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Jack Heart: Chaioth ha-Qadosh, Tookie Memorial II

The bacteria did its work well, and it wasn’t long before it afflicted an entire world with its chronic and debilitating malaise called Transhumanism.

The Human: Ragnarök III: Loki’s Revenge

Time has no power over the spirit and will of man. It is said in the Eddas that Loki has been restrained in an unknown cave somewhere in the Nine Worlds. There he will lie bound until Ragnarök.

Antarctic’s Rising Temperatures Are Causing Native Plants to Flourish

Native flowering plant species grew faster and more densely in the last decade than in the previous 50 years combined

Titthakara: Nazi Germany’s Secret Installations beneath Polar Ice Caps

Code name Operation High Jump, America’s 1947 expedition to the Antarctic, tells a persistent story about a rebuffed military action against a Nazi stronghold under the ice. Expedition leader Admiral Richard Byrd told El Mercurio –the Chilean newspaper – that they were preparing to defend the world against “enemy fighters that can fly from pole to pole with tremendous speed...”

Antarctic Lake Disappeared in 3 Short Days

Researchers estimate the body of water once held as much as 26 billion cubic feet of H2O that has now all drained into the ocean

COVID-19 Now on All Seven Continents

Antarctica has reportedly become the last of the Earth's seven continents to record COVID-19 infections.

Largest Flying Bird Ever!

Researchers from California and China identified the 50-million-year-old bone of a giant bird that lived in Antarctica

800 Year-Old Mummified Penguins Found in Antarctica

Melting ice revealed an ancient colony that has never before been recorded

Is There Hope for Emperor Penguins?

Another sad caveat to the newly spotted colonies is that they are all located in spots predicted to be hit hardest by climate change.

Gazillion Years Old Rainforest Found Under Antarctica Ice

Remains of a 90-million-year-old rainforest discovered beneath Antarctic ice, study says by Sophie Lewis/CBS News The South Pole is surrounded by a harsh, frozen landscape of...

COVID-19 Affecting Long-Term Research

The outbreak, and the travel bans and fears that come with it, have endangered long-running research projects

Antarctic Glacier Melt Uncovers New Island

Earlier this month, Antarctica experienced its third major melt event of the summer, including record high temperatures