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Irving KO’s Winston Churchill like Churchill Knocked out England

Everyone lost in World War II except the bankers. A classic putdown by the one and only historian, David Irving.

Vital/David Irving: The 1956 Hungarian Uprising was an Anti-Jewish Revolt (video)

Historical perspective based on Irving's research of CIA files.

David Irving: Churchill “almost a pervert”

He had a whimsical habit of exposing himself, just like a naughty child, both to his young male secretaries and to his elders and betters.

The British Mad Dog

Churchill was an extreme warmonger dating back to his position as Lord of the Admiralty in World War I -- so much so that Prime Minister Asquith, in his diary, recorded how, in the early days of the 1914 crisis, Churchill's warmongering "filled him with a sense of dread."

Norman Finkelstein: David Irving “a very good historian”

Finkelstein: “David Irving was a very good historian – I don’t care what Richard Evans (the historian who was a key player in the Lipstadt libel trial) says. He produced works that are substantive."