Killing the Prophets, the Mysterious Death of Roy Tov


By Richard Edmondson for VT

There is a legend regarding the prophet Isaiah. This ancient Jerusalemite, who so graphically and vividly predicted not only the coming of Christ but even the manner of his death, is said to have been sawed in half after angering the Israelite King Manasseh.

According to one source:

After Manasseh became king he was influenced by the false Samaritan prophet Belchira to capture Isaiah and saw him in half. We also learn that the real power behind these two men inspiring them to murder Isaiah was the devil, named Beliar.

Beliar was incensed against Isaiah because the prophet had exposed his…scheme to deceive and be worshiped by humanity.

Whether the story is myth or based in fact, is not clear, but one thing can be stated with certainty: those who stand up and speak the unvarnished truth about Israel and its leaders often find themselves running into some treacherous trade winds.

And this can be particularly true if they are Jewish.

Back in February of this year, I posted an article entitled Roi Tov…Missing…and Perhaps Silenced, in which I mentioned that the blogger and author of The Cross of Bethlehem had disappeared six months previously…and speculated also on the possibility that he was murdered. The mystery of his disappearance still has not been solved, but at this point, just over a year after he first went missing, that he is no longer alive is probably a fairly safe bet.


Tov, whose real name was Reuven Schossen, was a former officer in the Israeli Army who went rogue, so to speak, by converting to Christianity, and who, following his conversion, found himself increasingly unwilling to be part of a brutal occupation . This did not earn for him the love of the leaders of his country, as you may imagine, and in fact it necessitated his swift departure from the “Holy Land,” this occurring following Israel’s siege on the Church of the Nativity in 2002.

And life for Roi was never quite the same after that. Tov ended up in South America, and in one of his blog posts he talked about being attacked by Israelis on the streets of LaPaz, Bolivia. The attack resulted in permanent injury to his vocal cords.

Much of Tov’s story is related in his book, The Cross of Bethlehem, published in 2009, though he also wrote a sequel, The Cross of Bethlehem II, which came out in 2012, and he continued to maintain a blog throughout the entirety of his years in Bolivia, churning out posts on an almost daily basis, commenting at length on current events in Occupied Palestine and offering his own unique perspective on them.

In some of his final blog posts he expressed the view that he had been targeted for assassination—while in his very last post, in late August of 2014, he closed with the words, “Thank you for having read me in recent years.”

In my article back in February I wrote: “Tov’s blog, at, still remains online, though it is unclear how long that will continue to be the case, and those with an interest in archiving the material there, might wish to do so while the opportunity exists.”

The blog has indeed been taken down now. But below are a couple of pieces that have been preserved. The first I reproduce is an interview Tov gave to Christopher Bollyn in 2010—in which he discusses his book, The Cross of Bethlehem. Bollyn also includes a few passages from that book, passages which are quite interesting, to say the least.

The second piece you’ll see is a Tov blog post from June of 2014 which I was able to find because it had been reposted here. In it he discusses threatening emails received by Tom Mysiewicz, a science writer who is also an outspoken critic of Israel, and sent by unidentified individuals claiming to be connected with the Jewish Defense League.

Before proceeding onto that, however, perhaps it would behoove us to pause and consider the words of Isaiah prior to his presumed encounter with the saw:

Then Isaiah said, “Hear now, you house of David! Is it not enough to try the patience of humans? Will you try the patience of my God also? Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel. He will be eating curds and honey when he knows enough to reject the wrong and choose the right, for before the boy knows enough to reject the wrong and choose the right, the land of the two kings you dread will be laid waste. The Lord will bring on you and on your people and on the house of your father a time unlike any since Ephraim broke away from Judah—he will bring the king of Assyria.”

The prophet then goes on to say that God will use the king of Assyria like a “razor” with which to “shave your head and private parts, and to cut off your beard also,” and we can easily imagine the steam pouring out of some Israelite king’s ears upon reading this passage.

It’s interesting that Judaism, alone among religions, has on its calendar an annual “day of atonement,” on which religious Jews the world over engage in a ritualistic affectation of atoning for their sins. The reality, however, is that even if this “high holy day” were to be broadened and enlarged—with the “day of atonement” expanded into a 365-day-per-year observance—it still would not be enough to atone for all the innocent blood shed since the founding of the State of Israel.

By the way, the fact that I’m posting this article on Yom Kippur should not be interpreted by readers as symbolic or significant of anything. It is a mere coincidence—unlike, I should add, the collapse of that certain building 14 years ago…you know, the one that never was hit by an airplane.

In either event, it’s worth mulling over that in the ancient world the number 7 was thought to represent completion, or that is to say the idea that something was finished. And wouldn’t it be interesting if the collapse of Building 7 turned out to be the final nail in the coffin of the modern day state of Israel?

Maybe, God willing, it will be so.

An Interview with Roy Tov, Author of The Cross of Bethlehem

December 1, 2010

On December 1, 2003, I was shot at by an Israeli sniper. Subsequently, I was recognized as a refugee by a sovereign country.
– Roy Tov, “On Being a Refugee”

A Cup of Coffee with Roy Tov

Christopher Bollyn Interviews the Author of The Cross of Bethlehem

Americans are generally quite naïve about Israel and how the Zionist state really functions. The general ignorance about Israel is primarily due to the fact that most people are woefully misinformed about the Middle East, having grown up consuming biased news and entertainment products provided by Hollywood and the Zionist-controlled media. This has resulted in a very significant part of the American population suffering from an extremely distorted point-of-view. Prior to 9/11 this may not have been a matter of great concern, but with the U.S. involved in at least two long-term wars in the Middle East and hundreds of thousands of people being called to serve, Americans can no longer afford to be blissfully ignorant about the outlaw state of Israel and its international criminal network that are at the root of the conflict in the region.

The Cross of Bethlehem
 is a remarkable book about Israel, written by an intelligent Israeli dissident who converted to Christianity and writes under the name Ro’i (Roy) Tov. Having had a career at Israel’s highest scientific institution and having served in top-secret military units provided Tov with unique insights. These experiences, however, made Tov a marked man when he tried to leave Israel and write a critical book about the Zionist state. When Tov refused to return to Israel, the Mossad targeted him for assassination.


I read The Cross of Bethlehem with great interest because it is a unique book that reveals the hidden truth about Israel. I conducted the following interview with the author at the end of November 2010.  Both Roy Tov and I would suggest that you ask your public library to get a copy.

Christopher Bollyn: I would like to ask about your family’s migration to Israel. Was your family a Zionist family to start with? Did you agree with your family’s decision to move to Israel or would you have preferred to stay in Argentina?

Roy Tov: My grandparents migrated from Germany and Poland to South America early in the 20th Century. Some of their sons migrated to Israel and my parents decided to join them later on. The first time I heard of Zionism was in the meetings at the embassy before the trip; I was very unhappy mainly due to the certainty that I was being moved into a war zone.  No kid can understand that; yet, I was not asked.

Bollyn: At what age did you decide that you were interested in the teachings of Jesus Christ? Did you see any conflict in what you were taught on the kibbutz and what Jesus Christ says? Were you able to talk openly about the teachings of Jesus with your friends or did you feel the need to keep your beliefs private? Did your beliefs in Jesus Christ make you a heretic in the eyes of secular Israelis who are not religiously bound by the teachings of the rabbis?

Roy Tov: I would like to begin with an anecdote. I currently live in Bolivia, a country that gave me political refuge. People here are notoriously unaware of time; once I was forced to wait three hours for a scheduled meeting and the other side didn’t even apologize for the delay. Yet, whenever I give a public speech, people want to know the exact second I converted to Christianity. It doesn’t work in such a way. It’s a process and it takes time. In The Cross of Bethlehem I describe some of the relevant early experiences: a bishop in Rome; a fisherman by the sea. There were others on which I cannot comment since my Teachers can still be identified.

Yet, there is an important point I emphasized in The Cross of Bethlehem. First, I met the negative sides of Judaism. Knowing evil, I began searching for goodness and Christ was there.

Ecce Homo, Antonio Ciseri, 1871
Ecce Homo, Antonio Ciseri, 1871

From early on I was aware of what my fate would be if found. I describe how, while at the university, I ventured a little joke (Since my Israeli ID number on my internal passport began with 111, I told a friend and informant of the Shin Bet that I had the Mark of the Trinity on me) and almost paid dearly for that. Eventually the fact was discovered and I paid dearly; I am a refugee now.

A point which is difficult for outsiders to understand is that even the lives of secular Jews in Israel are regulated by Pharisaic rabbis. Israel lacks a constitution or proper secular legislation.

Bollyn: The Cross of Bethlehem is a remarkable book because it is a critical view of Israel and Israeli society as seen by a very intelligent insider. Reading the book, one gets the impression that you have been pursued, watched, and targeted for assassination by the Mossad simply because you were planning to write a book about your life and experiences in Israel. Is this how you see it? If so, what does this say about the state of Israel and the notion of “freedom of speech” for Israelis?

Roy Tov: Thank you. As always, reality is complex. My persecution is not only due to The Cross of Bethlehem. In the book I describe how I was invited by Dow Chemical to their European headquarters and asked to transfer classified American missile technology developed by Dow to Israel.  Back in Israel I contacted Uzi Eilam – back then Head of Mashmam (Israel Ministry of Defense’s Center for Control of Special Operations) – and asked to be kept out of it. The result was the Ministry of Defense discovered that I was a Christian who had had access to sensitive information for years.  I was punished for that in a variety of ways until 2002 when unexpectedly I was sent to Bethlehem as part of the Defensive Shield Operation; my loyalty was being checked. This was my first serious test as a Christian (or to be more exact anything prior to this paled in comparison) and I passed it superbly. The Cross of Bethlehem is rich on the details, so I’ll just comment here that most IDF officers – my peers – would regard my actions as treasonous despite my not having violated any law. Adding insult to injury, I decided to publish the book.

Human rights are not properly defended in Israel because the country lacks a constitution. Sadly, ensuring human rights and the creation of a Palestinian state were conditions imposed by the UN on Israel’s sovereignty (when it was created). Since it failed in both, it has lost it. We are talking about an illegitimate state, which on 16 October 2009 was defined by the Human Rights Council of the UN as a terror organization (see Article 1690 of the Goldstone Report and others).

Bollyn: You write that Israel’s Mossad and Shin Bet keep tabs on Israelis in the same way that East German’s secret police (Stasi) or the KGB of the Soviet Union spied on their fellow citizens. Are the Israeli secret services at the top of the pecking order? Who are they really serving? Do they take orders from the Rothschilds, the banking family who played a leading role in organizing and financing the creation of the state of Israel?

Roy Tov: It’s not only my writings that say this. The Shin Bet itself has openly said that. Following Rabin’s assassination, the Shin Bet agitatorAvishai Raviv appeared in an Israeli court. There we learned about “Haagaf Hayehudi” (The Jewish Department of the Shin Bet) and about Avishai pushing Yigal Amir into committing the hideous murder in the name of hatred, war, and war bankers. These are facts: Israel is a police state run by organizations keeping a network of “politruks.”

If walking in downtown Tel Aviv – a city I like very much in its design despite all my troubled history there – you’ll find that Rothschild Boulevard is one of the most beautiful spots in town. Yet, throwing all the blame on one small family would be quite naïve. The people appearing inThe Cross of Bethlehem as the “Isaacsons” are very rich and influential – “Rahamim” was a personal friend of Yitzhak Rabin – yet very few people know them.  The super-rich stay in the shadows for their own safety.

The design of general goals is defined by a small cabal, call it the Elders of Zion if you like, which includes people in Israel and outside it. Yet, if one of the cabal members changes his mind in a way perceived as dangerous by the others – see Rabin’s case – he’s dispensable. The implementation is left to many servant organizations, depending on their nature. Some of them are criminal in nature – like the Mossad – others are financial, commercial, political, scientific, and so on. Back to the beginning of this question, The Cross of Bethlehem exposes the methods used by these entities from the operational point of view, and as such is quite unique. Spycatcher and A CIA Diary are similar, but they are presented from the point-of-view of the criminal organization (MI5 and CIA are both clearly presented as violators of human rights).

Bollyn: Your analysis in The Cross of Bethlehem of the power structure of the Pharisees and how the Talmudic rabbis have stolen the Bible from the people is brilliant. You wrote:

Along with foreign doctrines brought from Babylon, the Pharisees adopted the old Hindu symbol for spiritual strength as their own. To ingratiate it in the eyes of the people they called it the Star of David, or in direct translation from Hebrew, “David’s Shield.” To justify their foreign beliefs, they claimed they were given orally to Moses in Sinai, a false claim which is not mentioned in the Bible. Without understanding this oral tradition, they asserted, you could not interpret the Bible correctly. Thus the Pharisees stole the Bible from the people. Jesus tried to explain that the correct interpretation is the one arising from faith and love, not the monstrous apparatus based on personal convenience created by the rabbis. He said people were equal many years before the false socialist doctrines made a joke of that idea.

Further on, you say that Christianity poses a singular threat to the power structure of the modern-day Pharisees:

I realized that Christianity poses a singular threat to Jewish leadership. Universally, religion deals with salvation or redemption of the human soul. Judaism speaks about an ethnic salvation, provided the group fulfils the 613 Mosaic Laws written in the Pentateuch, the Bible’s first five books. The laws’ fulfillment is enforced and monitored by a dedicated group of priests. In essence, the individual’s good-standing depends on the priests’ judgment. As a result this is a powerful control tool over the general population. Since most of the population is not instructed on law, and moral values – which could serve as general guidelines – are not taught to them, they can be easily manipulated as per the priests’ political goals at any given moment.

Jesus broke up this line of reasoning. He taught about personal redemption based on faith and love, of having direct access to God through our prayers and thus of being independent from priests. He preached for a better society, the Kingdom of God, a society based on justice and love. Such a society can exist within the framework of a modern state, but it would lead to the loss of power by the few men thriving under Pharisaic modeled societies.

The Israeli occupation of Palestine is the core problem in the Middle East and the Pharisaic state of Israel is the cause of that unresolved Gordian knot in the Holy Land. In these lines and pages you put your finger directly on the crux of the problem: Evil men, who claim to be the authority of Mosaic Law, have stolen the Bible from the Jewish people and control them by keeping them in a rabbinical “Auschwitz of the mind.”

While you have managed to escape from the grip of the Pharisees, there are millions of other Jews and Israelis still being held in their rabbinical prison. In your opinion, is Yeshua (the Aramaic/Hebrew name for Jesus, which means salvation) the only true way to liberate the Jewish people from the false dogma of the Pharisees that holds them captive?

Christ Carrying the Cross, Hieronymus Bosch, 1480
Christ Carrying the Cross, Hieronymus Bosch, 1480

Roy Tov: I try hard to keep distance from the fake teachings and bad culture of my people; yet, just once let me answer your question with another one:  If beyond Yeshua there were another answer to their false dogma, don’t you think that in the more than 2700 years that have passed since Isaiah (“Ysha’ayahu” in Hebrew means roughly “God’s Salvation”) denounced polytheistic practices and idolatry, and specifically prophesized Yeshua and the New Covenant, they would have found it? Communism is not an answer. Zionism is not an answer. Kibbutzim are not an answer. The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and their nuclear weapons are not an answer. Surveillance, assassination, and crippling of political opponents are not an answer. The only answer is Love and Faith; Jesus brought us that.

Bollyn: In The Cross of Bethlehem you wrote about how your Bible studies in the kibbutz school avoided the parts of Scripture that did not fit with the Israeli worldview:  “Even in my quasi-Communist high school – which claimed to be secular – we skipped Chapter 53 of the Book of Isaiah, which contains the clearest and exact allusion to Jesus, His deeds, and the New Covenant in the Old Testament.”

Avoiding Scripture, testimony, and evidence that does not fit one’s point of view is a clear indication of intellectual dishonesty. The avoidance of inconvenient facts about Israel is a common practice in the Western media. While dissidents from countries like China and Burma are front-page news in the West and honored with Nobel prizes, dissidents from Israel, such as Mordechai Vanunu and you, are completely ignored. Why is that?

Your criticism of Israel’s discriminatory policies and lack of democratic values is fair and relevant, and certainly deserves to be heard. Mordechai Vanunu’s revelations about Israel’s nuclear weapons program are of immense historical importance, yet the Western media pretends that Israeli dissidents like you and Vanunu don’t even exist. What does this say about the pro-Israel bias of the Western media and the public’s cultivated ignorance of Zionism and Israeli reality?

Roy Tov: A few years ago I was awarded formal political asylum under the 1951 Geneva Convention on Refugees, following an unsuccessful assassination attempt on me by Israel. I had a place in a church and was preaching openly. I couldn’t see how I would publish The Cross of Bethlehem; yet I kept working on the manuscript. Now it is very readable, and considering that English is not my native language and that I never studied it properly, achieving this was quite a feat. I had no illusions of reaching the New York Times headlines, yet I was experiencing a freedom of speech unparallel to anything an Israeli citizen could possibly expect. Many people around me spoke of my charisma; Israel panicked.

In July 2009 I was cowardly and brutally attacked and nearly strangled to death by Israeli agents (in cooperation with locals). Almost everything was stolen (though a hidden copy of The Cross of Bethlehem manuscript survived) – including my travel documents. Showing their grandeur, the assailants inflicted irreversible damage to my throat.  I am now able only to whisper for short periods of time and will probably soon lose my ability to speak at all.

Rabin spoke about the “indefatigable conspirator,” referring to Shimon Peres, and he spoke similarly about the Shin Bet and their tendency to “cook data.” He paid dearly for that, but he was absolutely right. The Zionist-Pharisaic cabal will stop at nothing in order to go on with their Business of War. Achieving this requires controlling the mainstream media; this is achieved in a variety of ways – my story illuminates some of these.

Bollyn: In your epilogue, you concluded: “Maybe the criminal society that hunts me will cease to exist. Perhaps it will transform itself into a decent civilization. Either way, it will not continue to exist under its current laws. The record of history bears witness that criminal regimes do not remain in power forever.”

At this point, what are the chances that Israel will transform itself into a decent civilization and what are the chances that the Zionist state will cease to exist? Which outcome seems more likely to you? Do you think there is a chance for a democratic state in Palestine in which Jews, Muslims, and Christians of all ethnic groups can live together?

Roy Tov: I accept the recent definition of the State of Israel as a terror-inflicting entity by the United Nations Human Rights Council. Moreover, the State of Israel exists in clear violation of the conditions imposed on its sovereignty by the UN, the body that brought that state into being. These violations cross frontiers. A clear case was the assassination attempt of Khaled Mashal, when Israel was forced to recognize its crime and supply the antidote. Benjamin Netanyahu signed the order to commit the crime and at that moment became the first well identified bio-terrorist.

Under such conditions we can ask only for the Repentance of Israel. I do not mean only the appearance of an Israeli representative at midnight in a barely illuminated alley who would ask forgiveness from the unelected representative of the millions of victims. That’s not good enough. Israel must fully indemnify for its crimes inside and outside its borders. Moreover, it must dismantle the terror organizations that enabled the commitment of these crimes, beginning with its main five intelligence agencies. Its agents must be brought to an international court; they bear personal responsibility for their crimes. It must stop seeing ethnic Jews across the world as the property of the Zionist-Pharisaic cabal and automatic informants of its agencies. It must begin treating all humans as equal creations of God.

Let me end with the following question: with all its arrogance of power and self-righteousness, can the State of Israel bring back to life even one of its victims?

Christ of Saint John of the Cross, Salvador Dali, 1951
Christ of Saint John of the Cross, Salvador Dali, 1951

Roy Tov: Jewish Defense League Extreme Prejudice

[Ed. note: The links in the body of the following article–all of them to Tov’s now-defunct website, are no longer viable ]

By Roi Tov

June 22, 2014


And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.Mathew 24:12-13

Many years ago, in the previous millennium, the USA was occupying certain Asian state. A story about the sad event refused to die; I heard it several times from various sources. It is impossible to validate, but to some extent I know both cultures and find it possible and credible.

The CIA wanted to manipulate certain company in that country. They invited its chairman to visit the USA, where a professional event took place. A sweet trap was set. After searching countrywide, the CIA found the best prostitute and delivered her on the path of the businessman.

Next morning, he was approached by two gentlemen that asked him to join them for a coffee in a private corner of the hotel’s coffee shop. Deadly serious, they pulled out pictures from a dark envelope, showing the businessman and the lady. “He is ours,” the ethnocentric Westerners thought.

The businessman studied the images with fascination. He smiled and said “Can I get a copy to show my wife?

Cultural Bias

Hebrew readers face serious troubles while trying to read the Iliad and the Odyssey Greek epics. An acceptable translation will never exist because the text is unacceptable in Hebrew. Thinking in the succinct language of the Old Testament, I need to remind myself to add adjectives while writing in English. The sacrifice of Isaac, one of the most intense events in the Bible, is described in a few verses.*

In contrast, Homer wrote in his elegant Greek, pages and pages and even more pages describing tiny, irrelevant events. They had a lot of leisure time in Ancient Greece.

We live in different times; Greek ease is gone and Biblical epic wars are on our doorsteps, smashing our toes.

Epic Attack

Thus, allow me to skip much of the details in the story of Tom Mysiewicz attack by the Jewish Defense League.

In 1992, the American Jewish Congress (AJC) put on a press conference promoting fetal tissue research and giving it a religious sanction. Tom mentioned that in an article in BioEngineering News in May 1992 entitled “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”

He showed that the procedure was a crime against humanity as defined in the Nuremberg Conventions (“Doctrine of Informed Consent”) and predicted it was immoral and would lead to organ stealing. This is not very different in its criminality to the described in State of Israel Forced the Sterilization of Ethiopian Women.

Tom found himself under financial attack by individuals identifying themselves as Jewish, who were acting on the basis that he and the publication BioEngineering News was anti-Semitic. An AJC lawyer offered to “fix things” with the Jewish community if Tom would retract the article.

Following an epic development, he received recently threatening letters from the Jewish Defense League. A subscriber of this website, Tom sent them to me.

Let’s analyze this extraordinary example of legal terrorism.

“Wolf, wolf!” Cried the Wolf

I got two letters from Tom sent to him by an unidentified individual through the official address of the Jewish Defense League.

Both look unprofessional and clearly unworried about making false accusations and threatening the addressee.

Here is the first:

“From: Jewish Defense League
Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2014 5:10 AM
To: Tom Mysiewicz
Subject: Greetings from JDL

Mr Mysiewicz

In the middle of the last century, Jews had no right or means of response when they were demonised, persecuted and attacked by your ideological soulmates. Today, the world is a very different place. When we are attacked by hate-filled antisemites like you, we respond with all the resources at our disposal, and with extreme prejudice.

You clearly enjoy indulging your pathological hatred of Jews on those ‘hate’ sites that you frequent, but there are three things that you should remember: The code that we live by is ‘never again’; our loathing of those who incite hatred against Jews is stronger than their hatred of us; we didn’t choose you as an enemy, you chose us.

Jewish Defense League”

I was relieved to find that the unidentified person had skipped a historical review of what he calls anti-Semitism. However, he should have been honest, while at least mentioning that along history Jews have a long history of attacking their neighbors. Only yesterday new developments on the ongoing feud between American Jews and American Presbyterians were published, see Presbyterians Divest Israel (again).

Periodic Israeli-Jewish attacks on their neighbors are mentioned by most newspapers, including Israeli ones, which I often quote. Are these reports anti-Semite? Is the Jewish Defense League claiming that denouncing the violence of its financial supporters is forbidden?

I was pleased to find an acknowledgment of their hatred, which I won’t define “pathological.” It is worse. “Our loathing of those who incite hatred against Jews is stronger than their hatred of us.” Yes, you are right. The Jewish Defense League promotes hatred and violence. Do you want me to tell you the origin of such theology? Will you sue me if I analyze your satanic interpretation?

“Pathological hatred,” you said, using a Western adaptation of what survivors of the Soviet horror known as “Psikhushka,” which was described in Western Psikhushka Killed Demjanjuk. A mock-science claiming that cultural and behavioral parameters are unchangeable. A mock-science serving politruks by creating Gulags for those criticizing the government; much of this horror was created by cherished members of the Jewish community.

Honorable Jewish Defense League, would you please share with us on what do you base your eminently learned assessment of Tom?

Let me help you on this, since Soviet times, Psikhushka professionals need not to answer this. It is their prerogative. Say “it was an epiphany” if you have the urge to answer.

Tom contacted me on the issue after he was scared by two words in the letter. “Extreme prejudice” is part of an English military idiom. “Terminate with extreme prejudice” means to assassinate. It was derived from employment contracts, which use the term “termination with prejudice,” and was popularized during the Vietnam War.

He fears that he had been threatened with assassination.

I often report on Hebrew idioms and semantics; this is my main language. He is correct. He has been openly threatened.

The contacts between the American citizen and the foreign Titans threatening him continued. Let’s see another threatening letter sent the following day:

“From: Jewish Defense League
Sent: Friday, June 20, 2014 2:06 AM
To: Tom Mysiewicz
Subject: Re: Greetings from JDL

Mr Mysiewicz

Of course you disagree with the last statement – we wouldn’t expect anything less. The kind of extreme, conspiracy/paranoia-based antisemitism that you publicly embrace means that you imagine Jewish malevolence lies behind every corner. You see it in everything that happens in this world, and the fantasies provide both a convenient scapegoat, and also a comfort-blanket for your own personal failures. We know people like you all too well, and you are very much a ‘type’. You see yourself as intelligent, worldly, knowledgeable and a “noted science writer”. In reality, you’re a dysfunctional fantasist with a long history of professional and personal failure. You have achieved nothing, and you have nothing. You have found your level – as a mushroom picker, and your anger, frustration and disillusionment manifests itself via an obsessive hatred of a people who represent everything that you wanted to, but could never be.

Ironically, you are now going to be as “noted” as you’ve always wanted to be. The people that you hate are going to make you famous. We are going to send a dossier containing your name, address, photograph, internet history (on ‘hate’ sites) and all of your antisemitic comments to both local/Oregon, and national media, as well as to many prominent people in Douglas County, including every member of Reedsport City Council. You will be outed locally and nationally as one of the USA’s most revolting, hate-filled antisemites. And when we have completed that particular project, we will be bringing the justice that you deserve to your doorstep.

Jewish Defense League”

More Jewish Psikhushka, more unproven claims, more imagined assumptions; the only reason the Jewish Defense League has the audacity to send such a mishmash of hatred and violence is that it knows for sure that Tom lacks the means to sue them for libel. The ADLwon’t help him, despite this being a clear defamation effort.

In 2009, Larry David and HBO provided a disgusting example of Jewish hatred; a parallel act toward a Jewish image would have led to an ADL lawsuit and claims of the USA being anti-Semite (see An Ocean Apart). For unclear reason, the Jewish Defense League invariably forgets to mention this Jewish cultural violence.

To balance the image, allow me to quote one of letters Tom sent me:

“It’s really sad to see people so twisted they can only understand the world in terms of hate. Our business was quite successful and made money 12 out of 13 years (the last, coincidentally, was a big loss) and I was quoted as an authoritative source in the Wall St. Journal, Business Week, Chemical Week, The San Jose Mercury Messenger, SF Examiner, LA and NY Times, The Economist and a host of others, and was even on CNN once. Numerous copyrighted works of mine are in the Library of Congress. I only got laid off from one of the jobs I had previously (and I have a letter of recommendation from that boss) the others I left when I got higher paying offers. I’ve also been happily married for 36 years, another great personal failure!”

The letters from the Jewish Defense League are one of the world’s most revolting, hate-filled examples of un unjustified defamation by the Jewish community. They cannot sue Tom because the allegations are false, thus they threaten and attack. President Obama, is the function of a Fifth Column within your empire legal?

“Wolf, wolf” cried the Wolf, adding in an intimate whisper “I will kill the sheep.”


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    • “Jesus tried to explain that the correct interpretation is the one arising from faith and love, not the monstrous apparatus based on personal convenience created by the rabbis. He said people were equal many years before the false socialist doctrines made a joke of that idea.”

      I converted to Christianity from Orthodox Judaism 20 years ago, and I would say the above comment from Roy Tov is false. Christianity has plenty of hierarchy and Elite leadership. Also in Matthew 23 Jesus instructs the Jews to obey their rabbinical leaders because they sit in the Seat of Moses.

    • Jesus did not come to offer some kind of decentralized freewheeling spiritual democracy. That is a lie of the Protestant reformers that Roy Tov unfortunately fell in with as a Lutheran. Certainly Catholics would not agree with this starry-eyed depiction of Jesus as a feel-good democratizing spiritual leader. Jesus told his own apostles that they would sit on the Thrones of the 12 tribes judging the people of israel. I’m sorry but this is not a spiritual democracy.

      I knew Roy Tov personally. I met him when he came to the United States. I tried to help him find a way to stay here, but unfortunately his paranoia made him suspicious of anyone with Jewish blood or anyone who wasn’t a card carrying Nazi hater of all things Jewish and Israeli. Roy Tov lost his voice and probably his life. I would have to say it was measure for measure because he said an enormous amount of lashon hara slanderous speech against Jews and against Israelis.

      He naively believed that Western Nations and Christian organizations were morally Superior to Israel. In my view that is not true at all; they are all equally corrupt. Roy Tov was an extremely intelligent person and a great idealist, but unfortunately he couldn’t distinguish who his true friends were.

  1. What has been written, promoted, spelled out, by the; ‘Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’ is taking shape day by day! The Protocols, have a Religious front, behind that ‘Smoke Screen’, lurks a Vision of a ‘One World Order’ “ANIMAL FARM” where the, ‘ZIO-PIGS’ will be the KINGS and rule /decide, over Life and death of the GOYIM! It is being practiced today, over the Natives of Palestine, by the Demonic Creatures, the (ITF-Israel TERROR Forces) of the, ‘Zionist Apartheid Talmudic-Supremacist Terror state of Israel! Zionism is the CURSE of Mankind! Wake UP Mankind!!

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