The Holocaust: Big Zionists vs The Jewish People


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Anti-Semite: a person who is hostile to or prejudiced against Jewish people.

Zionist:  Jewish nationalist movement to establish a neo-colonial homeland in Palestine.

Big Zionist Jews:  powerful and influential Zionist Jews who wished to create a neo-colonialist Jewish homeland in Palestine of which they would be the political and religious elite.

Little Jews:  hitherto non-Zionist Jews who suffered leading up to and during World War II and who could be persuaded to leave the comforts of Europe after the war and settle in Palestine as cadres serving the Big Zionist Jewish elite.

Dedicated to the “Little Jews”.  May they soon have an epiphany!

The Holocaust: Big Zionist Jews vs Little Jews

by Vaugn Kilgenberg

If you ask your run-of-the-mill Jew or Gentile if a Jew can be an anti-Semite, they would look at you as though you were crazy.  Jews aren’t anti-Semitic, they are the victims of anti-Semitism.  To call a Jew an anti-Semite would be, they think, absurd–a self-contradiction and logical impossibility.

No, only Gentile anti-Semites would entertain such a notion and employ it to divide the Jewish community against itself.  But what if it were true that some Jews can be hateful anti-Semites and Jewish supremacists, and look at their community and co-religionists as ignorant pawns in the game of amoral realpolitik?  What if the founders of the Jewish state of Israel were mostly Machiavellian power-seekers who did not give a damn for those Jews who would not settle in Palestine?  “Let them suffer and die in the Nazi concentration camps!” I can hear them unabashedly shout, and shout they did.  But don’t take my word for it, let’s read what some Big Zionist Jews had to say about those fellow Jews who would not agree to settle in Palestine after the war.

Let us begin with the founder of Zionism, Theodor Herzl: “It is essential that the sufferings of Jews…become worse…this will assist us in the realization of our plans…I have an excellent idea…I shall induce anti-Semites to liquidate Jewish wealth….The anti-Semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews.  The anti-Semites shall be our [Zionists] best friends.”[1]  Herzl succinctly summarizes here what his future progeny would likewise orchestrate.  Make non-Zionist Little Jews suffer in extremis and they will gladly put on the mantle of rabid, heartless, cold-blooded, neo-colonial Zionists.

Now let’s next read what the first Prime Minister of Israel, David Ben-Gurion, had to say in 1938 about saving the lives of Jewish children in the lead-up to World War II:  “If I could save all of the [Jewish] children of Germany by bringing them to England and only half to Israel, I would choose the second.”[2]  Yes, the first Prime Minister of Israel would countenance the deaths of half the Jewish children if given a choice, a choice between saving all of the children of Little Jews but having them emigrate to England, or saving merely half the Little Jewish children but having them re-locate to Jewish Palestine.

Here again Little Jewish lives are mere bargaining chips to be dispensed with according to Big Zionist Jewish predilections and goals.  The Big Zionist Jews’ moral imperative is that the end (i.e., getting Little Jews to settle in Palestine) justifies the means (i.e., allowing–nay, facilitating, having non-Zionist Little Jews suffer and die in the concentration camps because of their refusal to emigrate to Palestine).   Is David Ben-Gurion really the person most Jews would wish for their first Prime Minister?!!!

Then there is Yitzhak Gruenbaum, signer of the Israeli Declaration of Independence and Zionist apologist and ideologue:  as head of the (ironically named) Jewish Agency Rescue Committee he infamously declared, “One cow in Palestine is worth more than all of the Jews of Europe.”[3]  A single dumb farm animal in Palestine is more valuable to Big Zionist Jews than  all the Jews who remain in Europe and don’t emigrate to Israel.  But he doesn’t stop there; he also declared, on February 18th, 1943, before the Zionist Executive Council:  “If I am asked, ‘Could you give from the UJA [United Jewish Appeal] money to rescue Jews, I say NO.  And I say again, NO.'”  With Jewish ‘friends’ [sic] like Gruenbaum who needs enemies?!  It really makes me wonder, are Jews simply stupid about their Zionist history or do they suffer from massive, profound, and pervasive cognitive dissonance?!!!

Finally, in perhaps his most explicit declaration of contempt for non-Zionist Jews, Yitzhak Gruenbaum asserts:   ”I think it is necessary to state here – Zionism is above everything. I will not demand that the Jewish Agency allocate a sum of 300,000 or 100,000 pounds sterling to help European Jewry. And I think that whoever demands such things is performing an anti-Zionist act.”[4, Emphasis mine]   In sum, helping to suffer Little Jews is ‘…an anti-Zionist act”!  It does not get any more transparent than this.   Gruenbaum has the audacity to declare that he is opposed to sending any money–at all–to help Jewish internees, and, on top of that, he opposes anyone who would provide succor and comfort to suffering Little Jews.  According to him, whoever would relieve the sufferings of Little Jews in the Nazi concentration camps is an anti-Zionist!!!

But in the eyes of callous Big Zionist Jews, there is truth in what Gruenbaum says.  If giving money to relieve Jewish suffering will thwart Little Jews from wishing to emigrate to Jewish Palestine, then Gruenbaum is correct–alleviating Jewish suffering in the camps IS an “anti-Zionist act.”   There is a logic to Gruenbaum’s position, but it is the logic of genocide.  Q.E.D.

Now we mustn’t leave out Rabbi Stephen Wise, a close friend, and confidant of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  Rabbi Wise, as honorary president of the American Jewish Congress, president of the World Jewish Congress, and co-chair of the American Zionist Emergency Council, was the most powerful Jew in America, and he advised Roosevelt on all matters concerning Jews and especially on Zionist issues.

A few of Rabbi Wise’s more notoriously anti-Semitic, pro-Big Zionist Jew acts would include ordering a halt to all food parcel shipments to Jews in the concentration camps even though the International Red Cross confirmed that the packages were being delivered to camp internees by the Germans.[5]   Please see the following:

In his book Holocaust Victims Accuse, Moshe Shonfeld asserts that Wise prevented the shipment of food packages from American Jews to German-occupied Poland due to fear that it would be interpreted by the Allies as giving aid to the enemy.[20] This allegation is also made by historian Saul Friedländer, who writes:

“In the spring of 1941 Rabbi Wise had decided to impose a complete embargo on all aid sent to Jews in occupied countries, in compliance with the U.S. government’s economic boycott of the Axis powers (whereby every food package was seen as direct or indirect assistance to the enemy)… Strict orders were given to World Jewish Congress representatives in Europe to halt forthwith any shipment of packages to the ghettos, despite the fact that these packages did usually reach their destination, the Jewish Self-Help Association in Warsaw. ‘All these operations  [i.e., food parcel packages to Jewish internees] with and through Poland must cease at once,’ Wise cabled to Congress delegates in London and Geneva, ‘and at once in English means AT ONCE, not in the future.'”[21]   [6, Emphasis mine]

However, much much more needs to be said about this.  In November 1943, the Red Cross received permission from Nazi German authorities to send Red Cross parcels to inmates of concentration camps, but—reportedly–only to those whose names and specific locations were known.  This requirement, supposedly by the Germans, should not be dismissed out of hand.   Most people believe the Germans prohibited concentration camp internees from having contact with the outside world, but this is mistaken.  Camp internees were often paid in prison camp currency as a reward for their labor and, besides purchasing items at the camp’s canteen or store, they could purchase stamps and mail letters to family and friends living outside the camp[7], so they stipulation that names and locations of internees must be known in order for food parcels to be mailed to them was not insurmountable.    (This also raises the question, “Why would the Germans even bother with postal service for the internees if they were all going to be murdered anyway?!”  And lest someone thinks the Germans did not deliver these letters from the concentration camps, we have thousands of examples of letters from the concentration camps at Yad Vashem–Israel’s official Holocaust memorial institution– alone. [8]

Furthermore, on the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum webpage, the subtitle “German Prisoner of War Camp general issue currency, kriegsgefangenen lagergeld, 10 Reichspfennig” reports:

“…for Western Allied prisoners, life inside the [concentration] camps was tough but generally fair, [sic] as  Germany, with some exceptions, usually followed the Geneva Convention Rules for the ethical treatment of POWs. [sic]  Prisoners received meager rations supplemented with Red Cross food parcels and, with the exception of officers, were required to work, often performing hard labor.  To compensate the prisoners for their work, Germany distributed currency that was to be used in the POW camps.  The notes only held value in the POW camps and their official use was for the purchase of goods from the canteens.”

And this observation, it bears repeating, comes from the official United States Holocaust Memorial Museum webpage!!!

To continue [9], by May 1945, 105,000 specific individuals had been identified.

About 1,112,000 [i.e., well over a million] parcels containing 4,500 tons of food were ultimately sent to the camps, including those at Dachau, Buchenwald, Ravensbrück,  Sachsenhausen, Theresienstadt , and Auschwitz.

In addition to food, these parcels also contained clothing and pharmaceutical items.   It should also be kept in mind that there was a famine in Germany during the last year and a half of the war and concentration camp POWs would be at the lowest rung when it came to being fed; that is why it was so important for the Jews and Gentiles in the camps to received food parcels as the war came to a close; after all, Big Zionist Jews were not going to provide food and succor to their religious brethren, the Little Jews, so thank God for the Nazi German attempt to get food to the POWs courtesy of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

With respect to the International Committee of the Red Cross and its American affiliate, the American Red Cross, “The ICRC’s efforts to send food parcels to concentration camps were hampered by the American Red Cross’s refusal to lobby the Allies to allow an exemption in the blockade of Nazi Germany for food imports destined for concentration camps.[10]  In order to avoid the possibility that parcels would be appropriated by the SS, of which there was no evidence of this ever happening or orthodox Holocaust “scholars” [sic] would certainly have made hay about it, the ICRC was only allowed to send parcels to named recipients.

In other words, it appears that the American Red Cross worked in concert with Big Zionist Jews to limit food parcels being given to Jewish POW concentration camp internees, and it was the American Red Cross that stipulated that only identifiable camp individuals could be shipped food parcels, not the Nazis!  [11]

Related to the above, also under the Wikipedia title, “Red Cross Parcel,” under the sub-heading “World War II,” we have a list of the nations that shipped parcels and how much they shipped.  Most parcel shipments from non-Axis-occupied countries came from Great Britain, the United States, and Canada.  From Axis-occupied countries–Belgium, Denmark, and France–food parcels were also permitted to be delivered to their POWs nationals by the Germans.  Oddly (or perhaps not so oddly), in the list of Axis-occupied and non-Axis-occupied nations there is no mention of food parcels ever being sent specifically to Jews from these nations.  In fact, in the United States, The American Red Cross produced 27,000,000 parcels, and even before America entered the war, they were supplying, through Geneva, parcels to British, Belgian, French, Polish, Yugoslav, Netherlands, Greek, Norwegian, and Russian prisoners of war. The Philadelphia center alone was producing 100,000 parcels a month in 1942.   And yet there is no mention of any American Red Cross parcels being sent and delivered to Jews.  One can only speculate on how much food was denied Little Jews in the concentration camps by the intervention and timely interdiction of the Big Zionist Jews.  More about this shortly.

Another, very pertinent, fact needs to be raised here as well, namely, what, if anything, did Magen David Adom (MDA), the Jewish equivalent of the Christian Red Cross, do to alleviate Jewish suffering and death in the concentration camps?  According to the Wikipedia entry on ‘Magan David Adom,” in 1915 the Jewish physician, Dr. Erlanger, first conceived the concept of “Magen David Adom” in Lucerne, Switzerland, and established an association to help the wounded and Jewish prisoners during World War I.

In 1918 the MDA was established in the U.S.  The organization thrived in North America and had 70 branches and 25,000 members. Other branches were established in Canada, and England, and a small branch in Tel Aviv.[12]  However there is no, I repeat, no, record of MDA doing anything during World War II to come to the aid of Jews living either inside concentration camps or outside of them.

Certainly, they could have sent food parcels to their co-religionists incarcerated in German POW camps, but there is simply no record of MDA doing that.  It was only AFTER the war that MDA came to battle-scarred Europe to assist Jews:

“1946 – With the end of World War II and the liberation of Europe from the Nazi occupation, MDA support units were sent to various European countries to relieve and treat the surviving Jews in these countries.” [13]

[One more pertinent aside needs to be mentioned.  Virtually everyone believes that the Nazis and the Germans remorselessly and universally brutalized Jews without regard to consequences, but this is not true.  German generals often intervened to protect Jews and German soldiers who robbed, raped, harmed, or killed Jews were prosecuted.] [14]

Holocaust Museum

Finally, it needs to be noted that the Allies bombed and destroyed clearly marked Red Cross ships that were delivering food parcels to the Germans for distribution to the camps; the sanctioned route, nominally agreed to by the Allies, took the Red Cross transports ships from Iberia to southern France.

However, British and American bombers attacked and sunk the Red Cross transport ships the SS Padua, the SS Embla, and the ship Christina in what can only be characterized as deliberate, calculated, premeditated, and heinous Allied actions.  After the Christina was sunk the Red Cross ended the food parcel relief convoys.  What was the result of the interdiction of food relief parcels being shipped to POWs?

The answer:: On 8 May 1945 [after the war was over] it was reported that 7,000,000 parcels [sic], weighing 35,000 tons were at sea or in warehouses in Britain, Lisbon, Barcelona, Marseilles, Toulon, Geneva, and Gothenburg.”[15]  One obviously has to ask oneself how many lives of POWs could have been saved if the Allies permitted the Red Cross parcels to be delivered to the concentration camps and their starving internees?!!!

[Interestingly, as another pertinent aside: “Three months after the German surrender in May 1945, General Dwight Eisenhower issued an order classifying all surrendered soldiers within the American Zone of Occupation as Disarmed Enemy Forces, rather than Prisoners of War. Accordingly, the Red Cross was denied the right to visit German POWs in American prison camps, and delivery of Red Cross parcels to them was forbidden.”[16, Emphasis mine]  This order was in place for a year after which only very limited Red Cross food aid was permitted to the German POWs.  The callous genocidal hypocrisy of Eisenhower is breathtaking.  The Germans allowed Red Cross representatives to visit the concentration camps and deliver food parcels and medical supplies to their internees, but Eisenhower did not extend the same humanitarian rights to the prostrate, defeated, and starving Germans! ]

Now to return to our narrative, second, the march of the 400 Rabbis in Washington D.C. on October 6th, 1943.  Here 400 Orthodox Rabbis marched on the US capitol and the White House to bring to President Roosevelt and the American public’s attention the sufferings of Jews in Europe under the Nazis.  Roosevelt did not want it on record that he knew of the Jewish holocaust so he literally snuck out the back door of the White House while the rabbis were left talking to one of Roosevelt’s White House staff members.  Rabbi Wise was in agreement with Roosevelt’s cowardly behavior and said the protesting rabbis “were not representative” of American Jewry, and Wise accused them of “offending the dignity of [the Jewish] people.”[17]

Third, in yet another attempt to silence talk of a holocaust in Europe (so Roosevelt would not have to acknowledge and deal with it expediently) Wise also sought to squelch the broadcast of the pageant, “We Will Never Die,” which highlighted the sufferings of Jews in Europe.  So why would Roosevelt and Big Zionist Jews want to silence knowledge of the holocaust?

Because if knowledge of the Jewish holocaust got out it might require the Allies to negotiate a conditional surrender from the Nazis, or speed up their liberation of Nazi-occupied Europe; equally important, and related to this, the Little Jews held in the camps may not have suffered enough to ensure they would want to leave Europe for the barren landscape of Palestine.  The more Jews suffered in the camps the more likely it was that they would convert to Zionism and wish to people a neo-colonialist Jewish state in Palestine.  This took time and this is what both Rabbi Wise and President Roosevelt were aiming at.

Many students of the Jewish holocaust believe that President Roosevelt was anti-Semitic because he did little, if anything, to alleviate Jewish suffering under the Nazis.  For example, both before and during the war he both downplayed any word that Jews, in particular, were suffering under German tutelage, and he actively hindered any intervention to assist suffering Little Jews (please see the deliberately failed Evian Conference in France in July of 1938 called for by Roosevelt himself).  His long-serving Secretary of State, Cordell Hull, 1939 notoriously prohibited allowing the Jewish refugee ship, the SS St. Louis, with approximately 930 Jewish refugees, from seeking asylum in a US port and instead turned the ship back so that it would return to Nazi Germany.

Reportedly, some historians speculate that around 250 of these passengers later died in the Jewish holocaust.[18]  Continental Jewish would-be refugees got the message: The United States would not provide them sanctuary.  Was Roosevelt anti-Semitic?   Of course.  Was Roosevelt a de facto Big Zionist Jew supporter?  Of course as well.  Roosevelt disguised his Zionism behind the veil of anti-Semitism as did many in the State Department and elsewhere.  Incidentally, while Cordell Hull’s religious affiliation is unclear, we do know that his wife,  Francis Witz, was Jewish, although she claimed a professed belief in being an Episcopalian, as did President Roosevelt who, let’s not forget, was the Governor of the State of  New York just before being elected President of the United States.  I could continue ad nauseum with examples of Big Zionist Jews’ callous and homicidal attitude towards Little Jews (e.g., the sinking of the SS Patria in the port of Haifa, Palestine, in 1940), but that would take us too far afield for now.

But not only did Big Zionist Jews do literally anything and everything, morality be damned, in their power to get Little Jews to emigrate to Israel, they also actively hindered and obstructed quasi-Zionist Jews, such as Hillel Kook (aka Peter Bergson), from actively seeking to have Jews emigrate–not to Israel–but to the United States or other sanctuary nations besides Israel.   As Wikipedia tells us, in 1943 Kook founded an organization, Emergency Committee for the Rescue of European Jewry, for this purpose.

At the time the United States had a quota system for immigration; United States immigration laws at the time limited immigration to only 2% of the number of each nationality present in the United States since the census of 1890, which limited Jews from Austria and Germany to 27,370 and from Poland to 6,542; even these quotas often went unfilled, due to United States State Department pressure on US consulates to place as many obstacles as possible in the path of refugees coming here.[19]  Under pressure from the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, President Roosevelt reluctantly created the War Refugee Board to manage Jewish and non-Jewish immigration to the US.

The Board was created in 1944 and only lasted about a year and a half; it was quickly closed in September of 1945 probably, in large measure, to ensure that displaced Jews travel to Jewish Palestine after the war and not to the U.S.  Many of the refugees who were granted immigration status were granted it only on a temporary basis while awaiting resettlement elsewhere, such as Palestine.

Kook and his followers were opposed by American Zionist organizations. To paraphrase, in December 1943, the American Jewish Conference launched a full-fledged public attack against Kook and his organization in an attempt to undermine support for increasing Jewish immigration to the United States.  Several American Zionist groups, including the American Jewish Committee and other political opponents, sought to have Kook deported or drafted. Somehow they got the IRS to investigate Kook’s finances in an attempt to discredit, intimidate, or silence him; they were hoping to find misappropriation, or at least negligent bookkeeping, of the funds his group handled.

The United States Internal Revenue Service found no financial irregularities. Among those trying to stop Kook’s rescue activities were Stephen Wise and Nahum Goldman, founder and long-time President of the World Jewish Congress.  A State Department protocol shows Goldmann telling the State Department that Hillel Kook did not represent organized Jewry, and suggested either deporting him or drafting him for the war effort.[20]  In other words, send him away so he could not organize sanctuary for Little Jews outside of Jewish Palestine.  Once again, anything that smacked of sidetracking or siphoning off  Little Jewish interest in emigrating to Israel was seen as a threat to Big Jewish Zionists and had to be dealt with quickly, relentlessly, and harshly.

In conclusion, Big Zionist Jews sought to facilitate and exacerbate Little (non-Zionist) Jewish suffering in the concentration camps so as to convert them into diehard Little Jewish Zionists.

Big Zionist Jews WANTED Little Jews to suffer and die in the camps, no bones about it, so as to convert the remaining Little Jews into pro-Zionist foot soldiers in Palestine.  For this reason, in their blood-thirsty lust to convert Little non-Jews into Little Zionist Jews, Big Zionist Jews were the apotheosis of anti-Semitism.  While the Nazis put Jews in the camps, the Big Zionist Jews made a point of hindering and obstructing anything that would alleviate Jewish suffering and death in the camps.  For this reason, Big Zionist Jews are at least—if not more–responsible than the Nazis are for Jewish suffering and death in the concentration camps and, more broadly, in the Jewish holocaust itself.  Q.E.D.


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  1. After reading this: Is the suffering of Jews in concentration camps different than that of Russians in Gulags or South Africans in their Boer camps, or German ,Italian or Japanese citizens of the USA in WW2 isolation camps while scourged earth warfare was going on? When scourged earth warfare is going on to a country like Germany with daily bombings on infrastructure and dwellings of people it gets difficult to deliver something to whatever. There is proof that the camps were seen as essential for the war industry, f.i. Auswich delivered personal in the repair and production of textiles, farm food and wood production and artificial rubber, so they even got priority in deliverance. The use of the word Holocaust states deliberate murder but was it like that? The Germans tried to mediate the large outbreaks of Typhus and other diseases, brought there by refugees from lost territory in the East and the USSR in the last phase of the war 1944 and later ,which led to over population of the camps as all cities were bombed and could not be used to shelter these foreign refugees. Three of the important words in holocaustology ,showers, shaving of hair and cyclon-B (lice sterilization by gas of textiles-clothes and bedsheets) come from the measures used to prevent lice related outbreaks of illnesses. WW2 Jewish suffering example Anna Frank was in German hospitals while incarcerated with her family and died from Typhus. Cure them and later gas them?

  2. To anyone who may have doubted it, this article demonstrates the complete totality of control which Zionist Jews have held over America’s government, its policy and its military for over a hundred years.

  3. We have heard a lot of talk since September 2001 about radical Islam, and much of it is derogatory. One of my best friends sees “Radical Islam” as something odious, and it seems the media shares this view. I am a Christian by birth and also anti war from the day I got my draft notice in Mexico City up until today.

  4. Kudos to VT for adding to a narrative on The Holocaust I have been following for almost forty years. The truth is allusive but still emerging.

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