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[ Editor’s Note: British Air Marshall Peach has presented more bogeyman hype for us today on China. Dear Air Marshall, No one uses ‘shocking’ in a military news interview like this. I did not hear that Britain suffered a 9-11 type attack in London last week. That would be shocking.

It would be even more shocking if it had happened and someone like you said, “China of course must have been behind this shocking sneak attack”, but make sure no Japanese get that press release.

Sir, China did not modernize fast. In case you did not know, China has a huge industrial capacity versus Britain’s. You also forgot to add to your briefing that if the Western Neo-Colonial effort had not threatened China and Russia, with NATO committing to push its first strike offensive weapons up close to the Russian and Chinese borders, this development with China that you describe would not have happened.

Absent those overt provocations (yes, I know that really it was done to generate a NEW Cold War with decades of increased military spending) China and Russia would not have had to ‘shockingly’ shift a lot of their domestic production capacity to modernize and expand both of their limited peacetime militaries.

If you think we are too stupid to see through the New Cold War campaign, you need to read VT more. That said, if you wanted, you could deescalate the situation by entering into deescalation talks and new fair trade agreements.

But if that happened, the military spending budget would be cut back and folks like you would be very unhappy because a peaceful, stable equilibrium balance might potentially have been established. Maybe someone from Intel or the military might do a 9-11 version2.0 to stop that from happening.

Oh…wait a minute. I just figured something out. That’s what really happened on 9-11. Excuse me, I have to go quickly write up a breaking story on that, so I can claim to be the first to figure it all out… Jim W. Dean ]

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Guess who motivated China into spending a fortune to upgrade its navy?

First published … June 26, 2021

A senior NATO officer has raised the alarm about what he claimed to be China’s “shocking” military development and growing diplomatic influence as the US-led military alliance seeks to adopt a tougher stance against Beijing.

Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart William Peach, head of NATO’s military committee, made the comment in an interview with the Financial Times on Friday, saying the NATO member states needed to do more to decide what China’s military power might mean for them.

“It is quite shocking how quickly China has built ships, how much China has modernized its air force, how much it has invested in cyber and other forms of information management, not least facial recognition,” Peach said.

“I think it’s very important to keep an eye on that. What do you do if you’re a leader in China with a modernized powerful large force? You deploy it, you move it around.”

Peach also pointed to Beijing’s expanding diplomatic influence through various missions, such as its “enormous” embassy in Brussels, which is also the headquarters of the European Union and where NATO is based.

“You now have these large monuments of embassies with very large defensive divisions, populated mostly by general officers. And then you will simply notice, as I will after nearly 50 years of service, what is the purpose of all this?” the senior NATO officer asked.

Responding to Beach’s comments, China’s mission to the European Union said in a statement that military exchanges and cooperation with other countries are “an important part of China’s overall diplomacy,” and that Beijing is “actively developing constructive military relations with other countries.”

NATO leaders accused China at their summit in Brussels earlier in the month of going against the international order, claiming that Beijing was spreading disinformation and expanding its nuclear arsenal.

The US and China have been at odds over a range of issues, including China’s alleged rights abuses in the western region of Xinjiang, anti-Beijing demonstrations in the semi-autonomous city of Hong Kong, China’s territorial claims on Chinese Taipei and most of the South China Sea as well as the origin of the coronavirus.

Beijing hoped for an improvement in relations under US President Joe Biden, who succeeded Donald Trump in January, but the new administration has shown no sign of backing down on hardline policies toward China.


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  1. China knows religion is poison if you give it power. It kicked out the pope and queen in one year, and now they are stomping their feet, demanding someone do something about it.
    Because we have hitched our intelligence wagon to a monarchy wielding an empire, we have lost our ability to be independent. Our culture is now infused with British agenda. The five eyes are only two eyes.
    We should be making our closest friends here in the western hemisphere instead of making more messes and ruining lives over there.

  2. Makes me wonder what the idiots will do if they start a war with a country that can fight back?

  3. Frankly, it’s great that US-led NATO is regarding China as an adversary, a competitor or even enemy.

    If US-led NATO continued to regard China as a “spouse”, China would definitely be the 2nd downfall of Soviet Union. Two typical examples:

    1. 10 years ago, US refused China access to int’l space station. Though the then China regarded USA more as a “spouse”, yet China’s space program staff became frustrated or even disappointed and started their own space station program. 10 years later, a few days ago, China’s own astronauts entered its own space station. Otherwise, in a “spousal” relationship with USA, China would never have its own space station.

    2. Based on a “spousal” relationship with USA in the past 30 years and more, China’s auto industry and chip industry have not only depended heavily on USA but have been actually controlled by USA. So, when USA turned the table 4 years ago, China suffered heavy losses.

    Actually, during the past 40 years of “spousal” relationship, USA has systematically infiltrate extremely deeply into China’s political, economic, scientific, social and cultural systems, at least as badly as the end period of Soviet Union.

    So, fortunately, China and USA are at odds now and China can at least temporarily avoid the downfall of Soviet Union.

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