There’s not much point in readers writing in and saying ‘OGRAGWOT’ isn’t a word. Of course it isn’t. It’s an acronym. For the benefit of any liberals reading this (not all liberals can read of course, and even if they can they tend not to like facts, which is why they read the Guardian instead), an acronym is a series of initials which can be pronounced like a word. ‘NATO’, for example, is an acronym, as well as being an anachronism, making it one of the world’s few anachronistic acronyms. OGRAGWOT stands for ‘Our Gallant Russian Ally in the Global War On Terror’.

There is also no point writing in suggesting that the Global War On Terror has ended or that Russia is not our ally. GWOT will only end with the defeat of terrorism and terrorist-sponsoring states such as the soon to be extinct Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

It’s worth recalling that GWOT was started by the Bad Guys when they attacked New York and Washington on 9/11. In a brief moment of lucidity for the West President George W. Bush, the last but one elected US citizen to hold the office, realised that terrorism is a state-sponsored phenomenon.

Very sensibly he started a war against the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (in other words the Taliban). Equally sensibly he went on to invade Iraq, although the story behind that will have to wait till next week, the 20th anniversary of 9/11. Disaster came when the Allies failed to go after Pakistan when she provided bases, cash and arms for Terry Taliban. Bush 41 of course was totally opposed to any effective plan of campaign against the Taliban, not least as he was cashing in on the opium trade. (He was always the man to go to if you needed a ton of raw opium.)

The Taliban, by the way, do not have control over the whole of Afghanistan. What’s left of the old Northern Alliance, supported by former Afghan security force members, are still holding out in the Panjshir Valley, although the reports are conflicting. We should be sending in paratroops, attack helicopters, weapons and ammunition, but of course we aren’t.

Beholden to China the illegitimate, CIA-backed Biden regime want the Taliban to take over completely, one reason why they shamefully handed over that death list. Hopelessly compromised, with respect, Boris Johnson’s government in Britain are equally paralysed. Cabinet Office policy is to negotiate with the Taliban and the Pakistanis in order to get a few miserable concessions, the price for which will no doubt be paid in blood. Until Simon Case is forced out, no offense intended, the Cabinet Office will continue to call the shots in London. That means Global Appeasement Of Terror.

My analysis is that Biden and the CIA, controlled of course from Frankfurt by the Correa Group, want Western Civilization to fail and that Boris wants the West to survive but is unwilling to do anything to help it. You really have to go back to the 1930s to see such useless and ineffectual leadership in Britain. France and Germany of course are the Bad Guys and cannot in any meaningful sense be regarded as part of the West. The EU have been even more useless in this crisis than NATO.  That’s saying something, given that NATO are a busted flush and in the words of the famous old Australian saying, are about as much use as balls on a mermaid, no offense intended.

The need for new leadership in the West is of paramount importance. Nothing can happen in the States of course unless and until after the Republicans take control of both houses in November 2022. Until early 2023, on the most optimistic assumptions, the US is not in any meaningful sense an ally of Britain in the Global War On Terror, not that Britain is fighting the war at the moment.

A new ally

In addition to a new PM and Cabinet Secretary Britain badly needs new allies. Sensibly, as explained last week, these should be Russia and India, along with smaller countries such as Tajikistan. Ironically the decision to abandon the boys in the Panjshir Valley to their fate may have sealed the fate of Pakistan, as well as making the case for an alliance with Russia even stronger, since the Panjshir Valley is the last base left in Afghanistan itself from which to fight Taliban tyranny.

As I explained in a short speech in Moscow in 2005 Russia and Great Britain are natural allies. Not only did Russia help us beat the Germans, twice, they also helped us beat the French! That makes them Good Guys. The Cold War was an aberration, driven on both sides by German assets. As I argue in Spyhunter the Crimean War was also a mistake. What on Earth were we doing, fighting with the French and Johnny Turk against the Russians? It made about as much sense as the Charge of the Light Brigade.

The German agent Joseph Stalin

Of course the Cold War might have ended after Stalin’s exposure as a DVD asset by the GRU in 1953, had the Russians only gone public. (The GRU very properly whacked Stalin after discovering that he had been working for Jerry all along.) Sadly obsessive secrecy, a fault shared with Western agencies, meant that the West continued to be crippled by ignorance, feeling its way blindly in the Cold War, making blunder after blunder, totally convinced that Stalin was a communist.

The logical thing for Russia to have done in ’53 would have been to restore the Romanov dynasty, although of course there were disputes about who if anyone had survived the brutal German sponsored massacre of Tsar Nicholas II’s family in 1918. I suspect that the Imperial Throne should have gone to Grand Duke Vladimir Kirillovich, the only son of Grand Duke Cyril. Restoration would have ended the Cold War, and Russia’s isolation, at a stroke.

Grand Duke Cyril and Grand Duke Vladimir Kirillovich

Grand Duke Vladimir was of course related to our Queen, as he was a great grandson of Queen Victoria. Restoration of the Romanovs, with dear old Pooters being made a Grand Duke (Grand Duke Vladimir of Moscow has a nice ring to it) would help enormously with Anglo-Russian relations.

Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna, heir to the Russian Throne

It would also make reunification with the rump Ukraine easier, as the Ukrainians would be more likely to be loyal to the Tsarina than President Putin, nice man that he is, with respect. We of course would support a short war with Ukraine as part of the price for Russian support against Terry Taliban. The Ukrainians need a good smack anyway, no offense intended, after shooting down MH17. Nobody’s going to be too upset at a bunch of dead Ukrainians, no offense.

The Russian Federation could change its name back to the Russian Empire. Since the British and Russian royal families are related I have no doubt whatsoever that the Tsarina would be most welcome on a State Visit to Britain, especially if she were to sail from St Petersburg on the Peter The Great, which would then become an imperial battlecruiser of course! Peter The Great could do good work alongside the Royal Navy in smacking around the Pakistani enemy.

Peter The Great

The Russian National Anthem could yet go back to being God Save The Tsar, which happens to be a rather moving piece of music:

The Cossack singers in the choir look to be a rather serious bunch of individuals, by the way, as well as wonderful singers!

Together with the Indians we and the Russians could have a lot of fun at the expense of Terry Taliban and Johnny Pakistani. The Indians have been dying to roll over the Pakistanis for years. NATO would go, not before time, and both the EU and the UN would probably have seizures.

Imran Khan

One thing we must do, which we neglected to do at the start of GWOT, is to declare war. Terrorist he may be, but Terry Taliban is still entitled to a declaration of war, along of course with war crimes trials after the Allied victory.

Execution of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, in the nicest possible way of course, would get back at him for that dodgy lbw decision in the 1992 Cricket World Cup Final (that was never out!). Some serious war crimes trials would discourage other leaders from sponsoring terrorists.

It is ludicrous that we haven’t executed a single terrorist or terrorist sponsor in the whole War On Terror. Hopeless!

Robert David Steele


I was greatly saddened to learn of the unexpected death of my valued VT colleague Robert David Steele on the 29th or 30th of last month, depending upon which version of events you accept. Officially he died of Covid, but the jury’s still out on the cause of death. It is not impossible that he was assassinated, possibly in two stages, that is to say by using a bio-weapon to get him into a killing ground, a.k.a. a hospital.

We were not friends, indeed we never met, and we differed sharply on some things, but that’s not the point. He was a colleague, he had a fine mind and he wrote well. The day you stop respecting other people’s opinions is the day you should give up intelligence analysis and become a market gardener or a print journalist.

I have of course already expressed my condolences to our esteemed Editor-in-Chief. I now extend my condolences to Robert’s family and many friends. He was a fine man and a warm human being.



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  1. Mr. Shrimpton,

    I don’t know if Stalin was a German asset, seems a bit hard to believe especially since many suspect that he was a Tsarist secret agent and maybe even an illegitimate son of an illegitimate Romanov. I’m not fond of the Romanovs, but a Monarchial restoration in Russia is not only the right thing to do, but also a fairly popular idea as well. It would likely require a Zemsky Sobor being called, of all the leadership of the land to select a person to become an God anointed Orthodox Sovereign Tsar of all the Russias.

  2. Michael, the Global War On Terror was created by the attack on The United States of America by The Banks of The City of London which you shill for, no offense intended.
    Regardless of whether Wellington or Napoleon had won, you would still be their shill.

  3. I am sorry to say that I’ve had a report from a reliable source confirming that poor RDS was assassinated, in two stages, with a bioweapon being inserted into a line. The course claims that he was restrained and sedated on admission to hospital. The Remdesivir was probably an overdose. I understand that Mossad are saying the same thing.

    • Of course that mossad guys are are saying the same thing because they have first hand sources as they who was probably they participated in assassination….

  4. Meanwhile, back on the planet Earth, Israel nuked the USA on 9/11 and got away with it. The old Marx brothers quote comes to mind, “Who ya gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?” Shrimpy has chosen to ignore objective reality and believe instead a fable about evil Muslims attacking the USA, when in fact it was Israel along with US neocons like Cheney and Rumsfeld who made the US military stand down and let it all happen.

    This disconnection from objective reality led our Congress to authorize the invasion of Afghanistan within days of the attacks. Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) was the lone ‘no’ vote in Congress against the war. At the time, she was reviled for being unpatriotic, even receiving death threats. “When I voted ‘no,’ I said it was a blank check and would set the stage for perpetual war, and that’s what it’s done,” she said. How right she was.

    • Not really sure what, why this screed of lies has popped up here & now… Is it to separate those of us who examine closely what the GWOTDS and attendant oblique hints to keep us distracted…???? By way of deception & hubris on steroids…??? Or a defense of Queen & Country…. Maybe a tribute to colonial empire & cleptocracy..

  5. “It is ludicrous that we haven’t executed a single terrorist or terrorist sponsor in the whole War On Terror. Hopeless!”
    I think hopeless fits. They are money in the bank. We started supporting them when Regan was president, and possibly earlier.

  6. I think you miss-judge liberals. Though I disagree with more than half of what you do not say in jest, and true, most liberals tune you out before your 1st paragraph- generally, Those who can tolerate your insincere humor probably find enough agreement with your point of view to see the validity and importance of the information you bring to the table. I still think of you as an ass, but you are more of a hero than I will ever be. Keep it coming!

  7. Steele’s ARISE USA tour pushing #UNRIG awareness has been successful, too successful. I am among those who think he was whacked. The DS of both parties have been unhappy with him, and he was falsely accused of being anti-Semitic. The media wouldn’t bother to write hit pieces about him if the tour had failed. The latest hit piece I saw was one by the NY Post’s Alex Mitchell, Sept 3, called “Famous anti-vax media personalities who got COVID-19”. Of the 8 featured, the last 6 died, all in the month of August! The 2nd name, Joe Rogan, tested + for Covid, and then tested – only 2 days later. Yet the NY Post does NOT tell us why he bounced back so quickly. The answer, which other writers reported on, is that Joe Rogan got Monoclonal antibodies right away, and took other meds for 3 days even before his + test. But the NY Post article says not one word about the Monoclonals! Why? What is Alex Mitchell’s agenda?

  8. RD Steele’s friend Mark Tassi announced his death on the 29th, and said something strange – that Steele was doing well until treated with Remdesivir. Odd. That’s the same thing that Ben Fulford said in this week’s report. I’ve also seen Steele’s last post. The really strange thing is I have seen NO mention of him having been treated with Monoclonal antibodies, even though there are clinics all over Florida, and he of course knew very well that quick treatment with Monoclonals would work well. Instead his friends waltzed him into a hospital? And in the hospital, they didn’t use ECMO? Reports say they used a Ventilator, even though those were proven very early on in the pandemic, to be killing machines. Many questions. Oh, btw, did the family request an independent autopsy? I sure would get one.

  9. Michael, a century ago if you needed a ton of raw opium you could just ask to your british Queen and if the the Cold War was driven by German assets that mean the Churchill asshole was an german asset because was him which started it with your foolish phrase of the iron curtain.

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