…by Jonas E. Alexis, VT Editor, and M.S. King

M.S. King is the author of twenty-two popular books: The British Mad Dog, The War Against Putin, The Real Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson: Warmonger, I Don’t Like Ike, The Morphine Genocide, The Bad War, etc. 

JEA: You call Churchill “The British mad dog.” Why?

M.S. King: Churchill was an extreme warmonger dating back to his position as Lord of the Admiralty in World War I — so much so that Prime Minister Asquith, in his diary, recorded how, in the early days of the 1914 crisis, Churchill’s warmongering “filled him with a sense of dread.” Apart from his love of war, there were other signs of literal insanity (madness), such as his alcoholism, and reckless gambling and spending which almost led him to ruin until the Jewish elite bailed him out. His childhood trauma of extreme neglect by two inadequate parents clearly warped the young short boy, filling him with insecurities.

JEA: Why do popular historians continue to see Churchill as a hero whose political skills saved England?

M.S. King: As long as the history-shaping mythology of “The Good War” (which still defines the modern world) endures — the perpetrators of that disaster must be held up as heroes. Churchill, as an obedient operative of the Globalists, performed his assigned role. And the New World Order gang always reward their most useful underlings with ever-lasting fame and adulation. It’s the same for FDR, Eisenhower et al.

 JEA: Did you read David Irving’s book on Churchill when you were writing The British mad dog?

M.S. King: I have read snippets of Irving’s writings on Churchill, but never the actual book. I do credit Irving with teaching me about the full extent of Churchill’s drunkenness; and his painting forgery scam — an amazing and amusing anecdote that truly reveals the low character of the man.

JEA: Why did England allow him do to what he did? And why do they continue to call him a hero? For example, he was responsible for starving millions of innocent Germans to death. Was there someone in his cabinet who actually stood against him?

M.S. King: England’s press was under control of the “usual suspects” — and most of its parliamentarians were either under the influence of, or lived in fear of, the Jewish financial and political power of UK. The few who wanted peace were simply not in a position of strength to stop him. He continues to be lionized because his myth is sold to subsequent generations. How can people change their opinion of the man if the levers of information (media and academia) are corrupted.

Lord Halifax, a member of the war cabinet, tried to stand against Churchill and hear Hitler’s peace proposals…. but Churchill and the warmongers outmaneuvered him and the effort came to naught.

JEA: Can you give our audience some scholarly sources where they can pursue further research on these topics?

M.S. King: Sure. All the quotes and hard date in The British Mad Dog can be easily verified. David Irving’s works are solid. …”No More Champagne” by David Lough, “Closet Queens” by Michael Bloch — to name a few. Also various books and articles on Frederick Lindemann


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  1. Churchill was ”paid” to make sure Germany was completely destroyed, some rich and powerful “bankers” saved him from bankruptcy twice and promised to take good care of him and to make him Prime Minister, all they asked in exchange was his complete obedience and they got it.

    Of course a drunk bastard women abuser racist genocidal maniac murderer couldn’t refuse such an offer so as promised he destroyed every single city in Germany killing hundreds of thousands of women and children, he let 3 million Bengalese starve to death by stealing their food, by refusing Hitler’s peace offers he was responsible for millions of unnecessarily wasted lives, the destruction of Europe, the takeover of eastern Europe by the communists, he lost the empire, bankrupted England and he made the most vicious dirty genocidal conflict ever last years more than it should have, in fact he was one of the worst bloody monsters that ever existed.

    The Bombing of German Civilians

    The Crimes of Churchill

    Jewish Financiers Turned Churchill into a Mass Murdering Clown

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1773&v=QDndoQrqQys

    Winston Churchill Declared WWII on Germany ” using the excuse of protecting Poland” .
    Poland lost 8 million killed during WWII & afterwards suffered years of pain behind the Iron Curtain.
    Germany as in WWI had peace offers disdained as Churchill squandered English blood & treasure.
    Churchill the alcoholic warmonger destroyed England but Churchill himself became its Monumental hero ? ?.

    This video like so many recently is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.

  3. @Darrell Do you know what that despicable and vile major POS, Prince Philip Mountbatten once said during an interview? This is no lie. “If I were to come back to Earth in another life, I’d come back as a virus to eliminate a good portion of humanity.” In-f*ckin credible!!! Just heard about the last few days, but it seems that this royal reptile pedophile vermin wasn’t too fond of humans as are most of his elitist clan.

  4. I’ve been a subscriber to Mike King’s Real History Channel for a few years now and can say that I don’t know anyone who brings revisionist history so alive and appealing as he does. He backs up what he says with primary sources, and his pugnacious and scathing wit and humor in demolishing the perpetually repeated lies of the Official Narrative in matters of history, politics, and culture make his writings a great pleasure to read, as do the many pictures and captions he utilizes. He also has a great series of videos as “The Invisible Critic” on The Forbidden History of the Globalist Conspiracy, as well as on other important subjects, including the present Scamdemic and its role in bringing about a diabolical NWO, aka hell on earth for the 99.9% (or a purifying chastisement for those who see the providential hand of God in all things, including the evil that men do).

  5. As an Irishman I can confirm with certitude that Churchill was a rabid drunken loutish thug who, but for an accident of birth would have hung from the Hangman’s Gibbet long before he walked Europe into catastrophic War in 1939 at the behest of his Masters in the City of London and at the Exchanges of Chicago and Wall Street.
    Having succeeded in destroying Europe and causing the death of 27+ Million Soviet Citizens as they fought to defeat Germany the lout then betrayed Soviet Russia and the Slavic People of East Prussia, Russia and Ukraine while stage-managing the creation of supra-national NATO from his deathbed and beyond the grave. How happy he would be today to see Russia – and Iran being surrounded by the slavering psychos as they threaten Armageddon in the deluded hope of saving the Zionaxi dream of finally controlling from the Atlantic to beyond the Urals.

    • As far as you know, GB was hostile to Russia for 500 years. We got used to it. Now, the Sea Lion became toothless. It is a piece of dust for us, now. But i’m talking about the military power. They still have the financial power. But it will be finished soon. By hands.

  6. That’s why the rest of the world calls us the Anglo-Zionist Empire. We were God’s “chosen ones” who came to this continent, displaced and murdered the indigenous, and stole their land and resources. This has been going on for hundreds of years. The Ashkenazim are now doing the same in Palestine. Manifest Destiny equals Zionism equals racism and white supremacy, pure and simple.

  7. F*ck this limey POS!!! May he rot in Hell in infamy with his pal Dandy Prince Philip Mountbatten, Reptilian scum!

    • I can understand one wanting divine justice meted out to the infamous mass murderer Churchill, but I don’t know a lot about Prince Phillip. What great evils is he guilty of? Was he a pedophile like so many others in the upper echelons of power?

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