By Jack Heart & Orage

Special Thanks to Samantha S. & An Nwn

Reprinted from 26 November 2020

Elements of VT asked me if they could rerun this piece which I of course affirmed. Everyone’s looking for answers, but if you have not read this piece you are not going to find any. While Trump tweets and does nothing, America burns from fires fed by an opposition party whose leader is senile and elected governors criminally insane.

The media when it is not praising a violent Mau Mau uprising instigated by vile White lesbians incessantly screams like little school girls being attacked by giant spiders about a virus that is no more lethal than the common cold.

Nothing could be more abnormal than to think any of this is normal yet most Americans partied on the Fourth of July as if none of this is even happening. That is because most Americans, just like their politicians and media, are hopelessly infected. This piece will tell you how, why, and by what and maybe even offer a way out for the small percentage of you not infected. Ignore it at your own peril, most of you have for the year that it has been published. You see where that’s gotten you…

We are living in a post-apocalyptic era where the only constant is the millstone of isolation that weighs down upon the sentient like the world on the shoulders of Atlas. Speak and no one hears, cry and no one cares, laugh and surely you are as mad as those who have brought us here. There seems to be no way out barring a miracle from some long-expected savior that no one is expecting anymore.

That could be because he was already here and, although no one noticed at the time, they always said he would come like a thief in the night, he left that miracle in a glass case like a fire extinguisher to be used only in an emergency, which of course as the Avatar of the Supreme Being he saw coming since Time itself began.

We are on Substack if anyone wants us, but for here and now this is open to all and its contents public property, reproduce it as you will, please. As it should be; this is our best work…


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Citations are the barometer by which literate readers determine the value of the information they are reading. There is no need for any other criteria. Nor is it desirable according to the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. If you do not like it and you are in America, you are in the wrong country…

Since the piece that followed; Shadow of Nemesis 2: Tales of Zahi Hawass, Chaigidiel & Satharial, published in the 2015 October-November issue Nexus Magazine and its follow up Shadow of Nemesis 3: Tales of Zahi Hawass, Chaigidiel & Satharial, published in the December-January issue, we along with Anatoly Fomenko have been by far the most important writers, ever…

After those pieces, which mind you caused the Elvis Presley of academic archaeology Zahi Hawass to lose his job, we should have been carried in the New Yorker, the Rolling Stone or even in Playboy, whose editor for twenty plus years John Blumenthal is one of the people that taught me how to write. But because my first amendment rights have been trampled on, and more importantly perhaps on a personal level, our right to earn a living in a profession where we are the best has been stymied by those who live off the lies we are exposing, I am living on handouts and Orage is making beer money.

When we were first published in Nexus, famed author and researcher Gerry Cannon actually contacted me by phone at the behest of Dr. Muhammad Bakr, who was avenged and reinstated as overseer of Egyptian Antiquities after our exposure of Hawass as the empire’s trained carnival barker. Cannon told me we could film in the pyramids, no restrictions…

He wanted to use the opportunity to turn The Ark of the Covenant, which he claims is hidden in a place he knows of in the western desert, over to Israel. I told him that would not be a good idea; and undaunted, Orage and I as serious journalists proceeded to the next subject of most dire consequence with our infamous, among those who know, two-part Paint it Blue series.

Part one was published in the April-May and June-July 2016 issues of Nexus Magazine and is the definitive piece on the most important subject of the twentieth century. The most important contemporary subject, the pink elephant in the room, was broached with Peter Pan Meets Pyramid Head, published in the June-July 2017 issue of Nexus. Since that time, we have been quarantined, removed from the internet as best as can be done with writers translated into a dozen languages and read by millions worldwide.

I guess it was around 2015 that my editor at VT Gordon Duff brought up the viscous black substance first introduced as science fiction in the mid-nineties with “Piper Maru,” the fifteenth episode of the third season of the X Files and the plot’s antagonist in the 1998 X Files Movie.

Both he and the X Files had brought up things before, which according to consensus are science fiction that I know from personal experience to be true, but I literally scoffed at the idea of sentient oil. I’d seen a lot of things, but I’d never seen anything like that.

Nevertheless, I received an email on 10/24/2015, which may or may not have been intended for me to read. It was written by Duncan Roads, owner editor of Nexus Magazine and the undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the alternative media.

I didn’t yet realize it at the time, but just like Lynch’s Agent Cooper, I did not come alone; and I have been fed information from the very bowels of those who rule this place’s deepest darkest vault of secrets. For those of you reading this, I am telling you now only because it’s too late, I also get pocket rings. You should have checked your phones at the door…

“Hi all

Seems like this guy is aware of the stuff Aco and the Rubicon station team were talking about.

He’s writing stuff over at Veteran’s Today under the name of Jack Heart.

Check out some of his correspondence with us in relation to an article we are republishing from VT below.

Note the B-Z transition reference, if that aint a BEZERK reference nothing is!  

Also looks like the Germans probably DID find the black ‘goo’ when they went down and explored and staked out their chunks of Antarctica before WWII.

Anyway, we have a lead with the bacteria reference.

Please put it up on CHANI, and the BEZERK thread as you see fit.

Am bcc’ing this to some others.

The only thing left out is his mention that whatever this ‘black goo’ is, it is as serious as it gets.

It seems to me that he has yet another perspective or piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

The other pieces that I am keeping are:

– the Alec Newald ETs that were trying to figure out a way to negate the stuff on those islands south of the Falklands back in the 70s

– the David Griffin research on the suicided Marconi scientists, who seemed to be connected to ‘programmable hydraulic/transmission fluids’

– Acolyte and the Rand-based Rubicon revealers who released the above in real-time through the BEZERK thread at GLP

– Ditto for the release of the CHANI material, which also makes reference to oil becoming deadly and not being used.

There are a growing number of others claiming intel on all the above, and getting a ‘name’ for this being ‘their’ topic; and there are even products available relating to this.  Klaus’s stuff makes we wary.  Corey Goode’s stuff – well I don’t know – but the background context I agree with.

Behind the scenes, my own contacts confirm that this is as about as serious as it gets.  Lots of ETs working on it, but getting nowhere.

Acolyte and Rubicon team all believed that those that created this stuff are coming back very soon, and that the ‘cavalry’ would arrive at the same time.  I never did figure out who was who, and I’m not sure that they knew for sure either.  

Maybe Jack is right and it is that bacteria.  Acolyte always said that the ‘organism’ hitch-hiked on favoured mediums, i.e. oil and water.

AI, or AI bacteria – heck maybe even bacteria IS AI by some definition when you look at it.

The Rubicon team (who sit above all known intel agencies in the hierarchy) believed that from January 19th 2011 onwards – that ‘it’ would ‘happen’.  But they also discussed that China (who has the ability to negate or protect somehow from/with this organism) said that we have until at least 2016.

China was onto this years ago – they either have a direct relationship with the originators behind this ‘threat’ or they have a relationship with those that can negate it.  Those time-locked briefcases were real – even Fulford heard of them – and they demonstrated China’s superiority in handling this problem.  

I’m on the road for the next two months.  USA, then Europe then back down under.  

Until the next relevant piece of intel on this subject …


Mr. Roads is talking about what we found when we did the intensive research for our Paint It Blue pieces.

MK Ultra was about a lot more than just mind control.

In the 1977 Senate hearings on the aforementioned, Admiral Stansfield Turner, Acting Director of the CIA at the time, testified that in addition to the hundred and forty nine subprojects which have become the foundation of the internet’s generic conspiracy theories, there were thirty-three “additional sub-projects concerning certain intelligence activities previously funded under MKULTRA but which have nothing to do either with behavioral modifications, drugs or toxins, or any closely related matter.”(37)

Bacteria have existed for billions of years. In all likelihood, they were the first cell group, and thus the first expression of organized matter. As noted by H. P. Lovecraft, a cell group of bacteria is called agglutination. It is the fingers by which all other life forms have been molded.

Evolution does not take place without the horizontal gene transfer or non-sexual transmission of genetic materials by bacteria.

Working within the organism, bacteria are able to organize the given genetic material to fit the given environment. Organisms are able to adapt within a few generations because the bacteria inside them adjust them.

DNA beyond Genes by Vadim V. Demidov / Springer Verlag

In a five and a half foot tall, one hundred and fifty-four-pound human, there are approximately thirty-nine trillion bacterial cells and thirty trillion human cells. “Mind Control” is the proverbial red herring. Control the bacteria and the body will follow…

Turner never did tell them what those other thirty-three projects were about; notice the number 33 that stamps it as synarchy. He couldn’t. Instead, he invoked the National Security Act which legalizes synarchy. Those projects were about bacteria.

If bacteria can adjust people, then why not adjust the bacteria to create the type of people you want? The CIA would create its own master race and slave race.

But there was something dark, even darker than genetically engineering a race of slaves, something that led the CIA to toss its lead bacteriologist, Dr. Frank Olson, out of the window of a high rise hotel right in front of Madison Square Garden.

Olson was working out of Fort Detrick, where they were furiously mutating a “military strain” of Bacillus that can only be distinguished from B. subtilis or common grass bacillus “by its black color, reminiscent of the sentient ‘oil’ in the X Files…”

Although they claim all the records of what they were doing have been destroyed according to military protocol, following WW II and throughout the fifties “forensic evidence used by bacteriologists to pinpoint the taxonomy of the Fort Detrick strain indicates the bacteria was mutated over and over again at Fort Detrick, Porton Down, Edgewood and the Dugway Proving Ground.” (38)

Olson was recruited by Ira Baldwin to work in the Army Biological Warfare Laboratories at Camp Detrick. Baldwin had been his instructor when he was a student at the University of Wisconsin, where the mysterious strain of Bacillus the allies were working with also appears to have originated sometime before WW II…

Baldwin was working very closely with George W. Merck, the man who established America’s biological weapons program and the son and heir of Friedrike Merck who emigrated from Germany in 1891 to establish E. Merck and Company on 62 Wall Street. Before WWI, E. Merck and Company was a subsidiary of Merck KGaA, the German chemical colossus.

Maybe it should be mentioned as a side note in light of Mr. Roads’ accusation, and probably rightfully so, that it was the Germans that initially freed the “black ‘goo’” during their 1938 – 1939 explorations of the areas beyond the Ross and Wendell Seas and the sea below the Falkland Islands. The Germans are known by whalers’ sightings to have been all over Bouvet Island and its vicinity at the time.

Aside from being the threshold to another world, Bouvet Island is the most isolated place in this one. If an indestructible deadly sporulating bacterial pathogen needed quarantining, Bouvet Island would be the place for it. From the island, it’s “possible to draw a circle of one thousand miles radius (having an area of 3,146,000 square miles, or very nearly that of Europe) which contains no other land whatever. No other point of land on the earth’s surface has this peculiarity.” (39)

But decades before the Germans’ now infamous expedition to Neuschwabenland, at the opening of the twentieth century, Antarctic expeditions had been plagued by a strange ‘polar anemia’ now known as Beriberi. Men were dying at the South Pole. Some went mad, and others shot themselves upon their return home.

Originally thought to be caused by a thiamin deficiency by everyone but the Germans,  “Beriberi is now believed to be caused by a ‘poison of molds,’ most likely citreoviridin, a mycotoxin produced by Aspergillus terreus a mold found in soils all over the world.” But to use a word made famous by Lovecraft, there is a truly eldritch fact. “Citreoviridin can be purchased from German chemical colossus Merck KGaA through a subsidiary called ‘Sigma-Aldrich’.” (40)

Bacillus is a gram-positive bacterium, which means it is capable of sporulation, whereby it can turn itself into a dormant endospore and live for millions of years until conditions again become ripe for reanimation. During the war, Dr. Kurt Blome, a brilliant cancer researcher and perhaps even the most likely man to cure the disease, suddenly became a brilliant bacteriologist and built the most formidable germ warfare capability the world had ever seen in Germany.

He was working primarily with Serratia marcescens; “a Gram-negative bacterium. That means, simply, the mesh-like layer called Peptidoglycan, encasing the cell’s plasma membrane, will not retain the crystal violet stain used in the Gram staining test after being washed with alcohol. Gram-positive bacteria have a much thicker Peptidoglycan layer which constitutes around 90% of its dry weight as opposed to only about 10% in Gram-negative bacteria.” (41)

Because they lack the Peptidoglycan casing; Gram-negative bacteria, many of which are the most deadly pathogens known to man, were always considered incapable of sporulation. That is until recently when an endospore-forming S. marcescens hybrid was found in the Japanese sewage system.

By cellular transformation, S. marcescens is able to absorb other microscopic organisms through its cell wall and become them. Metal like the magnesium found in abundance in sewage treatment plants is all that’s required. Bacillus subtilis is an additive in sewage treatment plants. With the strangely biblical early Greek name of Zaogalactina imetropha, which means something like I Am when I Am placed upon food, S. marcescens is also able to seize control of the bodily functions of even the most vigorous of other bacteria and use them to sustain itself  “with a secretion called bacteriocin”(42)

Its red prodigiosin secretion, an autoinducer by which it coordinates the biological functions of colonization, has been used by the Vatican for a thousand years to fake bleeding communal wafers like the pseudo miracle Mass of Bolsena.

S. marcescens also secretes an endonuclease which because of its indiscriminate and ravenous appetite is a favored tool of geneticists to splice DNA and RNA. The enzyme is the vital component in bacteriological warfare; eradicating the weaponized pathogens after they are no longer desirable.

Russian experiments have shown that instead of consuming it, the endonuclease of S. marcescens will fuse itself “to a hybrid form of DNA called B-Z DNA.” When it did it “ceased virtually all enzymatic activity, as if it were displaying a natural affinity for the Frankensteinian genetic material.” (43)

“Z-DNA was first observed in the late seventies, Z RNA was observed a few years later. The Z is descriptive of the molecule’s zigzag appearance on its backbone that looks so different from the smooth continuous coil seen in the far more often occurring B-DNA.

When the base pairs of B-DNA are flipped upside down it results in the reorganization of its structure to a left-hand spin. B-DNA and A-DNA, which is similar to B DNA but less often occurring, both have a right-handed spin. The result of this reorganization is that the phosphate groups are closer together in Z-DNA producing a higher state of energy…” (44)

“The Z-DNA confirmation has been difficult to study because it does not exist as a stable feature of the double helix. Instead, it is a transient structure that is occasionally induced by biological activity and then quickly disappears.”(45)

Three regions near the promoters of the c-Myc gene form Z-DNA when c-Myc is expressed, quickly reverting back to B-DNA when C-Myc transcription ceases. The protein encoded by the c-Myc gene is believed to be responsible for at least 15% of gene expression, including cell-division cycles, apoptosis or programmed cell death and cellular transformation; the direct uptake and incorporation by the cell through its cell membrane of alien genetic material from its surroundings.

Gene Roddenberry, the creator of the phenomenally popular television series Star Trek, as inspiration for his scripts was using the Rand Corporation the progenitors of the West’s now openly transhuman agenda and Andrija Puharich, literally the real life Keyser Söze of MK Ultra. Roddenberry was intimately acquainted with both.

The “Borg,”cybernetic organisms linked together in a hive mind called “the Collective,” is a recurring theme of Roddenberry’s Star Trek. Part human, part machine, the Borg assimilate other humans into the Collective by injecting nano mechanical devices into their bodies and surgically augmenting them with cybernetic components. Their ultimate goal is the perfect life form but the oxymoron of their raison d’être is once they become Borg they really are no longer alive.

In “real life” the first nanomechanical devices were based on the transition of B-DNA to Z-DNA. Years ago scientists were talking about using S. marcescens as a “swimming robot” to “enable hardware platforms for self-organization, swarm intelligence, distributed control, and reconfigurable systems in the future.” (46) By the end of 2010, PhD dissertations were turning up at the University of Pennsylvania about how to control S. marcescens in a “fluidic environment.” (47) Fluidic environment is a euphemism for the human bloodstream…

In the Russian experiments, when the endonuclease of the S. marcescens fused to the B-Z DNA substrate, it did so with its metal cations. S. marcescens’ appetite for metal is insatiable. When it gets in the blood stream, it secretes Hemolysin to break down red blood cell walls and another substance called HasA to scavenge for the iron that is resultantly released.

Shortly before Olson crash-landed on the New York City pavement late in fifty-three, he had been acting as a courier between Fort Detrick in Maryland, Porton Down in England and Camp King in Germany. He had seen things done to men in Camp King and to a lesser extent Porton Down that had driven him mad and led the British to assess him as a security risk. At the time Camp King was under the auspices of Dr. Kurt Blome.

During the war, Blome had committed every war atrocity known to man against prisoners taken at the eastern front. His methods for finally euthanizing his hapless victims had been to infect them with the Bubonic Plague, which he had fully intended on delivering to Soviet troop formations when they overran his lab. During his captivity with the Allies, he had made remorseless statements on the record of his war activities that made him forever inadmissible to the United States regardless even of Operation Paperclip, whereby America imported most of his colleagues.

If there was ever a German combatant that deserved to be hung it was Blome, yet he was acquitted of all charges at his 1947 Nuremberg trial. Two months later, four representatives from Fort Detrick and the CIA’s biological warfare program showed up in Germany to interview him. What he told them about S. marcescens which he had been radioactively mutating during the war led them to put him to work for the Army Chemical Corps as the lead doctor at Camp King where he continued his experimentation on humans. Olson would have been acting as a liaison between him and the British and Americans.

The military strains of Bacillus are the delivery system and when all is said and done the S. marcescens; the control mechanism. But the instrument of this Transhuman Armageddon is not of this world. In Twin Peaks 2017 David Lynch calls it “Black Fire;” the intentional use of the life force to become death. “Its fertility but its black, diseased, or unnatural, death…”(48)

He represents it in episode seventeen with a drooling and disfigured man locked in a prison cell that can only mimic everything he hears while all around him the reckoning between good and evil is taking place. As an addendum Lynch has even added a short film Fire is Coming.

Before David Lynch became the poet laureate of synarchy there was H. P. Lovecraft. It was he who first put a face on the unseen menace at the periphery of semi-cognizant nightmares. Because of its length his 1931 novella At The Mountains of Madness would remain unpublished until it was serialized in the February, March, and April 1936 issues of Astounding Stories, the most popular science fiction magazine of the day.

Lovecraft begins his story with the scientific discovery of a long dead civilization that had been composed of beings more vegetable than human; the “Old Ones.” Their stronghold had been a great cyclopean city somewhere deep in the vast uncharted regions of the mysterious interior of Wilkes Land in the Antarctic.

In the 1998 X Files movie, FBI Agent Fox Mulder must journey alone far into Wilkes Land “to save his partner Dana Scully. She is being held against her will in a lab beneath the surface of the ice. The lab is processing a sentient Black Oil which in reality is an alien entity that has survived underground in petroleum deposits since the Stone Age. It can take over an organism by entering it and with the assistance of a powerful cabal from the West, that have their own interest in creating a human slave race, it is seeking to colonize the earth and eventually the universe…” (49)

In Lovecraft’s story contact with the first expedition is lost and a second expedition goes in to find out what happened. They find the first expedition has been wiped out by a group of old ones that they unthawed from the ice but then the old ones themselves were in turn wiped out by a menace they had created to be their servant at the dawn of time. Lovecraft tells his readers the abominations are called the Shoggoth in the Necronomicon.

The scientists are able to deduce from passages in the Necronomicon and the murals on the walls of the abandoned city that the old ones had created “certain multicellular protoplasmic masses capable of molding their tissues into all sorts of temporary organs under hypnotic influence and thereby forming the ideal slaves to perform the heavy work of the community.” (50)

Normally the Shoggoth are a black bubbling mass that Lovecraft describes as an agglutination, a word that had just been invented by bacteriologists to describe the clumping action of bacteria. He goes on to say they can mimic any form of life they come into contact with and are controlled telepathically but they rebel and eventually wipe out the old ones.

The scientists are able to discern the exact time when the Shoggoth become the old ones and took over the painting of the murals decorating the walls. “There was a sudden difference wholly transcending explanation – a difference in the basic nature as well as in mere quality and involving so profound and calamitous degradation of skill that nothing in the hitherto observed rate of decline could have lead one to suspect it.” (51)

The two surviving scientists are pursued through the tunnels by what Lovecraft calls a “terrible indescribable thing vaster than any subway train – a shapeless congeries of protoplasmic bubbles, faintly forming as pustules of greenish light over the tunnel filling front that bore down upon us…”(52)


About a hundred thousand bacteria cells amassed into a fruiting body with spores. Lovecraft, an avowed anglophile and racist, no doubt got his description of the Shoggoth the same place he got the word ‘agglutination;’ Max von Gruber famed German microbiologist and the man who coined the word agglutination. Gruber was one of the founding fathers of the doctrine of Racial Hygiene…

The scientists escape only to live out their lives driven to madness by the thought of the Shoggoth ever making its way into human civilization. This “paranoiac premise is plainly articulated in iconic horror film director John Carpenters 1982 cinematic classic; The Thing. In the movie, the shape-shifting entity is an alien from outer space marooned in the Antarctic for a hundred thousand years. When it’s thawed from a block of ice, the Thing wipes out a Norwegian and American base, impersonating and killing the hapless scientists one by one. Once its slime gets on the victim, it assimilates them, leaving an exact duplicate of the victim, including their personality and memories.

The duplicate can be a colleague or even a sled dog, indistinguishable from the original and easily infiltrating the remaining crew. Regardless of what organism it appears to be, the alien organism can turn into a grotesque arrangement of human body parts, snapping bear trap jaws and whipping tentacles in moments. In the end, the Thing is left marooned in the Antarctic, only in need of a ride to begin assimilating the entire human race.” (53)

Although Carpenters movie is a faithful adaption of John W. Campbell’s 1938 novella ‘Who Goes There?’ it’s hard not to believe Campbell’s novella wasn’t inspired by Lovecraft’s, published only a couple of years earlier. “In the 1938 novella, the surviving scientists wonder if they will even know when they are no longer men and have been assimilated by the Thing.” (54)

These are the facts as Orage and I had written and sourced them and as I personally knew them at the close of 2015 when I received Mr. Roads email. Shortly thereafter I began a correspondence with New Zealand based Alec Newald, the leading light in the cadre of alternative media writers and researchers cited by Mr. Roads.

According to Mr. Newald, and I would not be writing it if I did not believe it, the Falkland Islands War, a short and ultra violent conflict between major powers for which no plausible explanation has ever been given, was really fought over the sentient oil, which Mr. Newald and colleagues long ago dubbed the “Black Goo…”

Jack Heart

Here in the West we live in a post apocalyptic era. Many of our fellow citizens are shaped more like three hundred pound pears than men or women. Whole sections of the population are unable to participate in anything that does not involve a cybernetic device. They actually bump into walls or crash their cars because they cannot look up from their “smart” phones.

In unison we plunge blindly into a technological hell that threatens the sustenance of every living thing, not to mention the jobs of every human being.

A phony space program replete with nineteenth century technology and a fake moon landing, staged terrorist attacks and mass shootings that never really occur are the order of the day. They along with the endless wars and the rumors of war that they spawn and the left right paradigm with its time-honored talking points are the only things ever discussed in this twenty-first century wasteland.

Over fifty percent of American tax dollars are spent on wars that are never won while its entire infrastructure crumbles into dust, as was recently noted by no less than Donald Trump, America’s idiot president whose résumé for the office includes wrestling and reality TV star.

In the name of public safety laws are passed by lawmakers whose sole purpose is to further imbed an already deeply entrenched police state. With 5% of the world’s population America has 25% of the world’s prison inmates. Prisons, privately owned and constructed, are big business in America with the slave labor they generate lining the pockets of congressmen and senators. Fifty year sentences are common for what would get you five or ten in most countries.

In China, whose population is four and half times that of the United States, police killed twelve people in 2014 while their American counterparts literally slaughtered eleven hundred. Recently an extradition law was passed in Hong Kong which had to be immediately suspended because spontaneous street demonstrations brought the city to a halt. “Organisers estimated that about 430,000 people had attended the march on Sunday [July 21, 2019], which marks the seventh consecutive weekend when citizens have come out against the government.” (55)

Margaret Thatcher in Falkland Islands after Argentina’s surrender, 1983

In American cities the only thing that could generate enthusiasm like that is a fixed sporting event. In America the most important right a citizen has is their freedom of speech.

Yet citizens goose step around at football games waving their flags and boasting about “their way of life.” Meanwhile that right is brazenly undermined by a corporation that calls itself Google, strangely coincidental to the dreaded Black Goo.

Google, another product of Stanford University and Menlo Park, was incorporated in the fall of ninety-eight shortly after stories about the Black Goo and the true nature of the Falkland Islands War began to surface. In just one more coincidence of circumstances all Google services except for Chinese Google Maps are blocked from access within mainland China by what has been dubbed The Great Firewall of China, a combination of legislative actions and technologies designed to keep Google out of the People’s Republic of China.

Google, the very epitome of a monopoly as envisioned by America’s antitrust laws, has grown with the internet and become a corporate giant the likes of which the world has never before had to contend with.

In testimony given in June to the United States Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution; Dr. Robert Epstein, Senior Research Psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology called Google “a serious threat to democracy and human autonomy” given its “power to suppress content – the censorship problem, if you will – as well as on the massive surveillance the company conducts, and also on the company’s unprecedented ability to manipulate the thoughts and behavior of more than 2.5 billion people worldwide.” (56)

Google through a company they created, ironically called “The Trust Project,” and finance, with help from certain Silicon Valley tech billionaires, Israeli operatives, Jesuit think tanks and shot callers for America’s war machine, routinely use “HTML-embedded codes in news articles to promote their content at the expense of independent alternatives.”(57) They have been doing this at least since early 2017 when The Trust Project’s director; Sally Lehrman boasted of sending “machine-readable signals to Facebook, Google, Bing, Twitter and other technology platforms…” (58)

Google has been all about control from their very inception. They were not even incorporated for three years when they applied for a patent to “manipulate the nervous system of a subject by pulsing images displayed on a nearby computer monitor or TV set…” (59)

Gordon Duff, one of the few that know how the news really gets made, accuses Google of what he calls “Atmospherics.” Google, as entrenched as it is in cybernetics, has an almost unlimited capability to collect data which they take full advantage of.

Atmospherics “is the pseudo-science of engineering all that data through fusion centers and creating “output.”

You see, the NSA, America’s “listening ear” that taps every phone, hears and sees all but processes or “fuses” as it were, almost nothing. Google “fuses” everything, every email but more, with the help of their dark little friends, all VOIP phone calls, and by that we mean everything, gets listened to as well, far more than the NSA gets.”(60)

In June of 2017 Google was fined a record 2.42 billion Euros “by the European Commission after it ruled the company had abused its power by promoting its own shopping comparison service at the top of search results.” (61) The record was soon broken when in July of 2018 the European Union fined Google another five billion “after it found Google forced Smartphone makers using Android to install the company’s search and browser apps. (62)

At the beginning of this year France, true to form, kicked the reeling giant in the shin with a fifty million Euro fine and in March the European Commission struck the third mighty blow. Google was ordered to pay another one and a half billion Euros “for abusing its dominant position in online search advertising.” (63)

Clearly the European Union has declared war on Google but in America, under the Citizens United Decision and its even more monstrous offspring McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission, Google remains the gold standard for corporations seeking to seize control of the government. Those court decisions relegated America’s politicians, always corrupt but not legally, to mere assets for the wealthy and currently in America no one has more assets than Google…

By the end of the first decade of the twenty-first century it was clear that the internet, with its ability to deliver complex information in real time, had become the most vital component of western civilization. Information is the most valuable commodity there is. It always was. As the old Jewish proverb goes “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Corporations by the very definition of the word exist only to accumulate wealth. In order to maximize that accumulation, the existence is tailored to utilize the given infrastructure of its environment with the minimum amount of maintenance to the infrastructure. That is how a corporation works, plain and simple; it is by its very nature a parasite. Allowing a corporation to commandeer the information highway is not just a bad idea. It is irresponsible.

By the end of the last decade any even remotely efficient authority had only two options to deal with Google; one was to nationalize it and the other was to initiate a no holds barred anti-trust suit against it, as was done with Bell Telephone in 1974, which finally resulted in the Bell System Divestiture in 1984.

Instead with Operation PRISM, the NSA made it a partner. In 2015 it was reconfigured under the banner of its brand new parent company; Alphabet Inc. a thinly veiled allusion to its new partnership with the NSA, CIA, FBI and ilk… Google has even joined NASA in the entertainment industry with their D-wave computers. Apparently instead of the government nationalizing Google, Google has googlized the government. All that’s left to be done is to move the “Googleplex” to Washington DC.

Looking at the state of the pop art, it’s difficult not to believe the Shoggoth have run amuck. Twisted pieces of steel pass for sculpture and splashes of paint for art. Literature is shallow and vacuous, poetry virtually nonexistent. Music is redundant with techno beats synthesized through computers and lyrics either one sentence repeated over and over or the myopic chanting of ghetto rap. Commercial television is just that; commercials. Even those, like the ones made by Geico Insurance Company, are like jokes with no punch line.

Nowhere is this lack of creativity more apparent than in movies where the same movies get remade over and over again, supplemented by comic book characters from the mid twentieth century. Batman, whose great grandfather according to the original 1960’s series, episode thirty-three of course, founded the Skull and Bones Society at Yale, has undergone more incarnations in Hollywood than the Dali Lama has in Tibet.

Pertinent social commentary is actually frowned upon. Hollywood giant Warner Brothers spent a ton of money making the movie Idiocracy, where a man goes five hundred years into the future and finds a world peopled by imbeciles on the brink of catastrophic famine because they are watering their crops with Gatorade. Inexplicably Warner Brothers never publicized it, presumably because it was too realistic. The only difference between this America and the one in the movie is President Trump is White and President Camacho is Black. They’re both over the top ex wrestling stars and share similar hairstyles and IQ’s.

To be fair, the Idiocracy was not built overnight. It took seven hundred years, beginning with the penning of malevolence personified in the Zohar. The Zohar made the ultimate Ascension of Man, the unification of his intellect with his soul, the union of the male and female Dragons; called Leviathan in both the Norse Sagas and the Book of Job, into the ultimate offense against a god Man himself made.

Horrible little men, genetic defects who bore nothing but resentment against all that was right and strong in the human race, sickly lice ridden excuses for men, like Thomas Hobbes and the Rabbis that composed the Zohar, took this idea and ran with it.

Hobbes, a scion of the British Empire and the father of Transhumanism , even penned its bible taking his cues from the Zohar and naming it what he thought the most evil title he could give it; Leviathan. In this maleficent monument to tautological dialectics; Hobbs, using rationalism which was the science of his day, makes the case that man is no more than a biological machine, an epicurean thing, which is merely a product of its own environment and the property of the state.

Depravedly insane as Hobbes was he was not stupid. He knew just what he was doing; the title is a dead giveaway. He had hated the clergy since he was a boy and they forced his father out of London leaving his aristocratic family without a patriarch. He had intended to write the bible for atheism right from the start. He would have been exposed to what was in the Zohar through the teachings of John Dee and Sir Edward Kelley which had infected the fledgling empires aristocracy in the sixteenth century.

Leviathan although begun earlier was completed in the middle of the seventeenth by the chronically ailing Hobbes. He would live another thirty years till the ripe old age of ninety-one and seems to have been in the habit of using health issues to stay out of the wars he was always around.

The academic sycophants of Hobbes would define his book as the foundation of “Materialism,” philosophy’s flavor of the day since the “Enlightenment…” Transhumanism is the logical conclusion of Materialism just like death is the logical conclusion to a malignant tumor.

Hobbes, academia become death, was initially ineffectually challenged by Anglican Bishop John Bramhall who did what he could against Hobbes and his supporting chorus of academic chimpanzees. It would be a half century before this Typhoid Mary of Transhumanism was effectively challenged by an Irish aristocrat and Christian shaman who understood the importance of vigorous good health in formulating ones perception of the world. George Berkeley, the Bishop of Cloyne in Ireland, ironically or maybe not, is the man to which the University of California, Berkeley is named after.

To keep fit enough to intellectually smack down the apostles of Materialism, as he was seemingly born to do, Berkeley drank what he called tar water or “distilled acid of tar (turpentine)” by the gallons.

In America’s back woods, where they handle venomous snakes as part of the Christian religion, they still use it as a cure for snake bite. Berkeley “learned about this cure from the American Narragansett Indians. You mixed tar with water then after a few days, you skim off the clear liquid and drink several cups per day.” (64)

Berkeley hailed tar water as a panacea for virtually all that ails a human being:“A cure for foulness of blood, ulceration of bowels, lungs, consumptive coughs, pleurisy peripheumony, erysipelas, asthma, indigestion, cachectic and hysteric cases [insanity], gravel, dropsy, and all inflammations.” (65)

Arthur Schopenhauer his intellectual heir who came a century later called Berkeley the father of Idealism but by the dawning of the twenty-first century it would turn out he was even more than that, far more. If ever there was a Prophet who could transcend time it was George Berkeley.

The words of the prophet may have been written on the subway wall but long before that they were carved in the walls of hallowed academic halls by Berkeley. By 1979 there were over thirteen hundred scholarly works on him, one of the most powerful and influential universities in the West was named after him and another one, Yale, was built on his dime but until now nobody has really understood him.

At the dawn of the eighteenth century Berkeley served academia formal notice that God now had the floor with The Principles of Human Knowledge. Like the wrath of angels he descended upon Isaac Newton, Edmond Halley and John Locke.

He ridiculed the ‘laws of gravity’ and perhaps the Enlightenment itself by asking: “how are we enlightened by being told this is done by attraction?

Is it that this word signifies the kind of tendency, telling us that the event comes from bodies’ pulling one another, rather than from their being pushed towards each other? But that tells us nothing about how this ‘pulling’ is done. For all we know to the contrary, it could as well be called pushing as pulling.” (66)

Inexplicably, it wasn’t in any books yet, Berkeley had anticipated by almost a century the math of the Marquis de Laplace proving gravity is caused by displacement… Berkeley savaged Newton and Halley with his sarcastic wit and flawless logic, relentlessly mocking the verbosity and pretentious empiricism of John Locke and he was just getting started…

Berkeley was as good at math as he was at philosophy. Almost twenty-five years later he would write The Analyst; A DISCOURSE Addressed to an Infidel Mathematician… Some say the infidel was Halley others Newton himself but regardless the discourse, wherein Berkeley coined the phrase “ghosts of departed quantities,” demolished the very foundations of Calculus for over a century, until derivatives and integrals were redefined by German and French mathematicians using limits. The Analyst is hailed by British scholars in the field as “the most spectacular event of the century in the history of British mathematics.” (67)

Berkeley may have been the best of his day by far in mathematics but he was no mathematician. In the Principles he has little use for what he called “high flights and abstractions” and he looked “on all researches into numbers as mere earnest trivialities insofar as they aren’t practically useful in improving our lives.”

He dismisses as superficial contriving “thinkers who put on a show of having an uncommon subtlety and elevation of thought. It has put a price on the most trifling numerical theorems that are of no practical use and serve only to pass the time; and it has infected the minds of some people so much that they have dreamed of mighty mysteries involved in numbers, and tried to explain natural things by means of them.” (68)

Berkeley was no fan of literature either. He said: “Unless we take care to clear the first principles of knowledge from being burdened and deluded by words, we can reason from them forever without achieving anything…” (69) Indeed, when he writes in his first paragraph of the Principles that the “illiterate majority of people, who walk the high road of plain common sense and are governed by the dictates of nature”(70) are the ones most comfortable in their own skins he is setting the precedent for a utopian maxim that would be repeated and established by no less a philosopher than Friedrich Nietzsche in his magnum opus Thus Spake Zarathustra, over a century and half later.

Actually Berkeley is the Christian version of Nietzsche. The latter used Mjolnir the pagan Hammer of Thor to lay waste to all the dialectical pedantry which preceded him. Berkeley preferred the Christian cross, used like Tyrfing the pagan Sword of Destiny. He scoffs at all the students of Aristotle that came before him calling them “those great masters of abstraction” and with sarcastic glee points out “what great good they have brought to mankind…” (71)

To Berkeley the ‘primary qualities’ of established philosophy are Abstractions and the ‘secondary qualities’ Abstractions of Abstractions. You cannot take what you want and leave the rest. He points out that “the qualities of things never really exist in isolation from one another; rather, they are mixed and blended together, several in the same object.” (72)

Any attempts to artificially isolate them, name them and give them “determinate signification” results in Abstractions, each more phantasmagorical than the last. Berkeley articulates the indeterminate nature of realty almost two hundred years before Werner Heisenberg was born when he says “really no general name has a single precise and definite signification.”(73)

When Berkeley writes “shape and extension don’t resemble any fixed and determinate qualities existing in matter, because they appear differently to the same eye in different positions” (74) he predicts the Many Worlds of Hugh Everett III two hundred and fifty years before Everett would turn physics on its head with his ground breaking paper Wave Mechanics Without Probability.

All of Berkeley’s Ideas were predicated on the Holographic paradigm three hundred years before there was one. He is still derisively called the father of Immaterialism by the braying adherents of Morgan Freeman “science”, who think Karl Pribram is a new flavor from Hostess Twinkie and Stanford University and Menlo Park only consequential as the birthplace of Google…

Just like Pribram, the master neurosurgeon who discovered the Holonomic brain, and just like the deepest blackest sciences of Menlo Park at which Pribram worked, Berkeley knew that matter, corporal substance, only exists as Ideas in the mind. Almost three hundred years before Pribram ever touched a scalpel or Harold Puthoff and Russell Targ pierced the veil of Illusion at Menlo Park; Berkeley proved by simple logic that it is “impossible that any colour or extension or other perceptible quality should exist in an unthinking thing outside the mind, or indeed that there should be any such thing as an object outside the mind.” (75)

Somehow Berkeley knew, in spite of the deafening simian chatter of his day about Materialism, objects “are wholly contained within the mind, so whatever is in them must be perceived.” (76) He coined the aphorism “esse is percipi,” to be is to be perceived…

DARPA concept art, brain

To Berkeley, all objects are Ideas and “all ideas are passive and inert.” (77)They are insentient therefore they cannot “exist in any substance other than those unextended, indivisible substances, spirits, which act and think and perceive them.” (78)

Spirits are the only thing that can have an existence independent of the mind. “A spirit is an active being. It is simple, in the sense that it doesn’t have parts. When thought of as something that perceives ideas, it is called ‘the understanding’, and when thought of as producing ideas or doing things with them, it is called ‘the will’.” (79)

He said that in Man “the ideas of sense are stronger, livelier, and clearer than those of the imagination; and they are also steady, orderly and coherent.” (80) These he called the Laws of Nature and through them we learn to maximize the pleasures of existence and minimize the pain; “that food nourishes, sleep refreshes, and fire warms us; that to sow in the spring is the way to get a harvest in the fall…” It is “only by observing the settled laws of nature”(81) that man learns to take the actions that will bring about the desired result. “This consistent, uniform working obviously displays the goodness and wisdom of the governing spirit whose will constitutes” those laws. (82)

“What the scientist ought to be doing is to detect and decipher those signs (this language, so to speak) instituted by the author of nature, not claiming to explain things in terms of corporeal causes—a claim that seems to have too much estranged the minds of men from that active principle, that supreme and wise spirit, ‘in whom we live, move, and have our being’.” (83)

It should be apparent by now that Berkeley was no natural Man. He knew there is a Supreme Spirit, an Overlord above all the others but he also knew there were others, independent of Man just like in the Yggdrasil and the Sepher Yetzirah, with various means and talents to project their Ideas upon the others. But he also knew that all of these beings in one way or another, inscrutable even to him, serve the purpose of their Overlord.

“I see no reason to deny that there is a great variety of spirits, of different orders and capacities, whose abilities are far greater and more numerous than those the author of my being has bestowed on me. And for me to claim, on the basis of my own few, niggardly, narrow inlets of perception, what ideas the inexhaustible power of the supreme spirit may imprint on them would certainly be the utmost folly and presumption…” (84)

Little more than half way through the Principles, Berkeley knew he had accomplished just what he had set out to do with his landmark work. He had buried Hobbes, whose followers he calls “Hobbists,” and all the effeminate sentiments first postulated by an Epicurus of unknown origins that made Thomas Hobbes and the Transhuman nightmare he would bring upon Man possible. He gloated at how easy it had been too, calling it “the most cheap and easy triumph in the world…” (85)

For the next two centuries philosophers and mathematicians, all of them backed by the weight of the now fully metastasized British Empires academic apparatus, would attempt to refute Berkeley. None of them even came close and with the advent of Quantum Mechanics, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, Quantum Entanglement and the indeterminate nature of the Universe as irrefutably proved by Bell’s Theorem, academics would now have to bow down before Berkeley and admit their defeat. But the empire would do no such thing. All will be lost if they admit the secret of human bliss lay right there in the human mind waiting to be tapped by something other than their own greed.

During the two hundred and thirty years following the publication of the Principles, there’s an average of a scholarly book and a half per year published on the subject. From 1932 – 1979 it jumps to twenty and after that to thirty. Berkeley’s work was the gathering storm that would sweep them and their empire built on lies into the Hell of Eternal Oblivion where it rightfully belongs.

There was only one way to stop it, this epiphany of the collective soul that Berkeley brought to Man. They knew what had been quarantined in the Antarctic, a vile and unstoppable plague of a life form, a mimic that can easily be controlled through the power of suggestion because it’s just too stupid to think for itself. But so toxic, so resilient and invasive that in the end it will always be the last one standing, the only one standing.

It had destroyed countless civilizations of worlds come before this one. The Necronomicon which is a very real book that was translated into English for the aristocracy by John Dee and procured by the SS during the war warned against ever using it. Lovecraft just as he has always said in his ostensibly fictional stories had read it and wrote about the Shoggoth with terror born in the collective memory of eons untold.

Himmler Experiment 17 Karotechia Necronomicon

Rather than accede to a Just world where the truth is more important than the security of their empire, they brought it back from its frozen entombment and nurtured it back to fitness, even improved it, in places like Fort Detrick, Porton Down and Camp King.

By the fall of 1950 it was ready, and they attacked the San Francisco Bay area in the cowardly fashion which is their calling card with “Operation Sea Spray.” By fog shrouded boats, they sprayed the burgeoning new intellectual capital of the West and its university, where Berkeley’s work was catalyzing its long awaited renaissance.

By “1966, America’s armed forces are known to have biologically and chemically attacked its own citizens at least 239 times in eight American cities, among them New York City the world’s financial center.”

The British “not to be outdone by the antics of the colonies” as a matter of public record are known to have attacked theirs over a hundred times during the same period. Always both ‘counties’ used the same bacterial pathogens; S marcescens and lab engineered Bacillus along with zinc cadmium sulphide to feed their pets… (86)

The world destroying bacteria did its work well, and it wasn’t long before the malignant tumor called the RAND Corporation, which they had planted up the coast in Santa Monica only the year before Operation Sea Spray, metastasized into Silicon Valley and afflicted an entire world with its chronic and debilitating malaise called Transhumanism.

Suddenly Berkeley didn’t matter anymore, and the greatest philosopher the West could produce, at least that they understood in their mentally handicapped condition, was a Russian Jewish shrew with a latent lesbian disposition and a penchant for stating their motto “greed is good” with every other sentence she wrote. For Ayn Rand and the Rand Corporation, Atlas Shrugged and dropped the ball because he just didn’t give a shit anymore which was fine with them.

They picked it up and gave it to Captain Kirk and his comic book creator Gene Rodenberry. No one asked any questions by the time Atlas Shrugged and was replaced by a Hollywood buffoon and ham of an actor. They had infected everyone in the West except for maybe Howard Hughes who knew they were coming and lived out his life in hiding. They even infected the Queen of England in the Sabotage Trials when the subway under Whitehall in London was sprayed.

Duncan Roads sources say there is no cure, so do mine… But George Berkeley’s “few, niggardly, narrow inlets of perception” may very well be coming from the highest authority. Margaret Lanterman, the Log Lady in Twin Peaks was able to communicate with disembodied entities using a pine log she carries with her everywhere she goes.

Pine cone sculpture at the Vatican

The Pineal Gland or “Third Eye” is shaped like and thus named after a pine cone. “The Egyptian Staff of Osiris, dating back to approximately 1224 BC, depicts two intertwining serpents rising up to meet at a pinecone.” Assyrian palace carvings depict Gods holding out pine cones as do ancient Hindu sculptures.

There is a three story fountain fixture in the likeness of a pine cone said to date back to Rome and the staff of Dionysus is topped with a pine cone.

“Catholic religious tradition is intricately interwoven with pinecones, perhaps most prominently atop the sacred staff carried by the Pope himself…” (87)

George Berkeley may yet have the last laugh. The last book he wrote was in 1744. He is the poster child for inexplicable but most inexplicable of all is the title of that book: Siris:A Chain of Philosophical Reflexions and Inquiries Concerning the Virtues of Tarwater, And divers other Subjects connected together and arising one from another

Tookie Memorial, II

He died on Mother’s Day [2019]. Father’s Day was yesterday and the pain has not eased even a little. I did not expect him to die, leastways die and stay that way. I’d already seen him die and come back to life. He was lying under the blanket on the couch where I slept and all of a sudden let out a blood curdling shriek, convulsed and went limp, eyes fixed wide open. My father was a hunting guide for celebrities, I worked in the Hudson Bay Company wild furs department for two years and am a first mate on charter boats hunting shark by trade. I know when an animal is dead.

I checked him three times for a heart beat or any shallow breathing. There was none. I tearfully picked up the phone to call my cousin to arrange his burial in my cousin’s wooded backyard and heard a sucking sound. When I looked at Tookie, his head was up and he was looking all around as if wondering what just happened. He got up and immediately ate two cans of food. He usually never even finished one. After that, he was fine for at least a month, but he would never go on that couch again, or under that particular blanket.

This went on for months, since I pulled her card upon my return from Indiana in early March. It seems the little animal became a focal point in a test of wills between the Djinn, those who are not cowards, and the Dreamer. Even after the installment by miracles of a Daddy Warbucks caricature as president of the United States of America, I still did not take the concept of a Dreamer seriously.

She knew the set up between the Djinn and I, better maybe than I did, from our hundreds of hours spent talking about it between whatever psychosomatic malady was ailing her on that particular day. But that she was a player, not even a player but the overlord, was just an abstract to be bantered about during lulls in the conversation. I don’t, or at least at the time I didn’t, think either one of us ever really believed it. As for the Djinn, the whole thing has been at an impasse for exactly three years as I write this.

Djinn is a blanket term I have settled upon for entities that originate in Nyan Tolo, a satellite in the three-star system of Sīrius known to Africa’s Dogon as the Star of Woman. In Dogon lore, carried orally out of Egypt in time out of mind and recorded in The Pale Fox; a book written by the famed anthropologists who studied the Dogon, amongst these entities known as Nommo, there is only one male, and he is more or less the Devil. But he is driven by his frustration of being separated from the females. I can identify with him; and perhaps it was that frustration that motivated me.

By her own admission, she had stopped reading us after our Twin Peaks pieces and in spite of the stories, and they all have one, I instinctually know there is an immutable force at play that is the source of the impasse, an artificial wall between me and mine. Someone is setting rules, and everyone else is inventing etiological myths for why they must follow them. I don’t know whether I was really beginning to believe it or not, but I remember during the course of conversation with Orage I mentioned a few times that I thought it was her.

One day in March during the course of conversation, she brings up an article written by a colleague whom I detest, and she knows that. When she asked me if I read it, I cut her off curtly saying I don’t read anything written by that person. She dropped the subject, but later when I thought about it I became resentful that she could read that article and want to discuss it with me while being everything but dismissive of my own work.

Later on my Facebook wall, a limited hangout for praetor human entities, I posted a picture of a snarling werewolf with a caption saying that is the face you make when your friend calls you up and wants to discuss the work of your enemies but doesn’t even read yours. I didn’t mention any names but they knew and she knew that they knew, and she comes on the thread fuming mad so that now even the semi-sentient agglutinations, as we call them, that monitor the wall know who I was talking about. I reminded her civilly that she had told me herself that she could no longer read what we have been writing. She lied and said she did, then she called me a dick in writing.

From out of nowhere, my back, which had put me in the hospital before but hadn’t been hurting, hurt so bad I could barely get out of the chair. Not long after that Tookie began howling in pain. He had a congenital heart problem when I got him, and we had been advised by a Manhattan veterinary cardiologist that he could die at any moment or live to a ripe old age. His condition causes his lungs to sometimes fill with water, but we have drugs which usually fix that in a day or two. You can tell when he needs them, he will cough and pant for air but this was different, he was screeching in agony. Tookie had never done that before.

After about three hours of Tookie’s nonstop screeching, the sheer malice of the attack upon the slightest provocation on somebody who was supposedly her best friend, and my own inability to do anything to help him, I was unnerved enough to say something on Facebook where the others were watching. Some came to my defense as I knew they would. I never would have asked for myself or anybody else, just the cat. I was told to take the post down, which I did, and I wrote the tyrannical bitch in Texas telling her in writing I only took the post down for the cat…

As soon as I did Tookie stopped caterwauling and, although he looked at death’s door, he slowly began to recover in the ensuing days. With the help of a spinal epidural, I shook the back pain off like a gnat bite. After about a week, Tookie was eating, dragging his right back leg, but slowly getting better. Then came the incident where he abruptly died, but when he came back, it was as if none of it had ever happened. He was no longer dragging his back leg, in fact he was surfing the walls and making the spectacular six-foot vertical leaps that were part of his unique cat repertoire.

For a month he seemed fine, and I thought everything would be okay, but the hand of death was upon Tookie, and in the end there was nothing anyone could do to lift it. This is her world; we’re just visiting, and in the end it is always her Will that will be done here. That does not mean we cannot drown it and her with it; it’s been done before. “Augelmir the Water Giant was unleashed towards the end of April, and it’s been raining ever since here and in the Mississippi Valley;” (36) America’s breadbasket…

In the beginning of May a thunderstorm arose the likes of which I have not heard in my almost sixty years. I was writing and Tookie was sitting on the computer tower next to me, his customary perch. There was an ear-splitting explosion outside, and the whole complex shook. I opened my front door to the sound of wailing alarms and disorientated people wandering around in the rain with flashlights. My condo looked like the only one that still had lights. Feeling smug, I came back inside to find Tookie cowering on top of the refrigerator.

He was not a timid animal, in fact he did not get along with my daughter’s Old English Bulldog and usually he was the aggressor. It took me hours to coax him down, and when he finally came down, he stood in the hallway peering around the corner at the far mirrored wall of the living room. When he finally did come into the living room, he kept staring at that mirrored wall as if he were watching something in it. After that, he would always face that wall when he was in his chair. In a couple of days, he was panting for air, but this time the medicine had no effect. You could see him fighting it every step of the way, but in the end, he turned from pink to a vivid shade of yellow.

Right before Tookie died, he got off my bed and dragged himself to the litter box to urinate. When he got out he went to the mirrored wall, let out a screech and collapsed. I put him back on my bed, but he was already dead. In Kether, the Crown of God in the Sepher Yetzirah, there is a classification of beings called Chaioth Ha Qadosh that rule over Briah or the formative world. They are the highest order of beings before Metatron or the presence of God and God himself; Eheh. About as true a translation as you are ever going to get of Chaioth Ha Qadosh is Holy Living Animals; Tookie was Chaioth Ha Qadosh. I’ll see him again, and so will she…

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  1. Pathogens and Alien Viruses
    3,080 views Jun 19, 2020
    Goerge Noory interviews Emery Smith, a former air force technician who worked and participated in corporate-military top secret black projects. :


    • George interviewed me as well and got me into serious trouble for telling too much truth.

  2. The black ooze sounds like carbon nano-tech…..quantum particles are the machine layer of reality…oil=carbon…carbon-based life forms..

    I think your cat was the victim of stand-off EM weapons..

  3. Google should be broken up into fragments that have NO financial connection by LAW! US get onto it!
    So what is the molecular and chemical composition of this ‘black goo’? Sounds like large alkane oil to me…

    • The evidence presented here and in the Paint it Blue pieces all points to it being bacterial based, but the concealed ones guess about it being nano-based cannot be ruled out. Ever see a bacteriophage in an electron microscope? Regardless, for personal reasons I would have preferred to ignore this but obviously others will not. I suspect Bill Gates and company or cooking up something special with those others…

    • On second thought, a higher state of energy and a lower state of entropy (disorder). Opposite of the natural law. Look at AI and what defines it. Look at Purity. Look at all life. What defines life is what is opposite of natural physics. Instead of disorder, life is a construct. Energy kid not dissipated but collected and stored. Thermodynamics be damned.

  4. More like slaughter house five where his captors brought him the hot girl to his prison but of course he could escape as he did but always came back to her.

    I say he escaped with that hot girl….

  5. Reminds me of a Kilgore Trout insertion in a Vonnegut novel; an Alien was shouting the cure for cancer and because he looked like a matchstick, someone picked him up and repeatedly stuck his head trying to ignite him.

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