AG Garland said this country protected his family

The Capitol Police are almost out of money and the improvements requiring funding have not been done...all talk and no action


It’s now time for him to protect our families, or as VT would put it, “Fish or cut bait.”

from Glenn Kirschner, …with Justice Matters

[ Editor’s Note: Glenn is putting some fire under AG Garland’s butt, that the longer Trump is allowed to continue stirring up the next insurrection, that will end up doing tremendous damage to the credibility of the Biden regime to protect the country.

What no one is talking much about I can easily use an old metaphor to describe. The January 6th situation was just the tip of the iceberg.

Trump has tens of millions behind him, and the longer he is able to make the fraud claims and get away with it, the more people will feel his claims must be true and will join hands to “Take America Back,” with Trump leading the way as long as the money keeps flowing in.

To focus the Trumpers’ attention, Donald even gave them an August date with Mike the Pillow guy slated to announce when the orange haired messiah is returning as President. The Capitol Police are almost out of money and the improvements requiring funding have not been done…all talk and no action.

All that said, the only possible thing I can sense might be happening positively is that law enforcement might be closely monitoring any new plotting going on to protect themselves for their unpreparedness on the first go round.

New plotters may feel that law enforcement manpower is still buried under dealing with January 6th fallout, and their current planning can be done under the wire using new communications.

They also may be planning to not overdo it this time, but to make a display to fire up the base more to join them in destabilization efforts that “it ain’t over yet”… Jim W. Dean ]

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First aired … July 11, 2021

During his confirmation hearing for Attorney General, Merrick Garland answered a question from Senator Cory Booker by saying the following:

“I come from a family where my grandparents fled anti-Semitism and persecution. The country took us in and protected us. I feel an obligation to the country to pay back and this is the highest best use of my own set of skills to pay back.”

Many Americans feel like we are watching our democracy crumbling courtesy of Donald Trump’s continues lies about the election results. It’s time for AG Garland to protect our families in our country as a way to “pay back” – in his words – the fact that this nation protected his family.

Protecting families can only be accomplished by holding accountable not just the Trump supporters who attacked the Capitol on January 6, but the people who funded, organized and incited the insurrection as well.


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  1. When we talk about Garland, we talk about crying during confirmation, and this is the clip.

    When I call the bears for protection and administration of law for all, this is not what I expect to see. Before us is a whimpering emotional AG that has not applied or administered the law to any degree that makes us all feel equal. He is caught between loyalty and duty, and he has chosen loyalty. This is what we call in American history, a Loyalist.

    The explanation that things are complicated and take time, do not correlate with the regular prosecution practices upon the population, and exceed ethical standards for any employee of the people. We have a clear case of favoritism,…even for Donald Fing Trump, but not you. They are protecting office over people. Not Acceptable.

    • People that know what many are learning,.. know, any prosecution of any president would be jet fuel to the original US intention. The appointment of a Native American to the Interior is jet fuel to the original US intention. Major anti-trust legislation is jet fuel to the original intention.
      Backing off from our familiarity with Britain , not jet fuel to the intention…it is our intention. How we are still hooked up with Britain and Israel is the deep end of the pool, and where we need to dive and retrieve our pool toys. No elected official should be earning above the average US person. If they want math, give them math.

    • What would be the public reaction of arresting Trump ?

      The longest held excuse for Not arresting someone, does not hold. You bastard cowards. Do your job. How many have to die , before you are with us ? How long can you stand there and do nothing ?

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