Intel Drop: Time to Define the Enemy, ‘We ain’t all really people and never have been’

    Those reptile genes are in all of us...and always touched, just watch Tucker...this is all he does all day...pander to insects and reptiles.

    Ever see a human with eyes like that? Wonder if he can eat a guinea pig whole?

    VT: This is how the Guardian story begins…in fact it is half a dozen paragraphs before the real story comes out but, as is too often the case, it doesn’t come out at all.  VT’s investigations have found Fox News to be a primary source for the pandemic…in a way. 

    Every calculated act by Murdoch has had consequences by helping the virus destroy as many lives as possible.  Today it will be 630,000 American families that will have suffered the death of a loved one…due to Fox, Trump and those mysterious labs whose funding VT tracked so long ago.

    The News Corp Australia journalist Sharri Markson has told Fox News in the US that YouTube’s suspension of Sky News Australia for violating its Covid medical misinformation policy was “the most extreme cancellation of free speech imaginable”.

    Markson, the investigations writer at the Australian newspaper and a Sky News presenter, appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to talk about the seven-day YouTube ban imposed on Sky News Australia. YouTube has not identified which videos violated the policy but Sky had posted numerous videos disputing the seriousness of the disease and the need for lockdowns while promoting hydoxychlorquine or invermectin.

    “Sky News, the entire news network in Australia, has been censored by YouTube for an entire week for bringing responsible, informed coverage to Australian people,” Markson told Carlson. “It’s the most extreme cancellation of free speech imaginable.”

    What’s the truth?

    VT tracked down $35 million in propaganda funds, we can’t say if it is Russian, it may well be MAGA funds (as identified by RDS), a group of secret billionaires, several serving on the boards of the ADL and AIPAC.

    Lots of shiny new AR 15s, pickup trucks and Macbook Pro’s paid for…along with back child support and lawsuits.  To whom?  Want names?  Look for anyone pushing ivermectin or hydroxy.  It will be some of them…but how do we test.

    Look at every independent news outlet or blogger pundit whose basic turn, 4 years ago, was Palestinian rights, support for Syria against ISIS and the Kosher Nostra/Freemason stranglehold on world governments, on world currencies and on our lives through Hollywoodism, through Googleism, Facebookism and Trumpism.

    Every single one has done a full 180.

    When the world was faced with an engineered pandemic (we think, we believe we can prove…but this is our opinion), this mass starting with the fat podcast blowhard…but then to his old partner…then to every anti-war, anti-imperialist “website” on the net…every single one…

    All the fake anti-Zio’s, those who for no fucking reason whatsoever became Google supported pundits with mysterious advertisers….mysterious backers…

    all from that $35m of “maybe” GRU cash targeted to support COVID 19 and a dominant virus….perhaps to kill all of us in its next variant.

    VT has said for years…watch where Murdoch and Fox/Sky/Wall Street Journal/New York Post or the Daily Mail or or or…ah, and Wikileaks as well…watch where they go.

    Does someone or some “thing” want us all dead?  We think it is going on now…like we are all living in Season 3 of the X Files.

    Want to dig out one of those crazy alien reptile rants?  Start with this guy:

    Ever see a human with eyes like that? Wonder if he can eat a guinea pig whole?

    Go back and look at this photo again.  Then check the net and see if anyone else in history has been photographed like this…

    Check your own photos…worst day ever….did you ever have to ask someone to erase a photo of you looking like this?

    Is what he just ate still kicking in his stomach?

    Want to see a bad day photo…days with no sleep, no shave in a week?  You have photos like this one….(last week in Marshall, Michigan)

    Toad maybe but certainly not a full blown reptile….

    Go dig through your own photos.  Then start looking at Trump and think about what David Icke used to say…but doesn’t say anymore.

    Want a fun conspiracy theory?  Want to believe in aliens that are pushing global warming denialism, that are pushing Iran into getting nukes, who are pushing fake cures for COVID, who push against vaccines?

    Do they love “fracking” and want to build pipelines everywhere when we are ten minutes from Lithum Ion battery everything (the next battery breakthrough…in the pipeline now) will power diesel semis a thousand miles.)

    Do that photo thing, do some selfies, try to look like a bad person, make some faces…see if you can do a “Trump.”  My theory?

    I think only some of us are bred from killer monkeys.  Others…from insects. Who did it?  I suggest it was “god aliens” who were obviously on drugs of some kind.

    The very real question many of you are asking now…particularly now but also after discoveries of what was done during World War II or even the Armenian genocide, what is being done today in Israel or Rwanda or elsewhere…

    Are all people really “people?”  Is it simply that “they” were twisted by cults, Moloch and the luciferians, to want to fuck kids or simply buy an air gun and start, at 6 years old, killing small animals, shooting birds?

    I recognized many of these folks from Vietnam when I was there as a Marine.  Keeping them from murdering children was the job of the rest of us…and anyone who served in a combat unit anywhere….knows what I am talking about.

    Oh…you mean acting like police?


    Same thing with cops but with a Freemason/luciferian cop union, keeping the lid on reptilian bred cops (perhaps insectoid) isn’t as easy as it was with the Marine Corps.  Think Mai Lai, and Lt. Calley….the Americal Division putting 200 women and kids in a ditch and gunning them down…

    These people were around me every day, dime store SS, now making up a hundred thousand criminal cops (what percentage?) and drifting again into the military or our drone pilot squads from Fort Huachuca.

    Who do you think taps your phones?

    Now we remember months ago…the houses with the Trump signs, “insectoids” among us…filling our churches, their spawn in our schools.

    It was always such.  Growing up in Detroit in the 50s among the kids of failed sharecroppers, some great kids, others bestial and sub-human, something I went over a bit with Mike Chester yesterday.

    I don’t think this subhuman “subset” of Mammalia is a high percentage.  How to you recognize them?

    First of all, accept these things, and this will be the most important thing you have read in some time:

    • They always seek authority
    • When they get authority, they form “nests”
    • These “nests” build structural organizations to protect their own….

    Now we are getting somewhere:

    • Think ADL or AIPAC or US Chamber of Commerce or NRA
    • Think “churches” so many churches…think “most churches” and “most religions”

    Every organization, government, religious, education, even science and certainly military and intelligence will be targeted, has been targeted for control and is usually created in the first place as a mechanism for the promotion and protection of…..

    Why do they need to be protected?

    That answer is simple but it will require these things to figure out:

    • The reader needs to be “not one of them”
    • A bit of real “alpha male” needs to be there as well…

    Your natural feeling, even when near one of “them” will be to choke the living shit out of it.

    In any discussion, after the first moment or two when “their” ability to pretend to be human wears thin…you will see it, like in those Trump photos…

    Something will seem “off”

    Anti-science, racism, patriotism, flag waving, groups, clubs, cults, are the signs, where they gravitate.

    Those reptile genes are in all of us…and always touched, just watch Tucker…this is all he does all day…pander to insects and reptiles.

    Are you one of the many many millions of Americans trying to control the overwhelming feeling of shame…not so much for our collective human failure…but for our failure to wipe off the face of the fucking earth those that never should have been allowed to take root among us…

    who lord over us…


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    1. I got my first vac-jab yesterday.
      A real wrestling match, but finally not too difficult.
      However, as I’m sure most if you vaxxed should already know from all the pre-jab paperwork, the choice is absolutely up to the individual as you sign your rights away.
      It is repeatedly stated that the shot is not fully approved by the FDA, and at some point the “emergency” authorization could be lifted making the current vaccines totally prohibited.
      They stress the experimental nature of them repeatedly and the risks involved; some very serious risks.
      So for anyone to belittle covid vaccination skeptics, is the height of bigotry and small mindedness.

    2. All of my Jewish cycling pals are all vaxxed up as I love them dearly however, the women made them take the jab as I tried to warn them that when that big ugly bus hits town they will be blamed and I won’t be able to protect them.

    3. I suggest all of you read Jack Heart as a big ugly bus is comming your way and big pharma threw you under it as it will give me little comfort to say in a few months time that I told you so!

    4. As we watch in real time, the product of christianity or religion in general, is dispersion.
      The exceptionalism, and separatism, is and has been killing people. They say many things, but the product speaks otherwise. They are taught, ‘others bad”.

    5. Above my pay grade, under a plastic tarp (against poison gas) and going thru gas mask cartridges like a pig oranges.. I can only visage animal adrenal glands propel these monsters of chaos. The Habers’, Sidney Gottlieb’s double life as the eternal hippy and modern day liquidator sadist. VT. defined the 911 process, the fed sadists gave the town to for them or vice versa, working the indian sovereign casino system as bank, and the land as expendable. They roll on, nothing seems to phase them, just more of the same, poison gas. I watch it all night via IR cams.

      • Time to figure out who did COVID. We are waiting for someone real to come forward…but we only get clowns. Clowns belong at the circus.

    6. About you challenge…”check the net and see if anyone else in history has been photographed like this…” YES, at least there is one more, even worst than Donald Duck, a Obama bodyguard, secret service agent… 🙂

    7. Well Mr Duff the anti vaxx movement is controlled opposition as you document with your research however, these vaxxes are untested and experimental and should not be mandatory.

      As time plays out this will be a disaster for America as I think no vaccine should be made a requirement for employment or participation in society.

      • What that means, is ,… people are now required to allow unvaccinated people in public spaces regardless of their infection status.
        No village with any care for its people would do that. It is an arbitrary death sentence to unnamed persons.

      • With much disrespect to the pro vaxxers we either have a constitution and the rule of law or we don’t as I am with the Postal unions who has the position that vaccine mandates are none of the governments bussiness and further should never be used to prevent employment or participation in society but perhaps in private nursing homes passports might be appropriate however, even nursing home residents have constitutional rights.

      • Nine, This might sound like a very reasonable prospect for you, and lots of other people. But…that would put you, and the others, as possibly being ‘public health deniers’. And by that I mean people who hold themselves out to outside the realm of public health, which governments, in conjunction with the medical and scientific research entities, to formulate and enforce. It is something that can be changed and tinkered with, but what we are seeing in the anti-vax crowd, the real hardliners, is their rejecting the concept of public health, any aspect of it really, based on their individual beliefs. Hence, each of these people are their own public health commissars, beholden to no one buy themselves, and this includes a free right to spread viruses if they so choose, as some kind of natural born biological freedom. On its face, it is totally irrational, before you even get into the science discussion, which they lose hands down on the bodycount, but which means nothing to them. We have to figure a way to work out some kind of an arrangement, like anti-vaxers getting their own states to live in, and remain isolated from everyone else, so they can be free.

      • David, the solution of that is make an plebiscite, each one vote if the vaccine should be mandatory, yes or not.

      • It is a baffling irony of nonsense, that the “vaccinated” are so deathly afraid of the “unvaccinated.”
        But if they weren’t, it would make for very impotent social-engineering psyop.

      • Luckily, we the people do not seek advice or guidance from the post office during a pandemic.
        Public health, even in a non-government situation in the extreme wilderness, takes precedence over entitled wishes or selfish desires. Is it the inherent right of the post office to mail anthrax ?

    8. One of us is a religious scholar. I suspect it isn’t you. (to “good n’ evil”)

      You would have loved my comparative religions class.

    9. When you come through the fog into the sauna, and in the tub of acidic liquid sits the moaning reptilian, writhing in it’s own satisfaction with self, it is the British Monarchy. It is musty and hairless, wrinkled with age and well past death. Yet it lingers, because they know ceremony and our weaknesses. The July 4th was chosen likely out of the wrongful assumption that birth energy and strength of home, would prevail over insecurity, fears of lack, and willingness to send children to war. It may, but not when someone is constantly and accurately predating on those weaknesses. We need a new beginning, to finish the divorce and complete the exorcism. Tearing down the statues has been a decent start, renaming things is always good, but it needs to get serious if anything is to progress to any meaningful level. The indigenous people of the Americas need to be our strongest ally. That is why the churches go after them.

    10. These “reptiles” also abuse the shit out of women, one of the reasons being their resentment for having no game. I’m no Don Juan, but I know most of the fun in winning a woman’s affections is charming her.

    11. Hard to take seriously; but still telling. I realize you could be jerking our chain?

      “”””Do that photo thing, do some selfies, try to look like a bad person, make some faces…see if you can do a “Trump.” My theory?
      I think only some of us are bred from killer monkeys. Others…from insects. Who did it? I suggest it was “god aliens” who were obviously on drugs of some kind.”””

      First: Any video of a histrionically gesticulating person will permit screen grabs that capture split-second facial transitions that look and seem absurdly unreal.

      Second: Your “theory” completely zooms right past original Creation and jumps straight into “breeding.” And even that takes wildly speculative leaps into science-fiction unreality.

      Gordon, granted none of us readers really know the real dope on you and VT, but just based on intuition from your many articles and life experience (taken at face value), I believe you are a relatively decent, well meaning and good hearted fellow, however scarred and rough around the edges you may be.

      “Enter in at the strait gate, for broad is the way that leads to destruction.” Sermon on the mount.

      That “gate” is so “strait” and so narrow as to be occupied by one man: Jesus Christ.

      • Do you have a chain? I don’t even chain up my dogs. Get a camera phone…and test the theory. No…we aren’t kidding one bit.

    12. To know how much is something you need some kind of reference for comparing. When you go driving on the road you can see the scenery going on around you to know how fast you are going. In the news the last year-and-a-half looks like people only die of covid, almost are gone the rest of cases that normally were in the news everyday and I wonder why. I’m not saying there is no people dying of covid, what I mean is they’ve removed to the general public the possibility to compare. This virus kill people yes, just enough to be credible but also he need help from media to create panic, fear, mutual distrust, economic crash and so, as part of role for what that it was implemented.

      • Your personal impressions, with no research, aren’t science. Learn stats…630,000 dead of covid that would be alive today otherwise…they are excess deaths…they are also causes of death based on medical evidence and disputed only out of misinformation, disinformation and fucking evil.

      • Gordon, you counterfactual assumptions if could have been less deaths are also not science. You know stats can be manipulated in same way the mass media they manipulate information and as well “scientific community” they don’t breathe a word about it and keep silence about they know about covid origins. They’re really 630,000 ?? Why not a one million ?? or maybe hundred thousand?? How you can be sure if that number is true??

    13. Gordon, are these the “them” you referred to that “nobody has held out against”, not even F. William Engdahl? The litmus test for truth telling is being able to say openly that Israel nuked us on 9/11 and got away with it. By that standard, no American president since 9/11 can do anything but hang his head in shame. Are they really people… sadly, yes they are.

    14. ancient aliens taught us how to eat babies! comedy gold there. truth here. ***ordoabchao. ca/articles/project-stargate-ancient-aliens-cia

      • btw you will never defeat them without the truth, mr Duff. i notice your wife uses bce instead of before Christ. I bet you still say happy holidays instead of tye traditional merry christmas. this is a self-defeating path. just like patriotards wanna come up against demons by invoking the constitution…lol… thse things only exist in your minds and have no power! keep on self-sabotaging and i assure you the worst is still to come.

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