‘QAnon’ Inspired Dad Murders Kids Because of their ‘Serpent DNA’


Daily Beast: The owner of a Southern California surf school told investigators he stabbed his young children to death with a spearfishing gun because he believed the kids—aged 1 and 3—were “going to grow into monsters,” according to a criminal complaint filed Wednesday in Los Angeles federal court.

Matthew Taylor Coleman, 40, was detained Tuesday when he attempted to re-enter the United States one day after the bodies of his children were found at a ranch near Rosarito in Baja California. He had taken them over the border to Mexico without telling his wife where he was going.

In an interview with FBI agents, Coleman “explained that he was enlightened by the QAnon and Illuminati conspiracy theories and was receiving visions and signs revealing that his wife…possessed serpent DNA and had passed it onto his children,” the complaint states. “Coleman said that he was saving the world from monsters.”

Agents then asked Coleman if he knew what he did was wrong. Coleman “stated that he knew it was wrong, but it was the only course of action that would save the world,” according to the complaint.

Hiram Sanchez, Baja California’s attorney general, told reporters that the 3-year-old boy was stabbed 12 times. The 1-year-old girl was stabbed 17 times. A blood-stained wooden stake was found at the scene, said Sanchez.

When Coleman was booked into the Santa Ana County Jail on Tuesday, an officer asked Coleman why he had a band-aid on his hand. He had cut himself while “hurting his children,” Coleman allegedly answered. Coleman’s wife never suspected her children were in any danger, according to the complaint.  Read more…



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  1. This guy was the victim of psychotronic “possession”. A team of people..probably Six Eyes…turned him onto QAnon..and then…turned him against his children..He was used to smear QAnon..or because someone wanted his job or real estate or wife…

    The funny thing is that technically ..we are all genetically modified…the appended “junk DNA” holds a lot more than just reptilian DNA…A twisting of the Annunaki legends…or of Lilith humping Samael…

  2. DRUGS such as usually- harmless pot but laced with TCP angel dust or DMT or really bad LSD or even alcohol, can make people go fucking crazy then kill their own kids in this case with knife.
    A NATO fighter pilot with job dropping bombs onto an Iraqi or Afghan or Libyan village killing a hundred kids a week via decapitation, suffocation, burning to death is considered a hero “serving their nation for freedom” only difference is this lunatic kills with knives his own kids, the fighter pilot doesn’t know the kids not reallly care about it otherwise he would go nuts like this guy maybe kill his own kids too

  3. There is something very psychologically bizarre going on here. To get to the point where a person could do something like this, requires a multi layered psychological break down.
    The blunt truth is, when these churches teach people there are “demons” wandering around and getting into their children, we see case after case of beatings, torture and murder of their own children. Weaponized theology. This man was weaponized against his own children.
    The people who see demons everywhere, seldom consider it is they who are the demon.
    The possessed show up when the exorcist arrives. How many times ?

    • “There is something very psychologically bizarre going on here.”

      That something, David, is True Believer Syndrome. The more one invests in a belief, the more value one will place in this belief and, as a consequence, be more resistant to facts, evidence or reality that contradict this belief. This is especially true with the Rapture-me-outta-here crowd who are the heart and soul of Trump’s base. These folks already believe that the Earth was created exactly 6025 years ago and that the Sun is its planet. Trump is a consummate con man so he can tell them pretty much anything and they’ll believe it.

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