‘This is Really Scary’: Kids Struggle with Long Covid


…from the New York Times

[ Editor’s Note: The term ‘Long Covid’ has entered the American vocabulary, and in a big way for families who have a victim, particularly children who might be affected permanently, and this not a ‘slower’ student issue.

Will Hogan is an Eagle Scout, a talented tennis player, and so into languages he is taking Arabic and French. I sense a diplomatic career might have been on his wish list.

When he got Covid, this healthy guy found himself mostly in bed for over a month, and having to sit during showering to keep from passing out. After returning to school, he dealt with such brain issues as math numbers floating off the page, forgetting assignments, and turning in material that this teacher thought were just his notes.

Symptoms can also be delayed, only to find out after they thought they had recovered, symptoms re-emerged or new ones began. Their futures are completely up in the air. Can you imagine trying to take your SATs in this condition?

Now we compare this to asking people to wear a mask, and to do social distancing, and they throw a fit, like they are being thrown into the Gulag. But for parents and relatives to expose young people to this is nuts.

Does DeSantis care? Obviously he does not. If I were a parent, I would consider taking my kids out of Florida school until next year, and not expose them to this insanity.

Maybe all the school kids should start writing letters to Trump about why he said Covid would “just go away”, when he had been briefed that it was highly contagious. They have a class action lawsuit waiting to go against the Trump public relations grifters. Hence ends my cheery missive for today… Jim W. Dean ]

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First published … August 09, 2021

Lingering physical, mental and neurological symptoms are affecting children as well as adults, including many who had mild reactions to the initial coronavirus infection.

As young people across the country prepare to return to school, many are struggling to recover from lingering post-Covid neurological, physical or psychiatric symptoms. Often called “long Covid,” the symptoms and their duration vary, as does the severity.

Will Grogan stared blankly at his ninth-grade biology classwork. It was material he had mastered the day before, but it looked utterly unfamiliar.

Studies estimate long Covid may affect between 10 percent and 30 percent of adults infected with the coronavirus. Estimates from the handful of studies of children so far range widely.

…“The potential impact is huge,” said Dr. Avindra Nath, chief of infections of the nervous system at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. “I mean, they’re in their formative years. Once you start falling behind, it’s very hard because the kids lose their own self-confidence too. It’s a downward spiral.”



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  1. It’s been a year and a half and I’m just now getting back to near full range of movement in my arms. The aches were horrible in the beginning, the fatigue demands you lay down, but the pain doesn’t let you sleep. It’s like something drilling holes through the bone. After a few months it started getting a bit better, but it’s an annoying thing that does not want to leave.
    After the shot, it was immediately noticeably better , but it comes and goes. It’s like a long rehab of tendon or ligament damage. It is a bizarre bug. I’ve never felt anything like it. The virus is definitely the bad guy.

  2. And yet that jackass governor in Florida, DeSantis, is threatening to withhold the pay of any Florida school officials that enforce mask mandates.

    • This is all to make the new Delta variant bioweapon even more effective, Edward. If Trumpsters can be convinced to not wear masks and refuse to be vaccinated, the kill rate will be much higher. The fiends who first deployed COVID-19 in China must be laughing their asses off at what a great job DeSantis is doing.

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