeda group renamed Jabhat Fateh al-Sham],” said Ahmet Yayla. “These are large apartments filled with jihadists. Many of these jihadists do not even bother to mix with the population. They also retain their striking appearance, with their clothing style and long beards. And they go back and forth freely across the border into Syria. “

But Yayla’s astonishing revelations about the Turkish government’s support for ISIS is not over. He also referred to statements he had obtained from dozens of interviews with ISIS defectors, who lived in Turkey, or now in Syria. Some of these explanations are now explored in Yayla’s book with his academic colleague Prof. Speckhard: ISIS defectors, but also in their recent article in the (academic) journal: Perspectives on Terrorism.

Allegations that Erdogan’s son and son-in-law are directly involved in ISIS oil smuggling have appeared in the Turkish press have been fervently denied by the government.

Regardless of these claims, Yayla has sources of his own, the ISIS defectors, who confirmed the role of both Turkey and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in northern Iraq in facilitating the ISIS oil sale to Europe.

“The main route to get the oil from ISIS territory is through northern Iraq,” Yayla said. “ISIS oil is transported by truck and mixed in northern Iraq with oil from there. This is why the KRG and Erdogan are friends, although they don’t let the outside world know, because they are enemies there. ”


ISIS made so much money selling the oil that they had to stop counting the money in currency and started counting with weights in kilograms instead.

A former ISIS emir told Yayla:

“Some of the oil goes directly to Turkey, but most of it goes to northern Iraq and is mixed with Iraqi oil there.”

Volgens Plateau:

“He [the ISIS defector] knows that for both Turkey and the KRG, the ISIS protecting tankers, they have not stopped protecting, they are almost untouchable. – tanker after tanker after tanker. Roads are blocked so as not to raise suspicion and keep ISIS out of harm’s way, including other terrorist (Al-Queda, Fatah al Sham) organizations.

He [the ISIS defector] and a few other ISIS sources told me that those trucks and tankers were able to pass checkpoints without any problems, without being asked to stop. This just proves that ISIS is and was under command with the Turkish government.

The Turkish government has shown no signs and is marginally interested in investigating these issues. Multiple requests for comment were sent to the Turkish embassy in London regarding allegations and about Yayla’s treatment of his son. To date no response has been received.

The NATO alliance and terror
I asked Yayla the big question.


Why would Turkey fund ISIS, the terror group has also attacked Turkey in recent years and hit targets and people inside Turkey?

Yayla speculates that political corruption at the highest level of the Erdogan government has eroded the national security of Turkish society.

“Make no mistake. For Erdogan, political Islam is just a useful tool to consolidate his support base in Turkey. And it is now his main tool to use against any domestic opposition to his rule . – In particular the Kurds, who are a powerful fighting force against ISIS”

Most disturbing of all is NATO’s deafening silence.

Responding to claims of Turkish state sponsorship of ISIS, a NATO spokesman said Turkey’s continued role in US-led NATO is not in jeopardy.

In a lengthy statement, the NATO official said:


Turkey is a NATO ally, most directly exposed to the violence and instability in Syria and Iraq. All other allies must help protect Turkey with a range of measures, including the deployment of the Patriot missile defense system. The fight against ISIS requires a comprehensive and persistent effort, including to destroy the illegal funding of ISIS and the influx of foreign fighters. All NATO allies must contribute to the US-led global coalition against ISIS. 
Turkey is making a crucial contribution, including by “hosting” several other NATO allies “using the Incirlik airbase” and strengthening the security of the border with Syria. At our recent summit in Warsaw, NATO has decided that our AWACS aircraft will contribute to the “Global Coalition” providing aerial photography and radar coverage. We have also agreed to intensify the training of Iraqi officers, including in Iraq. The Turkish government has offered as training: to allow diving facilities to take place within Turkey. “

NATO, it turns out, has no interest in investigating the systematic sponsorship of ISIS from the heart of the alliance.

Meanwhile, Ahmet Yayla pays a heavy price to speak out, as a whistleblower. After his son has been detained on unsubstantiated charges of terrorism, the Turkish government has now begun an escalation campaign against the former counter-terrorism chief, by publicly labeling him as a terrorist, done by the state-controlled media.

On Wednesday, Yayla testified before the US Congressional Subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia about the emerging threats and mounting evidence that the failed coup was “staged” by elements of Erdogan’s own government. The next day, the Turkish state-run newspaper “Anadolu Agency” charged that Yayla was an “alleged member of the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO)” directly under the leadership of Fetullah Gulen.

Erdogan labels everyone as Gulenist, who is against him. “I am not a Gulenist. I am just an ordinary almost non-practicing Muslim. “

Yayla’s real crime real crime is exposing the Erdogan regime that is up to its neck in terrorism and makes all sorts of leaps and bounds: A failed coup, Gülen, and what many forget, the persecution of Alevis, for years, a semi-secular faith group, which is deprived of many rights and also labeled as followers of Gülen!

Yayla’s courage comes at the expense of his family.

NATO and Europe continue to protect Erdogan’s regime, the so-called ‘war against the ISIS’, the so-called dictator Assad and dictator Putin, stand in the way of these “dirty” deals and “regime changes” must be implemented, otherwise the truth come to light and the unilateral pursuit of world domination of the US, along with their “vassal” states of the EU, would no longer work!


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