You just can’t make this shit up – Sorry, no other title would fit

This video is why meanie Jim Dean has always been for a poll tax to vote


First published … July 06, 2021

[ Editor’s Note: An old friend just sent me this. If he had asked me to bet if half of the pre-holiday interviewees could not answer half of some basic 4th of July questions, I would have lost my money that no one could answer that the US had separated from Britain.

It’s a shame that we can’t tie Trump to a chair and ask him questions like this, where he only gets food if he answers them correctly. We would have a slimmer ex-president.

Did the interviewer cherry pick the idiots to make this sketch? Some of them seemed to actually walk and chew gum at the same time, but they still flunked the quiz.

I loved the one about “Who else besides Lee Harvey Oswald and John Wilkes Booth signed the Declaration of Independence?”

Even more frightening, these people can vote, or at least some of them can. This video is why meanie Jim Dean has always been for a poll tax to vote, in the form of three questions, and where you only need to know one, and they would all be verrrryyy easy.

Oh well, there’s always next year. Actually I would like to see hundreds of video likes this from all over the country before July 4th, 2022. We could call it the idiot Olympics or Triathlon… Jim W. Dean ]


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  1. It’s a sad fact. Even in the USSR at school, teachers told us in what year the Declaration of Independence was adopted by Thomas Jefferson. How 13 states got rid of dependence on the British crown. And only after 8 years (from 1776) Great Britain fully realized that their protectorate had been lost. I would like to add that tsarist Russia helped the young US country gain independence 2-3 times.
    I belong to the last generation who lived in the USSR and I have to admit that we also have such video polls in the streets and today’s youth is very poorly versed in history. But not everything is as sad as in the USA.

  2. He should have tried to make them questions about Marvel characters, I’m sure he should have better luck.

    • Jim, perhaps but one thing we can be sure, none in that interview it was Michael Kearney… 🙂

    • Ah yes, and I would have flunked the Marvel test. That said, I am sure the interivew edited the people that knew the answers as no one would want to see that or past the link on to others. But those knowing that the US separated from Britain, they should be made to wear a “I did not know” T-shirt on that…or…have to refund the cost of their public school education, on a monthly payment plan of course.

  3. Americans are stupid, no shock there….. the clown Mark Dice is a right wing shill and should not be taken seriously.

  4. It sounds like a good idea having some minimal level of voter screening, but on the other hand it screams of voter suppression. As said earlier, Jim Fetzer, a highly talented scholar thinks the election was stolen from Trump to a degree, if true, would rank as the biggest case of voter fraud and election theft in history.
    Either way, I take consolation in the belief, that the outcome would have been exactly the same whether every vote counted, or none did.

    • And what’s more, I believe they also contruct the circumstances of the outcome; the setting; the political game; the psychosocial payoff.
      They be some warping and woofing control freaks.

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