Ron Unz’s COVID-19 Bioweapon “Blowback” Theory Is Not Supported by the Best Logic and Evidence —Thomas Willcutts


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The best way to get at the truth (absent direct personal experience) is free and fearless debate. In this article, Part 1 of what will be a two-part series, attorney Thomas Willcutts argues that the global COVID-19 pandemic did not emerge as unintended blowback from a US neocon attack on China and Iran, as Run Unz has argued, but instead was the intended result of a larger plan by an international bankster elite. Part 2 will address more specific critiques of Unz’s theory and question the “US is waging pre-emptive war on China” Thucydides paradox scenario that supports it.  -Kevin Barrett, VT Editor


An Open Letter to Kevin Barrett – by Thomas Willcutts


I have been a fan of Kevin Barrett’s work as a political commentator for years, including my regularly enjoying his weekly interviews and weekly news summary. I have also had the honor and pleasure of being a repeated guest on said programs. As such a fan, I am aware of Kevin’s praise for Ron Unz’s theory as to origins of the “Covid-19 Pandemic.” Indeed, I can hardly recall Kevin speaking on the subject of the virus without his repeating the following refrain:

“I think the best covid analysis is by Ron Unz – [being] a [failed] U.S. biological attack against China – which strikes me as by far the best supported by logic and evidence.”

I do not know Ron Unz well. My chief interaction with Ron was being co-speakers on a panel discussing the question of whether or not Covid-19 was likely natural in origins or was derived from a laboratory, which aired back on May 31, 2020.1 My understanding/impression of Ron from that interaction, as well as from casual observations of his work and the comments of those whom I respect, is that he is a person of exceptional intellect and integrity.2 Notwithstanding what I perceive to be Ron’s strengths in this regard, I think his theory as to the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic is deeply flawed, insofar as he believes that it was a failed U.S. bioweapons attack on China, which resulted in unintended and catastrophic blowback upon the United States. (I do agree with Ron that Covid-19 is a laboratory-created bioweapon.)

When Kevin began embracing Ron’s theory on his various programs, I first sent to him some casual notes of what I viewed as being the holes in Ron’s theory. When my casual notes failed to make a dent in Kevin’s dedication to Ron’s theory, I eventually informed him that I would take up the task of writing a formal rebuttal. Consistent with his avowed dedication to the pursuit of truth, Kevin welcomed such a rebuttal and invited me to present it on his weekly program.

As an experienced trial attorney, it is my training to write for a general audience. In contemplating such an approach with this project, however, it soon became apparent to me that it would be unpractical. The foundations one must lay to present this topic to a general audience are daunting and would require something along the size of a book, or volumes of books, as opposed to a focused paper. As my original motivation and goal was to persuade Kevin, I then settled upon writing this as an open letter to Kevin, which is intended to be addressed to Kevin’s level of understanding of the topic specifically, as well as the understanding of a “red-pill” audience more generally – the type of audience that tunes into Kevin programs.


A full presentation of Ron’s Theory can be found at the following link:

In summarizing his Covid-19 Theory, Ron makes the following six points:

(1) Rogue elements within our large national security apparatus probably affiliated with the Deep State Neocons decided to inflict severe damage upon the huge Chinese economy using biowarfare. The plan was to infect the key transport hub of Wuhan with Covid-19 so that the disease would invisibly spread throughout the entire country during the annual Lunar New Year travels, and they used the cover of the Wuhan International Military Games to slip a couple of operatives into the city to release the virus. My guess is that only a relatively small number of individuals were involved in this plot.

(2) The biological agent they released was designed primarily as an anti- economy rather than an anti-personnel weapon. Although Covid-19 has rather low fatality rates, it is extremely contagious, has a long pre-symptomatic infectious period, and can even spread by asymptomatic carriers, making it ideally suited for that purpose. Thus, once it established itself throughout most of China, it would be extremely difficult to eradicate and the resulting efforts to control it would inflict enormous damage upon China’s economy and society.

(3) As a secondary operation, they decided to target Iran’s political elites, possibly deploying a somewhat more deadly variant of the virus. Since political elites generally tend to be elderly, they would anyway suffer far greater fatalities.

(4) The deadly SARS and MERS outbreaks in East Asia and the Near East had never significantly spread back to America (or Europe), so the plotters wrongly assumed that the same would be the case with Covid-19. Anyway, since international organizations always ranked the US and Europe as having the best and most effective public health systems for combating any disease epidemic, they believed that any possible blowback damage would be very minor.

(5) Only a small number of individuals were directly involved in this plot, and soon after the disease was successfully released in Wuhan, they decided to further safeguard America’s own interests by alerting the appropriate units with the Defense Intelligence Agency, probably by fabricating some sort of supposed “intelligence leak.” Basically, they arranged for the DIA to hear that Wuhan was apparently suffering a “cataclysmic” disease outbreak, thereby leading the DIA to prepare and distribute a secret report warning our own forces and allies to take appropriate precautions.

(6) Unfortunately for these plans, the Chinese government reacted with astonishing determination and effectiveness, and soon stamped out the disease. Meanwhile, the lackadaisical and incompetent American government largely ignored the problem, only reacting after the massive outbreak in Northern Italy had gotten media attention. Since the CDC had botched production of a testing kit, we had no means of recognizing that the disease was already spreading in our country, and the result was massive damage to America’s economy and society. In effect, America suffered exactly the fate that had originally been intended for its Chinese rival.

As more fully set forth below, I think there is a logical inconsistency inherent in points 1, 2 & 6, given the nature of the virus and the timelines involved. My chief dispute with Ron’s Theory, however, is his notion that this world-changing event, which brought about enormous benefits to the ruling elite, was a rogue operation that failed spectacularly in the tradition of the Keystone cops. In other words, the ruling elite, who are typically quite competent in pursuing their societal governance goals, were oblivious to this operation. And it was by sheer dumb luck that they stumbled upon many of the fundamental changes in society that they have long coveted, to say nothing of the enormous profits that they are reaping along the way.

It strikes me that Ron’s theory is comparable to the blowback theory for explaining the attacks of 9/11. In pursuit of efforts to diminish/dismantle our Soviet cold war rival, we created, financed and supported the radical Islamic group – Al Qaeda, and we thereby unwittingly sowed the seeds for this same group to later plan and launch the 9/11 attacks back against us. As part of this 9/11 blowback hypothesis, it is our intelligence agencies and military who play the role of the Keystone cops, displaying astonishing incompetence. And like the ruling elite in Ron’s blowback hypothesis, the ruling elite in the comparable 9/11 hypothesis unwittingly reaped enormous benefits and profits from the unplanned blowback. Sometimes it just pays to be lucky – eh?


While I believe that Ron’s blowback theory shares the same type of flaws as exist with the 9/11 blowback theory, I also believe that the Covid-19 Pandemic (Plandemic/Panicdemic) is best explained as a false flag operation, comparable to 9/11 itself. There are many parallels to be drawn between these two catastrophic events – each of which fundamentally changed the world in which we live. Just as people came to the see life in terms of a pre-9/11 and post-9/11 world, the same will prove to be the case for life in a pre-Pandemic and post-Pandemic world. Both 9/11 and the Covid Pandemic have resulted in dramatic reductions in individual rights and freedoms. 9/11 gave birth to the surveillance State, and the Covid Pandemic has given rise to a new State Religion denoted as “Science,” where heretics of this new religion face unprecedented censorship. Moreover, in reaction to the Pandemic, the State has exercised unprecedented power and authority over private businesses, freedom of movement, and autonomy over one’s own body and health decisions. Ron’s theory that such a world-changing event involved a rogue operation of neocon misfits, unapproved by the ruling elite, is simply not credible in its conception, nor does it match the evidence.

The Covid Pandemic As Bringing About Long-Coveted Societal Changes

Ron no doubt understands and accepts how the 9/11 false flag operation served the important purpose of paving the way for a number of well-defined goals that pre-existed that event, including the passing of the Patriot Act and instillation of the resulting surveillance state, in addition to various military goals outlined in the Project For A New American Century, as well as those famously revealed by General Wesley Clark concerning the planned invasion of specific countries.3

In contrast, Ron’s theory of a bioweapons attack upon China’s economy fails to appreciate the big- picture changes that are being unfolded as a consequence of the pandemic. From the perspective of the ruling elite, the state of the Chinese economy is trivial compared to achieving much larger goals that have existed for over a century. Indeed, the progressive elimination of nation states in favor of a world government has long been a clearly articulated goal of the international banking cartels, who sit atop the world’s power structure. The simple fact that the currency and the debt of individual nations is controlled by private central banks belies the relative significance of individual nation states and the perceived rivalries between such states.

People enjoying inside access to the plans, goals and thinking of the ruling elite have long written about such plans and goals. In his book Memoirs, David Rockefeller confessed to plans for world governance supplanting nation state autonomy. Professor Carroll Quigley similarly wrote frankly about the world’s power structure and the dominance of international banking cartels in his epic tome Tragedy and Hope, the product of his being given unprecedented access to the archives of the Council on Foreign Relations (“CFR”), the original political think tank funded by the Rockefellers. Quigley explained how national rivalries, as existed during the Cold War, were not as portrayed by the media and in academia, where both the Soviet Union and modern-day China received significant funding and economic support from the international bankers. Instead, such perceived rivalries often provided cover for larger agendas, and the evidence favors such being true for the current perceived rivalry between the United States and China and the flawed notion that the Covid-19 Pandemic is a product of that rivalry.

One famous writer/intellectual having special access to the ruling elite, Bertrand Russell,4 was particularly prescient in forecasting some of the changes we are witnessing in response to the Covid pandemic. In his 1931 book The Scientific Outlook, Russell predicts, in effect, that “Science” will become enshrined as the new State religion, and official State-approved scientific experts will become the bishops in this new religion.

The society of experts will control propaganda and education. It will teach loyalty to the world government, and make nationalism high treason. The government, being an oligarchy, will instill submissiveness into the great bulk of population, confining initiative and the habit of command to its own members. It is possible that it may invent ingenious methods of concealing its own power, leaving the forms of democracy intact, and allowing the plutocrats or politicians to imagine that they are cleverly controlling these forms.

Russell would likely have approved official State expert Anthony Fauci recently declaring, “I am Science.” Throughout the western world, we are seeing supposedly independent nation States uniformly adopting dystopian restrictions upon their populations in the name of this new religion denoted as “Science.”

Another major theme of these insider authors is their fixation upon a Malthusian de-population agenda. In a bit of irony, one of the major proponents of population control was the father of Vaccines himself – Jonas Salk. In his book, The Survival of the Wisest, Salk embraces the use of cutting-edge technology, including the manipulation of human RNA and the deployment of viruses, to control the world’s population. His book title is a play on the Darwinian notion of survival of the fittest, where he also foresees the world being managed by scientific experts, in place of democratic forces and outdated moralities. Both Russell and Salk expressed disdain for conventional notions of morality that would inhibit the deployment of aggressive methods of population control, which “traditionalists” (as Salk labels them) would view as psychotic.

Comparatively few people are aware of the non-fiction works of the likes of Quigley, Russell, and Salk, cited above, but many are aware of the works of George Orwell, Aldous Huxley and H.G. Wells. These better-known authors also had access to the visions of the ruling elite for the future of human society, and they portrayed those visions for various dystopian futures in their fictional works. One thing those fictional works each shared in common was Russell’s description of “submissiveness” being “instilled in the bulk of the population.” And by all appearances, such is a primary goal of the measures being employed by the western oligarchs in reaction to the Pandemic – to enforce and instill submissiveness in the bulk of the population. In contrast, there are a myriad of examples of a double-standard being employed for the ruling elite themselves, where they are not required to observe the same “safety” restrictions imposed upon the general public – one notable example, among many, being Obama’s recent lavish birthday party on Martha’s Vineyard.

Hollywood Paving the Way for the False Flag Narratives of 9/11 and the Covid Pandemic

Another common feature of the 9/11 and Covid False Flag operations was the degree to which the public was primed for the ensuing narratives by Hollywood films. To quote again from Bertrand Russell, “[P]erhaps the most important of all modern agents of propaganda is the cinema. … The producers of Hollywood are the high-priests of a new religion.”

Well before 9/11, Hollywood had already instilled in the public the notion that radical Islamic Terrorists were classic villains, who posed a grave threat to the safety, security and the very way of life of western democratic peoples. The 1996 film Executive Decision was a classic run up to 9/11, where an airline is hijacked by Islamic terrorists on a suicide mission designed to spread a deadly chemical nerve agent across the Eastern Seaboard. And it is probably not a coincidence that the Movie Pearl Harbor was released in 2001, just in advance of the 9/11 mantra of the attacks representing a “New Pearl Harbor.”

Similarly, Hollywood has long been awash in films where a deadly virus has been released, and as a consequence thereof, society undergoes fundamental changes. In some cases, the virus arises naturally, though in many other cases it is man-made. In either case, the public is primed for the narrative that has unfolded with the Covid-19 Pandemic, which is that draconian measures must be employed to make us safe. Also, the public has been trained by Hollywood to view one’s fellow citizens as a threat, where masking and social distancing are a means of ameliorating that threat. Aeon Flux is noteworthy film for featuring a life-saving vaccine, which has the unintended consequence of rendering people infertile, a possible preview of the Covid-19 vaccines. Another noteworthy film was Contagion – noteworthy from my perspective because, despite its star- studded cast and production crew, it was a miserable film, which nonetheless received inexplicable praise from mainstream reviewers and from CDC officials. I recall that when it was released in 2011 the split between the film critics and audience reviews was one of the starkest I had ever witnessed. It seemed obvious at the time that the critics had their marching orders from the Establishment, in the aftermath of the failure of the public to be suitably alarmed over the 2009 swine flu “pandemic,” despite the obvious efforts of the Establishment to drum up fear over the event and push for vaccines.

My personal favorite, however, is V is for Vendetta, brought to us by the same Wachowski brothers who gave us The Matrix and its iconic “Red Pill.” In addition to the providing us with its iconic Guy Fawkes mask, V is for Vendetta portrays a false flag biological attack, which gives rise to an authoritarian state in England. In recounting the false flag event, the protagonist delivers the following lines:

A special project is launched in the name of national security. At first, it’s believed to be a search for biological weapons, and it’s pursued without regard to its cost. However, the true goal of this project is power – complete and total hegemonic domination. … Imagine a virus – the most terrifying virus you can and then imagine that you, and you alone, have the cure. But if your ultimate goal is power, how best to use such a weapon? … [The] target should not be an enemy of the country, but rather, the country itself. … Fueled by the media, fear and panic spread quickly, fracturing and dividing the country until, at last, the true goal comes into view. … [I]t was a pharmaceutical company controlled by certain [elite] that made them all obscenely rich. … But the end result – the true genius of the plan – was the fear. Fear became the ultimate tool of this government, and through it [Authoritarian rule was established in England].

This little speech explains the true value of both the 9/11 and the Covid-19 false flag attacks. In each case the partners in private industry – the Military-Industrial-Complex and Big Oil for 9/11 and Big Pharma for Covid-19 –become obscenely rich, but the true value of each attack is the fear that is inspired within the population. The fear that is created enables the progressive domination of the citizenry by authoritarian measures that are implemented in order to keep us safe. The Patriot

Act was a major step towards authoritarianism, but it pales in comparison to the measures being implemented in reaction to the Covid false flag – not the least of which is compulsory medical intervention, where the State secures for itself the right to inject into a person’s body that which it sees fit to inject. If the government is able to secure such power over the individual, the Bill of Rights will not be worth paper it is written upon.

War Gaming and Insider Trading

Two additional parallels between the 9/11 and Covid False Flag Operations include the advance wargaming of the operations, as well as the insider trading profiteering on the pre-knowledge of the events. Red pill readers do not need to be reminded of the practice of wargaming terrorist attacks in parallel with the attack itself. In the case of the Covid-19 false flag, the wargaming consisted of Event 201, which occurred just months in advance of the Pandemic and was described by its promoters as follows:

The next severe pandemic will not only cause great illness and loss of life but could also trigger major cascading economic and societal consequences that could contribute greatly to global impact and suffering. The Event 201 pandemic exercise, conducted on October 18, 2019, vividly demonstrated a number of these important gaps in pandemic preparedness as well as some of the elements of the solutions between the public and private sectors that will be needed to fill them.

And how would these war-gamers know such detailed outcomes in advance? Whereas the wargaming of a false flag terrorist attack ensures control of the operation itself, the critical facet of the Covid-19 false flag was to convince the populace that they truly faced a severe threat to their health and safety, as opposed to a new illness that was, in fact, comparable to a bad flu season. Without well-planned and effective fear-mongering, the so-called Covid pandemic could have ended up as another dud – similar to the swine flu non-event of 2009. With the Covid-19 virus principally impacting the sick and the elderly, leaving the young and healthy nearly untouched, it was critical to the operation to deliver effective fear-mongering within the mainstream media, assisted by public health bureaucrats. Event 201 was a dry-run of just such an effort. The ensuing coordinated efforts between the media and public health officials proved effective in instilling enough fear in the public to accept the unprecedented “safety measures” that were then employed. Just as terrorist-attack wargames prove to be nearly identical to the actual terrorist attack, the dry- run messaging of Event 201 very closely mimicked the actual messaging employed in reaction to Covid-19.

As for pre-knowledge insider trading, the level of such trading that took place in connection with the 9/11 false flag was a small drop-in-the-bucket compared to the massive insider-trading that occurred in connection with the Covid-19 controlled demolition of the U.S. economy. Insider trading attributable to Congress alone was on the order of billions of dollars. Although the Congressional insider trading was briefly a news scandal, neither the DOJ nor the SEC pursued the cases. Moreover, such insider trading went far beyond Congress and was rampant on Wall Street, contributing to the largest upwards shift in wealth in the history of civilization. Again, under Ron’s theory, this massive transfer of wealth to the ruling elite was the result of failed rogue attack against China, where the bungled operation by sheer, dumb luck enriched the ruling Oligarchs.

1 My contribution, which begins at the 2:20 mark of the presentation, was based upon a paper that I wrote on the subject.

2 I am particularly partial to his having a degree in physics, which is something we have in common, though in my case I chose the bio-physics option at Rice University, which sacrificed the physics lab courses (as I knew I was heading to law school and wouldn’t need them) in favor of courses in biology, chemistry, and bio-chemistry, which I think provides an advantage for me over Ron in analyzing various issues relating to the Covid-19 virus.

3 Clark famously revealed the plan to attack “7 countries in five years,” in aftermath of 9/11

4 Russell was born into British aristocracy and he became a Fellow of the British Royal Society at the age of 36. I wish to give credit to philosopher Jay Dyer for bringing Russell’s political writings to my attention.


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  1. I think the Western NWO bankster elite is waging an existential struggle against China (and Russia and Iran). China’s public banking system is much more efficient and productive than the privately-owned Western banking system. The NWO will never have a privately-owned planet unless they defeat China (and Russia and Iran and all other relatively independent countries). So the war on China is very real, just as the war on Germany was very real in WWI/WW2. The crackdown on freedom in the West is a prelude to escalating the war on China. (You can’t fight all-out war without draconian censorship, regimentation, and ubiquitous propaganda; and you can’t fight a biowar unless you get the population used to lining up obediently for endless rounds of vaccinations.)

    • But didn’t Western elite banker kings and their politico-economic-military-intelligence networks play a major role in China’s rise in the first place?
      As for Ron Unz, isn’t he a double agent, or triple agent? Aren’t they all?

    • This debate never mentions the names of the ones who gave the OK to attack Iran in retaliation for the ICBM missle attacks on the US airbases in Iraq with a very deadly bioweaponed virus that eventually spread worldwide to create the mess we have now.
      It wasnt rogue elements in US government, it wasnt illuminati globalists either, it was the president of the United States!
      You can fight a biowar but will never win one, unless you have a bioweapon genetically engineered so rock solid that it cannot possibly infect the “host” country’s population. Vaccines not the answer for a military victory as they take too long to manufacture and distribute and can be very unreliable too.

      USA/NATO/ISRAEL never did get it perfect, but used it anyways on China, then a month later there was another attack on Iran with another imperfect bioweaponed virus ( this one of an Israeli concoction), after the success in China of shutting down its no1 industrial city.

      The Chinese attack went according to plan, and the plan had a two-fold purpose; no1 was to fuck up the Chinese economy, then no2 to really fuck with Iran while blaming China for the virus. Dr Evil brilliant eh…

      BUT it got mixed up a little bit wrong in the Israeli/US/NATO military bioweapon labratories, and ig quickly spread into the Italian, then the Spanish populations , as very similar genetics to Persians – then kept on mutating and went everywhere.

    • Thanks ferdinand.
      That sounds very possible.
      The Chinese sure made monkeys, and “money” out of somebody.
      “Political turmoil” and false flag crisis; got to keep everybody running scared.

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