Blockbuster: The MH 17 False Flag, One of Many, Published in Russia


By Gordon Duff with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

It was July 17, 2014 and a war was raging in Ukraine between American backed extremists who had taken Kiev in a bloody coup and purge. A Malaysian Airlines passenger jet with 298 onboard was directed by air traffic controllers themselves controlled by the same bloody regime that had just taken power, toward closed air space.

Kiev was using its Russian supplied modern air force on its own citizens. The airliner was being directed on the same path used by SU 25 and SU 27 jets hitting the cities in the Donbass and Lugansk pockets.

The date now is May 25, 2018. BBC and Reuters have just announced that Russia is “liable” for the events of July 17, 2014, based on an investigation no one understands.

Malaysia had asked for an independent investigation but was warned off by the United States, told to keep quiet. I was part of the team Malaysia had sought to investigate the downing of MH 17, along with VT editor, Washington attorney Thomas Mattingly and a group of former FBI agents under ISI Corp.

Instead, the investigation was done by a Dutch group. It is clear, more than clear, that the United States was aware Kiev had down the plane and was leading a coverup, protecting Kiev and planning to use the incident to blame Russia.

Recent events makes this abundantly clear.

Blaming Russia is a way of life in Washington. Let’s look at Ukraine and try to understand what was going on at the time.

You see, when Kiev fell to the neo-Nazi coup, Eastern Ukraine held out, loyal to the pro-Russian elected government.

Calling this a “color revolution,” particularly after the slaughter in Odessa in May 2014, is unsupportable. This was a foreign financed coup using armed and trained terror groups.

Let’s compare Ukraine with Syria, something journalists and academics have avoided doing.

In Kiev, the capital fell to Western backed terrorists. In Syria, the capital of Damascus wasn’t taken and Russia, along with Iran and Hezbollah, have aided Syria in fighting off al Qaeda and ISIS, organizations the world is now realizing are “fake terror groups” hired and funded by the West.

If all of this seems confusing, it should. The difference between terrorists and “freedom fighters” is entirely subjective based on who controls the media. Those who back Kiev not only control the media, but they can guarantee a predetermined outcome to any investigations with “no questions asked.”

By that, of course, we are referring to the controlled press, and they as no questions whatsoever.

War Between Free and Controlled Press

Four years ago, an investigative group from Russia Today and VT looked for solutions to the issue of MH17. We looked at how, but never why or who. Those things are and always have been clear, the issues of motive, the issues of who gains.

The Dutch now claim that Russia had “infiltrated” air defense groups into Ukraine and chose to shoot down a Malaysian airliner for no imaginable reason. That motive, “no imaginable reason,” should be a problem for both governments and the media, not that I use the term “should.”

However, there is evidence, considerable evidence, that MH17 was downed by aircraft. We are going to examine this hypothesis and the reaction to it when it was brought up back in 2014.


The recurrent idea of a ground launched missile, a story originating as propaganda from Kiev, has been a story the mainstream media and Western governments have held to in spite of the total lack of evidence.

Lack of evidence, except for “alternative facts,” backed up by “fake news,” particularly when dealing with false flag terrorism on behalf of Western intelligence agencies, has never been a problem. Selling propaganda while controlling all media is easy.

It also emboldens perpetrators to acts of extreme cruelty and insanity. Calling it anything but that is mincing words. Who shoots down airliners for amusement? I can think of one nation, the United States, ask Iran.

Ukraine’s War and MH17

The media in the West reports nothing of Ukraine. So, when villages are shelled daily and the Kiev regime moves against Donbass and Luhansk, the breakaway republics, there is no reporting. Thus, when recent “findings” accuse Russia, we note two issues:

  1. Ukraine is preparing for an invasion of the breakaway regions despite being signatory to the Minsk peace accords.
  2. The US is in political turmoil with a weakened president turning to “wag the dog” game playing, even to the point of risking global conflict.

The media in the West does report on Ukraine, but the reports are of the Dutch investigation into MH 17. The Dutch are now saying that it was Russian forces that used a surface to air missile, operating from inside “rebel territory,” that shot down the airliner.

Russia not only denies this, but states that the missiles that the Dutch claim were used had been out of service for years. Russia also asserts that they never stationed air defenses inside the breakaway republics and that the Dutch story is part of a propaganda offensive.

Thus, we question why this “edited and expanded” report from “the Dutch,” wrought with wild conspiracy theories and propaganda, why now?


It is vital to look at MH 17 in light of newly accepted norms. In 2014, it was considered “conspiracy theory” to assert that a government, be it the US or nations such as Israel, might purposefully kill civilians or stage imaginary terror attacks to justify acts of military aggression as “self defense” or “retaliation.”

Today it is generally accepted that not only is false flag terrorism, state sponsored, used but that is the “go to” strategy used by the US, Israel, Britain, France and Saudi Arabia.

In this light, particularly after the controversy over a series of incidents, the Skripal “poisoning” in Britain and the “White Helmets” role in staging Syrian gas attacks, MH 17 must be revisited taking into account that shooting down a civilian airliner is something factions within Ukraine or even the US are not only capable of but more than willing to do as well.

The SU 25 Dilemma

On July 17, 2017, a Malaysian Airlines plane crashed with 298 on board in Eastern Ukraine. It had been rerouted over a combat region by air traffic controllers in Kiev, according to a Spanish air traffic controller named “Carlos.”

Soon afterward, a media smear campaign against this individual began, claiming Russia paid him to lie. Part of his story was that two Su25 aircraft operated by the Kiev regime had trailed the Malaysian airlines Boeing.

Quashing this story, the SU25 account and anyone who examines or reports on it, has, as we will see, become a mission of utmost importance.

Radar Evidence Withheld

The US, operating an onshore AGEGIS radar system when went “live” in 2013 (which the US now denies as well) could have confirmed or disproven any claims. The US has chosen not to release any information, not from AEGIS ships, including the USS Donald Cook, which was on station at the time, and their onshore system, which had previously been stationed in New Jersey after 9/11 to protect the American capitol from cruise missile attacks.

The US felt the AEGIS system and its Raytheon built partner system on two giant aerostat balloons, was no longer needed to protect the US. This decision, in itself, is minimally bizarre at best.

With “Carlos” smeared and running for his life from Western intelligence agencies, Google Corporation began scrubbing all data on the Su25 aircraft from the Internet. New articles were put up claiming the SU25 couldn’t have flown high enough to shoot down an airliner. Those articles were fake and based on a configuration for the SU25 that had no pilot oxygen system, something they failed to mention.

Lack of sufficient oxygen made high altitude flight impossible, of course, but the real issue of MH 17 being downed in air combat is much more complicated.

This has been the major controversy, one suppressed, one censored and one that opens doors to wider controversy.

Radar Spoofing and Terrorism

The following excerpt is taken from a Russia Today investigation featuring this author along with Russian pilots who flew the SU 25 in combat.

“Electronic countermeasure pods are no longer reliable source of information, so anyone who says the radar has identified a SU-25 aircraft in the MH17 tragedy is trying to mislead people, Gordon Duff, senior editor of VT newspaper, told RT.

RT: Though the preliminary results of the investigation into the crash of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine won’t be known until July new theories of what happened appear every day. One claim is that the Boeing was brought down by an SU-25 fighter jet. But its chief designer has now told German media that’s impossible, because it can’t fly high enough. What do you make of that?

Gordon Duff: The claim that it was an SU-25 is unsupportable. Since 2010, NATO has begun using electronic countermeasure pods. They are designed by Raytheon and BAE Systems. When attached to an aircraft, an SU-27, an SU-29 maybe even an F-15, these allow the backscattering – that is when you use radar, and this is what was said the radar identified as two SU-25 aircraft. Well these pods that attach to any plane can make a plane look like an SU-25 when it’s not an SU-25 or a flock of birds or anything else. It’s a new version of poor man’s stealth…It’s called radar spoofing, so with radar spoofing anyone who says they have identified an aircraft by radar is trying to mislead people because that’s no longer a reliable way of dealing with things.

If I could go on with the SU-25, the claimed service ceiling is based on the oxygen’s supply in the aircraft. Now there is a claim that this plane will only work to 22,000 feet. At the end of the WWII a German ME-262 would fly at 40,000 feet. A P-51 Mustang propeller plane flew at 44,000 feet. The SU-25 was developed as an analogue of the A-10 Thunderbolt, an American attack plane. The planes have almost identical performance except that the SU-25 is faster and more powerful. The A-10 Thunderbolt has a service ceiling of 45,000 feet. The US estimates the absolute ceiling, which is a different term, of the SU-25. And we don’t know whether the SU-25 was involved at all, we are only taking people’s word and people we don’t trust. But the absolute ceiling for the plane is 52,000 feet.

READ MORE: Could SU-25 fighter jet down a Boeing? Former pilots speak out on MH17 claims

RT:Do you agree with the statement that “many more factors indicate that the Boeing 777 was hit by a ground-to-air missile that was launched from a Buk missile system”? How much technical expertise would it take to fire a Buk launcher?

GD: We’ve looked at this. I had an investigating team, examiners, which included aircraft investigation experts from the US including from the FAA, the FBI and from the Airline Pilots Association. I also had one of our air traffic and air operational officers…with the Central Intelligence Agency look at this. And one of the things we settled is that in the middle of the day if this were a Buk missile the contrail would have been seen for 50 miles. The contrail itself would have been photographed by thousands of people; it would have been on Instagram, Twitter, all over YouTube. And no one saw it. You can’t fire a missile and on a flat area in a middle of the day leaving a smoke trail into the air and having everyone not see it. There is no reliable information supporting that it was a Buk missile fired by anyone. And then additionally we have a limited amount of information that NATO and the Dutch investigators have released, forensic information, and that is contradicted by other experts that have looked at things. We don’t have reliable information to deal with but the least possible thing, the one thing we can write off immediately – it wasn’t a ground-to-air missile because you simply can’t fire a missile in the middle of the day without thousands and thousands of people seeing it and filming it with camera phones.”

Killing this Story

This interview alone, which included statements from Russian pilots, caused a major backlash, including a fake investigation by “Prison Planet Investigation Services,” paid for, we learned, by the Bronfman organization, a Canadian based liquor conglomerate with ties to organized crime and Israeli intelligence. “Prison Planet” is also know, we learned, as “Stratfor,” called the “shadow CIA,” and is part of the InfoWars organization.

Prison Planet and InfoWars, for years, continually claimed Russia was operating military training camps inside the US and, at one time, claimed Russia had 20,000 troops planning to overthrow the US. Then, out of nowhere, they changed sides. From the Los Angeles Times, March 21, 2017:

“FBI’s Russian-influence probe includes a look at Breitbart, InfoWars news sites(McClatchy)

But this report focuses on the FBI looking into right-wing websites like Breitbart and InfoWars to see if they played any role last year in a Russian cyber operation that dramatically widened the reach of news stories that favored Trump’s presidential bid.”

The investigation accused VT of being owned by a Panama based crime cartel and laundering millions in Russian financing. A subsequent FBI and DHS investigation, based on these assertions, found them fraudulent.

Where the Evidence Really Leads

One thing is totally clear, MH 17 is a false flag operation planned by Western intelligence agencies to block Russian aid to the areas of Ukraine that have continued to hold out after what we may now freely call a Nato “military takeover.”

Ukraine had been doing poorly on the ground, with high losses and low military morale. The false flag attack was intended to justify NATO military aid to the, well let’s use the term, “breakaway region.” After all, it is Kiev that left Ukraine. This was not an acceptable transition of power, it was a military takeover. That much is clear today.

One direction was ignored, more than than quashed, evidence seized and suppressed. Josef Resch is a private investigator who has asserted he has had evidence that MH 17 is a false flag. From Sputnik News 2016:

“German and Swiss authorities have confiscated documents from private detective Josef Resch, who has been conducting his own investigation of the 2014 crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, Dutch officials and media said Tuesday.

Investigators believe that some of the documents seized after last week’s raid on the detective’s home in Bad Schwartau, northern Germany, may shed light on the circumstances of the tragedy. Some of the papers are said to be “explosive” and could help determine the culprits.

According to De Telegraaf daily, the German detective began his own probe two months after the catastrophe, and has received some $19 million for his investigations. His generous clients remain unknown.

‘We are hoping to get some information about this. That’s why the raids at his home were carried out,” the spokesman for the prosecution service, Wim De Bruin, told AFP.

The contents of Resch’s safe-deposit box in a bank in Zurich, Switzerland, were also inspected.

“We don’t actually know what was in the box. The Swiss judge must now decide if its contents can be handed over to Dutch officials,” the spokesman said.

He added that it is possible that the detective may have been in contact with the culprits.’”

Much more was suppressed than the contents of Resch’s files. There was another private German investigation that found evidence of both air to air missiles and air to air cannon fire on the wreckage of MH 17. Their published evidence was compelling and, of course, ignored and scrubbed from the Internet.

Additional evidence presented by a Canadian aircraft “watcher” group that tracked a high performance aircraft from Azerbaijan to the area of the MH 17 crash, vectoring directly to “incident” site, has been suppressed also. It has been known for years that Azerbaijan allows Israeli drones and, according to defectors from the Azeri military, Israeli F 15s as well, to operate from their bases. From VT 2015:

“Saturday, August 23, Colonel James Hanke appeared on Iranian television to discuss the downing of the drone and to answer questions. During that interview, Hanke, editor for VT and former Attaché to Israel, highest ranking American operational intelligence officer ever to address an Iranian audience, denied US involvement in the attack.

‘The US simply doesn’t have the ability to launch drones from ships in the Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean or from bases in the region. Everything is seen, observed and tracked, everything accountable and, at this moment in time, American and Israeli interests are far from in alignment. I suggest you ‘look to the north’ for the party responsible.’

Of course, Hanke, as he later explained to me, meant Azerbaijan. It was Hanke who helped identify two former Soviet fighter bases in Azerbaijan, as early as 2010, as a clandestine Israeli air base. In 2012, two Azerbaijani officers, defecting to Iran, reported of Israeli operations there including a drone base to be used against Iran.

Azerbaijan issued a formal apology but as reported by Republican Guard air defense command, the recent provocation did, as first reported by Hanke, originate from Azerbaijan.”

An F15 is capable of acting as air control and mission planning, based on its advance long range radar. Israel has been a major supporter of the Kiev regime and has send IDF forces to Ukraine to train militias and even participate in combat in support of Kiev.


MH 17 is simply another false flag operation, this one aimed at Russia as have so many recently. Russia’s foreign ministry has begun addressing false flag terrorism and the US policy of staging terror attacks to blame on others after years of standing by silently.

This, of course, is a byproduct of Trump’s “wide open mouth” policy of attacking fake news and opening up possibilities that now seem to have turned against him. Trump not only has followed Obama’s policies against Russia, he has ramped them up notch after notch, using fake news, fake accusations and acts of real fake terrorism.

Now Trump is arming Ukraine to war on its own people, something that will draw Russia in to stop the slaughter. MH 17 and the fake Dutch report is a ploy to frighten Russia off.

I don’t think it takes a genius to figure this out.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of  VT, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”


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  1. In weeks before MH17 been shot down, I watched on TV helicopters and planes shot down by missiles on Australian news.
    So no pilot would have accepted being diverted through a hot war zone by any traffic controller.

    The Malaysian Airlines had pre-booked tickets and did not want to divert the plane around and burn more fuel and cost that would have eaten the profits from the flight.

    An in-experienced BUK missile operator (must have been Ukrainian) shot the plane down.
    The russian operators would not have made that mistake.

    It really is that simple. Even the Dutch reported nailed the malaysian management for sending the plane over a war zone early in their report.

  2. That Russia’s own investigation isn’t mentioned, unless this investigation hadn’t been carried out at the time this article being quoted was written,
    does nothing to support the veracity of the conclusions drawn. That Russia was denied participation in the investigations in the first place raises suspicions.
    I just read an article on MH-17 that there were some 28 people that had interests in a certain corporation that Rothschild wanted, and with the loss of MH-17 with all passengers, and crew Rothschild became the sole owner. (shareholder)
    I can’t recall the source of the article, but perhaps others have read it, and are able to identify the site it was posted, as I continue to locate it’s origins.

  3. To seek and destroy a mobile missle launcher from the air; get them to turn on their radar first, then air to ground missles that hone in on that radar signal can be quickly launched from fighter jets.
    Usually a large “sacrificial jet” is sent in first, to shield the fighter jets from radar as they approach and get within range for that first strike.
    This is what MH17 was.
    Two days before, in same area, a big 4 engine Ukrainian military cargo jet was shot down plus two fighter jets as well.
    So now a large passenger jet not a big Ukrainian military one was used.
    Another way to destroy a mobile missle launcher is to see the plume of smoke the ground to air missle leaves behind after launching and it is obvious exactly where it was shot from.
    Russians aren’t so stupid to use these sorts of missles with a MML, the preferred type would be a type that leaves no huge plume of smoke to expose just where the MML is, and it remains hidden in it’s location even after launch. Missles like this would be classified as well.
    I will guess some sort of ground to air missle shot down MH17, not a BUK, not a plane either.
    It was a revenge operation for the downing of the three Ukrainian jets two days before and this time the lead jet was MH17
    The Rebels/Russians were fooled into thinking MH17 was another Ukrainian cargo jet with fighter jets trailing it
    Seems obvious to me but maybe I am wrong as to why and however

  4. LS…

    In the Netherlands the Zio Nazi Bilderberg Rule dictates our lying two (or more) faced politicians ! The spineless and brainless Teflon Clown Mark Rutte MP is the master of deceive ! Shame on the Dutch !

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