America Is Experiencing Extreme Climate Change


Health Editor’s Note: As we have noted, the western portion of the U.S. and Canada are seeing dramatically higher temperatures which have caused deaths. Actually, the thermometer readings have exceeded any temperature that many areas have ever experienced. This article reports on areas of increasing temperature norms brought on by climate change. Too hot is just as damaging as too cold…..Carol

2°C: Beyond the Limit

by Steven Mufson, Chris Mooney, Juliet Eilperin, and John Muyskens. Photography by Salwan Georges/The Washington Post

LAKE HOPATCONG, N.J. — Before climate change thawed the winters of New Jersey, this lake hosted boisterous wintertime carnivals. As many as 15,000 skaters took part, and automobile owners would drive onto the thick ice. Thousands watched as local hockey clubs battled one another and the Skate Sailing Association of America held competitions, including one in 1926 that featured 21 iceboats on blades that sailed over a three-mile course.

In those days before widespread refrigeration, workers flocked here to harvest ice. They would carve blocks as much as two feet thick, float them to giant ice houses, sprinkle them with sawdust and load them onto rail cars bound for ice boxes in New York City and beyond.

“These winters do not exist anymore,” says Marty Kane, a lawyer and head of the Lake Hopatcong Foundation.

That’s because a century of climbing temperatures has changed the character of the Garden State. The massive ice industry and skate sailing association are but black-and-white photographs at the local museum. And even the hardy souls who still try to take part in ice fishing contests here have had to cancel 11 of the past dozen competitions for fear of straying onto perilously thin ice and tumbling into the frigid water.

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  1. When I was a child the Earth had “Weather”.
    Then the Eugenics Crowd began pouring grant money into “Humans are bad” research.
    Now, We ignore pollution controls for this new paradigm, “Climate”.
    Grow milkweed for the Monarch’s.
    We do; they need more to get this far.

  2. Robert, you’re correct. Here in Texas they lace the skies with chemtrails every day. On July 11 at 7:00 AM the trails were already touching and by noon, the film covered the skies. These are full of nano particles and agents that enter your body and cause many problems. I’ve been following this since 2014 when I drove from Florida to Texas and I thought the pilots were playing games with the X and O’s. The study made me contact the TCEQ, and they stated these were contrails. I sent them photos taken over a year, plus articles posted on the net, plus water sampling here indicating the presence of Strontium and Barium and aluminum nano particles in Lake Conroe. They claimed this was not in their level, and for me to contact the FAA. That was a joke. NOAA also a waste of time. This is serious – and needs to be stopped and the perpetrators arrested. Weather as a Force Multiplier – Owning the Weather by 2025 – study by the USAF in 1996 tells most of the crime.

  3. I read that many elderly people died from the heat wave in Canada. I’m now in Moscow at work and the temperature here is breaking records. Very hot. In the Krasnodar Territory, where I live, the temperature is about 40 degrees Celsius, but it often rains and tornadoes on the coast. This year we were surprised by nature…

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  5. [“Dear Carol. You should realy know way better, this is the worng sentence . The right one is :
    Northamerica is suffering deally by the DeepState with the BIO -WEATHER- ENERGY_AND PSYOP WEAPONS i use, as an illegal part of the ongoing worldwar 1.2.3 to achive the “clash of Civilisation” (Samuel Hintington) to gain the shortage and callaps of the Sytem, to organize the NWO. made-in-china. Beside of that, espescially in Germany, the UN2001 Replacement Migration Program, which is the “Migration Weapon” /(Kelly Greehill. So, the so called >HEATWAVE< was and is Geoengineered. By HAARP, NEXRAD 5G plus ELF EHF DEW . Thats what'S

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