Intel Drop: Read the Writing on the Wall. Updating

    We are also recognizing key players, influencers, not just media folks but political leaders as fake people.


    The Senior Editor

    Much of what is going on today, by “going on,” I don’t mean really going on, but “fake going on” is not just theatre.  It is far more insidious.  VT is now identifying, on a daily basis, coordination between left and right, supposed left and right, media.

    We are also recognizing key players, influencers, not just media folks but political leaders as fake people. They are like Fetzer’s “crisis actors” but are more likely “cuckoos,” something we will get into. Most are GOP but not all.

    Making it all possible are ‘idiocy amplifiers,’ people of sorts, long profiled by Google Corporation though data analysis for their feelings of inferiority and moral flexibility.

    If you will spread anti-vaxx material to your downline, under the right motivation, you would take that next step…”eat the baby…ripping it limb from limb” as it were.  

    In each case, as with media folks and others, we will see their lack of personal history, imaginary people that came from nowhere.  Some might use names on the left side like Clinton, Obama or Carter.

    Then you might well look at a real history of fake people, the entire Trump family back to their imaginary origins in “Germany” are fake.  There were no “Drumpff’s” in Franconia. They didn’t come from Germany at all.  They didn’t exist.  OK, here’s the biggest of them all, a gift and then we will move on.

    The Library of Congress has digitized all small newspapers from the 19th century.  I looked up my own family…terrible things there with my Scottish grandfather’s drunkenness and his 9 starving kids, something all over the Detroit papers more than a century ago.

    The Bush family, from Columbus, Ohio, Samuel Bush of the Buckeye Casting Corporation, as described in research by Webster Tarpley, sent his kid to Yale, from there to Wall Street to build Nazi Germany and then to father and “grandfather” two presidents.

    He never existed.  Some say they were the German “Scherff” family. I can’t prove that but the Bush family never existed and that I can prove.  Do the research yourself.  Look up your great grandfather, his birth and death, his school teams, all of it will be in small papers.  The Bush family came from Venus for all we know.

    Do remember, the Bush family are supposed East Coast bluebloods from Kennebunkport.  Does that sound like Hyannisport?  It is supposed to and you are supposed  to think that American royalty of some kind migrated to Texas to become “home spun” saviors of American democracy.

    But there is no history of the Bush family in Kennebunkport, no generations of wealth, power and social standing.  Instead, you have a family flat broke in 1930 who, by 1935 and the rise of Adolf Hitler, controls a shipping line (Holland America), a money laundering Swiss Bank (UB) and huge Nazi war industry in “soon to be invaded” Poland.

    Where does the money come from?  Think names like Schiff, Warburg and Rothschild. The Trump family is much the same but so are others, too many others.

    I review the media every day, multiple sources, multiple languages and I have two dozen ‘story spotters’ around the world.  Open source intelligence, something I am not so sure Robert Steele understands as well as he thinks, requires access and context.  It also requires knowing what is withheld, what is being lied about and why those lies are told.

    I have a couple of NEO’s describing the process that intelligence agencies have incorporated into their training, those not already using my videos which you will never be allowed to see.

    Call these ‘suppositions’

    • Key figures in the US and around the world aren’t “real people”

    Last year I met with a team from a US security agency to discuss a program using our type of information…which they decided was better than the crap they were getting.  Since, however, they are overrun by Israeli influence folks, who made 9/11 and the fake Trump presidency possible, this process hit snags.  It is not my process and I am not entirely a volunteer here, if you get what I am saying.

    Top of our list

    What came out of this is that a key component of real US security is investigating key people in the US, business leaders, heads of super-big corporations, tech companies, new members of congress, one recent failed president, key media figures as what I call “walk ins.”

    They didn’t know the term but used a reference to the series ‘The Americans.’  They contend that key figures, one a new chunky-toothy loud mouthed member of congress, one a winery owning Hispanic, and a series of others are Russian agents planted in the US at some point, either replacing adults or cuckoo’s, placed in the nest of deep cover fake parents.

    They said this, I didn’t.

    Years ago, November 2012, an FBI official acting as whistleblower told me, among other things, that a female state governor was, in actuality, a Cuban born daughter of a high ranking, very very high ranking, KGB official, who replaced someone else.

    He said there were many such people in the US, all ‘influencers.’

    He cited the Mormon Church as part of this effort in its war, well over a century old, against the US.  Mind you, I am not taking sides in this war as Mormon’s have their points.

    We know, through blackmail and bribery, the Mormons took over the FBI under Hoover (and Bush/Lansky?) and if you listen to the recordings, you will understand the power of the Romney-Salinas cartel that includes major US corporations like the Walmart folks and their empire.

    Was Fetzer right about Walmart? (probably not)

    • So, what do these fake people do?

    Well, this is where media analysis, real media analysis, not the childish crap you see done by fake academics…oh…and there are tons of fake academics and, more than that, fake academic websites, fake colleges or real colleges, supposedly real colleges, who give degrees and fake histories to fake people.  Think Harvard, Yale and Princeton to start with.

    • First of all, the fake people are most often religious leaders, and we aren’t talking simply the obvious ones, the grifters of evangelical Christianity.

    The Catholic church is, by accounts, the mechanism through which fake people have been presented to the world, laundering for centuries, the grifters and shills of Freemasonry, the Salonic, Sephardic and Khazarian cults that ate both Europe and the Middle East starting in the 15th century.

    VT’s collection on this issue grows every day as more real academics who were silenced on this issue are retiring or fired and free to publish.

    By 1950, the real history of the Freemasons, the Khazarians and of the real life of Christ was erased.  A fake American history was created, turning the Rothschild written constitution into a religion not to be assailed, built to hide not just the nature of the Federal Reserve System, which totally rules America.

    The Salonic Freemasons were responsible for funding Columbus, funding the Virginia Company, who ran Lloyds, and the Bank of England and why the wars between Britain, the Netherlands, Spain and France went on for over a century as an internal spat over divisions between Freemason factions that broke off in Amsterdam and London, from their controllers in Genoa, Frankfurt, Venice and Salonica.

    Do remember it was Herzl who financed the Ottoman Empire during World War I, who arranged for the extermination of the Armenians, the father of Zionism.  It is impossible to really study World War I as ‘The Protocols’ are probably as fake as the ADL says, hiding a truth far worse than the one given.

    Check Herzl’s correspondence with the Sultan and the real history, now quite available, of the Balfour Declaration. Then realize that most of Islam, Sunni Islam, Wahhabist Islam, was under Freemason/Salonic control, Zionist control, through the Ottomans.

    Then learn the history of the Silk Road, the real one, but you can’t.  Try researching the caravans, how the Ottomans built shelters for them and what was done there and how this process planted the seeds for commercial control of Europe and for the conquest of the world under what we are now told were European colonial powers.

    In reality, Portugal, Spain, France, Britain and the Netherlands played much the same role as post 9/11 America, bullyboy for organized crime, ancient Luciferian organized crime and the Children of Moloch.  Well, we have just “sexed up” this one.

    Today, in the US, the movements that failed to take adequate root in Europe under two efforts, one the new Nazi’s under programs pushed by USAID/CIA and even the Marshall Plan, that early, and those pushed by the fake Vatican under P2 Freemasonry and Gladio have found fertile ground in Red State America.

    If COVID was planted in the US, this was why.  Note we say “if.”  Assuming anything not in evidence can make someone almost as bad as the endless fake pandemic experts pushing hydroxy and bleach.

    As for media, key on a daily basis is the “buzz up” everyone gets from their choice of fake media, all high quality psychological warfare material, all with fingerprints of the same effort behind it all.

    Margorie says this, it is pushed to adherents in one game and then to the other side as another game.  She herself doesn’t exist.

    Tell me I am wrong?

    You see, if the “dossier” on Trump is “dodgy,” and Russia just said it was 100% true, what if Trump himself doesn’t exist?

    Then what does the confirmed story of piss sucking Trump prove?  Who was it written for?Who cares if Trump sucks piss?

    By putting a piss sucker into the White House, it is really the people of the United States that are being pissed on, but why? Is it to make the last of those who could stand against tyranny feel powerless and overwhelmed?  We think so.

    Then we go darker still.  We find continual fingerprints of fake people behind the anti-vaccine movement, layer upon layer of laundered fake people, fake organisations, fake publications and hyped media both for and against the anti-science idiocy.

    If Trump was an experiment seeing if a piss drinking orangutan could be put into the White House, then staging America for a new COVID variant to kill small children may well be the next.


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    1. Its a bit of a trick that I learnt that when you’re on a dating then to find out if you’re talking to an African Scammer then ask him Alaye and he will back off thinking that you’re another Nigerian Scammer.

    2. Every human institution is corrupted by the profit motive and organized by a pyramid-shaped hierarchy. Top-down control is easy for the billionaire class sitting on interlocking boards of directors, which typically place money ahead of objective science. Journals are bunk because the money controllers can cherry pick whichever results suit their business goals by threatening editors to obey or get fired. When someone tells me to trust doctors, I laugh because doctors trust those corrupted journals with blind faith. Besides, the threat of losing their medical license is enough for them to justify any corporately-crafted opinion. Even the medical school curricula is written by the money masters who can insert lies that lead to more profits for them. Peer-reviewed science is a farce because there are zero independent institutions dedicated to truth and the entire science community is a religion which follows the chain of command like trained dogs, trusting “credentials” and “experts” rather than looking at the evidence objectively. Everything in Western Civilization is owned and incorporated ultimately by The Vatican, which “tends” to its flock of sheep with Malthusian and Darwinian devotion. Fox Mulder was right: trust no one.

    3. I’m going to get a points distributor as a spare for the 91 GMC Pickup that I am restoring, just in case.
      I’m beginning to miss Eisenhower.
      Time to run the puppy and water the garden.
      Have a good day.

      • To me I would like buy someday one Ford Bronco generation 4, maybe a 383 Nite Edition… 🙂

    4. You have a –
      Masquerade: Agents and Actors.
      In which –
      agents of empire play at being subjects of empire
      In spaces –
      outside the law (and the state)
      Which have emerged as –
      arenas for unfettered information flow
      Which are –
      social networks in outside spaces identified as information conduits
      That have presented –
      alternative experiences of time
      Which have –
      subverted imperial understanding
      Because empire –
      seeks to shape the present through its records of the past

      Foucault said, “the exercise of power is always formulated in terms of law.”

    5. Sounds like we’re all extras in a bad movie, more so than we think, and there’s no director like Wyler or Peckinpah to yell “cut!”

    6. For an insightful read: Great Red Dragon, or London Money Power by L.B. Woolfolk. Life in the United States before the Federal Reserve. They play the U.S. economy like an accordion.

      • Thanks Patrick,
        I’m just now to page 22, but even way before that, like maybe by page 3 or 4, I realized this book condenses and puts everything I had already believed, to a certain extent, into a focus and perspective that makes everything of my worldview finally click into place like some massively complicated vault lock finally being picked.
        It puts a light of truth on the matter of its topic so profoundly, as to make everything one could imagine, in a “worldly” sense, perfectly clear.
        Like LBJ’s actions regarding the Liberty; he was just doing what he knew he had to do to stay alive. He knew any actions short of what he did would instantly make him the next JFK, before he could blink his eyes.
        And I’m only on page 22.

    7. Thanks Mr Duff, however, if it’s not right out your front door

      It’s probably fake

      How do you know except if you open the door?

      Better yet once the door is open go outside and see the conspiricy unfold

      Best seen in person. LOL

      • How do you know if a tree in the forest have made noise when it falls if there is nobody to listen it???

    8. Nothing more fake than the adjective “lucifer” as a proper noun name of The Devil 😈😱.

      Nothing more fake than the Fed “totally ruling America”.
      G. Edward Griffin got called out & admitted the Fed returns all profits to Treasury what, 30 years ago!?
      As he said after getting called out, “The real [only] action is the commercial banks.” (YOUR house, YOUR car…)

      I’m just an average Joe, with nothing close to resembling an intel network, but I publicly “called” DramaQueenDon winning POTUS before anyone.

      • I don’t know if it’s impossible to “really study” WWI, but this might be all you really need to know:

        “Dealers In Death: The War Racket” (1935).
        YT link below, pending moderation.

      • Thanks “Hoops” for explaining your version of international finance. Recycling “profits” is a shell game. Extrapolating US currency, all world currencies, to create artificial wealth in the trillions and then returning billions to the US treasury is a bit misleading. Best you learn to define “profit” and then identify the institutions you are describing, which you can’t. As a bank compliance officer, I loved seeing “full faith and credit” instruments extrapolated at 1000 times assets.

        The version of profits you are trying to explain to us is not unlike the definition a Hollywood studio uses to tell an actor a blockbuster film loses money.

      • Gordy, you’re in… Compliance with my point.
        You’re talking about commercial banks.
        Hey, enlighten us on those compliant 1000X leverage instruments!

        But I really can’t wait for your bombshell expose’ showing the Fed outta compliance with the FedRes Act! That the Fed’s Audited Annual Financial Statements (and associated Daily Treasury Statements) are off by… Trillions/year!?… #Pulitzer!!

        Yup, those audited financial statements can’t be right: the Fed only made/remitted $89B to Treasury (the exact amount as the most profitable company in the world: Saudi Aramco)?…

        C’mon! The VA budget alone is $270B!
        … (But then, the DOD has never passed an audit. They say maybe 2028… Or when Trump’s healthcare plan is ready, lol.)

    9. Gordon, what you are saying in this article is like the “Wag the Dog” movie. if i want to have better scientific knowledge, what sources i can trust ?

      • Science is not subjective. If it is in the Lancet or NEJM, chances are it passed muster with a million real doctors who treat real patients who wouldn’t allow bullshit.

        You know, to prove the possibility of COV as a weapon, we used very real, widely accepted scientific publications, not the fake crap that 90% of VT readers are sent by their google paid handlers.

      • Hi Gordon, 7 or 8 years ago I read something from an editor from JAMA voicing her concern that 48% of research studies reported in NEJM, Lancet & JAMA couldn’t be replicated (if memory serves me correctly)

    10. i have felt like the hanged man in the tarot…looking at the world upside down. at least now i have company.

      duff leaves out a key point… these ppl are all luciferians. the only way to beat them is not to fall for their tricks and love each other. only way to win.

    11. Some basic observations, like any academic agrees the entire system is messed up, any christian claims no other people are real christians, every election is the most important election of a lifetime, Education cures everything, is often espoused,.. we have to go to war “to keep us safe” is the mantra, another says, ‘there will always be the poor”, and also, it is human nature to be at war,…etc etc… but after a century of war, billions on education, eradication of starvation and many diseases, Trump gets elected in the US. I simply say, hmm, they are better at engineering data bases than I thought, but also they are using a set of intelligence tools that 99.9 % of people do not even think exists or works. boy does that make it easy. The trail of destroying this tool, is covered with blood all over the world, and the ones who did it, still have it. And they use it. The things that warrant, “taking it to the king”, always the oldest stuff.

      • About “there will always be the poor” , there was in the 60’s a long experiment on “Behavioral sink”, a term invented by ethologist John Calhoun and reported at 1962 in an article in Scientific American, that ended showing in theory, even in a society without privations, human interaction would en up in a collapse anyway.

      • Optimism is absent in “studies” because tragedy sells. It sells in religion, entertainment and the collective consciousness due to constant negative programming. Academia is not a source of optimism, and neither is religion. It is all death dearth and doom. The presence of these institutions serve as blockages for the sake of collections. There are many things they could say, and know, but do not, and that is how we know they care not. They will break their teeth.

    12. Yikes!!!! Kinda like another nine********** horrible eleven to deconstruct……………
      Where will I find the time in not February??

    13. Jeffrey Archer in his fiction book Not a penny less gave a pretty good insight how Metelski becomes Metcalfe, how noone becomes someone, when approached by big bucks and Wall Street.

    14. Gordon, where do “we” stand in this morass of informational smoke, mirrors, false walls and trap-doors?
      You talked about videos of yours we would never see, and an internet full of fake websites tuned for every shade of groping searcher.
      So much and many lies to choose from; a virtual (un)reality making technocracy leading billions of wearied and delusional souls into the abyss.
      If most everything in the public forum is hokum, and I think it is, (except for ONE) do you have any solid words of encouragement?

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