…by Jonas E. Alexis, VT Editor

Pick up any popular biography of Winston Churchill, and you will hear things like Churchill was almost like a savior who saved the much of the West from annihilation. In fact, that’s one reason why Hollywood has made a movie extolling Churchill as the leader who saved England in particular from Nazi Germany. As Paul Adison puts it, Churchill was “the unexpected hero.”[1]

What popular historians and Churchill sympathizers will not tell you is that Churchill, as David Irving has argued “was almost a pervert.” Churchill, says Irving:

“liked to expose himself to people. You don’t find this in the average Churchill biography. You’ll find it in mine. Such flashes of mature insight were tempered by patches of behavior that witnesses could only describe as infantile. The same general, wearily watching Winston throw yet another tantrum, remarked sotto voce to Hugh Dalton, minister of Economic Warfare: ‘One feels that a nurse should come and fetch him away.’”[2]

Irving moves on to say:

“Some of his fetishes must have had their roots in his unsettled infancy. He had a whimsical habit of exposing himself, just like a naughty child, both to his young male secretaries and to his elders and betters. Each one thought that he was being uniquely privileged, but this happened so frequently that it cannot have been fortuitous.

“No matter how high ranking the personage — with the exception, it seems, of His Majesty — he was likely to find himself received by Britain’s prime minister in a state of total nudity on one pretext or another. Churchill frequently received his ministers or staff officers while sitting in or stepping out of the bath — these blessed folk being referred to afterwards as Mr. Churchill’s ‘Companions of the Bath.’

“He resembled, in the words of Brigadier Menzies, chief of the secret service, a ‘nice pink pig’ wrapped in a silk kimono. ‘Sometimes,’ recalled ‘C’ in 1967, ‘I had to talk to the PM when he was undressed and once, when in the bath, he mentioned he had nothing to hide from me.’

“Not even foreigners were spared this ordeal. On August 26, 1941 he asked the butler at Chequers to bring Elliott Roosevelt to him. ‘I knocked on his door,’ wrote the president’s son, ‘and entered. Churchill was dictating to his male secretary with a large cigar in his mouth … he was absolutely starkers, marching up and down the room.’

“Others were treated with scarcely greater mercy — he would wear his white linen undergarments to receive the Canadian prime minister Mackenzie-King in May 1943: ‘He really was quite a picture but looked like a boy — cheeks quite pink and very fresh.’ (I’m not sure which cheeks he was referring to!)”[3]

Here’s the question: If Hitler actually displayed this sort of behavior, wouldn’t you be surprised if biographers did write about this? Wouldn’t you be shocked if the behavior was completely omitted from lengthy books like William L. Shirer’s The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, Ian Kershaw’s Hitler: A Biography, John Toland’s Adolf Hitler, etc.?

So, is it possible that Churchill biographers have been able to whitewash what he did and substitute nice things in order to seduce readers? Just think about that.


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  1. The Black Book of Communism (published in France in 1997) documents the crimes, mass murders, and repressions of Communist regimes in Russia, Asia, Central Europe, and the Third World, demonstrating that over 100 million people were systematically killed. And this book was never published in English as far as I know. I wonder why.
    I suggest the excellent article, “Why Was World War II Waged?” by Mujahid Kamran. Kamran has a forthcoming book Pawns of the Bankers in WWII: Churchill, Hitler, Roosevelt, Stalin. The bankers played them all for fools. That is the painful truth.

  2. #3-It’s just like saying “Well, slavery wasn’t so bad because black people owned slaves, too.” These people make no mention that a large number of these situations is where black people purchased their OWN RELATIVES to remove them FROM slavery! Not mentioning THIS makes one’s research “Half-A$$ed” at best! Oh, let’s not forget the “black-people-sold-other-blacks-into-slavery” mantra. The NOI Research Group had a great article on how most of this happened! When seeking to enslave a population, the White Supremacists would first do a “meet-n-greet” with the African tribes. THEN, they would impregnate the African women. Thus, the White Supremacists would have the confused mulatto children as the Go-Betweens, talking about how “good” these White Supremacists were! Now, I’m sure there were actually Nocturnal Mammals who DID willingly enslave Africans, and purchased slaves for their Plantations, strictly to enhance their own wealth. Today, they would be the Larry Elders, the Walter Williams-es, the Thomas Sowells-es, the Jim ‘Fish-Fry” Clyburns, the Mark Morials, the Nocturnal Mammal Congressional Caucus-es, etc. Sources available upon request…

  3. Quite aside from his weird sexual proclivities, Churchill was a committed Zionist who prolonged the war intentionally so that the European Ashkenazim could eventually occupy Palestine.

    Some 75 million people died in World War II, including about 20 million military personnel and 40 million civilians, many of whom died because of deliberate genocide, massacres, mass-bombings, disease, and starvation. Of these, at least 27 million were Russians, so Andy is absolutely right that Russia bore the brunt of the Nazi war machine. The most important number, though, is 6 million…

  4. Read the book Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947 by Thomas Goodrich. The utterly depraved inhumanity carried out on the orders of Churchill, Eisenhower, and Stalin on the German people can only be described as demonic. Yet there has been an absolutely historical blackout concerning these war atrocities. The court historians would have us believe that only the Nazis committed atrocities, yet an estimated 100 million perished under the communists in the U.S.S.R. Silence in not always golden; sometimes it connotes consent. World War II is a perfect example.

    • Sir, do you have any possibility to show us here the documents confirming 100 million killed by Bolsheviks? Add also ~27 million killed by Nazi and check up the population of the USSR at that time.
      We, the people’s of ex-USSR, have the full right (!!!) to blame Nazi Germany troops and their satellites from half of the Europe in their crimes. In the Republic of Belarus every 4th citizen was killed at the Great Patriotic war. Or it was kinda democratic murdering?

    • Population of the USSR
      In 1926, the population of the USSR was 147 million people (according to the census), and in 1959 – 209 million people, and in 1989 – already 287 million people. Where are all these “100 million” victims?
      If we take into account hunger and disease, and even 100 million invented by Solzhenitsyn, allegedly killed by Stalin, it turns out that the population of the USSR would be zero? Who then rebuilt the country, built thousands of factories, created a nuclear superpower and launched the first man into space?

    • Andrew:
      I think what James seems to be saying is that the Bolshevik regime and its ideological wings like Communism in China and Vietnam and other places were responsible for the deaths of about 100 million people. There are scholarly studies on this issue. See for example The Black Book of Communism (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1999); Mao’s Great Famine, etc.

    • @Jonas E. Alexis, totally around the world – I’d agree with this number and it must be much much greater. But this mantra is mostly used against my country…

    • I do NOT believe that USSR murdered 100 million people. Russian documents released in the past 20 years show that the “Communist Murder” numbers are just European-US White Supremacy propaganda. I do NOT believe that Mao killed 60 million people. In both counties, you’re telling me that the Russian & Chinese peoples are just going to sit back, & LET this HAPPEN?! Only could happen in Bizarro World!
      ALSO, this Hellstorm book just wants everyone to forget that the Nazis murdered 13 million civilians plus 13 million soldiers after THEY attacked Russia at 3:15 am on 06-22-41. The Nazis raped 2-4 million Russian women before the Russians ever crossed the German border! It is stated that Hitler KNEW he had to murder 15+ million Russians to steal their food & natural resources he wanted! Now, after that, what exactly DID the German people EXPECT was going to happen to them?! You speak as a fool…

    • #2-Hitler said at the beginning that the Great Patriotic War that the war with Russia would be a DIFFERENT kind of war; a war of Annihilation. Hitler thought of the Russians, just as the White Supremacists do of Black people, as Der Untermensch, “The Sub-Human”. As Master Teacher Dr. John Henrik Clarke said, religion is the handmaiden of conquerors. The Arabs, using Islam, deemed Africans to be Infidels; thus, Islam deemed their enslavement and reduction to a non-human. The White Supremacists, using Christianity, deemed Africans to be Heathens; thus, Christianity deemed their enslavement and reduction to a non-human. NO ONE can justify why Black people should believe in these or any religions. ALL of Europe-US benefited from the Russian victory over German fascism. White Supremacy has done more than the Russians ever did to other races, with far less justification (if any), and mainly to steal their resources and reduce them to non-human status.

    • #4-Ooops, almost forgot! Churchill WAS a OPEN Mass Murdering White Supremacist! Can someone tell me exactly what military strategies Churchill ever came up with that ever won ANYTHING?! All he ever did was run his mouth. Don’t know anything about his sex life. Can’t say that I’d really want to.
      Also…have you noticed that the White Supremacists have once again all got “ON CODE”, with how Black people are now Marxist?! They have practically stopped saying Black people want “Communism” because they don’t want the “never-ever-picked-up-a-book” White Supremacists to know that Chinese Communism LIFTED eight hundred MILLION (800,000,000) Chinese people OUT of poverty within the last 30 years! How many people has “capitalism” lifted out in a 30-year period?! Since Forever?!

    • #5-But White Supremacy will say “Look at Cuba! Look at Venezuela!”
      William Blum, from Introduction to the New Edition, 1999, “Killing Hope” –
      “The boys of Capital, they also chortle in their martinis about the Death of Socialism. The word has been banned from polite conversation. And they hope that NO ONE will notice that EVERY Socialist experiment of ANY Significance in the Twentieth century — withOUT Exception – has EITHER been Crushed, Overthrown, or Invaded, or Corrupted, Perverted, Subverted, or Destabilized, or Otherwise had Life Made IMpossible for it, by the United States. NOT ONE Socialist government or movement – from the Russian Revolution to the Sandinistas in Nicaragua, from Communist China to the FMLN in Salvador – NOT ONE was permitted to Rise or Fall SOLELY on its own merits; NOT ONE was Left Secure Enough to drop its guard against the all-powerful enemy abroad and freely and Fully Relax Control at Home.
      It’s AS IF the Wright brothers’ first experiments with flying machines All Failed because the automobile interests SABOTAGED EACH Test Flight. AND THEN the Good and God-Fearing folk of the world Looked upon this, took Notice of the consequences, Nodded their collective heads Wisely, and Intoned Solemnly: Man Shall NEVER Fly.” (emphasis mine)

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