MSM: Russia Targets Fox News Fans in Bid to Become the World’s Anti-Woke Capital (VT’s Impact)

The Kremlin and its staunchest loyalists are touting Russia as a politically incorrect utopia—something they think Western conservatives can’t resist.


Galvanized by the results of recent American polls and the popularity of Russian President Vladimir Putin with Fox News and its audiences, the Kremlin is proceeding with a new charm offensive targeting Western conservatives. Russia cannot offer much in terms of gun rights, freedom of speech, or standard of living—at least not for those excluded from Putin’s mob-like circle of trust. Rather, the Kremlin intends to attract Western converts with another type of currency—bigotry—turning Russia into the land of ultimate political incorrectness, the world’s anti-woke capital.

On Monday, Russia’s Foreign Affairs Minister Sergey Lavrov published an op-ed that left many readers scratching their heads. “In a number of Western countries, students learn at school that Jesus Christ was bisexual,” Lavrov claimed. Aside from a single viral post on TikTok featuring the ramblings of a child, there doesn’t seem to be any suggestion—much less any evidence—of such a curriculum actually being taught.

Far from simple non sequitur, Lavrov’s musings seem to be part of a larger agenda. In fact, they appear to fit squarely within the strategy pursued by the Kremlin’s elaborate propaganda ecosystem.

The topic of inappropriate lessons being taught in Western schools surfaced last week on the state TV show The Evening with Vladimir Soloviev. Margarita Simonyan, editor-in-chief of state media outlet RT, claimed to be personally helping multiple foreign families hoping to relocate to Russia. The reason for their desired move, Simonyan claimed, is what the children are being taught in school. Reminding the audience of Simonyan’s status as a prominent Kremlin insider with direct access to the Russian president, host Vladimir Soloviev immediately hinted that Simonyan ought to speak directly to Putin to expedite the process.  Read more…


How Putin Made a Fool of Tucker Carlson

A clip of the Fox News host agreeing with Putin was played on Russian State TV where pundits and propagandists were thrilled by how easy it was to manipulate Carlson.

Julia Davis

President Vladimir Putin has pulled off a targeted propaganda operation against the U.S. that’s so simple it never should have worked—and he did it in plain sight as part of the build-up to last week’s summit with President Joe Biden.

This weekend, Russia’s favorite propaganda shows celebrated a job well done. State TV propagandist Dmitry Kiselyov asserted on his show on Sunday, “Biden should keep in mind that not only America is back, but Russia is back too.”

The ploy began when Putin sat down for an interview with NBC’s Keir Simmons. He directed the conversation away from his suspected involvement in the murders and attempted murders of his critics. Instead, asking, “Did you order the assassination of the woman who walked into Congress and who was shot and killed by a policeman?”

The Russian president was referring to Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt, who was fatally shot by a Capitol police officer as she tried to climb through the broken window of a door leading directly onto the House floor during the Jan. 6 riots

The bait had been thrown.

This line of attack was no surprise to people who follow Russian propaganda. It had been preplanned and foreshadowed by pro-Kremlin experts appearing on Russian state TV talk shows prior to the summit. “[Biden] is planning to tell us about Navalny and we will tell him about the woman shot on January 6 at the Capitol,” explained Olga Skabeeva, the host of state TV show 60 Minutes, on June 1.

Ten days later, Putin did exactly that in his NBC interview.

On June 16, with the world’s attention fixed on the Geneva summit, the Russian president reiterated the same flawed premise during his press conference: “About my opponents being jailed or imprisoned. People went into the U.S. Congress with political demands. Four hundred people now facing criminal charges… On what grounds? Not quite clear… One of the participants, a woman, was shot dead on the spot. She was not threatening anything.”

Putin’s plot paid off in spades when Tucker Carlson played the clip of his comments to NBC on his show and expressed agreement. Carlson said, “Now, under normal circumstances, we would never play tape of a foreign adversary criticizing our government. But honestly, those are fair questions.”

Without a hint of irony, Carlson added, “Vladimir Putin knows authoritarian systems very well, and he sees clearly what is happening in this country.” The Fox News host seemed to assume that an authoritarian adversary was providing this advice without an ulterior motive—and eagerly shared it with his American audience.  read more


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  1. Now that we’ve had planes for a century, you would assume that humanity could see beyond the ‘two way street’ mentality. I just watched James Dean in East of Eden, I don’t think the western mind has advanced one bit.

    On 01/06, Given the context of the situation It is astounding that more ‘Patriot’ blood wasn’t spilled. If you believe your eyes the Capital Police were brutalized Their restraint was incomprehensible to me. SWAT teams would have been having a Hay day on the protestors that day. I have seen what the ‘military police did to BLM protestor in SLC. There would have been dozens of Babbits that day if my local police force were in charge.

  2. There is a type of person who doesn’t let affect them, the assault on political correctness or incorrectness of positions either held, extolled or denounced, in media’s propaganda-based mind-controll war.
    They see it for what it is; the “farce and insult” of a continuous stream of lies, not worth taking seriously.

  3. One fact is true no matter who say it, Putin or whoever, the use of deadly force with Ashli Babbitt was completely unjustified on that moment, she had no gun at all and she did not pose threat at first sight for the police officer on site.

    • Who says she didn’t have a gun? She dived through a window like a maniac as part of a heavily armed mob threatening to murder government officials. I would have killed them all.

    • Adrian, that may or may not be necessarily true.
      Based on something written in the article, it seems Ashley Babbitt was threatening to enter one of the legislative chambers through a broken window.
      (When scrolling up to check the spelling of A.B. I found where Gordon had already addressed the issue.
      Regrettably, Babbitt had entered a free-fire zone.
      And Mr. Duff’s comment also stimulated this in me; had jan6 been a real insurrection, and not a semi-controlled staged event, there would have been hundreds of dead bodies strewn all over the Capitol.

  4. The question of January 6th should have been directed to Trump for his failed coup. But even Putin knows that Trump was a putz an uneducated putz.
    Here is what Putin thinks of Biden:

    “A day after the meeting, Putin complimented the US leader as “skilful” and “collected,” noting that he is thoroughly knowledgeable about all subject matters.

    “The image of President Biden which the Russian and even American media paint has nothing to do with reality,” Putin explained. “Biden is a professional. You have to work with him very carefully so as not to miss anything. I can assure you, he doesn’t miss a thing.”

    • I bet your supreme leader would rather deal with a knowledgeable Biden than laugh at the orange buffoon that sat next to him on July 16, 2018.

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