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The myth of 9-11 is like the myth of the Shroud. This Labor Day, stop laboring under an illusion


by Erica P. Wissinger

The dogma of 9-11 continues to this day among the lackeys of government agencies and the minnows of corporate media.

The devil is always in the details, so Loki the trickster loves to direct information traffic with large font, blinking ads, while he tucks details away in tiny print.

Years ago there was a woman named Elise. In 1989, Elise’s spouse, Ben, wanted to work at a national lab. He accepted an appointment as a post-doc. She knew nothing about the place, but having married him seven years earlier, she followed in the journey. She had been his proofreader for his student scientific thesis.

A friend advised that Elise’s free spirit would have to change if she wanted to work at The Lab, as it was called, so it might be best to work in a less intense work environment. Good advice, which was well taken. Ben settled into a career, and Elise enjoyed having pin money from her nonintense job downtown to spend on turquoise and silver native jewelry and woven rugs.

There were elements of high society sprinkled around. International chartered flights would bring opera fans from Toronto for a weekend at the Santa Fe Opera. The Metropolitan soprano, Jessye Norman sang magnificently in a concert in Santa Fe, where the audience sparkled and gave a standing ovation. Looking around, Ben could point out a few bigwigs from the Lab near the front rows.

Storm over Opera Hill

There was an intellectual life. They attended book signings of prize-winning authors, such as Richard Rhodes and others. His bio on Wikipedia is the stuff of legend and could well be a textbook example of how the concerted effort to mold American public opinion is rolled out, kneaded. And baked.

“Baked, you say?”

“Yes, baked.” Allow me to explain.

See if you can connect the dots from the clues given.

“Rhodes came to national prominence with his 1986 book, The Making of the Atomic Bomb, a narrative of the history of the people and events during World War II from the discoveries leading to the science of nuclear fission in the 1930s, through the Manhattan Project and the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The 900-page book won the Pulitzer Prize for General Non-Fiction, the National Book Award for Nonfiction, … and has sold hundreds of thousands of copies in English, as well as having been translated into a dozen or so other languages.” [almost like the KJV]

“… the book is considered a general authority on early nuclear weapons history, as well as the development of modern physics in general, during the first half of the 20th century.

Nobel Prize in Physics, Isidor Rabi

“…Nobel Laureate Isidor Rabi, one of the prime participants in the dawn of the atomic age said about the book, ‘An epic worthy of Milton. Nowhere else have I seen the whole story put down with such elegance and gusto and in such revealing detail and simple language…’

“In 2012 the book was reissued as a 25th-anniversary edition with a new foreword by Rhodes.

“In 1992, Rhodes followed it up by compiling, editing, and writing the introduction to an annotated version of The Los Alamos Primer, by Manhattan Project scientist Robert Serber. The Primer was a set of lectures given to new arrivals at the secret Los Alamos Laboratory…” [Ref. Wikipedia, emphasis added]

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but Milton was a poet who wrote thinly disguised fictional epics to avoid persecution by the same upper-class crowd that drove some of our ancestors to pioneer westward from Europe across the pond.

Clue number one. Why did the brilliant Rabi choose to use an analogy with Milton for the Rhodes book?

The Rhodes book is considered a “general authority,” claims Wikipedia.

One could make the case that the consolidation of atomic history was successfully commercialized for the adult children of the WWII generation through the marketing of highly acclaimed books and the telling of selected portions of the Manhattan Project story. Everyone was gratified to learn about the smart and dedicated Americans who survived hardship to help win the war.

But, Loki and the matrix never stop. There always has to be a new circus act to engage the public mind. The Loki tricksters even print their intentions in large billboard letters, for instance, “The public needs a new Pearl Harbor.”

Picture it, for a moment: We Americans are all aboard the top deck of the USS Liberty now, while the masked balls of the 20th Anniversary of the allegedly nuclear event on September 11, 2001, loom ahead of us. All planned out. Elegantly. Just like the original event must have been.

The shadow government, operated by turnkey people funded by the crazy rich, “hides behind the skirts” of our hard-working conscientious government employees. The shadow government fabricates castles in the air, spinning them from gossamer lies, and the good front workers take the hit by absorbing the effects of public dissension and doubt, and disillusionment. The good workers are the punching bag. We literally saw this on January 6 during the Insurrection.

There was an earlier “insurrection” against public morality in 1945 when inside the Beltway elements passed off German technological components as solely American-made. One could argue that claiming ownership of the methodology you did not create is firmly in the realm of academic fraud.

“Academic fraud is defined as plagiarism; fabrication or falsification of evidence, data, or results; the suppression of relevant evidence or data; the conscious misrepresentation of sources; the theft of ideas; or the intentional misappropriation of the research work or data of others.” [Ref. University of Chicago Law School,  Academic Fraud Today: Its Social Causes and Institutional Responses, Richard A. Epstein, 2010 ]

If you allow the cronies of the crazy rich to continue with this lie about American ingenuity and the development of the bomb, then you are cementing more false doctrine, with no air, truth, or transparency.

My father was a dairy farmer, and they can be too trusting. They can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t be content to watch the calves be born, watch the alfalfa grow, and after a long hard day’s work, sit and watch the sunset and moonrise each evening. It is hard to reach people who can’t conceive of calculated deception or are reluctant to.

And then it’s also hard to reach people who suddenly are shocked to realize the vast sea of treachery that is out there and don’t know where to begin to deconstruct the lies that have impacted their decisions. The tsunami they were always avoiding is at the doorstep.

It has been reported and not disputed by anyone with any reputation to lose that a couple of other countries were ahead of us in developing atomic weapons. One country apparently decided not to use it against us. Another country documented its plans to use it against our coastal cities.

A group of determined American oligarchs decided that America wouldn’t be a sitting duck (not because they like us but because they milk us). The oligarchs’ mistake was in inventing a straw man myth where Americans developed the weapon without help from the German adversary.

Additionally, in light of the documented Japanese plan to deploy nukes against America around 1945, it also seems misadventures for well-meaning Americans to fold origami cranes and write the proverbial “mea culpa” on them each Nagasaki Day. They would be well advised to learn, share and convey both sides of the story.

Erica ~ I dedicate this philosophical musing to the memory of my old friend and mentor,
Father Bob Dinegar, Ph.D. (Cornell Univ.), helped carbon date The Shroud and
refused to back down on the scientific data
when confronted with ecclesiastical misauthority.

For Americans to continue to do anything less
than 9-11 will result in the loss of our Nation.

Raising the flag in WWII


Fine minds show up in the comments. The whole covert point of the myth of Santa Claus is to teach young children the power of deception, along with generosity. Toddlers enjoy the story of flying reindeer and magical chimney access and the jolly Santa with a workshop of elves. Later, they discover it was a myth and have to learn to make peace with that.

Perhaps the fact of loving parents shopping and wrapping gifts needs to be kept from the little ones, for some unknown reason? So, in childhood, we have to learn about the accepted deceptions of our culture. And that never goes away. Some have trouble incorporating it, as we see.

VT background articles, Jack Heart’s Black Sun Rising Part 4

and Makow’s Bormann Supplied Nazi Uranium…





Credit for the following information is due to VT editor emeritus Ian Greenhalgh for his 2019 comment.

Excerpt from quora.com



The light in the east where Japan lay grew brighter. The moment the sun peeped over the sea there was a burst of light at the anchorage blinding the observers who wore welders’ glasses. The ball of fire was estimated to be 1,000 yards in diameter. A multicolored cloud of vapors boiled toward the heavens and then mushroomed in the stratosphere.

The churn of water and vapor obscured the vessels directly under the bust. Ships and junks on the fringe burned fiercely at anchor. When the atmosphere cleared slightly the observers could detect several vessels had vanished.

Genzai bakudun at that moment had matched the brilliance of the rising sun in the east.

Japan had perfected and successfully tested an atomic bomb as cataclysmic as those that withered Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The time was short. The war was roaring to its climax…

The observers sped across the water, back to Konan. With the advanced units of the Russian Army only hours away, the final scene of this Gotterdammerung began. The scientists and engineers smashed machines and destroyed partially completed genzai bakudans.

Before Russian columns reached Konan, dynamite sealed the secrets of the cave. But the Russians had come so quickly that the scientists could not escape.

This is the story told me by Capt. Wakabayashi.

Subsequent denials, harrumph-harrumphs, and how-dare-you-sirs quickly appeared in various newspapers, including (shockingly—not) a New York Times piece in which “an MIT scientist scoffed” at the idea that Japan had been doing its own advanced nuclear weapons work during WWII and might even have successfully tested an atomic bomb.

US Occupation entities conducted fairly extensive investigations into whatever Japan was doing with its nuclear weapons R&D, but there was considerable political pressure to brush everything under the rug because the United States had already determined that Japan would be brought into the Western orbit as a Cold War proxy state to thwart Soviet expansion into the Pacific.

What digging there was, was done by 1) the Atomic Bomb Mission, attached to the Manhattan Engineer District and thus an Asian version of the highly successful “Alsos” European atomic intelligence-gathering effort, and 2) the Scientific Intelligence Survey, headed by the prominent American scientist Dr. Karl T. Compton. Compton had been a member of the “Interim Committee”, the advisory think tank formed by President Truman soon after he took office whose mission was to recommend the best use of the newly perfected American a-bomb.

Of the two, the Atomic Bomb Mission was much more persistent and raised many more questions until it was finally ordered to cease and desist in the late 1940s. The Scientific Intelligence Survey quickly reached its own “conclusions” and was plainly acting as an arm of the US State Department, which had already decided as a fait accompli that there was nothing to see here, so move along, move along.

There was, however, one notable result of US investigations that was immediately obvious.

US Occupation Forces Dismantling One of the Massive Cyclotrons at the Riken Institute North of Tokyo, Japan, on 4 December 1945.


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  1. The comparison of the shroud and 9/11 is a good one because it illustrates a simple point. The first public announcement or presentation, solidifies a point of view, which is then automatically “that which must be disproven”. Getting out in front, pretty much solidifies a certain number of opinions no matter what evidence follows. I call this, “chemistry of a successful lie”. The seeds of doubt are easily sown, particularly in the fertile ground of convenient opinion, and yet there is another tool which may give additional fuel to a successful lie, that if used, may lead to identifying the source. That tool imo was used in the execution of 9/11. Calendars. Timing can be distinguished between coincidental and deliberate, but it is difficult. It requires a long cold stare to establish repetitive behaviors over a period of time. Even then, it can only reach “highly likely” unless a confession is obtained which corroborates it. In the history of the shroud, the artist confessed, and yet still they believe.

  2. The famous picture where you can see American soldiers dismantling the German experimental nuclear pile at Haigerloch on April 1945 and “marketed” to the public as “proof” nazi backwardness on building their nuke, in reality this was a experimental compact reactor for future use on submarines, because them had already tested their first nuke around 5-6 months before in some location of Baltic shore. Both technologies were captured and brought to US to complete American first nuke and six year later, the Navy laid down construction of first atomic sub USS Nautilus.

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