Colorado Judge Orders Sanctions Against Lawyers Who Brought Election Challenge

‘The stuff of which violent insurrections are made:’ Federal judge punishes Colorado lawyers for 2020 election lawsuit

…from the Washington Post

[ Editor’s Note: These two attorneys bit off more than they could chew, as this judgment should bankrupt them. Often these things turn out to look stupid on the back end, like now…but this one, like the other suits filed by the grifter Trump attorneys were more PR hype than real legal cases.

We got the first admission of this when in the early Pennsylvania hearing, the judge berated Rudy Giuliani for his claims of fraud in the media but not making those claims in the case before the court, wherein Rudy said, “That’s right your honor, we have not alleged fraud in this petition”.

Rudy knew none of the Trumper yokels would ever read the judge’s opinion, and he was probably right. I just printed out this 68 page decision, and this magistrate judge did not cut any corners. He knew this was an historic case, so he loaded it up with precedents, knowing he would be part of history.

These two yokels has already crowdfunded this lawsuit gig to get it cranked up, about $100k as I remember, which I would suspect they ate up in billing hours.

So now we have the New York Supreme court blistering opinion on suspending Rudy’s law license as precedent, followed by this Denver opinion, with the Detroit hearing opinion in the pipeline. This should get easier for the judges, as the case law being cited will generally be the same.

The current attorneys may crowd fund an appeal, and maybe even be asking for living expense stipends while they fight appeals, but that might make Trump mad that they would be getting money out of the Trumpers that he wants to get… Jim W. Dean ]

Full opinion here, 68 pages:  892ae5bb-664f-4125-af38-1cb1151ba5d0_.pdf

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Sidney Powell – Will her turn to be scantioned come next?

First published … August 04, 2021

A federal judge in Colorado has disciplined two lawyers who filed a lawsuit challenging the 2020 election late last year, finding that the case was “frivolous,” “not warranted by existing law” and filed “in bad faith.”

In a scathing 68-page opinion, Magistrate Judge N. Reid Neureiter found that the lawyers made little effort to corroborate information they had included in the suit, which argued there had been a vast national conspiracy to steal the election from President Donald Trump.

He particularly called out the duo, Gary D. Fielder and Ernest John Walker, for quoting Trump in their legal filing, which cited a presidential tweet that claimed without evidence that voting machines manufactured by the company Dominion Voting Systems had “deleted 2.7 million Trump votes nationwide.”

Neureiter called that allegation “highly disputed and inflammatory” and said the lawyers made no efforts to verify it.

…Calling the suit “one enormous conspiracy theory,” Neureiter ordered that the duo must pay the legal fees of all the individuals and companies they had sued — 18 separate entities in all — as a way to deter future similar cases.

…“In short, this was no slip-and-fall at the local grocery store,” wrote Neureiter, who was appointed as a magistrate judge by other judges. “Albeit disorganized and fantastical, the Complaint’s allegations are extraordinarily serious and, if accepted as true by large numbers of people, are the stuff of which violent insurrections are made.”


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  1. The most uncovered aspect of this nightmare is the failure of our education system. Hordes of these people have highschool diplomas. I have always be for having a poll tax for voting, a few basic questions that have to be answered. People can opt for a long list of questions where they can gain more vote ballots the more they can answer.

  2. Jim, one problem with gaining votes by intellect is the fact that intelligence has very little to do with corruption or ignorance and criminality. They don’t call them ‘wise guys’ for nothing. One example would be lawyers like these, and they vote too

  3. The ReTrumplican Party has not only given up on democracy, it will eventually give up on the rule of law as well. There is no legal way that Trump can be reinstated as President no matter how many lawsuits they file. It’s a simple fact that perfectly legal mail-in voting defeated Trump in 2020. It overcame all of the traditional methods of voter suppression Republicans have used in big cities like Detroit, Atlanta, and Phoenix. Lindsey Graham said after the election, “We have to do something about mail-in voting or Republicans will never win another national election in the USA.” How right he was.

    • The punishment we do have some control over is wrecking all the grifter attorneys, like these two clowns. I will be sending a few emails out seeing to see if these sanctions can trigger a disbarment proceeding. That is ultimately the way to stop this. The Republicans are already building a better tool to overthrow losing the next election if they lose. They have shown their hand and the only way to stop them I feel will be conspiracy prosecutions. If the FBI ever had a reason to do communications taps, it is now. Our vulnerability now is the republican legislatures and all the low population states where the game was rigged in the original set up as Gordon has reviewed a number of times.

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