Alabama: Trumpers Threaten to Murder Doctors, Pharmacists, Nurses who Vaccinate/Treat COVID (Imaginary Disease)


When one wonders why a terrorist is not in jail, the answer is usually simple…they are working with the police

MSN: A man, who calls himself the “vaccine police,” entered a Walmart in Springfield, Missouri to put staff “on public notice,” telling pharmacists they could be “executed” if they carry out COVID-19 vaccine shots, according to reports.

The man identified as Christopher Key, an anti-vaxxer from Alabama, live-streamed the confrontation on Facebook last week, on August 16, according to the Springfield News-Leader.

The video shows Key and a handful of supporters praying in the parking lot of the supercenter before entering. During the prayer, a person could be heard saying: “Thank you, Lord Jesus, for waking up Springfield” and “help us put the fear of God in these pharmacists.”

“Okay, guys, this is the vaccine police. We’re outside of Walmart about to go in. We’re going to put Walmart and the pharmacists on notice to let them know that there in violation of the Nuremberg Code,” Key said in the 30-minute live stream.

He continued: “We’re going to let them know that 45,000 people within three days of receiving the vaccine dropped dead. And if they give one more vaccine after today, after being put on notice, then they can be hung up, and they can be executed.”


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  1. More monkey than angel, i believe aerosols are being taken for the so called virus. The shedding of proteins into atmosphere from chemically poisoned people tho not posing an imminent risk to a healthy human being’s immune system, and also cannot protect those with weakened immune systems, especially low body weight human beings. Making of threats is not the proper way of going about ones’ life maybe, but many uninformed could have their loved ones’ saved somehow by not subjecting to the ‘clotshot’. Stay healthy and sane, aerosols or covert chemical warfare oughtah be prosecuted and stopped for what they do; the vaccine is its cover operation, aerosols being released using similar software to that moving bombs into the trade center. In my experience is zionist/cia false flag that attacks the innocent for weapons contracts and more compromise political control.

  2. Religion kills. Every day is more proof.
    What is their plan for mitigating the pandemic ?

    What is their plan for those who dispense medicine ?

    What is their plan for non-believers ?

    • US Christian Zionists are actually quite open about their plan for non-believers, David. They embrace the political notion that God divided the world between the elected and the unelected, between His chosen few and everyone else deserving of eternal damnation.

      Pastor John Hagee, Trump’s “spiritual” advisor, doesn’t fear WWIII. A nuclear confrontation between America and Iran, which he says is foretold in the Book of Jeremiah, will not lead to the end of the world, but rather to “God’s renewal of the Garden of Eden.” They have a collective hard-on for Armageddon and nothing short of WWIII will get them off.

    • Have to say, David, I have a hard time believing that the Unitarians down the street from my house are ever going to burn a big question mark on my front lawn. Paul Tillich once wrote that all human institutions eventually become demonic, including the church. Any time the various branches of all the Abrahamic religions get too full of themselves and start to worship their own particular understanding of God over that of all the others, they’re down the road to the Inquisition, the Thirty Years War, and all the pogroms that happened in Europe. Millions of Europeans came to this continent on the run from all of that.

    • I would say all 3 Abrahamic religions and all of their various branches and sects are all the same on this matter. One could argue, militant catholics are the most dangerous, just by the body count, but all of them have as their goal, to dominate everything and kill the rest.

    • The unitarians work in the house , not the field. No self respecting person would start a church.
      That’s not how it is done. I see no product from unitarians, except unity with the extremists.
      But, it is nice they are trying…kinda like the people who tend bar, outside the base.
      If the competition was eliminated tomorrow, the unitarians would become the Taliban in weeks.
      Forming any church, a building where people go and give money, while listening to “morality”, is not how it is done, at all. That is a clubhouse. Professor Experience does not ever go in there.

    • Correction, experience is gained in attending churches, but not for the purpose which they propose. The experience gained there, is not for learning, but for observation of the current condition. Tradition and repetition, or horribly led ceremony, mostly sadness. In the spiritual sense, our society is not something to be learned from, it is the proof of the product that causes addiction and hypnosis. A heroin den. Also a very good learning experience, that , while providing a visual and example of culture, not something to learn from, as it is to learn about.
      If we were half as good at the spiritual, as we are at the physical, we would be a decent place.

    • Icon schmicon, David, you certainly don’t leave much room for the “higher power” as we AA folks call it. We all have a higher power, the metaphor we use to describe our ultimate concern. Sometimes we make an idol of ourselves like what Jack Heart does. Sometimes we make an idol of some “holy” book or manuscript. Sometimes we make an idol of our own puny understanding of how things work. That is the saddest form of idolatry there is as it always is shown to have feet of clay. The most important thing to remember is that the US Constitution strictly forbids the formation of a “state” church. No religion or sect has the right to force their views on anyone else. Sadly, that’s what most of them are inclined to do.

  3. Mr. Key probably just found out that his health insurance premiums will be going up because refuses to be vaccinated. ReTrumplicans should understand how for-profit health care works, being as how they depend mostly on private insurance instead of “socialism.”

    There’s precedent for raising insurance premiums on individuals who are deemed a greater health risk. Take smokers, for instance, who are more likely to die of cancer and tend to face higher health costs than nonsmokers. Remember, for profit health care always wins in the US of f-ing A.

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