Intel Drop: The ‘Alternative Media’ Died, Drowned in Kosher Nostra Cash


The Senior Editor

Idiots or shills, you decide…

This is what we know to be true, we aren’t guessing.  Everyone from the alternative media left or right, and 99 percent were phonies from day one anyway, was offered cash from a “Trump supporter”  during 2018-19.  I was offered not just cash but a cabinet office or White House advisory position.

Others and we are saying every single one, everybody was approached no matter how small, thousands, empty promises of huge payoffs or stipends.  Money was laundered through “write for cash” sites, fake advertisers, bitcoin, and even Patreon.

Almost everyone went on a payroll…to downplay covid, promote conspiracies.. play “anti-vax, to push “unlock” and back Trump as a “freedom fighter.”

You will note that as this process moved forward, we saw total coordination between Russian media giants, RT and Sputnik with Fox, Newsmax, and OANN, same stories, same positions day after day after day.

Anyone who didn’t take the cash got FBI visits or subpoenas from the DOJ.

Where does the cash come from?  Our belief, based on more than conjecture, is that Ukraine, laundered cash from “oligarchs” who met with GOP leaders, tied to what we would like to think is a rogue operation of Russia’s security agencies.

“Friends” at the FBI say Putin is behind it and offer extensive evidence.  They say paying off bloggers and podcasters is a great way of killing the US.  I sat through long conversations over this…many many hours.  Their proof is compelling.

Here’s one classic, as with many I sit in a dozen or so email roundtables, each stupider than the last.  I am in one with Ian and Shrimpton…a volatile combination.  They fight continually.

Anyway, one of Kevin’s friends called COVID a “flu” that kills only one in a hundred thousand that get it.

COVID kills, today, 2.08 percent, two in one hundred, not one in one hundred thousand.  One year ago, the rate was 5.76 percent.  The source on this is Worldmeters, the only dependable source with no government funding.


then there’s this, from Today:

Then Kevin came back in defense of the bad math by claiming vaccines don’t work and that everyone has secretly had COVID with no symptoms.

Our positive test rates are on average 12 percent today, up from 3 percent two weeks ago.  Where I live it’s 4 percent now.

Death rates are extremely low as high percentages of the most vulnerable are vaccinated, where I am 97% and no deaths and only one hospitalization.

Then I sent Kevin his local figures…

The lesson is simple, Madison Wisconsin finally hit 70 percent vax levels with a huge influx during the past week of frightened people.  We note that no one is dying, meaning the most vulnerable were vaccinated early on.

4 are hospitalized….low numbers compared to the red states…. which are running very high ICU figures….which will be thousands of deaths of unvaccinated 30 and 40-year-olds.  Older folks are all vaccinated…even in red states.


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  1. It seems that VT has changed their tune in the past 3-6 months. Not sure when it happened. You do have independent columnists which push their own views which is good.

    But overall, it seems you have changed. I wonder even myself if some of what you write about could have even happened to you. I am not sure whey it would not. Is there anything you might say about this?

  2. I hated… Mammon as a young kid; on my own; zero indoctrination.
    But was the “Spanish” Flu etc engineered? For corporate profit?

    Nobody cui bono’d more & used pandemic as bioWMD more than USA founder/profiteers. God’s Manifest Destiny vs the heathens (infidels)!
    They must’ve created it too!

    My “intel” was a 2 min Google IMG search showing how failure to #MaskUp could get you jailed AND shot #WhenAmericaWasGreat! (#MAGA!)

    (And how the #OpenBorders that #MadeAmericaGreat remained during pandemic… AND WWI)!

  3. I “called” him winning Prez before anyone.

    It’s… deeper than the easy bugaboo clickbait headline:

    Americans can’t handle the self-evident truth that…

    #OpenBorders (& noncitizen voting) #MadeAmericaGreat.

    There’s more (Alt)Media than ever.
    But NOBODY till Pastor Carl Day (in a late 2020 Townhall) ever asked Trump what/when MAGA meant!

    They ALL* – even those who hate him with every fiber – anointed him “Tough On Trade”.

    And the UnPolitician (subliminal: honest).

    • Part of that UnPolitician label was the… Yuge delusion he’s steadfast (ie principled).

      Masses of people somehow missed him turning on a dime, on video, immediately (1 day) after being called on his war-crimes platform by… Fox News (mediators)!

      EVERYONE missed what happened (on video) immediately (1 second!!) after his infamous POW diss:
      THE CROWD MOANED. Then he said “Ok, maybe he was a hero”.

      Insecure Trump aka John Baron aka David Dennison always hung his worth on ratings, especially after The Apprentice.

    • A subtler example. Nobody caught the correlation & double-standard (even Warren-ites on damage control). And many in [“liberal”] AltMedia dogpiled on her:

      “Obama was born here, period.”

      (Giving him 😀 stickers & 🍭.)
      “See, he’s Presidential!”

      Liz Warren:
      Sips a beer.

      “Inauthentic Pandering!”

  4. The vaccine critics in my email box come from the Northern California group that brings Kevin out to Oakland, CA each September.
    The ones who defend their “friend” Dr Steven Jones’ position that the Tritium in the water puddles below the WTC buildings came from the Exit signs.
    There is a commonality between those Progressive Northerners and the ill informed neighbors of mine here in Eastern Kern County. McCarthy’s people.
    They do agree that masks and vaccines are not called for. You have a good point, Gordon.
    Get vaccinated, dont touch your face, wash your hands and wear a mask around the public.

  5. That such vaccines seemingly reduce mortality by covid it seems true, but my serious doubt is… what else does they do ?? That’s why in the past development and testing always taking several years until it was approved for general use.

    • David, maybe I have not express myself clearly, what I meant was, beyond protect of covid… to make what other thing else they scheduled their vaccine ???

    • Refined sugar, refined flour, processed foods such as “cheese food” (it is not cheese), are all worse for you than any vaccine. The people who were taken by covid, most of them, were already compromised by eating these types of food regularly.
      Never eat GMO food, or white sugar. Frozen pizza, most pork sausage, meat from feed lots, soda pop , all worse for you than any vaccine. Ask what high fructose corn syrup does to you.

    • I do not think the vaccine is the bad guy. I strongly feel the virus is. Many of the ailments in the list of things vaccines are suspected of are highly likely caused by very bad food and chemical pollution.

      It is a very established thing in polluters to blame anything around, like smoking, for the ailments they cause. They work very much the same way, the Trump machine did. They project onto others what they themselves are doing. SOP

    • Well, since big pharma now have decided using to all us as their guinea pigs, I tell them, thanks for your generous offer, but this time I prefer pass, at least a while, of participate on their large scale experiment and sit alone on the hill for watch and see how they fare… before I decide what to do .

  6. Chemical warfare in large scale parallel the same timeline of the Spanish Flu where fifty million died

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