Targeted Individuals: Now that we know it’s real, Will someone finally do something?


VT: For many years people around the world complain of microwave attacks, some focused to the point of stimulating specific sensory patterns and perceptions.  The numbers of those involved are likely thousands…more.

Now we have the US military, the CIA, and State Department telling us that their personnel have been under these same attacks as well, after years of denial or, worse still, years of being the actual perpetrators.

What is induced?  Fear?  Pain?  Voices?

We do know the US government has spent billions on this kind of research and has even tested these technologies as they had tested cold virus, low dose Sarin and even BZ gas on New York subway riders.

The equipment needed loads easily on a King Air 350 and tests of classified technology have been performed using Adama’s platforms, including over Iraq.

The time for denial is gone and it is time to launch an investigation.  Please note that it is quite possible for induced sensations to be perceived by the body as microwave attacks while the real attack only simulates to the brain what would seem to be such an attack.

Read that one again carefully.  And now…


Satellite technology, presumably developed and controlled by the U.S. government, is being used to track, monitor, torture and kill people all over the world.  The satellite operators establish an invisible microwave connection with peoples’ brains, providing constant tracking and silent surveillance.

They can hear what we hear, see what we see
and even read our thoughts – total surveillance of anyone, anywhere in the world.  This technology is infinitely more frightening and Orwellian than NSA data collection.

Unfortunately, illegal surveillance is not the most serious issue.

This technology can also be used as a remote, untraceable torture instrument and lethal weapon.  By interacting with the brain, the operators can transmit inexplicable sounds, voices, images, smells and tastes, and cause numerous pains and sensations throughout the body.

These include the sensation of electrical currents and vibrations; ear ringing; pressure on the eardrums; eye stinging and irritation; headaches; pains in the stomach, chest, heart, brain, genitals, teeth, jaws and gums; upset stomach and gastrointestinal issues; heart
palpitations; shortness of breath; stinging, burning, tingling and pin prick sensations all over the body; uncontrollable itches; scratchy throat; coughing and sneezing; severe chills; dehydration; frequent urination; nasal drain; and genital stimulation/de-stimulation.

The technology can interfere with your sleep and memory and cause sudden, extreme swings in energy levels and emotional states – depression, anxiety and anger.

Victims are broken down through sleep deprivation and intense physical and psychological torture in an attempt to push them to suicide or violence.

Exhausted, disoriented and just trying to survive the torture, they are extremely vulnerable to anything, including false narratives, that might offer an explanation for their unimaginable pain and suffering.

While it may not be “mind control” as some literature suggests, the torture can dramatically alter a victim’s thought processes and physical and emotional stability.

Aaron Alexis was targeted by satellite technology prior to the tragic Navy Yard shooting in September 2013.  Many believe Miriam Carey was also targeted prior to driving 270 miles from Stamford, Connecticut to Washington D.C., and being shot and killed fleeing a White House checkpoint in October 2013.

She believed she was being stalked and monitored in Stamford and had reported hearing President Obama’s voice.  Many other inexplicable tragedies are likely caused by this technology.

A massive organized stalking apparatus is also being used against American citizens.  They have the ability to follow, monitor, harass, and threaten people across the country.  Their numbers and enormous reach suggest government involvement and funding, possibly part of the vast Homeland Security apparatus.  The architects created a government control system with ties to organized crime – utilizing tactics similar to the Stasi and the Nazis.

Many thousands of Americans are victims of organized stalking and satellite surveillance and torture.  Many are incorrectly diagnosed with mental illness and forced into the mental health system.

Their constitutional and human rights are under attack, and their careers, relationships, health, and lives are being destroyed.  Unspeakable atrocities are being committed – Crimes against Humanity as defined by the United Nations.

This will prove to be the largest crime in U.S. history, yet law enforcement, major media, and the mental health profession have not even acknowledged the situation.  No one is investigating these crimes.  Nothing is being done to lock down the technology or stop the torture.  Please share this and help us expose and end these hideous crimes.



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  1. the abuse of talent.

    just because you can doesnt mean you should.

    golden rule running from that.

    beter compensate the abuse, pay the tenths

    (yes ten percent (10%) of total “earnings”)

    this Targeted people stuff must stop,
    gangstalking must stop.

    offenders must realise, what if the worm turns and they receive the triple as a strike back, cause it is in the realm of entities thus “magic”

    it always comes at a price.

  2. doubt much of all those sites, when you read a dog’s chip the wand needs to be close. I’ve found it is mostly aerosols, maybe xylene or acetone like stuff with artificial lsd, or psycho agents that mix into xylene compounds. Once the brain is softened anything goes, people are easily hypnotized or implanted with falsified information, and the websites are part of it. But good hunting to figure what is going on. Oh and medical is in on it during consultations, dentists below feet and seat ionizing heads, doctors using ion beds as exam tables, whole rooms devoted to ionizing people, with roving doctors who move state to state. It is a well oiled machine, promis/inslaw casinos play big too.

  3. Yes there are some nasty lazer, sonic, etc devices. It is mostly land grab stuff, Inslaw/promis software to recruit special kinds of psychopath who want to torture, maybe they have frontal cortex/lobe atrophy from infant circumcision, vaccines or god forbid sexual violation during pre pubescence. The jewish gas chamber myth, all is used to goad perps to poisonings mostly, xylene with the EA3834 brand of psycho agents, yes psycho agents for psychos, it is beyond the pale ale, but trafficking into crazy is big business, elders into hospitals. Basically an agricultural trick using high pressure low volume emitter heads that spew invisible mists by day, use IR cams and it all shows up, usually every twenty feet or so a spewing head disguised, or spliced to roof vents, chimenys, sky is limit on cia dirty trick manuals. And now they are 007 ridding world of child molesters, now that they can molest whole neighborhoods and towns, they are quite the shiny star badgers having a bit of torture fun.

  4. CIA-RDP96-00788R001700210016-5.pdf 2.33 MB
    Approved For Release 2003/09/10 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700210016-5
    SUBJECT: Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process
    TO: Commander
    US Army Operational Group
    Fort Meade, MD 20755
    “Brain in phase: The consciousness process is most easily envisaged if we picture the holographic input with a three dimensional grid system superimposed over it such that all of the energy patterns contained within can be described in terms of three dimensional geometry using mathmatics to reduce the data to two dimensional form. Bentov states that scientists suspect that the human mind operates on a simple binary “go/no go” system as do all digital computers. Therefore, once it superimposes a three dimensional matrix over holographic information it wishes to interpret and reduces that information mathmatically to two dimensional form, it can completely process it using its fundamental binary system just as any computer made by the hand of man can process volumes of data and make various comparisons between the data and information stored in its digital memory. Our minds operate in the same way, perceiving by comparison only. Bentov states the proposition this way:    “Our whole reality is constructed by constantly making such comparisons….Whenever we perceive something, we always perceive differences only.””

    Some of the most famous people on this planet are/were COVERTLY the MOST TARGETED INDIVIDUALS …… Princess Diana, Prince Charles & Nicolas Sarkozy, to name a few.

    P. S.

  6. This is difficult because many of the symptoms are actually natural processes that are experienced during the process of elevation of spiritual awareness. Many people begin with a tiny voice calling their name. They hear it when awake, and it is very well known in all disciplines. If they advance, they begin to hear tones or feel sensations in the ears. The gifted people actually hear voices and carry on conversations. Others can simply see ‘people”. I knew 2 brothers both healers, that worked together, one could see and one could hear, so they formed a great team. This has always been. It is part of our planet and being. The lack of education has eliminated structured teaching on how to deal with this. this is not to say that what this article proposes is real, but what I am saying is, it will be very confusing to those experiencing elevated spiritual awareness. It’s not a destination it’s a path. I’ve been watching these reports and estimate 30 to 40 percent of this is natural or spiritual in origin. We do need to have the conversation. Most do not, even the people who have had it all their lives stay quiet.

  7. After spending $75. to learn TM and receive my mantra in the Summer of 1973 when I was 19 years old, I willfully repeated that I want to experience cosmic consciousness one day. At first I ignored the inner sounds in my head, but when the sound became a roaring waterfall as I was slowly extracting out of my body, it scared the holy F out of me, and I begged for it to stop. 3 years later I found Voice Of The Silence. 4 years later I tried it again where something different happened that has left a permanet effect.

    *The Higher SELF.
    The first is like the nightingale’s sweet voice
    chanting a song of parting to its mate.
    The second comes as the sound of a silver cymbal
    of the Dhyânis, awakening the twinkling stars.
    The next is as the plaint melodious of the ocean sprite imprisoned in its shell.
    And this is followed by the chant of Vînâ (26 )
    The fifth like sound of bamboo-flute shrills in
    thine ear.
    It changes next into a trumpet-blast.
    The last vibrates like the dull rumbling of a
    The seventh swallows all the other sounds. They
    die, and then are heard no more.
    When the six (27 ) are slain and at the Master’s
    feet are laid, then is the pupil merged into the
    ONE (28 ), becomes that ONE and lives therein.
    Before that path is entered, thou must destroy thy
    lunar body (29 ), cleanse thy mind-body (30 ) and make
    clean thy heart.
    Eternal life’s pure waters, clear and crystal, with the
    monsoon tempest’s muddy torrents cannot mingle.

  8. Some observations:

    1. Many ‘targets’ are fed scripts that discredit themselves. For example, that the experimentation is due to aliens, spiritual enlightenment etc.

    2. There are laws against full spectrum jammers in many countries such as Australia that prevent targets from blocking the microwave radiation that is used to influence their thoughts, sensations etc.

    3. There has never been a proper investigation. For example, the Bioethics committee set up by Obama to review the issue had no budget or powers to investigate.

    4. Many institutions help to cover up this experimentation for example Psychiatrists who insist the target is mentally ill without doing anything to establish whether they have been experimented on, it is just an assumption that no such program or technology exists.

    5. The application of this technology is widespread. Consider the number of mass shooters who complained of voices in their heads. Were they mentally ill or targets of experimentation?

    6. Why would Russia or China use this technology just to annoy a few diplomats when it is such a great tool for controlling their own populations? Could this Havana syndrome be some kind of a false flag attack by the US to discredit its enemies for illegal experimentation they themselves have been carrying out?

    7. Most people won’t believe this program exists simply because it is an uncomfortable thought.

    • 8. The technology could be used to create a slave state. If a voice was put in your head saying “you will be at location X to perform task Y or your family member Z will experience a heart attack” will you comply?

      9. There are too many victims for the US Government to be able to afford to compensate them, according to Dr. Duncan.

      10. Why would Russia or China waste this fantastic tool for controlling their own population on annoying some diplomats? Could it be a false flag attack by the US to discredit their enemy and shift the blame for their own experimentation?

      Things that need to change:

      Legal loop holes allowing non-consensual human experimentation need to be closed.

      Psychiatric community needs to be education on the phenomenon so they are not doping sane victims.

      Full spectrum jammers should be made legal.

      All Government documents relating to experimentation should be declassified.

      Government employees who use technology to make targets commit a crime should themselves be made legally accountable for said crime ie. if you put a voice in someone’s head instructing them to murder, you should be charged with murder as well.

  9. All matter is energy. We have an aura which contains personal info. These weapons are run by Daddy Bush and a subsidiary of Raytheon out of Dallas. They can have an electromagnetic wave change frequency in mid flight. They also have matter which responds to our thoughts. The periodic table is incomplete.

    • There is a issue with grasping the notion that hearing thoughts is mechanically possible through electronics or anything else , though understandable possibly with implants, and that is, … certain knowledge is clearly not understood by “they” that would well preclude any such ability. So, to anyone thinking their thoughts are being listened to or responded to by anyone, and can’t get past suspicion of electronics, I highly suggest getting an x ray or MRI and if clear then you are not dealing with “people” that are living. Thoughts are heard and constantly monitored by companions, which need not be human or from other planets, it is here and part of our planet. Known for ages upon ages. Species, genders, and origins pale in comparison to faithful loyal companions, and as such, are often as confusing as they are helpful. There nonetheless. Each person has their own and nobody is ever alone. Ever. Think locally , eat locally, and be a part of community. No military force will ever get past it. They are befuddled. prodding and probing and wondering how to, but that is a brick wall. In or out depends on intention and purity of heart. That is the consensus.

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