Keystone Pipeline Dies, No More Threats of Filthy Canadian Shale Oil Spills


VT: Few Americans know it but Donald Trump killed the Keystone project when he began flooding US markets with cheap Russian oil, a deal he cut with the Kosher Nostra to bail out some of his family’s $400m in negative equity. A study today released by the Boston Globe says Trump is broke, worse than broke, even more bankrupt than he was when the Russian mob came to him in 1991.

Now, living off backhanders from the Chinese, Trump will undoubtedly cite the end of Keystone as a threat to democracy, almost as though a gang of armed hillbillys attacked the Capitol.

As for the oil the US won’t get? The US is currently the biggest oil producer in the world. In addition, a glut of light sweet crude oil that simply flows out of the ground in Syria, Iran, Iraq, Ghana, Nigeria and Indonesia has made stabilizing the oil markets a difficult job since the crash of 2020.

But then, what kind of oil comes from Canada’s fracking of oil shale? What we get from Canada is oil priced the same as Saudi crude but it is loaded with sulfur and expensive to make into anything we want, things like gasoline or diesel fuel. Russia is supplying much of America’s crude for diesel now with their REBCO (Russian Export Blend Crude Oil) while other quality light-sweet crudes out there from Libya or Iran, if politics didn’t stand in the way.



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  1. Tar sand oil is corrosive on the pipes. see everything John Boelnbaugh has done to expose it, an oil insider and veteran, he has the heart of a whale.
    For the Indigenous perspective and commentary, see cut to the Chase with Chase Ironeyes, and Myron Dewey of Digital Smoke Signals,… who is already onto the next problem which is the Lithium mines on Thacker Pass on Paiute lands.
    And don’t let the British slide under the radar during the G-7 because the largest copper mine in North America is in Tonto National Forest and about to be UK’d. Interesting timing if watching, ….

    • correct spelling is John Bolenbaugh and he has YT video of his exposure showing how the spills were covered with a type of grass that grows on top , but the oil is directly under and never removed. Nasty stuff complete with cancerous growths and death rates. John is the Erin Brockovich of veteran oil activists. He cost them billions.

  2. Thacker Pass ! {LAC}

    Thacker Pass @ McDermit is NOT Paiute!

    its Shoshone ! [Sho is ABX or now Nevad GOld: 1/2 the workforce is Sho’s]

    Shoshone ELDERS is not the Chief of the Shoshone Tribe… When Big Chief Speaks ! its the same as the Nevada Confederation of Tribes and their Army of Stanford Attorneys…

    please do not post FAKE Victories that Thacker will not be constructed… –>> when confederation of tribes head to court in Reno – the Judge has to hire additional clerks..

    Paiutes are @ Yearington and all the land Area 51 Sits on…

    as to Yearington.. The tribes signed off on the Fast 41 Consent (Anaconda-Arco) tabled by the nevada dept of mines and NDEP..

    the lost snail darters from Mt Blanca in Colorado are DOOMED in the federal court system @ RENO..

    they hav to Sue in State Court..

    Thacker is on th Mt Shasta Thermocline

    the state of nevada is not going to file a brief supporting revocation of the LAC Permit..

    and as lost hope for a few fAKE un-named ELDERS (WTF)// Nevada Has Interm Status of the Mine Permitting Process here in nevada…

    FAST 41 removes all federal overswight of mining activity in this state…

  3. As far as oil goes, there is probably still more undiscovered oil in the world than all the oil ever discovered and/or produced since the first oil well was drilled.

    • Because oil is not dinosaur juice as we’ve been led to believe last hundred years. Probably is some kind liquid stone made it inside the planet and later it flows in some way across Earth’s mantle close the surface

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