Lavrov: The West is Waging a War Against Religion


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by Strategika 51 submitted by VT Damascus

A statement that Facebook or Twitter would have censored on the spot without any warning. For Sergey Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Western countries are waging a war against all religions but also against the genetic code of all human civilizations.

In an analysis for the Russian journal Russia in Global Affairs, Minister Sergei Lavrov underlines the excessive propensity of Western countries to substitute international law with variable and subjective “rules” according to the interests of these countries. Country resulting not only in a blatant double standards policy but in an illogical attitude, anti-scientific and against human nature.

Lavrov does not bother with the Novlanguage / Woke language that the Empire wants to impose through intimidation and puts his finger on the root of the problem by asserting that there is an ongoing offensive against the foundations of all the religions of the world but also against the genetic code of the main civilizations of the planet.

This declaration does not emanate from a conspirator but from the acting Head of Diplomacy of the Russian Federation, a country with an area of 17,125,191 square km (11.5% of the total land area of the planet). ), a population of 148 million and an impressive thermonuclear firepower.

Russia will never be forgiven for this kind of analysis which the world propaganda relentlessly fights with all possible means at all possible levels.

What is paradoxical is that all religious leaders and representatives of almost all faiths remain completely silent if not subject to the universal propaganda that some are content to repeat like parrots by adapting it to the narrative and the local religious format. It is to be believed that they have all been either compromised or bought or reduced to silence.

The war against all religions has been fairly well documented for several centuries. Specifically from the start of what some politically rotten history textbooks refer to as the Enlightenment. On the other hand, we are barely beginning to perceive the ongoing war against the human genome, against all ethics and nature, started a few decades ago under supposedly “progressive” pretexts but which ultimately aim no less than the destruction of nations, and of man as an intelligent being.

However, the European Union and the US deep state have declared themselves the rainbow-colored flag-bearers of this new crusade aimed at canceling common sense before totally banishing it and degrading the human species by attempting to impose new forms of human procreation, murdering nine-month-old fetuses for profit and even altering their DNA if science allows.

It is a plan aimed at the final and irreversible enslavement of the human species, reduced to a stage of sub-domestic animal with only one purpose: to consume and to be silent.

By attack on the human genetic code, was Lavrov alluding to the big manipulation of COVID-19 and the great circus underway since March 2020? Certainly. This is part of the ongoing all-out Hybrid War offensive against humanity or what’s left of it because if the social media on the net takes care of the leveling down of human relations, even their transformation into reflexes.

Pavlovians (of the incompressible Like, insults and addiction to emotional manipulation and psychological operations), other tools are being deployed to harm the human genome.

Is the future for degenerates, contradicting the theory of evolution? A bastardized, listless, pusillanimous species subjected to some sort of virtual god made by the giants of self-interest and the products of big pharmaceutical companies to alleviate the effects of endless autoimmune diseases will undoubtedly be a lifelong nightmare. We are not there yet, but Lavrov, like his country, Russia, will be punished for having dared to demonstrate such lucidity.

Let’s hope that all of the Empire’s efforts do not one day result in us creating a zombie apocalypse or alien invasion. Because the populations are ready to believe everything as long as they believe themselves privileged while they are subject to the yoke.


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  1. Religions have been at war with governments since inception, and Russia relies heavily on the Roman/Israeli kind.
    When religion draws the ire of the people , it is not because we waged war on them, it is because they have overstepped their boundaries and trying to install fascism as they always do. Match the relocation contracts with advertising dollars spent to vilify immigration.
    It does not compute, but then again it does if you understand a 500 year old assimilation plan here in the Americas. Religion comes, and the war ships are right behind them.

  2. Every comment here thus far buys into Judeo-Christian dogma. Who invented this crap guys? Do you not see that with such inventors that there is a ‘doing’ and an ‘undoing’ to every controlling way of the Zionist Jew? Read ‘The Controversy of Zion’ by Douglas Reed and have your Bible handy to look up examples he gives to see exactly how they ‘do it’. The conventional means to their end always involves a command…then a later caveat that releases them…and only them from any onus of responsibility. By believing THEM in the first place you are playing right into their game. The Protocols, Bible and Talmud all contain such entries.

  3. In the book The Evil Bible ( Joy of Satan Ministries Bible) Joshua Johnson talks of The Templars-

    “The order soon acquired extreme wealth. Many scholars attributed their advancement to their worship of the gilded Head of Baphomet. The idol was believed to have the power of creating wealth, causing trees to flourish and the earth to become fruitful. They were accused of anointing the head with “the fat of murdered infants.” THIS WAS NOT FAT FROM MURDERED INFANTS AS THE CHURCH PERVERTED, AND TWISTED THE INFORMATION. THIS “FAT FROM ‘MURDERED INFANTS'” WAS SEMEN. In the Judeo/Christian Bible, when a man “spills his seed,” he is accused of murdering [potential] children (GEN 38: 9-10).
    Semen, vaginal secretions, saliva, blood, and other body fluids were traditionally used in ancient religious rites as standard procedure. These fluids contain the life force, and when used by knowledgeable practitioners or priests, energy can be directed and applied to accomplishing specific objectives in the material world.
    The Catholic Church’s sole purpose was to remove any and all knowledge of the Ancient Gods, and religions that pre-dated Judeo/Christianity”.

    Phew! I’m glad he cleared that one up.

  4. You speak of “evolution” of “life” forms as if it were set in stone.
    Recently VT posted an article espousing the “evolution” of one form of elephant into another form of elephant.
    That is not “evolution,” it is adaptation.
    The genetic code, the DNA of all elephants is in every elephant!
    Just as the DNA of every form of human is in every other human, as it was also in Adam and Eve.
    The DNA of every kind of animal is in all different versions of that “kind” of animal.
    DNA “science” is just now realizing the seemingly miraculous nature of the workings of DNA. It’s as if each DNA molecule has a mind of its own, and is able to perform multifunctions in multi-situations depending on its micro AND its macro environment.
    When one considers what the microscopic DNA molecule is capable of doing, its as if it were a self-programming supercomputer able to manipulate itself into infinite coding sequences as the immediate situation calls for. But always limited to reproducing its overall predetermined type or kind, as the situation allows. One could say the DNA molecule acts like, or has godlike powers.
    Those of us who are not blind, know that is not god.
    It was created by God.

  5. Have to say, I agree with Lavrov. The AngloZionist Empire is indeed fighting a war against religion. Remember, the Empire was from the very beginning based on the notion that some Europeans were “chosen” by their “higher power” to range around the planet displacing the indigenous, stealing their land and resources, and finally ending human history in some kind of apocalyptic final battle where their warrior messiah returns to the Earth to smite all unbelievers, everyone but them apparently. This may be a pseudo-religious mindset, but it’s in no way about the God of justice, compassion, and truth.

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