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Writing of the orderly withdrawal of the SS from the twentieth century and their by some much anticipated counter attack in the twenty-first, Miguel Serrano said “The departure must be as it always was: in a Disk of Fire, in a Chariot of Fire, like Enoch, like Melchizedek, like Rama. The return shall be that of Kalki, on a White Horse named Vimana…”1

As noted by no less than John Keel it was Ray Palmer of Amazing Stories Magazine who invented flying saucers. Vimanas, which were the flying chariots of the Vedic pantheon and well documented throughout the Indus Valley thousands of years ago, would look more like this.

Recent visitors to the Antarctic include US Secretary of State John Kerry during the height of America’s 2016 presidential elections. Russian Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow, Kiril III was also a 2017 visitor. When Kiril III came back he warned Putin and the rest of the world that the Apocalypse is upon them. Other notables among the world’s elitists who have made recent visits to feed the penguins include Prince Harry of Great Britain and King Juan Carlos of Spain.

There is the story –with overtones of a H. P. Lovecraft tale– about Buzz Aldrin. The Apollo 11 “Moon astronaut,” another penguin lover, supposedly tweeted: “We are all in danger! It is evil itself!” Aldrin was then evacuated from the Antarctic and put in quarantine.

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Code name Operation High Jump, America’s 1947 expedition to the Antarctic, tells a persistent story about a rebuffed military action against a Nazi stronghold under the ice.

Strangely enough, expedition leader Admiral Richard Byrd told El Mercurio –the same Chilean newspaper that later sponsored Serrano’s visit to the Antarctic– that they were preparing to defend the world against “enemy fighters that can fly from pole to pole with tremendous speed…”

In 1950 post war Vienna, at the very heart of cold war intrigue, an SS officer named Wilhelm Landig and a cadre of writers, which included Erich Halik, Rudolf J. Mund and Lambert Binder whom Mund pointed to as their leading expert on esotericism, began pumping out stories about Germany’s secret installations beneath the polar ice caps. There, perfecting their already superior technology, the Germans hold fast to their plans to launch an invasion from beneath the ice of Antarctica that would restore the world to the traditionalism espoused by Julius Evola and Herman Wirth. Central to these plans is a junction point in the Arctic that they call Blue Island.

This excerpt is from Binders 1951 Man and Destiny. The chapter is titled The Brotherhood of the Polarians and is referencing an earlier article published in “New Zealand’s 1951 New Year’s journal.”2 It has been translated from German.

“Canadian airmen had spotted a mysterious island surrounded by high icebergs during patrol flights in the Arctic, which allegedly covered themselves with a dense blue ether, which was opaque and also impermeable to radar beams, One of the airmen, however, once believed “to recognize a bold and strange architecture, monasteries that hung on ice fields like eagle’s eaves and a city in the plain that glittered with gold.” (Who does not think of the so-called gold-copper ore of the island of Atlantis?) – The strange island in the high Arctic has since been called by the Canadian airmen “Blue Island…””3

In 1962, the prolific and influential American writer, and some say visionary, Philip K. Dick wrote about an alternate reality ruled over by a Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan that had vanquished the allied powers in WW II. The Man in the High Castle won the Hugo Award for Best Novel in 1963.

Beginning in 2015 it was adapted as a multi-season TV series, incorporating all the usual propaganda of Empire and featuring as its antagonists the chronically goose stepping Germans and their congenitally vicious Asian pals, now vying against each other in Machiavellian schemes to corner the market on global dominion.

Contrary to Philip K. Dick’s methamphetamine fueled propaganda, America never was the bastion of freedom pedaled to credulous school children by their thoroughly indoctrinated “teachers” and to their parents by an amoral cinema that thinks nothing of propping up certified dope fiends like Rush Limbaugh or Dick and presenting them as journalists or visionaries to America’s ignorant masses. Quite the opposite, America has always been a brutal corporate oligarchy and its progenitor and role model England; just so much worse…

The next excerpt is taken from the 1909 novel Martin Eden by Jack London, globally acclaimed as perhaps America’s greatest writer. Throughout the twentieth century, London was required reading for school children in Socialist countries. Because of his Socialist politics, the Empires children are only encouraged to read The Call of the Wild, an apolitical adventure tale.

But London wrote a lot of books and the Soviet Union alone published tens of millions of them. Martin Eden is one of the best. This excerpt is about as accurate an assessment existent of America at the turn of the twentieth century as it gets. It requires no translation.

“The thirteen colonies threw off their rulers and formed the Republic so-called.  The slaves were their own masters.  There were no more masters of the sword.  But you couldn’t get along without masters of some sort, and there arose a new set of masters—not the great, virile, noble men, but the shrewd and spidery traders and money-lenders.  And they enslaved you over again—but not frankly, as the true, noble men would do with weight of their own right arms, but secretly, by spidery machinations and by wheedling and cajolery and lies.

They have purchased your slave judges, they have debauched your slave legislatures, and they have forced to worse horrors than chattel slavery your slave boys and girls. Two million of your children are toiling to-day in this trader-oligarchy of the United States. Ten millions of you slaves are not properly sheltered nor properly fed.” 4

Shortly after Martin Eden was published America would become a full partner in Empire with the Federal Reserve Act at the close of 1913. After that, things would only get worse. The Selective Service Act of 1917 empowered America to drag the fittest of the poor from their homes and deposit them in mud trenches across the ocean in Europe to be bayoneted and shot by Germans defending their homes.

By the close of 1941, the “spidery machinations” had reached their zenith. Franklin Delano Roosevelt staked out as bait a good part of his volunteer Navy in the Hawaiian Islands, manned by kids trying to escape the Great Depression, sans aircraft carriers, which he would need. He had been ruthlessly provoking the Japanese for years, choking off their oil and issuing them ultimatums. He knew they were coming. That’s why he sent his aircraft carriers, the only part of the fleet which wasn’t obsolete, out to sea. He used the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor to fulfill his obligation to Empire to kill Germans.

This time, the fittest of Americas rabble would be hurled against the shore of Western Europe like a murderous tidal wave. The survivors of “the greatest generation” and their idiot families, many of them of German descent, were by then too ignorant and self righteous to even ask questions, not even when the supposedly devastated American fleet annihilated the Japanese fleet at Midway six short months after Pearl Harbor.

No American ever even bothered to ask why they were fighting Germany in Germany on behalf of England, who had never been invaded or really attacked, in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor. Not the Italians, who were killing their own grandparents and laying waste to a country many of them had been born in, not even the Irish, who less than a hundred years before had been the target of England’s genocidal corn laws and driven out of Ireland to Americas shores by a deliberately imposed starvation that would kill one out of every three Irishmen.

Not even five years after the bloodbath of WW II drew to a close, the sons and the younger brothers of that so-called greatest generation would be dragged from their homes and deposited across an even bigger ocean, this time on a barren windswept peninsula in Asia to continue the carnage. Still no one was asking any questions.

But by a decade and half later when the theater of homicide was moved to the jungles of Vietnam in southern Asia, a whole generation was asking questions. America would never again get away with dragging the poor from their homes to kill and be killed thousands of miles away at the behest of the indolent rich. America now employs a well paid mercenary army for that.

MK wrote, “Twenty years after the last great war… The rising generation gains in self-confidence and audacity…”

In just twenty years since WW II supposedly ended, something had clearly changed in America and the slaves were no longer compliant with the piratical ambitions of their masters. Many of them had even begun to question the veracity of the plastic Jesus clinging to the dashboard of their shiny new automobiles and sanctioning their cruel and meaningless existences in their houses of worship.

Some Americans had even begun to question the wanton plunder of their environment and the systematic extermination of its indigenous inhabitants. Billy Jack had become just as iconic in pop culture as dare we say it; Mickey Mouse. To the abject horror of their “wheedling” overlords, young Americans no longer liked Ike and they weren’t so proud of all the horrible things they had done and were expected to do in the name of their alien Jewish god.

The demented acolytes and sycophants of that insolent Jewish god, a “god” that takes credit for drowning an entire world for the simple fact that it displeased him, blame the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations for instilling Human ethics in their offspring. Maybe rightly so, but before there was a Rock and Roll, before there was a Rebel Without A Cause or a Blackboard Jungle, before there was an Anti-Christ to haunt the sermons of drunken barnyard preachers, there was Otto Rahn and the verdict rendered in The Court of Lucifer…

One can almost hear the lyrics of such widely diverse iconic American bards as Bob Dylan, Jim Morrison and Billy Joel in the prose of Otto Rahn. To paraphrase Dietrich Eckart, the mentor of Adolph Hitler, when he said “Hitler will dance, but it is I who has called the tune,” America dances but it is Otto Rahn who has called the tune.

As Christian Bernadac, the investigative journalist whose father acted as a guide for Rahn’s subterranean explorations of the Sabarthes beneath Montsegur said; Rahn’s role in creating the “symbolism of the SS and the master race” has always been “a secret, not just a mystery. It was a true secret and if one betrayed such secrets at that time one could be killed.”5

The German intelligence agency Abwehr had many secrets and the Germans are efficient. The Germans have always been efficient…” 6

Wave Maidens, Time Machines and Other Worlds aside, perhaps the greatest secret kept by the Germans was who really were the SS, and yes, still are. In Adolf Hitler the Ultimate Avatar Miguel Serrano writes “above the highest known leaders, above Himmler himself, there existed other unknown guides who did not wear uniforms, who never let themselves be seen and who did not appear in public with their names. Not in the official ceremonies of the Black Order. They were above all the others and only took part in the most secret ceremonies taking place in the underground vault, and surrounding the Round Table, where they appeared, cloaked, without showing their faces. Not even Himmler knew them.”7

Serrano explains: “The secret directors of the SS were unknown by the uniformed hosts, only maintaining contact with the visible tip, often anonymous as well, so that doubt remains whether Himmler himself would have discovered them, obeying commands coming to him most of the time from the Fuhrer or some other unknown authority.”He adds “Just as was seen before with the Templars, those Unknown Directors were not taken prisoner and did not die in the war. They disappeared in a mysterious way and no one knows who they were nor where they went.”9

– Photo and Caption 10 –

Serrano tells his readers that these secret directors communicate their wishes telepathically, which gives David Lynch room to maneuver out of responsibility for Twin Peaks. He does like to meditate. Who knows what got into his head. None of that explains, why security was so tight around the script for Twin Peaks 2017 that Madeline Zima, who was in the premier, said it “was like being a CIA agent.”11 

Twin Peaks 2017 is also known as The Return, not coincidentally Otto Rahn titled the closing paragraphs in The Court of Lucifer; the Return.

In the solitude of his room as a storm rages outside, Otto Rahn muses: 

“My eyes consider the two piles of the Journal’s pages, those on the right and left. The two piles are equal. The pages on the left have been used. They have furnished the substance of this book. I shall put them away, but I shall reread them from time to time: they contain notes, which I took only for myself and which I must not forget.

Early tomorrow, I will lift off this stone that I brought back from desert-like Iceland and will free the pages on my right. And I shall give speech to the first sheet, then the others, one by one. It is a new book which I wish to begin:

the Journal of the continuance of my quest, which will follow on from the first work. I wrote the first page opposite the Icelandic North Cape, on the Arctic Polar Circle; the others, for the most part, in the heart of Europe: in my German fatherland.

But some were written in the meantime in the sector of two volcanoes:

Vesuvious and Etna, which were both known as Mount Bel in the Middle Ages.  Along with the pages of my Journal on my left, I will also put away the stone which acts as their paperweight. I brought it back, a long time ago now, from the ruins of the Pyrenean heretic fortress of Montsegur, the Grail castle. Then the left third of my desk shall be empty, ready for a new pile. Another stone will guard the order of the pages which will occupy this new free space: a block of amber, golden yellow.”12

Rahn mentions these “stones” only in the final sentences of the last chapter of the book, titled Reykholt after his base camp; the tiny Icelandic village where Snorri Sturluson put the Edda to paper in the early thirteenth century.

“Before returning to Reykholt, I gather a stone. I shall put it with the fragment of the Delphi temple frieze and with the other stone, which I collected in Montsegur’s ruins.”13

No one who had any affiliation with the facts of what was concealed beneath the ruins of Montsegur believed the ‘Grail’ to be a cup. There have been only two real authorities on Catharism. One was Rene Nelli, Serrano’s expert and the other; Antonin Gadal, his predecessor and Otto Rahn’s mentor and expert.

Christian Bernadac says

“for Gadal the Grail was a stone that had fallen from the moon, from the sky. The ancients called it Lapis Excoris which was essentially a kind of meteorite and this area of the Arierge is very rich in meteorites. There is something quite extraordinary about these meteorites in that they consist of a form of hematite, lapis extraordinaire a mineral from outer space that is extremely pure iron, up to 99.99% pure. It is an absolutely pure mineral that doesn’t rust. It is very smooth, very beautiful and it is certain since prehistory, these stones, fallen from the sky have possessed a genuinely mysterious property, that if you take two of these stones and rub one stone against the other drops of blood fall from them. Why do these stones weep blood? Simply because they are made of iron oxide and when you add liquid to iron oxide which is red one can believe it is the blood of Christ.”14

Museum Curator Christian Koenig claims to have exhibited the hollowed out stalagmite, which the Grail was concealed in “in the Gadal room of the Tarascon museum.” Of the Grail he says

“it was a very dense stone with magnetic properties. Gadal described it has the object of a cult and even spoke of the Sangraal, the blood of Christ. It’s curious if we look closer we see that in the manuscript of Wolfram von Eschenbach who was a troubadour, in his text the Grail was a stone and it is said that one who sees that stone will have eternal life and will be healed. In his text there are many interesting things such as this Grail being called the Pyrenean Grail by Gadal.”15

In a correspondence made at the time, Otto Rahn wrote:“Gadal has given me the key. I found what mankind had lost for seven centuries…” 16

Throughout The Court of Lucifer the reader is told that the Grail never was a cup and only turned into one through its appropriation by Christianity. By its own pedigree which goes back before the Cathars, the Gral is a stone. Rahn quotes the Countess Pujol-Murat, a powerful member of the Polaires group, the influential and shadowy international group that along with Antonin Gadal ran cover for Rahn while he acted with impunity on behalf of the SS within Frances southern border in the early thirties.

“I belong to the line of the great Esclarmonde. I am proud of this. I often see her in spirit on the platform of Montsegur’s dungeon, reading in the stars. The heretics loved the stars; they believed they could bring themselves closer to the divine state after death by orbiting gradually from star to star. In the morning, they would pray facing the rising sun; in the evening, in a state of total reverence, they would watch it disappear. At night, they would turn their gaze to the silvery moon, or towards the North because, for them, the North was sacred, the South, by contrast, was considered Satan’s abode. Satan is not Lucifer.

Because Lucifer means ‘Bearer of Light’! The Cathars recognised him by another name as well: Lucibel.

He was not the Devil! The Jews and papists wished to debase him by confounding him in this way.  As far as the Grail is concerned, it must be, as many believe, a stone fallen from Lucifer’s crown. This is why the Church had to change it in turn, to Christianise this Luciferian symbol. Montsegur’s pog was the mountain of the Grail, of which Esclarmonde was mistress. After her death, after the destruction of Montsegur and the extermination of the Cathars, the Grail and its castle were abandoned. The Church, perfectly aware with the Albigensian Crusade leading most of all a war of the Cross against the Grail, let no opportunity slip of appropriating this new non-Christian religious symbol for itself and milking it for all it was worth.

But this was not enough to explain that the Grail was the chalice that Jesus had shared with his disciples at the Last Supper and in which his blood had been gathered at Golgotha. No, the church had also to make believe that the Benedictine monastery of Montserrat, in the southern Pyrenees, was the Grail temple. After the Cathars — often referred to as ‘Luciferians’ by the inquisitors — had guarded the Luciferian Grail stone, in the northern Pyrenees, it was now the Catholic monks who claimed to be holding it, in the south of the same mountains, although by now they had turned it into a relic, conferred by Jesus, the conqueror of the Prince of Darkness, to his faithful.”17

In his closing paragraphs Rahn is not writing about writing books, he is writing about writing alternate realities. He is one of the secret directors of the SS, perhaps more powerful than even Hitler himself. When he says he “wrote the first page opposite the Icelandic North Cape, on the Arctic Polar Circle” he is affirming that the 1936 expedition to Iceland, an expedition that has always been shrouded in mystery, found the interdimensional doorway they were looking for.

Serrano references Rahn’s breakthrough when he asks in Adolf Hitler; the Ultimate Avatar “have German submarines around the North Pole or the Greenland of John Dee found the exact point at which, as if by a black funnel, their ship has gone through, going in to connect with the Other Pole, going out to that paradisiacal earth and sea that, having once been here, no longer are?”18

Rahn had been in possession of the Grail in all likelihood since late 1931, when he abruptly “departed Switzerland for the second time and made his way to the southern French Pyrenees, after having stayed a while in Paris, Provence, Switzerland, Spanish Catalonia and in Italy.”19  During his explorations Rahn was accompanied by his faithful chauffer Karl Wolff. Wolff who had won the Iron Cross in WW I when he was just eighteen years old would go on to become General Karl Wolff, Supreme Commander of all SS forces in Italy or just plain Wolffie to Himmler.

Prior to the emergence of the SS as one of the most powerful organizations in the world, Wolffie was the owner-operator of Karl Wolff – von Rombold Advertising Company.  It is a matter of public record that Wolff took “prolonged absences from a day-to-day, hands-on chief executive role in 1931 that exacerbated his companies worsening financial position.”20

In Lucifer’s Court, Rahn tells his readers that during that period he concentrated his explorations around Ornolac-Ussat-les-Bains in and “amongst the numerous grottoes of the Sabarthes.”  He mentions two that particularly drew his “attention: the grotto of Lombrives and that of Fontanet, known also as Fount Santo — the sacred fountain…”21

Rahn who was a notorious dead-beat, known for always being broke and relying on his blue blooded connections in France to pay his way, suddenly in May of 1932 purchased “a three year lease on the Hotel-Restaurant des Marronniers in Ussat-les-Bains. Among the guests he was said to have invited were Josephine Baker and Marlene Dietrich…”22

In Montauk Project lore, the Germans create a rift between Time and Space in 1931. Since then there’s been two Germanys. One is a happy place ruled over by Germany, who won the War in a walkover with their superior technology. The other is this out of control dung heap, inexorably being consumed by its own technology, which we now find ourselves in…

The following excerpt was anonymously written in 1999 in a series of communications by a man calling himself ProfessorPhate and purporting to be able to travel between both worlds. It was taken very seriously by JJ Hurtak’s Keys of Enoch core at Total Health, and my guess is by Preston Nichols himself. By then I had severed my relationship with all of them except my mother whom I found it impossible to get rid of as I had custody of her two granddaughters.

 “And although the technocrats believe the future for Germany is in continuing it’s monopoly of space exploration and colonization, the latest generation of occultic ideologues are on the verge of successfully promoting a renewal of war in order to acquire the sacred Aryan homeland of Central Asia…”23

“The Polaires believed that the Pog of Montségur was specifically important because the Pyrenean mountain acted as a type of “relay mountain” for messages that were to be communicated to – if not from – the Agartha Masters in their Himalayan stronghold.”24

“According to the Austrian engineer Lambert Binder (1905-1981), the Polaires were an occult order based in France, which had 63 members before the Second World War, with “top 9 headed and qualified members, Martinists, Kabbalists, Gnostics etc.”25 At the core of the Polaires belief system was the recovery of the lost Aryan homeland in the arctic, the kingdom of the Polar Star, of which three of its masters had migrated to Tibet, and were in contact with them, working to return the Aryans to what has been variously called Agartha,Shambhala, Hyperborea and Thule by the Germans. Famed French authors Maurice Magre, a close friend of Rahn’s, and René Guenon, who deeply influenced Julius Evola, were both members although Guenon became disillusioned. To the SS in Vichy-France “the Polaires represented a “Germano-Occitan Syncretism…””26

Expedition members with hosts in GangtokSikkim

From May 1938 to August of thirty-nine, led by famed German zoologist and SS officer Ernst Schäfer, the Germans would scour Tibet. According to an article published in ‘Der Neue Tag’ dated July 21, 1939 “they succeeded in obtaining the Kangschur, the extensive, 108-volume sacred script of the Tibetans, which required nine animal loads to transport.” Much like the Die Glocke, the Amber Room and Adolph Hitler himself the Kangschur was never seen again after the war, at least on this Timeline…

The only account of what the Germans did in Iceland in 1936 comes from Otto Rahn himself at the end of Lucifer’s Court in Reykholt and the chapters preceding it. Even there, Rahn is writing in euphemisms and metaphors. At the beginning of Reykholt, Rahn tells a story.

 “There is an Indian word, Titthakara, which, originally, meant ‘discoverer of a ford’; it stood for a person who had found a passage there where others had searched in vain for a way to cross to the other side. In one way, such a Titthakara showed us the ford to pass from one side of the river to the other. Here is what this means: he knew how to guide across the thick obscurity which stretches before men and separates them from what they can only know after their death…”27    

The Sun outside has now broken through the clouds dispelling the storm as Rahn cryptically writes. “With the bees’ honey, our ancestors made hydromel, to drink to Minne. Minne is remembrance; and remembrance is a paradise one can never be chased out from. The pagan Germans thought that bees were the survivors of the Golden Age, of Paradise. On the lips of the new-born, they would smear the sacred honey, which the bees had extracted from the flowers of apple trees, roses and daisies. It is for this reason that the Icelanders call daisies the “eyes of Balder”.

Above all the flowers and plants, bees like one tree: the ash. Sometimes, they swarm on it in hundreds, even thousands, nourishing themselves on the ash’s sweet sap. — The Edda has the dew from the cosmic Yggdrasill ash, Tree of the World and of Life, falling in “honey chutes” so the bees can feed from it.  The cosmic ash is the Milky Way in the nocturnal sky. The Anglo Saxons called it the Aryan Way. In Sweden, it was called Erik’s Way. Erik is another name given the Devil.”28

Milky Way

Outside of the exhortation to remember who we are, the passage is obscure but maybe Rahn is referring to the ruthless nihilism, which must now follow to exorcise the malevolent Jewish god, the kind of destruction to the standing social fabric that the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations usually gets blamed for by internet pundits. Maybe he is saying that it takes a Devil to kill a god. The last words Otto Rahn ever wrote for this Timeline are very clear about exactly how things are.

“I carry with me the key, the Dietrich . . . I am going to follow the ancient path of the thief, eyes constantly fixed on the Great Bear. In the Nordic sky, in ancient times, this constellation bore the name Arktos or Artus, Arthur, Thorr, or — the old Grandfather. The bear Thorr also, the old and great Father, master of Eddie divine power, loved, like all bears, the honey patiently collected by the laborious bees in spring and summer. Our most distant ancestors drank it in the form of hydromel in the rose garden. In remembrance (Minne) of Thorr and the dead…” 29

Great Bear and bird

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  1. I’m with you both on tha MOAB and Harry Haller. It would be my desire to take leave of this Zio-Pig “reality” and live in the parallel Germany – or the America that would have been the result of a German victory in WW2. Or – if the other stories are true, to live in New Berlin which is rumored to be near the south polar “opening”…

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    And his disdain for the British after what they did to Dresden…

    As comments from our Russian friends on this blog would indeed lead to a dear bar fight!

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    Just an opinion as the Internet is how we got Trump a factory for manufacturing republicans course again only a personal observation?


  4. Reading this article evoked some memories from long ago. A South Indian Brahmin told me that the Puranas state that the Aryans came from the North Pole when the sun was red, not yellow! He also said that the Poranas are far older than the Vedas, were handed down by oral tradition & as one gets to the older texts, can only be sung not spoken. Elsewhere I read that the great Mahabharata was actually fought in Central Asia & that the Gobi Desert is a result of the devastating weapons used. As people came into the sub-continent, they renamed places to suit their traditions.

  5. Too much mystery about Nazi top leaders and bases. Flying soucers and etc. Yes, their progressive tech minds were for the future. But they had no materials. Nothing could save the Nazis. “Brutal, shabby, barbarian” Russian Ivan came to Berlin and diplayed Red Banner of Victory over Reichstag. Without any flying soucers and Annenerbe mystery.

    • Most of the tales about Nazi secret projects and esoteric science are just fairytales, as are the tales about hidden polar bases. One thing that is true however is that the Germans had developed a form of anti-gravity/field propulsion. Basically, the original Clerk-Maxwell equations were largely abandoned by later science in favour of focusing on just the equations that dealt with light. However, one German scientist – Hertz, chose to explore some of those abandoned equations which dealt with electromagnetism, of which gravity is one form. Hertz’s work was continued by Helmholz. The papers of Hertz and Helmholz were kept at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Berlin and in the 1920s, Dornberger and von Braun picked up the baton and using the papers of Hertz and Helmholz, developed antigravity technology. After the war, Dornberger and von Braun went to the US and continued the work under Larry Bell at NASA. This is actual, real history that can be verified with solid evidence, in stark contrast to all the outlandish tales of Nazi flying saucers and secret underground bases which exist to hide the truth about the advanced technology the Nazis did work on.

    • Ian, you expressed what i wanted to say. Thank you very much. Otherwise, if they were so groovy- why it didn’t help ’em to win. Deutsch scientists were interesting and talented. Most moved to USA. We honor our Tziolkovski, Korolyov and many others, who struggled and made the Gagarin’s space flight true. They were fanatics of their job.

    • Yes, the Russian achievements in science are largely overlooked by the West, which is sad. Just imagine the progress we could make if East and West worked together for a change and all the technology developed in black projects was released for public benefit. We know they have had working antigravity systems since the 1940s, so why are we still flying around in jet propelled aircraft? Oil, profit and money making as well as keeping the people ignorant of the truth of physics is the sad answer.

    • Interesting observation Andrew. However, there are a few important facts to consider:
      1. While the “Brutal, shabby, barbarian” Russian Ivan may be a somewhat accurate depiction of the “White Russian” and the Peasants (of whom many fought on the side of Germany against the “Soviets” and were subjugated by the Jewish Bolshevik Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin), it has little meaning when applied to the brutal Dictatorship of Stalin, and the opulent lifestyle of the Communist hierarchy.
      2. Hitler did not want War with Russia (or anyone else for that matter). When “Operation Barbarossa” was implemented, it was done so because Stalin had Russian Forces “stacked” at the border in an OFFENSIVE posture – that is why the German Blitzkrieg was so effective initially, because the Russians were not in DEFENSIVE posture, allowing for a quick smashing through the lines and rear echelon “mop up” actions taking hundreds of thousands of Russian POW’s.
      3. “Lend Lease” provided Communist Russia with thousands of Tanks, Warplanes, Munitions, and other War material that Germany did not have access to. Much of this material came via Alaska, and bypassed any “Axis” resistance. Without this outside assistance, and with American Forces tying down the Japanese which were unable to attack Russia through Mongolia and open up another front, Soviet forces were able to bolster the “failing” Eastern Front. Most of the time, the Germans were fighting the Soviets being outnumbered 12 to 1 (even all the way to Berlin in 1945).
      4. With Germany being unable to concentrate its efforts on the “Eastern Front”, and having to fight in Africa, Greece, and Italy in the South, France, England, and in 1944 United States in the West, it was hardly a “Heroic and Individual effort” on the part of “Ivan”. Without the diversion of attention, the Germans would have likely “Liberated” the Russian People from the yoke of Marxist/Bolshevik/Communism.
      5. Without the underhanded Traitorous Roosevelt’s manipulation of the American populace at the behest of his Jewish Masters to get the United States into the War by provoking Japan – and the ineptitude and equally traitorous Eisenhower – who handed Stalin Berlin, Ivan would not have been displaying the Communist red banner of “Victory” anywhere, but would have been soundly routed all the way to the Bering Sea.
      5. Russia would have been liberated, and the Russians would have joined WITH Germany in creating what Germany had from 1933 till 1939 – Peace and Prosperity. 60 million Russians would not have been murdered by the Communist Regime, there would have been no “Cold War”, and Europe would not be the multicultural hellhole it is toady…

  6. Octoberfest in the parallel Germany; dancing a Polka or Waltz and drinking a Marzen… It might be worth crawling around the bleak Antarctic wastelands to find the Portal.

  7. Moa, I think we have Ed Bernay’s to thank for that, coining “Making the world safe for Democracy”. You’d be surprised how thriving the German American community was until 1916, with own newspapers, schools, clubs. The pressure was real and relentless, but people to their credit did not swallow Germany as an enemy easily for a long time, even into the 1940ies. It was a serious concern for Empires war crazies, just as today. Dominion work is big business, ya know :p

  8. Hi Treefrog, you may notice that all these articles circle around a certain theme and evolve elliptical, referring back to past ones. It can not be in any other way if one wants to turn unexpected corners and not just wants one’s bias confirmed. You’re welcome to join dynamic discussions on our blog and on Patreon. Not all posts there are paid members only.

  9. Rahn’s closing paragraph on pages on the left and empty pages on the right that he intends to fill employ the Nordic Weltanschauung in minute detail. It is the dynamic interpretation of the past, again and again, by active remembering, Minne (Remembering in Danish); and this process’ dynamic envisioning of the future that shape the ever-present now. That is the battle of dominion. George Orwell in his book 1984 coined it thus: “Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future.” What we are doing in these articles is letting the traditional guides strike the chords, the bards, skalds, minnesänger, and poets.

  10. I find Ottos books interesting and they seem to fill in some gaps. My sister and I have a little hobby of going for walks and finding stuff out. Britain’s history was burnt or lost in translation. Our real history is in ogham the tree runes. Apparently still hidden in the vaults of some old Druid universities scratched onto Rowan rods. As far as our Jesus stories, found in oral legend and bits in ancient churches. Jesus was trained by the Bards, your Trubadoyrs. He was also part British. His grandmother Anna was married to the King of Cornwall, a bad tempered man, she left and claimed right to live in the temple. Our Israel was Palestine/Phoenicia which was part of Egypt. Britain had trading and educational links with their trading empire. Jesus father ,? Joseph of Arimatheas family was married into the Welsh royal family, Lazarus was a Welsh Prince. Joseph was employed by Rome as a decurion that is the man in charge of the Tin and metal trade. It is said he blessed our Wells, the one a mile away is one of note. He was buried in the huge Sun temple on Lundy Island. The stone circle there is huge. Whilst observing Trumps Facebook campaign I came across one of your American religious peeps. A lawyer who could translate Latin, he had gone to Rome to study the trail of Jesus. It was no trail, there was no case against him under Roman law. He was assassinated if not rescued. But, it seems Roman records have him and James listed as an Irish crown Princes. This makes sense of Jeremiah’s story that he took his grandchildren whose father was younger brother of the King of Egypt to Ireland and married her to the Horse Lord Eochaid. It seems his gol hair rivalled his mother’s who was known at court for her hair. He also unearthed that Nero tried to support the family and Boudicca plotted with the Romans to kill the Druids at Anglesea. There are also rumours that Da Vinci was following via the book of Grenville that Jesus was buried in the cave on Bigbury Island. The Queens honey moon room has a private stair to said chamber. Iolo Morganweg is our Troubadour who followed the trail through the ancient families saving what he could of the Bard stories. And providing translation notes for the ogham this is also how Princess Diana can trace her lineage back to Jesus family, her family go back to Nest, daughter of the Welsh King tricked out of his throne by Norman mercenaries. From out point of view Jesus was an Artus. Remember what he actually did was teach people to share their bread , be nice and he sent out 100 healers. I learnt healing in such a circle, the last vestiges of the true teaching we have left. Rome took us town by town, changed our law via religious courts. An outlaw is one who chooses not to live in a town or area within the bounds of a church court. The world would have been a better place if Otto had been able to research deeper and get more of the story. Putting what you have said of his work together with What Gail Evans found about Jesus and the tribe of Judah leaving in a huff to become slave traders is interesting. Those roads lead to NE China, the Silk Road, the Hyksos and our own dear Sheldon Adelson running the US and Palestine from Macau.

    • Valeria, weave in also information from a document at the Scottish Geneological Society titled “Our Cousins the Berbers”. Plus the presence of the ancient blood of Nihall, known variously as Niall, O’Neill, McNeil; considered noble lineages amongs the Welsh and Irish. There are the Ouled Neel in the Atlas mountains of Morocco/Algeria who form the inspiration for tribal dancing (aka belly dancing) in the West. The name literally means the Children of the Nile. Lexical transition would O’Neill. Another version would be M’Neil.

  11. I think one of the most amazing parts of being human is the ability to process discovery. When a puzzle is suddenly fitted with complex missing pieces it is wondrous and inspiring. The study of time, due to complete neglect by academia old and new, is the richest field of discovery then and now. Few people are able to process it, like many other complex studies. But the reward is scintillating and profound. I have seen one guy, who was so overcome by it, that he bathed in it constantly like an acid bath of desire. All else in his life became a mere inconvenience. The overlapping concentric rings of time are the same in the sky as on the ground, and when a person finds their individual companion place, their lives can be expanded. The inability to describe it, necessitates metaphor. It is unavoidable, that people are going to map it, and it would certainly be best if good people did it first. It is the most decisive vector in the timeline of human destiny. hence, we must now recognize, when we are in front of a fight, so it can be left, to focus on the next pressing thing. AI.

  12. Those ‘mysterious rings’ are artillery fortifications, the three concentric ring is a dead giveaway. Identical rings can be seen at several Atlantic Wall sites, the Mirus battery on Guernsey had identical emplacements with three concentric rings. The Russians kept the area off limits after they captured it in 1944 because they used the bay as a submarine base.

    • circles are the easiest thing to build. much easier than squares and rectangles. for example, a hexagon has less perimeter wall by linear feet and more interior square footage then a rectangle , therefore it is economical efficient cheaper and stronger, cylinders are stronger than flat walls. I have always said that building yurt like structures in Kansas and Oklahoma would save lives, but folks seem to like rectangles, I have no idea why

    • They don’t look too big to me, an emplacement for a large naval gun such as a 12″/300mm would be that sort of size. I don’t know what guns would have been intended to be fitted as the Germans and Finns both re-purposed whatever large artillery pieces they could get their hands on as coastal batteries, such as the Russian 12″/305mm naval gun, of which they had captured several. It’s the three concentric rings that are the give away it was an artillery emplacement – the gun pedestal sits on the innermost ring, the middle ring has a track on it to support the gun as it traverses and the outer ring is simply the retaining wall. Barents Sea is correct, these rings are on the northern coast of Russia in the Pechenga district of Murmansk oblast which was Finnish territory before 1945. The Germans and Finns used the bay as a staging post to launch attacks on Murmansk and the allied shipping that was supplying Russia via Murmansk, so it is most likely that these gun sites were emplaced to protect the bay and were simply never finished, which was not unusual as the Atlantic Wall was never completed either and there are many sites that were unfinished at the end of the war. Sites were completed but never received their guns, as famously discovered by the US Rangers who scaled Pointe Du Hoc on D-Day and found empty concrete gun emplacements. After WW2, when Russia annexed part of Finland, Pechenga remained a key military location as it was close to the Norwegian border and was an ideal place to base submarines and other naval craft that would patrol and defend the northern approaches to Russia.

    • If you really want to know, you can look up the various German gun emplacement types, they were standardised and each type had a code, the system was called Regelbau. Organisation Todt built most of them and they used the same plans with only slight variations due to use of local materials. This picture of an overgrown emplacement on Guernsey shows the characteristic three rings, inner is the gun pedestal, middle is the track for the gun cradle to run around and outside is the retaining wall.

      Rahn was a nutcase, a true lunatic, he managed to fool the Nazis into funding him for a while, but they eventually realised he was a lunatic and cut his funding.

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