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[ Editor’s Note: You know what I am going to say here…”another one bites the dust”, and at a wedding reception no less. I suspect the good Cardinal thought that everyone would be too distracted to notice he and the boy (I assume) missing for a while.

This story was a big surprise, as I thought the statute of limitations would have covered him, so I am happy I was wrong. At McCarrick’s age and with court backlogs, he will probably be dead before he is ever convicted.

So much the better then, as he will be roasted on the fire sooner. VT had a very highly placed Vatican source that disclosed the pedophile victim count at 500,000. That’s a lot, and despite the huge number, the top people hid it for many years.

The church has paid out a fortune in damage settlements, so some justice there. The lay Catholics might have been better off to overthrow the priests and take over the church with the lay community running it so lie detector tests could have been made a routine part of the priesthood.

I feel sorry for all the priests not involved in the perversion, as some of the stain splashed on them. The Cardinal was quite active. He liked the kids and the seminarians both. But at least one more family got to see justice starting to be done for their victim.

There are certainly plenty more of them out there. Dear lay Catholics, good hunting… Jim W. Dean ]

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First published …. July 29, 2021

Defrocked Catholic cardinal Theodore McCarrick was criminally charged Wednesday with sexually assaulting a 16-year-old boy during a wedding reception at Wellesley College in Massachusetts in 1974, according to court documents obtained by The Washington Post.

The charges make McCarrick, a former archbishop of Washington, D.C., the highest-ranking Catholic official in the country to face criminal charges for alleged sex abuse.

McCarrick, 91, was for years one of the country’s most connected and influential Catholic leaders before allegations of his behavior were made public in 2018, and he was later expelled from the priesthood.

It was long assumed McCarrick would not be criminally charged because of statute of limitations on alleged incidents, though some men have filed civil lawsuits in New York and New Jersey, alleging McCarrick sexually abused them in those states when they were children.

Marci Hamilton, an attorney with Child USA, said the case was able to be prosecuted because McCarrick was not a Massachusetts resident and the statute of limitations essentially expired when he left the state. Hamilton said that such statutes of limitations are quite common across the United States but that McCarrick’s case is highly unusual.

“This is extraordinary,” said Hamilton, who is a professor at the University of Pennsylvania. “Prosecutors feel safe filing charges even against bishops. It shows us the movement for sex abuse cases is becoming mature.”


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  1. I dont think Christ died for this asshole’s sins!

    The McCarrick burger;
    Now on menu at McDahmers:

    A slab of old meat between two fresh buns
    No offense intended!

  2. And keep in mind, our government is still contracting with this outfit, with our money, to care for at risk children and defenseless immigrant children. The numbers of abuse there are higher, because the victims are far less likely to come forward.
    The con, is so strong, it makes Trump blush. The other thing is, members of this church that are prosecutors and judges is disproportionately high. The cops and judges have been covering for these animals for the entire time, and even today. It continues, unabated. One bishop even “preyed” upon an entire school for blind children. The stories are endless, .. and ongoing.

  3. 500,000 is not defined by how many years it covers and countries. They tried to give that as a total ?

    Holy cow. Not even close. Not even in the US.

    I got 300,000,000 when including all countries invaded and converted and using percentages of population that complained of sexual abuse. probably closer to a billion. It has generally worked out to 8 or 10 times the number who come forward if comfortable. There is reason to believe the count is in the billions just in the RCC. They certainly cannot be trusted to provide a number. We are still not at a point where victims are comfortable to come forward.

    • If we say, 10,000 per state at 50 states, the last 30 years alone, and specifically just sexual abuse by RCC priests, just in the US, then the 500,000 figure would be acceptable.
      The countless articles over that time, that routinely attributed 70 to 90 victims to a single priest over his lifetime, would ride the cycle for a day or two, compared to two weeks if a 25 year old female teacher slept with a 16 yo male student.
      They have spent millions burying and obfuscating sex abuse and we haven’t gotten to actual murders and money laundering. Every priest, bishop and cardinal that wants to operate in the US should have to pass lie detector tests and extensive background checks at their expense, and should not be allowed to collect money from anyone. That would be a minimum response from a caring society. We clearly do not have that.

  4. Just dropping a 20 day calendar note, been waiting.. Francis papal ceremony (moved up in a big hurry) 8 Iq, Jesuit General installation ceremony 13 Iq.
    This announcement 13 Iq.

    Not a coincidence.

    This is day 12 of the Maya, I-Ching # 12, and known for millenia of being the day of the son of the ancestral mother tying his fate to a tree. ” crying , I die I die, ” And so he tied his fate to a clumpy bush.

    This dude should have been arrested decades ago, along with tens of thousands of others he protected. That is the facts on the ground.

    • I feel sorry for the priests who did not know, the same as I feel sorry for the Jan 6 insurrectionists who were mislead. The end game for christianity, is,… realization that the entire historical context is “BS’. and made by guys just like McCarrick.
      Follow or believe at your own peril. Truth is coming and it won’t be kind to Judaism or Christianity. They are co conspirators. Two thirds of the triumvirate.
      They will run from their own text.

    • A lot of priests had to know. When is the last time that we heard of priests exposing any of this? They silenced themselves to protect the positions that they had. For comparison: Under New York state law, if a woman living with her boyfriend knows that he is banging her teen daughter, and does not report it, she gets charged with the same class A felony that he does. She cannot play the victim, because she became a co-victimizer. As she ended up going to jail anyway, she should have just stabbed the bastard to death in his sleep and claimed passionate insanity to get a lower sentence. The Church probably has countless priests that knew about this. And the protestants have had their own parallel problem. I was friends with an ex-pastor’s wife once and she laid it all out for me, quite a shock. One of their main problem was ‘youth directors’, and parents wanting it ‘kept quiet’. Their solution? ….they just ‘swapped them around’, ‘I’ll take yours if you take mine”. Their moral cover was ‘Christian forgiveness’.

    • Priests, deacons, bishops and cardinals and popes all knew and participated. it was church policy to transfer the pedo’s , and it became musical chairs around the globe. The president of the Philipines is a sex abuse victim of the church. It was and is , a global systemic issue that is backed by crowns and “devotee’s “. This is why I have no time for anyone religious talking about pedo’s in government. If you want to find a nest of them, go to the bishops council. Their hands are dirty and their pockets full. The entire thing is of no benefit, and in fact is a major blockage to people of the world having a good spiritual life,.it is rotten to the core.

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